Summer with Naughty Grampa

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My parents got mad at me because after high school I didn’t want to go to college. Instead, I wanted to work and make my own way in life. Because I was 18 (almost 19) I thought I knew everything. They decided that the best course of action was to go to live with my grandfather in San Diego. He was retired, loved the outdoors, exercised, and had a huge house. Because of his life style was in perfect health and looked younger than what he was. Even though we never really visited him we stayed in contact with him via email and phone.

He had a beautiful home up on a hill that over looked the city. Everything in his house was awesome including my room which came with a phone, television, computer, and a radio/CD player. More importantly, everything looked new. My Grandpa was making me feel welcome and wanted. Yet, most of the time he was home he was in his study or room. I hardly ever saw him.

My Grandpa help me find a waitressing job at one of the big restaurants in town with good pay and decent hours. The outfit was a little skimpy but it made for good tips. It showed off my ample cleavage from my 32dd chest and the skirt was nice and tight so everyone could see my curvy hips and thick Latina legs. Most of the customers who went there were older men and most seem to know my grampa, so as I said before tips were very good.

Besides work I loved staying home and playing on the internet. I went to lots of sites and did lots of chatting on line. Also, being a single hot blooded Latina I did visited some adult sites and did a little having sex online (cybering). It took the edge off and I got to play out some of my naughtier fantasies. Yet, I never knew that this online hobby would turn into one of the kinkiest experiences I would ever have.

Usually, I would wear a tiny little teddy no bra and a thong when I cybered online. All my lingerie were very tiny, silky and somewhat see through. I bought several different colors and types with the money I made from my waitressing job. The closet looked more like a lingerie shop than anything else. But being an independent woman I deserved it. Also, I had several regular guys that I talked dirty with, some on the mic and others just texted. Some received naughty pictures of me (without the face) and some I just teased.

One night, I was just started with a naughty cyber when there was a knock on my door. Not thinking much of it I answered it. It was my Grandpa in his pajamas with two glasses and a bottle of wine. He smiled at me and asked to come in. I was a little confused and surprised, but it was his home and I let him in.

“So how do you like your room? I know it’s kinda of sudden and not expected, but I was hoping to spend some time with you,” said grampa.

“Sure that would be nice,” I replied as he gave me a glass a poured some wine.

We sat and talked about everything and nothing. He was quite charming and very funny. Yet throughout the night I saw him stealing quick glimpse of my cleavage and legs. I also, notice that the tent in his pants was quite big it just looked thick and long. It might have been the wine or the fact that I was horny before he came in but I found myself flirting with my Grandpa throughout the night. We were about to open our third bottle of wine when my Grandpa sat at my computer.

“So what’s this? Who are you talking to?” he asked.

Then I remembered that I was cybering and didn’t turn off the computer. He lean forward and began to read the dialog between my online lover and me. When he finished he turned and looked at me with a big smile.

“That is very hot, very sexy and very naughty. Are you going to finish it?” he asked.

“What? What do you mean Grandpa?” I asked trying to be innocent.

“Well it’s obvious you have the poor man stroking his cock and he wants to cum. So are you going to help him?” he asked again.

“Grandpa!” I said.

“Oh don’t be so surprised. I’m not an old fuddy duddy. Now get over here and don’t leave this guy with blue balls,” he told me.

I got up and walked over to the computer. To my surprise, he patted his legs asking me to sit on his lap. It was a little embarrassing and weird, but I found myself sitting not only on his lap but his huge hard on. While I adjusted myself he pulled up on my teddy and I felt my bare ass on his lap.

“Who am I going to be helping out him or you?” I had to ask with a giggle.

“Maybe both,” he smiled back.

I smiled at him and looked back that the cybering I was doing before he walked in. My lover had been sending me instant messages (IM) for the past several hours and he was still on. He was relieved that I illegal bahis came back to finish our little computer sex. We had left off as he pushed me on my knees and was slapping my face with his cock. Even my Grandpa smile indicating that was a good place to start.

As I began to type my Grandpa began to rub on my inner thigh very slowly and softly. He leaned into me as he read the little story we were producing. As I wrote I found that the texting was more exciting when someone watched me type the dirty and nasty things I would do in our little fantasy. Moreover, I found myself slowly and gently grinding on his cock without even thinking about it. My inner thighs burns as his fingers ran up and down my leg.

My lover has always asked me if I had a camera on my computer and I’ve never put it on. Again, he asked and again I declined to show him. Yet, it was my Grandpa who turned on the camera and aimed it to my ample cleavage then invited him to view. My lover was now looking at my tits almost falling out of my teddy and my big long dark brown nipples poking a hole through the tiny material. Then my Grandpa accept an invitation to view my online lover live and all I could see was his hand pumping his thick hard cock.

We continued to cyber after my lover kept telling me what wonderful tits I had and asking lots of questions about them; if I liked them touched and kiss and licked, do I like giving tity fucks, are my nipples sensitive, do I want cum on them. I replied yes to each and every one which made him go crazy and my Grandpa’s cock get bigger. As we continued my lover kept asking me to take off my teddy and I kept telling him that my hands were too busy. Again without permission, Grandpa pulled my straps over my shoulders and began to pull my teddy down exposing my full firm 32dd.

“What are you doing grampa?” I asked.

“Shhh baby. I know you like it. Just go along with it,” he whispered in my ear.

Next thing I know, I saw jets of stream shooting out from my lovers cock. Seeing my tits finally exposed made him cum so long and hard it was amazing seeing that much cum fly. Then the screen went blank because my lover logged off. I sat there breathing heavy finding that I was very hot and horny from everything that was happening.

“That didn’t take long. He must have been very frustrated,” my Grandpa said as he continued to rub my inner thigh.

“Yea, I guess,” I replied and turned to see him staring at my tits.

“Too bad,” he answered.

“I guess the fun is over now huh grampa?” I asked.

“Not if you don’t want it to be. Do you have any other friends you play with?” he asked.

“No,” I lied.

“Too bad, I wanted to see some more. I wanted to read some more. Do you want me to find you another friend?” he asked.

“Sure I guess,” was my only reply.

He told me to instant message a friend of his but not to tell him who I was. His friend replied to my instant message and asked to view my camera to which my Grandpa let him view. Again, I was treated to a big fat dick being jerked off and lots of complements about my huge tits. While I made nice with his friend my Grandpa had spread my legs with his hands and was rubbing my inner thigh so close to my pussy I knew he could feel the heat coming from it.

“Tell him what you like doing with cocks,” my Grandpa whispered in my ear.

“What?” I asked trying to be shy.

“Tell him how much you love sucking cock and having them between you tits,” he said as he grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled it back a little.

The slight tug on my hair and his harsh yet lustful words made me give out a little moan. Just like that, I knew my Grandpa was in charge. I would do anything he asks from then on in. My hands worked fast as I described in detail how I would suck and jerk and kiss his friend’s cock making him cum into my mouth and swallowing his load. Within minutes I was treated to another screen full of cum again. As soon as his screen went blank, my Grandpa was already getting the next customer for me. Grandpa contacted his friend and using my nickname pretended to me and began a lustful conversation with this friend. Then Grandpa whispered into my ear asking me to take off my teddy so all I had on was my tiny little g string while sitting on his lap.

After taking off my teddy I began talking with my new lover in the meantime, my Grandpa slowly and carefully took off his shirt then his pants. He was not wearing any boxer so his hard cock was now in between my legs resting on my thong covered pussy. It was a huge monstrous cock with a fat bulbous mushroom head and a big fat vein running down the middle. illegal bahis siteleri The pre-cum made the head glisten as it stood there staring at me. With his knees he spread my legs wide open, his left hand pushed his cock away, and with his right hand he began to rub my pussy over my thong.

Again, the camera was on my tits as I told this dirty old pervert how I would let him bend me over and fuck my tiny little pussy. A few times Grandpa had me get up and bend over to show his friend my round Latina bubble ass and thong covered pussy. When I did this my Grandpa took the liberties of filling up my tits and licked my nipples. He was fantastic at making every touch bring chills to my body. Just like with the last one, it took only a few minutes to see on my line lover spewing his cum all over his desk and like the other two he logged off.

I was so hot and wet by this time I wanted Grandpa to shove his fat dick into me hard and deep. Slowly, I began grinding on my Grandpa’s finger as he rubbed my thong covered pussy. Leaning back onto my grampa, I spread my legs and began to purr on him as he touched my hot wet pussy. Taking a nipple in each hand, I pulled and twisted my hard long dark brown nipples while Grandpa began to find me another online lover. Once again, the dirty old man could see me playing with my nipples as I watched him jerk off for us. This time Grandpa put the microphone on so his new friend could hear us.

His old labor breathing came over the speakers and he watched me play with my nipples. I moaned and gyrated on my Grandpa as I continued to squeeze my nipples and cup my hug tits. The man pointed his cock toward the camera and began to jerk off faster.

“OOOO yes Grandpa that’s it jerk off that big dick. MMMM play with it for me,” I moaned as I leaned into the camera.

“You like that. You like Grandpa’s big cock little girl? What do you want to do with it,” my online lover asked.

“MMM Grandpa I would suck it so deep. I want it deep down my throat. I want it in my hungry hot wet mouth. OOOO Grandpa slap my face with your huge cock,” I moaned back.

“You’re a dirty little girl. MMMM. You want Grandpa to make you gag on his huge dick? Huh little girl. You want to suck Grandpa’s cum out of his hairy balls?” he replied.

“Fuck yes grampa. Shove that big nasty dick down my face. Make me suck it deep. I want to milk your big hairy balls dry grampa,” I moaned back.

Just then my Grandpa made me stand up and he took my thong off. Then he adjusted the camera so the dirty old man could see my tiny bald pink pussy. The man grasp then grunted several times as he unloaded all his cum onto the table in front of him. Using my fingers I played and opened my pussy so he could see it clearly. My juices made my pussy glisten as I played with it and showed it off; it was so hot and wet I needed a cock deep in me. After coming the man logged off.

When my Grandpa got the next man online he made me stand back so the man could see my entire body. I posed for them showing off my body as good as a professional stripper. While I showed off my body, Grandpa got several more men to look at my camera. Then I heard the words I’ve been longing to hear all night.

“Ok baby get on your knees,” my Grandpa said.

Quickly I dropped to my knees looking at my Grandpa’s huge thick fat cock as he walked towards me. Cupping my tits, I licked and sucked on my nipples while I waited for Grandpa to get closer. The monitor lit up with comments from the old men telling me how pretty I was and how great my big tits looked. As my Grandpa got closer, the messages came faster. Soon Grandpa was standing in front of me with his cock inches from my lips.

I opened my mouth and was about to swallow his cock when my Grandpa hit my forehead with his cock. It was a loud thud and it felt funny being hit with a hard dick. He was looking down at me and with his free hand was using his finger telling me not yet. Licking my lips, I waited for his instructions. Grandpa wanted my hair in pigtails and a deep red lipstick on my lips. Without question I did everything he instructed.

Again, I was on my knees in front of the camera with a cock inches from my face. Grandpa grabbed his cock and used the head of his dick to trace my lips like he was applying lipstick to them. I could taste the pre-cum as it smeared over my lips. Smiling down at me he began slapping me with his huge cock. He asked me to face the camera so everyone could see what I was about to do.

“Ok sweetie, put Grandpa’s cock between those big full firm tits and give Grandpa a good tity fucking,” he tells me.

I cup my tits and canlı bahis siteleri place his fat throbbing cock between my tits and begin to slowly run up and down his hot hard dick. Smiling up at him I continue moving my body up and down his cock. He grabbed both my pigtails making me look at the camera and smile for those watching. As I looked at the camera I open my mouth and was about to gobble up his dick when he pulls on my pigtails.

“No yet honey,” he said with a smile.

I looked up at him and pouted giving him my best puppy dog eyes. Then I opened my mouth and let out my fat long tongue out for him. My tongue went well below my chin and I could tell he was surprise and its size. He placed his cock along my lips and asked me to wrap my tongue around his cock. After he placed his cock on my tongue I began shaking my head side to side sliding on his thick long shaft. Grandpa’s cock was big and fat but I stroked it with my tongue several times. Finally, I ended up at the head which I quickly took into my mouth.

I smiled as I saw several men shoot their load as I gobbled up my grandpa’s cock. It was everything I wanted in a cock; long, thick, pulsating and tasted so good. The huge purple head was so big I could barely get it past my mouth. Soon my head was bobbing up and down his dick as I gave Grandpa the best blow job I could. Gagging, chocking and slobbering I had most of his cock down my throat.

Grandpa let me do my thing as he stood there looking down at me moaning and enjoying getting his cock sucked. Then he would pulled on my pigtails picking my head up making me fight to keep sucking his cock which he found funny. I guess he wanted to show the men that I was hungry for cock and that I was hungry for his fat monsterous cock. Several times he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face and tits getting them sticky and messy, then without warning he would shove it down my throat making me gag and chock.

He was fucking my face in front of a bunch of strangers and I loved it. Grandpa pulled on my pigtails making me swallow his thick fat dick. Then he began talking very dirty to me.

“That’s it you dirty little cock sucker, take Grandpa’s cock all the way down. You little slut, I’ve always knew you loved cock. Come on baby lick Grandpa’s balls like the dirty little whore you are,” he told me as he fucked my face.

I licked his balls then tity fucked his cock some more. Again, he slapped my face and my tits with his massive cock. Then he made me lay on my back so my pussy was facing the camera. Next he made me swallow his cock while he ate my pussy. Nobody had ever eaten my pussy as good as Grandpa did. He spread my legs so everybody could see him licking my wet lips and shoving his fingers in me. As he did that I moved my hips grinding on his face and fingers moaning while I sucked his cock.

After several minutes in that position, Grandpa made me get on my hands and knees facing the men. Then he kneeled behind me rubbing his cock’s fat mushroom head up and down my pussy. He pulled on my pigtails making me arch my back showing off my tits to the camera as he rammed his fat thick cock into me. I screamed and bit my lower lip as Grandpa’s cock stretched me to the point I almost passed out. Grandpa let me get used to having his fat cock in me before he started to slowly pump it into my tiny wet pussy.

Every time Grandpa shoved his cock into my body he rocked me back and forth. My big tits swayed as he fucked me deep and hard. Biting my lower lip I began to fuck him back moaning and grunting with each shove. I could hear the slapping of our bodies every time we met. He pulled on my pigtails and spanked my ass as he fucked me deep and hard. We spent a long time fucking like rabbits.

“You have a tight wet little pussy baby. I love how you fuck and suck Grandpa’s big dick. Come on baby show these men what a little slut you are. Fuck Grandpa deep and hard,” he said as he spanked me.

Then Grandpa laid on his back as I got on top of him. I looked at the camera and began riding Grandpa’s huge cock. Up and down I rode that fat dick while I played with my tits and sucked on my nipples. Grandpa was grunting and moaning as I picked up the pace and fucked him harder and faster. After what seemed like hours he spanked my ass and told me to get on my knees.

Quickly, I was on my knees and Grandpa was in front of me spraying his cum all over my face and tits. My whole face and body was drenched in man juice. I felt like someone had poured a bucket of warm milk over me. My hands were on his thighs as he covered me in cum. When I could open my eyes, I saw my Grandpa smiling at me as he looked down full of sweat. It was hard not to smile back, so I did.

“We’re going to have a great summer baby,” he told me as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

I sucked it clean and thought ‘it’s going to be a great summer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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