Strange Night with a Stranger

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The alcohol was making me slightly dizzy. My 4th Long Island Iced Tea along with the continuous dosage of nicotine through cigarettes along with the barrage of loud music and psychedelic lights was the biggest contributing factor. I rarely got myself in this situation where I had limited control over my reflexes and instincts, but tonight was an exception. It was my office offsite at one of the popular destinations in North Goa overlooking a beach. We had just wrapped a successful year at work and it was time for celebrations. I tried to limit the no. of drinks but my team wouldn’t listen and here I was tipsy as hell.

Well to describe myself, I am 35 year old married male working for a MNC in Mumbai. I am around 6ft tall, fair with a lean built and am averagely endowed considering my indian genes (I won’t brag about myself), however I do make up for it in my stamina and pace. I had been a very faithful husband until this incident happened a couple of years ago on that very fateful night.

We were all on the dance floor grooving to the music & guzzling alcohol. There were other patrons around us but we were pretty much sticking to our group itself and having a blast. At around 11, a group of ladies walked-in to the place hooting, howling and laughing. From the look off it, they were there for an after party. All of them seemed to be in their late twenties and hot looking, well that’s what my colleague told me, but I didn’t bother with it since I was pretty much committed to my monogamous relationship. But one lady in that group particularly caught my attention. She was wearing a tube top with colored horizontal stripes and an off-white skirt. She was tall around 5 ft 7in, lean, had fair complexion but was slightly escort ataşehir tanned (well it’s difficult for me to be accurate considering the lighting and my intoxicated condition) and had sharp features with shoulder length black hair.

Well, saying that she caught my attention is an understatement. I was fascinated by her. After a long time, any lady had sent shivers down my spine and stirred my loins. I could not take my eyes off her. My dilated pupils were suddenly focused. I could see her jumping and dancing with her friends. The sight of those bouncing boobs something that I will never forget.

I was blatantly and shamelessly staring at her. I knew what I was doing was wrong but my animal instincts had taken over me by now. I somehow felt I had to look at her to my hearts content. My colleagues tried to pull my attention but I was smitten by her. She glanced at me a couple of times but that was it. I spent the next one hour staring at her hoping that I would catch her staring at me and I could somehow steal a smile from her but I was in for a tough luck. By the end of the hour my optimism was waning and I gave up my hopes for that one smile from her. By then had downed my 6th LIIT and I was in a dire need of some fresh air, so I stepped out of the place in to the courtyard outside in the opposite direction of the sea. There after a couple of needs I pulled out my cigarette and lit it up contemplating on my actions for the night. I was still in that trance when there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the same lady there. I was dumbfounded trying to mumble something but all I could come up with was some random grunts. She asked me for a light which I dumbly offered. She lit up kadıköy escort bayan her cigarette and started puffing. We both stood there silently puffing our cigarettes.

By the time we were done, she mentioned, “I saw you staring at me! Not a sign of a gentleman!”

Not looking at her, I apologized, “Sorry.” Honestly I was barely remorseful for my actions. I was just letching at her.

Suddenly she just held my hand and pulled me with her towards the trees ahead. It was completely dark there baring a few distant lights and the moonlight. I walked behind her like a zombie, too drunk to comprehend what was happening. We must have walked around a hundred meters in that darkness, when she stopped and turned around to look at me. The animal instincts in me took over and I grabbed her face and kissed her. She responded ad kissed me back. We started kissing passionately with our tongues intertwined. I could smell and taste the mix of cigarettes and alcohol which was intoxicating. I pushed her against a palm tree and continued smooching with my hands feeling her boobs and her back. I slowly moved from her lips to her neck giving her hickies and licking & kissing it. I was caught up in the heat of the moment. She moved her hand towards my jeans and unbuckled & unzipped it putting her hand in boxers.

I moved my hands over her skirt and started pulling it up in the meanwhile also feeling her buttocks. Those boobs and ass was the best thing had happened to me so far. By now her skirt was bunched up near her waist and i was pulling down her panty. In the meanwhile she had already pulled out my cock.

I could smell her pussy. Without saying much she looked into my eyes and pulled cock towards her escort bostancı pussy.

Instinctively I pulled her legs up and she wrapped them around my waist. With the tree trunk against her back I pushed in my cock in her wet pussy. That was one of the best sensation had had until then. She gasped,”Ahhh” with pleasure as I entered. The feel of her pussy on my bare cock was amazing. I grunted, “uhhhh”. Slowly I started pumping that wet pussy increasing my pace. I grabbed her nice juicy boobs for grip and started pounding her pussy. Intermittently, we locked eyes staring at the pleasure we were deriving from each other and then locked our lips. The air around was filled with animalistic grunts of “Ah ah ah ah ah ah” and the pounding of our bodies. We were copulating like untamed beasts in the open without a worry of being caught or being filmed.

I continued pounding that pussy for maybe 7-8 minutes post which she grabbed my shoulder and dug her nails deep in it. Closing her eyes, leaning her head behind and arching her back she gave a guttural moan and shivered indicating that she had cum. I felt a flood of her pussy juices on my cock. Watching her like that my cock twitched and I pumped my seed in her wet pussy. We stood there for a couple of minutes panting and gasping for breath with my cock still in her pussy. Slowly it popped out.

She pushed me away put down her skirt, picked up her panty and put it in pocket & whispered in my ear, “Remember me”. With that she just walked off. I pulled up my jeans and walked in to the party. When I walked in everything was just the way I had left it with people dancing and drinking but for me the world had turned upside down in last 20 minutes. I saw her dancing in the other with her friends. She did look at me couple of times and smiled but that was it. She left soon leaving me without any hint or contact information. All I have is that panty which is preserved and hidden from my wife & hope that our paths will cross again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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