Stepdaughters Visit Ch. 05

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Bouncing Tits

Author’s note: I can’t think of a more encouraging comment as the one left by the anonymous user on the last chapter. I’m always interested to see who reads my stories so I would appreciate it if you could spare a minute and fill in a few details on your profile. I hope you enjoy my latest effort…


Saturday afternoon I was enjoying another warm sunny day with Jane. Looking over at her as she laid on her sun lounger I was reminded of how attractive she was. Not many women of her age would look so good in a bikini. Yes she did carry a few extra pounds these days but she certainly still turned me on.

“So what happened last night? Was there a problem with Danni’s electrics?” Jane asked, lifting her sunglasses from her eyes.

“Well the power was out but it was a ruse as we suspected,” I answered.

“No real surprise there then. Well I’m sure you both enjoyed it but I will have to have a word with her. I know it was just a little white lie but what if it had been some kind of emergency!” Jane said.

“Yes that’s true, ‘the boy who cried wolf’ sort of thing,” I added.

Jane shifted her position on her lounger I couldn’t help notice the camel toe in her bikini briefs. If only things had been different I would probably have been investigating further. As it was I had to suppress the urge.

“Oh by the way,” Jane began lifting her glasses up again, “it’s not for certain yet but Mary’s thinking of coming to visit the weekend after next.”

“That would be good. How is she?” I asked.

“She’s fine, mind you all she seems to talk about is her latest conquest. She’s got more than one young stud on the go you know! I don’t know how she does it,” Jane said.

“Good luck to her I say, enjoy it while she can,” I said.

“I just hope she doesn’t get hurt that’s my concern,” Jane said.

“I’m sure she”ll be fine,” I said.

“I bet you hope I come out of this menopause thing the same as Mary has!” She said.

“Well I don’t know about the young studs!” I remarked making Jane laugh.

“No perhaps not that part, I wouldn’t do that to you,” She said.

A pang of guilt hit me. Although I had been given the green light from Jane as far as Danni was concerned I don’t think she would be so understanding over Talia. It made me think that I must speak to Danni about it. I didn’t think she would mention it to her mother but I needed to be sure…

It was sometime after eight on Sunday evening when I joined Jane in the lounge after taking a shower. She was just finishing a conversation on her phone.

“Think you’ll be pleased to know that was Danni,” Jane said smiling.

“Is she okay?” I asked eager to know more.

“Yeah she’s fine. I had that word with her like I said. She started off saying her electric was out again,” She said.

“Oh right, I take it you didn’t believe her,” I said.

“Not for a minute. I told her I understood if she found it awkward to tell me exactly what she was after, I mean that’s quite understandable, but I explained that if there ever was an emergency of some sort we might not know if it’s true or not,” Jane said.

“Did she understand?” I asked.

“Yeah once she realised what I meant she was full of apologies. So anyway we’ve worked out like a little code so I’ll know exactly what’s what. She can still spin me a little yarn to save any embarrassment but I’ll know the truth,” Jane explained.

“That’s a clever idea,” I said.

“Danni seemed to appreciate it, she couldn’t stop thanking me for being so understanding,” Jane said.

“Well she’s right to be thankful, you’re making an awkward situation much easier for all of us. I’ve got to ask again though, are you sure you’re okay with it?” I asked with concern.

“Don’t worry yourself, I’m happy that you’re happy and I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that Danni is expecting you to visit her tonight,” Jane said with a smile.

“Looks like I’ve got my orders then,” I said trying not to make my excitement too obvious.

“Yep now get yourself sorted and I’ll see you tomorrow,” She said and stood up.

“Thanks love,” I said giving her a hug…

I really couldn’t believe my luck. On my way to Danni’s I reminded myself that I must have a chat with her about Talia. I didn’t like keeping any secrets from Jane but this had to be kept from her. I just hoped Danni would agree.

Again there was little traffic on the roads and before I knew it I was pulling up outside Danni’s house. I had no idea what she would have up her sleeve tonight, the girl was full of surprises, which of course added to the excitement.

“Hello,” Danni said opening the door in answer to my knock.

She looked up at me seductively, “please come in,” she said stepping aside to let me pass.

Unlike last time the lights were on and I quickly noticed she was dressed as before in her schoolgirls uniform, the only noticeable difference being the absence of a tie. Now I knew it was to be another role play evening.

“Please go through, would you like a drink?” Danni asked.

“Yeah canlı bahis coke if you’ve got any,” I said.

“Yeah sure, back in a mo,” Danni said.

I sat down in the single armchair that I had claimed last visit. It was no great surprise to find that Danni was alone tonight, I had excepted that Friday was likely to have been a one off. Not that I would object to a repeat performance.

“Here you go,!” Danni said handing me a glass.

“Thanks, so no more trouble with the electrics then?” I said with a knowing smile.

“Oh God, sorry. Mum has told me off for that,” Danni said blushing.

“Yeah I know, sorry I’m teasing you,” I said smiling.

Danni reached for a glass of wine on the small table in front of her and I suddenly realised that there were two glasses. I had noticed them but it hadn’t registered until now. Then I heard footfalls on the stairs.

“Hello,” Talia said and walked over to sit beside Danni on the sofa.

“…Talia! yes Hello, sorry I didn’t know you were here,” I said, startled.

I was totally surprised to see her again but more than happy, much more than happy. Overcoming my shock I saw that Talia was also wearing the same white blouse, grey pleated skirt and white knee length socks as before and like Danni she had dispensed with the tie.

“Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to mention it,” Danni said with a sly grin.

Danni gave Talia a nudge with her elbow and they both stood up and took up position a few feet in front of me, Danni to my left and Talia to my right with their hands behind their backs.

“We’re here for our next lesson sir,” Talia said.

“Ah yes, good. Well I think you learnt a lot last lesson so perhaps we’ll see how much you remember. Now lets see…okay now if we start with you Danni, lets get you sat on the table again I think would be best,” I said.

Unlike the first time when I’d been caught on the hop, I slipped in to my role easily. Moving over to the dining table Danni perched herself on the edge.

“Good, now I think we should start with the breasts this time,” I said.

I stood in front of Danni and began unbuttoning her white blouse. Talia stood to my left.

“So lets see how much you remember,” I said pulling the blouse open.

Danni kept her eyes on my face the whole time to see my reaction when I feasted my eyes on her bare chest.

“Now Talia can you remember what we call this area?” I asked.

With the tip of my little finger I lightly traced the darker skin around Danni’s left nipple, careful not to touch it.

“Erm…oh yes that’s the air something or other,” Talia answered.

“It’s the areola Talia. I can see we needed a second lesson. Perhaps if you do as I’m doing on Danni’s other breast and say the word out loud it might help you remember,” I said.

“Areola…areola…areola,” Talia repeated several times while we both ran our fingertips around Danni’s dark areolae.

“You will notice the difference in texture compared with the lighter skin of the breast,” I said running my fingertip further out from the nipple and then returning to the areola.

Talia copied my lead and we both stroked each of Danni’s breasts with just the lightest of touches.

“Of course I’m sure you know the nipple but I’d like you to touch it and familiarise yourself with the feel of it, like this Talia,” I said gently flicking Danni’s left nipple with my fingertip.

“It feels very stiff sir, why is that?” Talia asked.

With both of us flicking her nipples Danni tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

“Well it can be due to temperature, does it feel cold?” I asked.

Talia gently felt Danni’s right nipple between her thumb and forefinger, “No sir it feels quite warm,” she said.

“In that case it’s most likely due to arousal, are you experiencing arousal Danni?” I asked, “Danni?” I repeated when she didn’t answer.

“Oh…what…yes sir I believe I am,” She eventually answered, opening her eyes for a moment.

“Of course not all girls enjoy stimulation in this way but those that do have their own preferences. It seems that Danni enjoys a light touch but it would be interesting to see what else she might enjoy. Try gently brushing your lips over the nipple Talia,” I suggested.

“Mmmmm,” Danni moaned.

“That seems to be working. Okay Talia now use your tongue, here I’ll show you,” I said.

Kneeling down I lightly flicked the tip of my tongue over Danni’s left nipple, Talia did the same to Danni’s right nipple.

“Oooooh, Mmmmm,” Danni moaned again.

“And now try sucking Talia, start off gently and slowly increase the suction,” I instructed and began doing the same.

With Danni’s left nipple between my lips I flicked my tongue firmly over the stiff little bud. When Danni let out a whimper Talia mistook it for pain.

“Oh sorry Dan, did I hurt you?” Talia asked.

“No no, please carry on,” Danni replied as though pleading for more.

“Okay Talia now try gently nibbling the nipple between your teeth, just gently mind,” I said and bahis siteleri began doing the same to Danni’s left nipple.

“Oooh Yeah,” Danni muttered.

“Good, very good. Now if we both use these different techniques randomly for a minute or two I think I’ll be able to show you the results of our efforts,” I said.

Danni moaned almost constantly as we both licked, flicked, sucked and nibbled on her nipples…

“Right, now lets see if I’m right in my assumption,” I said standing up.

“Okay Danni if you could lay back for me.. ..that’s it, now Talia if you could lift Danni’s skirt up for me…Oh!” I said surprised to see Danni was wearing a pair of white cotton knickers.

“Oh sir her panties are all wet!” Talia exclaimed.

“Yes they are indeed and I think you’ll find that is the result of the stimulation of her nipples,” I said.

Danni’s panties were beyond wet, her juices had soaked through the cotton and had made a wet patch on her skirt.

“So Talia if you’d like to remove Danni’s knickers we can remind ourselves of the female genitalia,” I said.

“She’s so wet sir, do you think she’s peed herself?” Talia asked pulling the white panties down Danni’s legs.

“I don’t think so Talia, does it smell like pee?” I said.

Talia slipped the knickers over Danni’s feet and held them to her nose.

“It’s not pee sir,” Talia said and took another long sniff.

“What does it smell like?” I asked.

“It’s hard to describe sir,” she said and took another long sniff, “It’s really nice though, here have a smell.”

Talia held the wet spot of Danni’s white panties under my nose and I took a long sniff. My penis twitched several times under my clothes as I took in the sexy odour of Danni’s pussy.

I gently pulled Danni so her bum was on the edge of the table. Supporting her left leg against me so her calf rested on my shoulder I motioned for Talia to pull a chair closer to support her other leg.

“Now if you kneel down Talia you’ll have a better view… that’s it now can you remember what these are called?” I asked lightly brushing my right thumb down Danni’s wet pussy lips.

“They are the outer lips sir,” Talia said while she gently ran her right hand up Danni’s right inner thigh.

“That’s right, the outer labia or more commonly known as pussy lips. Feel how soft they are, that’s if Danni doesn’t mind of course?” I said knowing full well there’d be no objection.

“Oh yes please do,” Danni said with enthusiasm.

Danni moaned as Talia ran her thumb up her wet lips.

“So Talia do you remember where the clitoris is situated?” I asked.

“Oh Yeah,” Danni cried when Talia’s thumb brushed over her clit.

“Is this it sir?” Talia asked as she teased Danni’s sensitive little bud.

“Yes that’s right. You’ll notice that Danni is experiencing a good deal of sexual pleasure from your touch Talia. Now might be a good time to try stimulating her with your tongue, if Danni has no obj,” I didn’t get a chance to finish speaking.

“Danni doesn’t mind, please use your tongue, please!” Danni said with urgency.

“Would you mind if I tried something else first sir?” Talia said to my surprise.

Danni lifted her head to see what her friend had in mind. Within a few moments Talia had removed her white blouse, her heavy breasts dancing around with her movements. Cupping her right breast in her right hand she steered the stiff nipple towards Danni’s pussy lips.

Danni laid her head back onto the table, “Oh Fuck that’s nice,” she said.

Talia looked up at me while she rubbed her nipple between Danni’s wet pussy lips, her hazel eyes sparkled with a sexy smile. Letting her right breast hang down under its own weight she offered her left nipple to Danni’s lips.

“Oh God Yeah,” Danni cried out again as Talia’s nipple raked over her swollen clitoris.

After a minute Talia crouched down lower and pressed her face between Danni’s thighs. As Danni’s moans grew louder I manoeuvred her left leg so I could remove her white knee length sock. Danni lifted her head slightly and we made eye contact as my tongue slithered in between her perfect little toes.

Talia was probing deeper into her friends pussy with her tongue, her nose brushing against her clit. To my surprise I watched Talia withdraw her tongue from Danni’s cunt and lick down to her anus.

With encouraging moans from Danni Talia spent some time teasing her friends arsehole with the tip of her tongue before making her way back up to her pussy where she pushed her tongue deep into Danni’s dripping hole.

“Eat me Talia, Oh… Oh yeah… eat my… Oh Yes…eat my cunt make me come,” Danni said struggling for breath.

Holding her ankle with my right hand I reached up to her left breast and rubbed the palm of my left hand across her stiff nipple while sucking on her toes.

“Oh Fuck that’s it stay there, suck my OHHH FUUUCK YEEEEES,” Danni cried out while Talia sucked on her sensitive clit.

Her toes curled up between my lips and her whole body went rigid. I pinched bahis şirketleri firmly on her nipple with my thumb and forefinger until her body went limp…

“Okay, so while we let Danni recover I’d like to show you how to examine your breasts Talia. It’s important you do this regularly so if you could stand up for me,” I said lowering Danni’s leg.

Talia turned to face me, her bare breasts wobbled until I cupped them in my hands. She looked up at me as I began to gently squeeze and knead her fleshy mounds, her face was wet with Danni’s juices.

“Are they okay sir?” Talia asked, looking up at me.

“Oh Yes… I mean, yes everything seems quite normal but let me double check,” I said.

Dropping to my knees, my face now level with her chest, I supported the weight of her tits with my hands. The nipples and areolae were still wet with Danni’s juices, I could taste it as I flicked my tongue over Talia’s stiff little teats in turn.

“Is this part of the examination sir?” Talia asked with a cheeky little smile.

“Yes indeed, I’m just checking their response to stimulation,” I said.

Sucking on Talia’s right nipple I was suddenly aware of Danni as she kneeled down beside me.

“Can I help sir?” Danni asked.

“Yes of course,” I answered.

Before sucking on Talia’s left breast Danni whispered in my ear, “I want to watch you fuck her!”

I acknowledged that I’d heard her with a slight nod of my head as I continued to suck Talia’s nipple between my lips. Danni’s cheek brushed against mine as she began sucking and licking on Talia’s other tit.

“I’m feeling very aroused sir!” Talia said.

“Good, so I think everything’s fine there then, shall we move on to the male anatomy?” I asked giving Talia’s nipple a final suck.

“Yes please sir,” both girls said in unison.

As before the two girls were keen to help. As I pulled my t-shirt over my head they were already pulling my jeans down my legs as they knelt down in front of me.

“Oh sir! Have you wet yourself?” Danni asked seeing the wet patch on my black underpants.

“I don’t think so but would you like to check?” I said.

Neither of them hesitated in sniffing at the wet spot which of course was caused by my penis leaking pre cum.

“No it’s alright sir, it’s not pee,” Talia said looking up at me with her seductive hazel eyes.

With Danni kneeling almost naked apart from one white sock and Talia kneeling to her left with her big breasts jiggling around with the slightest movement I dropped my pants. My penis was semi-erect and hung down over my balls.

“Oh sir! Your penis is leaking!” Danni exclaimed watching a string of pre cum stretching down towards the floor.

My cock twitched making the string swing around. Danni followed its movement and caught it in her palm. Lifting it to her mouth she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and licked it up with her tongue.

“So lets see what you know of the male anatomy,” I said.

“These are the testicles sir,” Talia said as she gently cupped my balls in her right hand.

“And this is the penis sir,” Danni said poking my cock with her finger.

“Very good and do you know what the end of the penis is called?” I asked.

“Is it the bellend sir?” Danni offered.

“Well that’s a slang name, it’s actually called the glans. I think now would be a good time for you to familiarise yourselves with the male genitalia, see how different parts feel and how the penis responds to your touch,” I said.

Neither of them needed further encouragement. Four small hands explored every millimetre of my cock and balls making my erection stand up firm and proud. Danni looked up at me as she licked the pre cum that had coated her fingers.

“Mmmm lovely,” she muttered.

Talia, watching her friend, decided to have a taste herself. With the tip of her tongue she licked some up straight from its source. Like Danni she looked up at me with a smile of satisfaction as she tasted the pre cum that she had drawn into her mouth.

Tilting her head back and crouching lower Danni began to lick at my balls. Talia, with her left breast pressed against my thigh while the other rested on Danni’s shoulder licked up and down my shaft.

Placing a hand on each of their heads I ran my fingers through their hair while they kissed, licked and sucked. I could have easily and happily blown my load over the sweet faces of my willing students right there and then.

“Okay girls I think we’ll finish today’s lessen with the act of penetration. So Talia if you could remove your skirt and lay back on the table please,” I said knowing I couldn’t last much longer if they carried on.

Within seconds Talia’s grey skirt was laying on the floor and she had clambered up onto the table.

“Shall I take her knickers off sir?” Danni asked but didn’t wait for an answer.

Her panties where even wetter than Danni’s had been. Danni slid them off of Talia’s legs and raised them to her face.

“God that smells good!” Danni exclaimed sniffing in her friends sexy aroma.

Taking up position between Talia’s open thighs it soon became obvious I wasn’t going to reach. Danni quickly came up with a solution and I watched her lovely little bum wriggle as she left the room.

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