Steve , Kit Ch. 04

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I was more than a bit distracted for the rest of the date, but I tried my best not to let Paulie know.

I hadn’t been having sex for very long, but this was the first time I hadn’t cum. Even the night before, when Steve had slid his dick in me for just a moment without a condom, not even really sex, I’d almost cum.

I was certainly aroused enough before I’d done it with Paulie. He’d touched me in all the right ways, and the story he’d told me was certainly hot.

I wondered what it felt like for Theresa, having Steve’s naked dick sliding in and out of her, pulling out just before he came. I wondered, did he cum all over her tits?

No wonder he’d rather be with her.

This was all still running through my mind when I got home, and I ran straight to my room, threw off my clothing — the little I’d been wearing — and masturbated furiously for the next half hour, cumming three times. Then I fell asleep completely naked, something I’d never done before.

When I woke up I felt a little cramping, just enough to let me know my period was on its way, right on schedule. Which also meant I could have fucked Paulie completely unprotected the night before.

And which also meant I could…

I showered, then put on my favorite canlı bahis sundress, and walked over to Steve’s house.

It was past eight, so I knew my aunt and uncle had long since left for work. I let myself in, using the digital keyboard next to the back door.

Kicked off my sandals as soon as I got inside — house rules — and went upstairs to Steve’s room. I’d wanted him to fill me with his cum since the first time we’d messed around together, now I was going to let him do it.

Outside of his room, I pulled the sundress over my head, leaving me wearing nothing but my panties.


I woke up gradually, and became slowly aware that I was spooning Theresa, and that we were both naked. Oh, wow.

This was new. I’d never woken up with a girl in bed before. Obviously.

She turned to face me, sexy even early in the morning. “Good morning,” she said sleepily.

I’d snuck her up to my room late last night. She’d called her parents to tell them she was spending the night at Kit’s. She hadn’t spoken to Kit but she knew Kit would back her up, even if she did seem miffed at her for some reason.

Another first last night: just before going to sleep, we’d had sex using a condom.

Yeah, I know that seems like a weird thing to mention. bahis siteleri But up until then we’d always done it without, with me pulling out just in time. That’s how Theresa likes it, and that’s enough for me. But last night we were so tired, she agreed we should play it safe. “I’m maybe reckless,” she said, “but I’m not crazy.”

I was so going to miss this girl when we both went off to college in a couple of weeks. I’d crushed on her for so many years, what a shame I was too shy to do anything about it until a few days ago.

“Want to work up an appetite for breakfast?” she asked me warmly, throwing off the light blanket and rolling over onto her back.

Hell, yes.

I kissed her for a few minutes, then worked my way down to her breasts. By that point I was also stroking her pussy, and I could feel how wet she was. “Oh yeah, I’m in heat today,” she said with a naughty grin. “Let’s do it.”

I tilted my head questioningly. “You know how I want it,” she said.

I slid my dick into her warm pussy. We knew the rhythm by now: I go in slowly at first, then out slowly, making sure I was in control and we weren’t going to have any accidents, then a little faster, until we were almost lost in the feeling of fucking one another.

And suddenly my bedroom bahis şirketleri door opened.

We froze. I thought for a moment my parents had come home, heard sounds from my room…

But it was Kit.

Naked except for a tiny pair of panties.

She looked as surprised as we probably looked. “What the fuck?” Theresa said.

“What are you doing here?” I demanded.

I started to slide out of Theresa, but she pulled me back. “I don’t care, I don’t care, don’t stop,” she said. I saw lust in her face, but also anger at Kit. “I don’t care if she watches you fuck me.”

So we went back to it, more frantically than before. As if Theresa was trying to prove something and I… well, obviously, it was so hot fucking Theresa while Kit, almost naked, was watching us..

Kit came closer to us.

Theresa was groaning. She was starting to cum for her second time.

I began fucking her faster.

“Fuck yes!” she shouted.

I was just about to pull out, and cum all over her face and chest, when Kit climbed onto the bed, wrapping herself around my back, grinding her breasts against me.

“Kit, what are you–?” I began. I couldn’t move with her weight on me.

“Steve, get off–” Theresa shouted.

“Kit, get off me, seriously, I’m going to aaaaaaaaaah,” I groaned, spurting load after load of cum into Theresa’s womb. It was both the hottest and scariest moment of my life.

“Nooo!” Theresa shouted.

Kit rolled off of me, looked at us both, and smiled.

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