Squad Car Fantasy Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Dinner and a Movie

When I got home, I took the video camera out of the car and ran inside to see the tape. To my surprise it caught every moment of our lunch together. As I watched it, I found myself excited. I lay back on our bed and began to tease myself slowly. Entering my fingers into my wet pussy slowly, just to first knuckle, sliding it out and rubbing my clit hard and fast. As our movie kept playing the more I did. Soon I was moaning as loud as earlier that afternoon, my back arched in ecstasy as I slide my fingers in and out of my pussy.

As I watched the expression on his face, I came, making the bed wet. My pussy throbbing around my fingers, I slowly stopped. Satisfied with the tape I made of our lunchtime retreat, I quickly went to the store to buy some stuff for dinner. When I returned I started to make dinner. I set up candles around the living room, wanting to make it as romantic as possible. He came home from work and headed to the shower. I shouted that dinner was almost done and I had a movie for us to watch, so he should hurry. Quickly I ran around the living room to light all the candles. Turning off the lights, I brought the food out to the coffee table, so we could eat there. He came out from the shower wearing white boxers and nothing else. In my black tank top and panties I sat on the couch waiting for him. We ate while watching the evening news.

“What movie did you get??” he asked me. I told him to press the play button whenever he was ready to watch it. He picked up the remote and pressed play.

I decided to lay down with my head in his lap, so that ataşehir escort I could feel his arousal. The movie of our early afternoon fuck started. He ran his fingers through my hair, asking, “What is this about?”

“Be quiet and watch,” I whispered to him, as I slid my hand up and down his leg slowly. I began to slowly work my hand towards his cock, as he realized what the movie was.

“How did you do this??” he asked grinning at me mischievously.

“It was easy,” I responded. I felt him harden as I inched my hand to his cock, stroking it slowly at first. Then I opened the button on the fly and let his magnificent cock spring free. I looked at it and slowly took the head in. Licking it while it was in my mouth, and then sucking harder. My hand stroked the rest of it, for the moment. He moved his hand to my head and begun to move my head at the rhythm he wanted me to suck. Before long I moved to the floor, to be on my knees in front of him.

“You’ll miss the movie,” he whispered to me.

I took my mouth off of his cock long enough to say, “I watched it already.” Then I took all of his 7 inches into my mouth quickly. Sliding my tongue all over it, while sucking hard. He began to pull my hair a little, gripping my head more firmly, slowly lifting his ass to bring his cock into my mouth deeper. Loving this, I moaned into his cock loudly. He started to fuck my face harder and faster, moaning with me. I felt him tensing beneath me; I could sense he was about to cum. It was making me so hot I started to finger myself while sucking his cock.

I moved my mouth just to the kadıköy escort head for a moment, and then licked down the shaft of his cock, to tease his balls slowly with my tongue. My hand worked the shaft as I took each of his balls into my mouth and sucked them gently, fondling with my tongue. I moaned into them, letting him feel the vibration of my voice. Quickly I licked back to the head of his cock, sucking it fast and hard, before long he was fucking my face again. His head leaned back in ecstasy, he cried out ” god yes suck it bitch.” Sucking harder, it only took minutes before he came. I held his cum in my mouth, and brought his hand to my throat and let him feel it go down as I swallowed it all.

Smiling, I stood up and sat back down on the couch. He sat there dazed for a minute, then shook his head and leaned in to kiss me. His fingers moving to my breasts, he pinched my nipples, teasing them. Licking his way down my neck, he slowly worked my tank top up, exposing my breasts. He licked all around the nipples, teasing me as my back began to arch to him. He placed his other hand on my thigh and began to stroke it gently. Quickly he moved his tongue over one nipple then the other, before biting gently, letting his tongue tease the nipple between his teeth.

“Ohhhh,” I cried out. Id lost track of the hand that was on my thigh, that is, until I felt him slip a finger into my pussy.

“Oh my sweet your so wet,” he whispered as he began to lick his way down my stomach. At first he teased me, breathing heavy against my panties, letting the warm breaths make me squirm. Then he started bostancı escort bayan to remove my panties, he paused for a moment, “god I love to look at your shaven pussy,” he whispered. His hands continued to fondle my breasts as he lowered his head to lick my pussy. Slowly he teased me the way I had teased him just moments before. Then when I least expected it he slid his tongue deep inside. Just as quickly he withdrew it, and licked my clit. His tongue worked my pussy quickly and carefully, harder with each of my moans, and there were many.

“Cum for me lover, let me taste your sweet nectar,” he whispered to me, as he lifted my ass closer to his face.

I began to loose control and grind against his face, “yes that’s it my love” he whispered against my skin. When I came, he turned me over, brought me up on my knees and told me to lean on the arm of the sofa. He slowly worked his fingers into my now soaking wet pussy, rubbing his cock along my thigh, teasing me with the hardness.

Then he slid his cock in fast and hard… he ran his hands along my back and ass, caressing me gently. Then he used that grip on my hips to bring me back against his cock hard and fast. One hand moved to my hair, first stroking it then pulling it a little. He leaned down and licked my back, he whispered to me “god that pussy feels so good.” I started to throb around his hot cock, wanting to make him cum again, to feel it deep inside me. He began to thrust faster and I felt his body twitch.

“Yes fuck me baby” I moaned loud as he erupted deep inside me.

He collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck slowly. “That was wonderful,” he told me.

“Mmmm yes it was,” I whispered back.

He got off me and we went to take a shower. Today was a good day I think. “Wonder how I can top this??” I thought to myself as I showered. Guess I’ll have to wait and see…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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