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My sister and I both go to a private girl’s school, one that takes young ladies from ages 16 – 20. Our father decided that the best way to keep his daughters, 18 and 19 at the time, from getting pregnant was to keep them away from boys. We’re both day pupils at the school because we live so close. Sometimes this is lovely, sometimes this is horrible. One of the worst days, where we were both splashed by a car, turned into one of the best.

It started, as most school days do, in a rush. I couldn’t find my tie or a shirt that fitted, my big sister’s blazer was covered in cat hairs, and there was no milk. I couldn’t remember what lessons I had and just hoped I’d have the right books left in my bag. There was just enough time to have a glass of juice before heading out; the school had a canteen and served proper food there.

We had seen the rain before setting out and had dressed appropriately – or so we thought. We had an umbrella each and coats over our uniforms. It wasn’t a long walk, but there was a long straight http://www.izmirlitv.com road which was notoriously full of potholes and puddles. We had to brave it since everyone else had gone.

The first five minutes on the road were quiet. Only two cars passed us and they were going the opposite way. There was a garage and we went in to get chocolate, since we hadn’t eaten. As we came out the garage the weather suddenly turned very nasty. The sky split and our umbrellas were just enough to keep the rain out. Sadly they were no defence against thoughtless drivers and we were splashed twice in quick succession. Fuming, my sister went home and I followed her.

Once we got home, we both stripped and put on dressing gowns. I scooped our clothes up and put them into the washing machine. After the splashing, we both needed a shower. I put the hot water and she searched the house for towels. When she had found them, she put the towels on the rack to warm.

While we waited, I made a pot of tea. The house was very warm, so I didn’t bother fastening my robe. Neither did my sister, who now joined me. I gave her a hug to console her and she kissed the top of my head. “There’s only enough hot water for one shower, we’ll have to share.” The heating was on, which limited the hot water supply.

We went into the bathroom together and hung our dressing gowns on the towel rail. She went in first to work out the temperature. It was too cold, then too hot, and I was stood shivering for a minute. “Sorry about the wait” she said, squirting a great gob of shampoo into her hand. “Turn round, I’ll sort your hair.” I did as I was told and she worked my hair into a lather. “To be honest, little sister, I’m surprised you haven’t caught on yet.”

“Caught on to what?” Her hand slid down my back to my hip and made me shiver. She said nothing as she slid back up my front to play with my nipple, which hardened with the attention.

It was such a distraction that I didn’t realise she was spreading my lips until the water ran onto my clit. I moaned and she slipped a finger, then two, inside me. She rubbed for a moment then went down on her knees. She spread my lips again and rubbed her own clit. I was too far from the wall to lean on it and clawed at the air, slowly folding onto the floor with my legs spread. She had kept her fingers in me the whole way down and when I was safely on the floor she worked all four fingers into me.

“You’re beautiful, little sister.” She leaned down and bit my nipple, pulling her hand out as she did.

She stood up and left me on the floor. “Stay still, I’ll wash you.” She unhooked the shower and rubbed conditioner in my hair before squirting cold body wash onto me. I made a strange noise and she rubbed it over me with a sponge. “I’ll take photos of you when you’re dry, as long as no one else is at home.”

She washed the lather from my hair and body. It was nice for a minute, but then the water turned cold. I squeaked, she put her hand under the shower then helped me to my feet. “Get out and dry yourself, you’re clean.” The hot water was out and she hadn’t washed, but she didn’t care. We were happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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