Summer Camp Coaches, Part 1

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Summer Camp Coaches, Part 1

I volunteer as an athletic trainer at a sports camps that come through a local community college during the past few summers. I spend a lot of time taping ankles, getting athlete’s ice in plastic baggies and saying, “You need to rest it, keep ice on it, compression bandage and elevated as much as possible.” I get to run my hands over some of the most incredible, even if dirty and sweaty, female flesh you could ever want as the Junior High and High School weeks shuffle in and out through the facilities for 3 to 6 days at a time.

One of the younger groups were on campus this past weekend. 2 cheerleading groups, 2 soccer teams and a girls’ basketball team. There were no guys teams in the buildings so we put the girls up in the coed and guys dorms as well as the girls dorm and I made certain that all of the training shorts I wore were very loose fitting!! It was a good thing I did too because while some of the coaches looked and sounded like men, some were very much feminine and the girls were all at that just coming into their own womanhood age! Needless to say, standing at the foot of the training table, looking up all of those long, fit legs and seeing loose leg openings in their skimpy shorts revealing all manner of underwear … and a couple without, had me desperately seeking a place to go and jerk off at lunch on Monday!!!

I ducked into the small locker room we use for officials to change in at lunch and I pushed a bench up against the bank of 10 lockers and sat down. I fished out my cock through a leg hole and slowly started palming the head of my cock before moving on to stroking the whole length of it. God it felt good! I was thinking about a dark haired beauty with blue eyes who had just hopped off of my table 15 minutes earlier. I think her name was Kenzie. All arms and legs, skinny as could be. She had on really thin light blue panties that were plainly visible as she leaned back on the table. She was oblivious to the fact that she was angled perfectly for me to look up her loose fitting shorts and see the twin mounds of flesh that made up her camel toe. She may have had B-cup tits, but with the shirt probably having fit properly the summer before, they looked much more… prominent and I found myself wondering how firm or soft they would be. Would her nipples be much more than bumps if I twisted them… sucked on them…bit on them…..

Yeah, I was leaning back, eyes closed, smiling as I thought about the things I would love to do to her when I heard something. I opened my eyes and looked up and everything froze. My hand at the end of my arm locked around the top of my shaft as I saw two coaches, one possibly still in college and the other maybe 40, both fit and fantastic guiding a blonde with long straight wet hair from the shower area toward the door out of the locker room. I realized they must have all three been in the showers when I walked in! No one was supposed to be back here! The two women, brown from the summer sun and built with somewhat larger breasts than most fitness women were obviously trying to sneak their young charge out of the locker room without having her see me, but there was something wrong with the whole picture… Then it dawned on me that there was only one shower around the corner! The two adults had been showering with….

I smiled at them and leaned forward. “So, I am supposed to ignore the fact that güvenilir bahis two adult coaches were just showering with one of the players?” I saw the air literally freeze in the chest of the two adults in front of me as the girl turned toward me and in so doing was able to see me. “I trust these two treated you well in there. Are you learning lots at camp?”

The girl’s cheeks burst into scarlet red patches but she only hesitated a moment before saying, “Camp is great and Coach Jill and Coach Lynn are the best! Please don’t get them into trouble!”

I laughed and since my shirt was basically hiding my erection, I gave the girl a wink and said, “Oh, I don’t think they will get into any trouble. They both look very smart! I tell you what, why don’t you go on back and find the rest of your team. I think I want to talk a moment with Coach Jill and Coach Lynn for just a moment. Go on, it will be okay.” She looked from one to the other of the adults and they exchanged nervous looks as well, but finally Coach Lynn nodded to the girl and told her to go on and not say a thing to anyone. She immediately did as they said and I waited until I heard the door close before her before I sat back up. “Ladies, please… have a seat.” I patted the bench to either side of me and smiled my most disarming and yet menacing smile I have ever given. They each took a deep breath and then came and sat down to either side of me.

Coach Lynn was maybe 45, slim, proud tits that jutted out nicely in her black polo coaches shirt. She had short cropped brown hair and lightning quick brown eyes that missed nothing. Her lips were then, abs flat, hips wide and legs strong and tanned. Had I not been hard, she would easily have remedied that situation!! Coach Jill looked to be in her early 20’s and had beautiful full blonde hair that she had pushed through a scrunchy into a ponytail. Her breasts were smaller and maybe that was why she had chosen to forego a bra…whatever the reason, her nipples now were very clearly straining the limits of her hunter green coaching shirt. Her body still had that taught hard look of youth and her legs were long and almost stick like. I looked back up her body to those hazel eyes and I swear my dick got even harder than it already was and I have no idea how!!!!

“Ladies, I think we all know that while me stroking in the men’s locker room might not be the most acceptable thing in the world to some people, there would be people awaiting you to arrest you, book you, photograph you and put your faces on newspapers and websites around the nations if the wrong people heard about this, wouldn’t you agree?” The younger girl turned her head away as if she wanted to make a run for it and deny it all. But Coach Lynn just glared at me with a laser like intensity.

“So scumbag, what do we have to do?” Coach Lynn spat out with as much disdain as is humanely possible.

“My name is Bryan, not scumbag and I hold whether you spend years in jail and lose your way of making a living in my hand, not to mention your reputation and your friendship with a lot of people in the palm of my hand, so I would suggest we try to be a little more… friendly.” She stared at me a little longer and I could see she was weighing whether to unleash hell on me at least verbally or not. She finally broke off staring at me and looked toward where the girl had gone.

Coach Jill turned back to me tipobet giriş and said, “Okay, so what do you want?” She was defeated and near tears.

“Well, I would like to have you both suck me off, it won’t take long, and then I would like to talk to you about something we each might enjoy.” The two women looked from one to the other. To let them know I was serious I sat back and leaned against the lockers behind me, putting on full display my erection.

Lynn looked from my crotch back over her shoulder to her friend. “This is more your area of expertise than mine.” Jill’s face went beet red and then she bit her lower lip as she glanced from her friend’s face to mine and then down. “Go on, hell I think it will be fun to watch you with a man!”

Jill moved closer to the older woman and they kissed one another for just a second and then the young slim woman turned and faced me, smiled and sucked in a deep breath before letting it out slowly. Then she walked over and knelt between my widely spread knees. Jill had these blue/green eyes that shone and her teeth were so perfect that there was no question in my mind as to whether she had worn braces growing up. And grow up, she definitely had. When she rested her arms on my thighs and looked up at me I thought I was staring into the face of an angel… definitely a fallen angel, but one worth falling with. “I guess this my lucky day, since I like sex and it really doesn’t matter with whom!” She laughed nervously.

I looked up from her to the older woman who was staring at the two of us with an intensity that was hard to define. Her eyes caught mine and without missing a beat, she pulled the bottom of her shirt up under chin, exposing her hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, exposing her pussy trimmed into a strip of dark fur less than an inch wide extending from just below her tan line to the top of a very prominent labia dangling from her pussy! “My ex-husband always liked to look at my pussy and so do dirty sluts like Jill. So, what do you think? Would you rather watch her eat you or watch me cum while she sucks your dick like a whore?”

My cock was already sticking straight up but as I felt Jill’s fingers wrap around the base of it and cup my balls in her other hand, I felt myself twitch and harden to a whole different level! I glanced down as Jill smiled up at me and then ran the tip of her tongue out and began licking the underside of my dick head and begin running it from side to side before sliding the head into her beautiful mouth! My balls started to rise immediately, but her finger tips wrapped around and gently pulled them down. Yeah, I moaned. I moaned like a $5 whore!

I looked up and saw Lynn fingering her twat and when she saw me look up she pulled the flesh back from her clit and I could see her pearl, wet, shiny and almost white in those beautiful pink flesh folds of hers! She touched it and shook. I slid more deeply within Jill’s willing and hungry mouth! I had the sudden thought that I wanted to hold off on cumming for as long as I could, but the other side of me said, “Who gives a shit, do what feels good!!!”

Lynn stuck her fingers deep inside of her cunt and then pushed herself upright off of the wall. She straddled Jill’s lower legs and grabbed a handful of that luxurious blonde hair with her left hand and shoved her down on my cock. “All tipobet right, already! Suck him off before someone starts looking for us!” She then took her pussy juiced fingers and aimed them at my mouth. Open up wide, Daddy. Momma as something oh so sweet for you!” The moment my lips parted she pushed her fingers into my mouth and was wiping her fingers all over my tongue! “Suck my fingers and you can be my slut too!”

I never want to disappoint a woman and so I sucked her fingers clean of every drop of her delicious pussy honey all of the while feeling my own cream boiling higher and higher in my scrotum despite Jill’s best efforts to keep me on delay. Lynn would push Jill’s face all of the way down so her lips would almost reach the root of my cock and I could feel my dick penetrating the back of her mouth and into her throat! She showed the same enthusiasm for running her own two fingers deep into my mouth before smearing my spit and her scent on my beard and face!

Within a couple of minutes I was shooting a load deep into Jill’s talented mouth as Lynn was grinding her bare pussy on the woman’s shoulder! I was just feeling the last spasms of my orgasm pass when Jill let my cock slip from her lips and she immediately turned her body and face and alligator mouthed Lynn’s pussy!!! I sat there with my dick slowly losing its hardness as she made quick work of making Lynn turn into a trembling body of sensual release! Lynn wound up stumbling to the bench and sitting next to me as the orgasmic wave made it both impossible to stand any longer and enjoy anymore stimulation to her beautiful big clit!

Jill got up and walked over to the sink and splashed water on her face as she looked over at the two of us. I closed my eyes and tried to think but my mind simply was blown to the outer reaches of the stratosphere. I felt Lynn moving beside me and when I looked, she had pulled her shorts and panties almost all of the way up, and then I watched as she walked on unsteady legs over to a toilet stall and closed the door. I smiled as I imagined helping her to clean up. “You fucking bitch! You spit his cum in me, didn’t you?” I suddenly heard Lynn saying.

Jill laughed and said, “It’s your fault, you wouldn’t let me finish him off with my hands!!! I was just sharing!!” There was a flush and the door to the toilet opened and Lynn was looking at her friend, shaking her head with a wry smile. She called her a Hoe and Skank and Jill told her, “Yep, you made me this way and you love it!” The older woman walked over and wrapped the younger woman up in an embrace and this time when they kissed there was a sun scorching intensity! They finally turned and looked at me as if seeking my permission to leave.

I was just about ready to thank them for the surprise when Lynn said, “While I was in the stall, making some … discoveries of my own own,” she shot a look at Jill, “I was wondering if you would like to have some fun with us and a few of our charges this evening, say … around 10:30?” Usually I was gone by 8:30, since there was normally no need for any of the trainers that late. But I often saw others hang around or work out, so no one was going to think much of me staying a little late and then slipping away. So I quickly agreed. Lynn then asked me to come to the same referee changing room before 10:30 and have a seat in the shower room. “We will have fun then!”

It is late and to be honest, after all that has gone on this weekend, I am exhausted. I will try to write up the rest of what happened tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you can take time to write me a note about what you are hoping to read!!!

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