Special BBC Delivery Mine’s Bigger

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Special BBC Delivery Mine’s Bigger
My husband Neil is at work and I am home alone, I have just stepped out of the shower and I’m feeling horny. I lie on the bed and start to tease myself with my finger, mmm my pussy juices are flowing and I am already so moist. I lean across the bed and reach for the drawer that holds all my big black dildos. I reach in and take several out and stand them at the side of the bed, then my hand grasps the biggest big black dildo I own, yes this will do nicely!! My husband Neil loves to watch me play and cum hard on a big black dildo. He has bought me several and my collection is continually growing. The latest is a 12 inch long 7 inch thick huge dildo, and Neil has taken great pleasure in watching my pussy stretch over it, he encourages me to take it deeper wanting to see me take it till just the balls are left slapping against my thighs. It is so thick and my pussy stings when it stretches over it but I am feeling really dirty today so I will play with it at home alone. Shame Neil is working as he would love to see me try to take this cock again. I set up the laptop to video myself playing and press record. Neil can watch me later when he gets home, shame for him to miss out, and I know how horny this will make him!

I just start to tease the entrance to my pussy with the big black dildo when the doorbell goes. Damn I will have to answer that as Neil is expecting a parcel delivery today. I quickly slip on a black silk robe and hurry downstairs, leaving the dildo on the bed ready for my return. As I open the front door I see the delivery man is a big black guy with huge muscles bulging through his tight fitting t shirt. His muscles are popping at the weight of the parcel. I step aside and ask ‘Do you mind bringing that parcel into the house please, it is obviously too heavy for me to lift!’

‘No problem sweetheart, where do you want it?’

‘Just in the hall would be good, thank you!’

‘You sure? I can put it where ever you need it?’

‘Well if you don’t mind it will be better out of the way upstairs!’

I lead the way upstairs suddenly feeling very self aware dressed only in a black silk robe, but hey these guys must come across all kinds of women during their workday. I show him into the spare room, ‘Just here would be good, thank you so much I really appreciate this!’

I watch his muscles rippling as he puts the parcel on the floor, Oooh nice I think to myself. As he stands up he catches me watching him and smiles. I walk out the room and head across the landing, as I do he follows me towards the stairs. He glimpses into my bedroom as he walks past and sees the big black dildos on the side and a huge black dildo on the bed and he pauses. ‘If you don’t mind me saying it looks like you have a taste for big black dildo!’

I flush red immediately embarrassed, ‘Oh yes, sorry you should not have seen them! My husband likes to watch me play with big black dildos.’

The delivery guy laughs ‘Nothing to be embarrassed about love, us big black guys are better lovers than our white brothers!’

‘I have never had a real black cock’ I explain, ‘I like playing with my husband and the dildos but I have never taken a real big black cock!’

‘What does your husband think?’

‘Oh he would love me to take a real big black cock, but I have never felt brave enough’

He walks over to the bed and picks up my largest dildo and studies it. ‘Do you think this is casino siteleri big?’ he asks

‘My god yes, it’s massive!’

‘Mine is longer and thicker’

I stare at him in amazement and my eyes look down towards his crotch, Oh My God the bulge in his trousers is massive and I know he is not joking. I am at a loss for words. ‘Would your husband mind if you looked at a big black cock for real?’

‘No he has been asking me for ages to consider inviting a big black guy round to play’

‘Would you like to see a big black cock? Would you like to see my big black cock?’

I am struck dumb again, thoughts whizzing through my head — what would Neil say, Neil would want to be here, can I do this without him!!! ‘Oh I am not sure!’

‘Well no harm in looking, if you are curious!’

My mind is going into overdrive and I know Neil would encourage me to do this if he was here, oh I wish he was here right now. The delivery stands looking at me waiting for a response; I am so not sure what to do. ‘Yes I would like to see your cock if you are willing’ I whisper hesitantly. I can’t believe the words coming out of my mouth but they are out and I am doing this.

He slowly undoes his belt and unzips his pants as he does his big black cock springs forward, this guy is going commando and I can’t take my eyes off his massive cock. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes I would never have believed it, this guy is enormous. My pussy twitches and I sense my sweet juices have started to flow, oh god just looking at it has my body responding. ‘Wow I am amazed for real! I never knew a cock could be so big. I thought my husband had a good cock but it no way compares to yours’

‘Yes the ladies do seem to like it a lot!’ he laughs at me, ‘Come touch it!’

Can I, dare I, should I. Stop thinking Jane I say to myself, Neil would be well up for this and would be as horny as hell watching. I step forward cautiously reaching my hand out. My fingers brush his shaft, so warm and hard. My god it feels so good.

‘Have a proper feel, it’s alright!’

I am so hesitant but my hand closes around his black velvety thickness, my fingers don’t reach all the way around. I am still shocked at the size. My finger rubs along a thick vein running up the full length of his shaft. ‘Your hand feels nice on my cock, so smooth and delicate, tiny white hand on my big thick cock looks sweet!’

I look at his face for the first time since he whipped his cock out and make eye contact with him. I feel he is daring me, words unspoken but a current of anticipation in the air. ‘I am sorry I can’t do this I have a husband and this is not right!’

‘From what you say about your husband I think he would encourage you to do this!’

I hesitate again unsure, wishing Neil was here encouraging me, telling me to go for it. I know he would want me to play along but do I really want to play I question myself. Whilst my mind is milling over my thoughts my hand is still grasping his cock. Teasingly he starts to move his hips backwards and forwards so his cock is mocking a jerking situation. I loosen my grip and allow him to move through my hand slowly at first then he moves faster. ‘Feels great doesn’t it!’

I can’t deny it feels amazing, ‘Yes it does feel good, better than I ever could have imagined!’

I start to jerk him now making the most of big long thrusts up and down the full length of his cock. I gently tighten my hand as I jerk and canlı casino increase the intensity of speed. He lets out a low moan of satisfaction and pleasure as I jerk him hard and fast. I am really jerking a big black cock, I can’t believe what I am doing, my pussy is responding to the big black cock I am fisting as juices start to slowly ooze down my inner thigh. ‘Yes that feels so good on my cock; you obviously give your husband a good jerking off don’t you!’

‘Yes I like to jerk and suck Neil’s cock but it no way compares to your massive cock!’

‘Mmmm suck I like the sound of that, I think you should suck my cock now, see if your white mouth can take my cock!’

I watch as pre-cum appears at the tip of his cock and my mouth waters in anticipation. Yes Jane come on you can do this I mentally tell myself. I imagine Neil in my head encouraging me. I get down on my knees in front of him and slowly and deliberately lick the pre cum off the tip; Mmm my first taste of black cum it tastes so good, warm and salty. Greedily my mouth closes over the tip and I start sucking and jerking him. He holds my head tight and thrusts his hips making me take him deep down my throat. I can’t object my mouth is full so I just try to accommodate his thickness and length and enjoy the sensation. His cock is so deep down my throat I am choking trying to take him, gagging and gasping for air. He holds me tighter and thrusts harder bypassing my gag reflex and thrusting to the back of my throat. My hands grasp his balls as they bounce to the motion of him face fucking me. I squeeze them gently and I hear him groan in pleasure, his balls are so heavy his sack hanging low and I know he will have a lot of black cum seed for me. ‘That’s it white cum whore; suck my big black cock bitch!’

I am a little shocked to hear him speak to me in this way but strangely it makes me really horny and I take him even deeper. ‘Yeh take me deep you slut!’

This sends me over the edge I am a black cock whore, I so fucking want it. He releases my head and I gasp taking in a proper lungful of air. ‘Bet your husband would have jerked along watching that for real wouldn’t he!’

‘For sure! That would have him spurting his cum over both of us!’

As I stand up my gown slips open and drops from my shoulders. Embarrassed I bend over to pick it up and quickly before I realized he pushes me towards the bed. I am bent over the bed my ass in the air and he is close up behind me his massive cock thicker and harder veins popping along the shaft and a thick ridge at the tip. I know this is going too far now without Neil. ‘Let me fuck your pussy, let me show you how good a big black cock feels buried deep in your tight white pussy, let me pleasure you like only a black man can!’

I am so horny and dirty but I don’t know if my pussy can accommodate such a massive thick cock. He slips a finger into my dripping wet pussy to see how moist I am. ‘Christ that is one moist tight white pussy you have here bitch, you are so ready to take my cock. Let me fuck you hard, once you have tasted black cock your husbands tiny little white stumpy cock will never satisfy you again. Once you’ve tried black you will never go back!’

I know I shouldn’t be doing this and I am feeling hornier and dirtier than I have ever felt in my life before. Every inch of my body is super sensitive, my senses on overdrive. ‘I don’t think my pussy can take kaçak casino your cock, you’re so thick and long I would never be able to take you. My pussy is just too tight!’

‘Lets just try an inch at a time, this is your first big black cock but I know it won’t be your last!’

‘Yes tease my pussy with your ridged tip and see if I can take it!’

His cock pushes against the entrance of my pussy I can feel the pressure. He feels so thick between my legs I am never going to be able to take him. He pushes harder again the pressure on my pussy getting stronger. It feels like I am never going to stretch then suddenly his tip forces in. ‘Oh my god, fuck that!!’ I scream

My pussy is burning as it stretches. He withdraws the tip and my pussy relaxes immediately the sensation of relief floods over me. Then he pushes again this time my pussy stretches taking his tip and more. ‘Oh god!’ I scream again

‘Quite bitch, relax and enjoy your first big black cock like the whore you are!’

He thrusts again and again each thrust sending him deeper into my pussy. As he withdraws my pussy feels empty and then he thrusts hard and my pussy is stretched further as his cock fills me. ‘Your white pussy is so tight; I can feel it squeezing my cock as I fuck you. This really is your first big black cock, well from now on you are going to be a big black cock whore nothing else will satisfy you!’

‘Oh god I am so stretched your cock is destroying my pussy you black bastard’ I scream in reply. He grabs my hips and hammers his cock deep and hard into me from behind, slapping my ass telling me what a whore I am. ‘Take my big black cock bitch! Fucking take it deep whore! Let me destroy your tight white pussy! You cheap white sluts are all the same, fucking black cock whilst your husband is at work! Pathetic white stumpy cocked husband who can’t satisfy his wife!’

He is fucking me, spanking me and telling me what a whore I am as I cum deep and hard on his massive black shaft. Wave after wave of orgasm rocks me taking me to a whole new level of ecstasy a dirty, horny, filthy level that has me gripped and will make me take black cock again to reach. My body thrusts and twitches on his cock as he continues to fuck me. ‘That’s right cum for me whore! Cum on my big black cock! Take every inch of my black shaft white slut!’

He grabs my hips tighter fucking me from behind his thrusts slamming deep into me. I know he is going to cum deep in my pussy. My pussy will get its first black cum seed dump and I want him to cum now. ‘Fuck my tight white little sweet pussy with your big black cock! Fuck me hard you fucking dirty bastard! Fill my pussy with your black cum seed!’

His breathing quickens and my body is being hammered as his orgasm builds. I know he will fill my pussy with his black seed. ‘Fucking take my black seed bitch! Take it deep in your pussy whore! Let me dump my black cum seed!’

He grunts as he cums his seed flowing hot and deep into my pussy. Wave after wave of hot cum spurts deep inside me. My pussy is full as more cum spurts with each thrust. Cum seeping down and oozing out as his orgasm subsides. He gives me one last spank on my ass. ‘That is one sweet tight white pussy I have just destroyed!’

As his cock very slowly slides out inch by inch my pussy slowly starts to feel empty. This has been an amazingly good fuck and I want this guy to fuck me again. Next time I want Neil to be here to watch and maybe jerk and suck him hard for me before I take his big black cock. Neil can jerk himself as he watches me, shame he wasn’t here to see me take my first big black cock.

Then suddenly I remember the laptop is still recording…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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