Surrogate Delights

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My sweet daughter Hannah and I share a very special type of bond. It is a bond that is deeper than words can even imagine to begin to describe and a bond that is almost mystical and spiritual and one that will never be broken. Our bond began on her birthday which happens to be the same as mine and over the years grew stronger and stronger.

How did we cross the line from a regular father daughter relationship to one of intense passion, well it began slowly and gradually and before you know it we had crossed the line but without regret or remorse.

To give a better understanding of how it all occurred we need to go back to the beginning. Beth, my wife and I met in college. I was studying to be a graphics design and advertising major and Beth was studying to be a nurse. We had a whirlwind courtship and before we knew it Beth was preggers and we were married when we were both about 20. Six months later, on my 21st birthday, Hannah was born.

For twelve years we had a wonderful life but unfortunately Beth could not have any more children. We were a very close and loving family and next to my loving wife Beth, Hannah was my world. I was fortunate to have a good boss who let me do a lot of work from home so I was there for Hannah when my wife had to pull the long 7a.m.-7p .m. shifts.

From day one, I doted on Hannah and she was my little princess. As she grew older our bond became stronger and Beth thinking it was sweet, encouraged it. Never in my wildest or darkest imagination did I ever think I would be sharing my bed with my daughter. I just loved her like a normal father did and she loved me. Also Hannah knew that she could come to us whenever she faced a problem and we encouraged her to be open and honest with us no matter what the issue and she was.

For all practical purposes, it was a storybook life but tragedy would strike shortly after Hannah’s 12th birthday Beth would lose her three year bout with breast cancer. While on her death bed Beth took Hannah by the hand and said sweetly and lovingly “You are going to be the woman of the house from now on. I want you to promise me you will take good care of your daddy and love him like I would and care for him like I do.”

“I promise mommy,” Hannah said as Beth stroked her sweet honey golden blonde hair in a ponytail and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Fret not little one,” Beth said with a soft smile. “I will always be with you and in you. All I ask is you love and take care of your father and be the best little girl you can be,” and with that she closed her eyes and we were ushered from the room Two days later Beth was buried and from the moment the funeral was over Hannah knew she was now the woman of the house and from that day forward our relationship would become stronger.

I threw myself into work and looking after Hannah. She was all I had left and I was determined to hold on to her. If I could be faulted with anything for the next four or so years it would be being an overly protective father, yet Hannah knew and understood I was doing it out of love and appreciated it. Also during this time I decided I wanted no more children so I had “the operation” to make sure.

From the time we were on our own Hannah was open and honest about anything that concerned her. When she became interested in boys I sat her down and had the “talk” with her.

In high school I watched her go through a number of stages. The first one was when she went on a “meatless kick.” She became a hard core vegetarian because a friend convinced her that it was the right thing to do so I honored it. However that didn’t last two weeks and she broke that kick by bringing home a Big Mac.™

Also during this time, her hair would change and lighten as well as become curly(almost frizzy). It would lighten to a sandy brownish-blonde color she would joke that she resembled a poodle dog because of her curls, but she didn’t care. She eventually went back to her natural color and style shortly before her 17th birthday.

Overall during her high school career Hannah was very popular and a top student academically. She was a cheerleader on the dance team and quite physically fit and tried to exercise to keep herself in shape.

I guess I had been so busy with work and trying to run the house that I didn’t see that Hannah was growing up before my very eyes and by her 17th birthday she would not be a little girl any more but a well developed young woman. Before I knew it she was a sensual beauty standing 5’8″ tall, slender build, measuring 36D-24-34 with nice big supple breasts and long well toned dancer legs.

Her hair was also a beautiful honey golden blonde and her eyes were crystal ice blue and could captivate a man’s soul and when I realized how beautiful she was and looked into those eyes my soul was taken prisoner.

Seeing how incredibly beautiful she was made me want to be even more over protective but I felt like I had to trust her but it was hard. What was even harder was burying and holding back my secret ataşehir escort desires for her. I no longer saw Hannah as a little girl any more but a sensual erotic beauty whom I very much desired, yet she was still my daughter.

I managed to hide my feelings the best I could but sometimes I would let things slip and Hannah would pick up on them. However, instead of being creeped out, she was flattered and I would soon find out she had feelings for me too.

Shortly after her 18th birthday on the 22nd of September the walls of separation would began to coming down between us and by Thanksgiving morning , the veil of intimacy that separates fathers from daughters in polite society would be gone.

The strange thing is that it wasn’t me who initiated the separation; it was Hannah who would be the initiator. The separation started slow at first and took on the form of a slow sensual seduction by Hannah.

Hannah started by dressing seductively when we were alone and was unafraid and unashamed of her body. Her favorite way to dress around the house would be in an open waist length white see through lace robe and cotton panties. She also had a few pairs of white thigh high stockings with matching garters she wore with the robe and panties because she said it made her feel sensual and more like a woman

I must say I had mixed feelings about what Hannah was doing at first. Part of me, the carnal red blooded male enjoyed seeing her naked and was very turned on by it.

Even though she was my very own daughter, I still wanted to take her right then and there and jump her bones and fuck her good until she came all over my cock and I filled her sweet pussy with my hot sticky manhood.

The “moral” and ” protective father” side of me however, wanted to scream at her and say “Put some clothes on”. The battle lasted less than a minute though and needless to say, the carnal side of me won.

During this seduction time, Hannah would also stop wearing pajamas like she had been doing all her life. Instead, she would sleep either topless in lace see through panties or completely naked except for the stockings and garters.

The seduction was slow and well planned out on Hannah’s part. She was very meticulous and methodical in what she was doing and moved according to her time table

She would start like I said by letting me see her dressed provocatively and even went out of her way to let me see her sumptuous 5’8″ 36D-24-34 body with her supple round breasts and nicely smooth shaven oh so perfectly pink pussy. It was all I could do to keep from having a permanent hard-on when around Hannah. I know she must have seen it but she said nothing.

I would also play along with the game. I would allow Hannah to see me naked and would begin wearing only briefs and a t-shirt or briefs and an open robe when we were alone in the house

The next step in her seduction would occur a couple of weeks later. It was one evening and we had finished supper and were getting on the ready to watch television together as was our habit.

Before this particular evening, she had always sat in the recliner only in a garter and stockings with one leg draped over the side so that her legs were spread and I could get a full view of her sweet oh so pink and nicely shaven pussy. This evening however, she came over and sat down next to me dressed in an open robe garters and stockings and cuddled up to me as I held her sweet little body next to mine

“Hold me daddy,” Hannah said with a soft sigh as she nestled her warm little body into mine and placed my arms around her waist and her hand in mine as she interlocked the fingers.

“Mmmmmm this feels so nice,” Hannah purred. “I feel safe in my daddy’s arms,” and with that she put her head on my shoulder and smiled up at me with those beautiful crystal ice blue eyes.

As I looked into her sweet eyes I saw the look I had seen in my wife’s eyes so many times before; It was that “kiss me” look. Hannah’s soft little hand rubbed up against the side of my face and I knew she wanted to kiss, so without saying a word I leaned down and our lips met.

The kiss was soft and gentle and Hannah’s lips were oh so very warm. The kiss would last a good 30 seconds and would deepen until we were giving each other tongue probing tonsil swabbing kisses.

We broke the kiss and Hannah purred with delight.

“Mmmmmm, that was so nice daddy, “Hannah softly crooned .

Hannah and I would kiss again but this time, Hannah would lay me down on my back, remove her robe and lay her soft warm naked body on mine and we lovingly caressed as we kissed, our warm bodies pressed together as we moved as one.

We would spend every night like this watching T.V. ,that is when she was not working on homework or a paper or some other class assignment. If she had work that kept her up I would sit by her and we would talk.

As time progressed towards that “fateful day” when we would fully consummate our union together, our kadıköy escort nightly “television time” together became more and more intense. We would lie on the floor by a fire in the fireplace on a blanket and make love. We would kiss each other all over, explore each other’s bodies I would suck her breast and we would please each other and bring each other to orgasm after orgasm with our hands as well as orally

We would explore each fulfill each other’s fantasies and in doing so, do everything imaginable except for actual fucking. My favorite thing Hannah would do for me was to do a striptease where she would give me a lap dance that was very interactive. She would sit on my lap facing me totally naked and I would be in briefs.

She would simulate fucking me as we kissed and our bodies were pressed together. Hannah would grind her sweet pussy against my cock in my briefs until I was on the verge of cumming. She would then lower my briefs and let me spunk my load all over her belly.

Hannah’s favorite thing was to get my cock good and wet, rub down her breast with lubricating oil and have me tit fuck her as she wrapped those sumptuous breast around my cock. I would tit fuck her until I spewed my load on her chest, neck and she would rub my hot cum on her skin like a cream.

Also during this time we would begin showering together The showers started as us just washing each other off and fondling each other’s bodies and progressed to where we were pleasing each other orally and with our hands

Needless to say our sessions were fun and even though when we were in the living room and the TV was on in the background, we couldn’t tell you what was on.

These nightly sessions ran from the start of October until Thanksgiving morning which coincided with the next stage of the seduction. One weekend morning, Hannah woke up around 5:30 and quietly slipped into bed with me wearing only her white lace panties. I would wake up and find her in my arms but I wouldn’t mind. I would cuddle her close to me kiss her on the cheek and we would go back to sleep.

The following week Hannah would come in at night claiming she couldn’t sleep, but I knew better and just let it go By the end of the week we were sleeping together each night.

When we began sleeping together, I would be wearing only boxer shorts and Hannah would wearing only the white stockings and matching garters. Hannah’s soft little warm 5’8″ 36D-24-34, 125 pound body would feel good nestled next to my 6’1″ slender and muscular 185 pound body.

We would kiss each other good night by giving each other a peck on the cheek at first then by the Sunday before Thanksgiving we were kissing each other on the lips and engaged in heavy petting and sensual foreplay

By this time also we were now sleeping totally naked together and holding each other tight. We had graduated from simple goodnight kisses to deep passionate French kisses as we cuddled close facing each other, holding one another tight, and our bodies rubbed together and our limbs intertwined.

Also during these sessions our hands would find their way over every inch of each other’s bodies. This level on intense foreplay lasted from that Sunday night to the following Thursday morning, Thanksgiving morning. It was a special day and would be the day we consummated our new relationship.

That morning Hannah was off of school because it was Thanksgiving weekend but to know what initiated the sex, we must rewind to the time leading up to the wee hours of the morning of that day.

Hannah and I had gone to bed early the night before and experienced our regular nightly passion of foreplay consisting of kissing and heavy petting and cuddling. Our warm bodies rubbed together as our passions rose and cascaded to a sensual climax.

That night I guess it was around 2:30 a.m. I was cuddled close to Hannah with her facing away from me and her back was nestled close to my stomach. Her sweet naked form was pressed into mine and I was holding her tight. My 8 inch cock was fully erect and pressed up against her warm pussy region from behind.

I remember I had a extremely vivid sex dream about me and her. We were in a hot 69 position as we made each other cum, her swallowing down my hot load and her cumming in my mouth. We also had sex doggie style, cowgirl style, missionary style and spoons, facing each other.

Sometime during the dream my cock became throbbing and I remember me subconsciously rubbing my cock against her pussy and it filling with cum. Hannah must have shifted because the next thing I felt was being inside her. I subconsciously thrusted in and out of her and I as I came in my dream I must have cum in reality and sprayed my load in and on Hannah’s pussy , butt, legs and on the sheets.

I remember jolting awake a few seconds after in horror of what had happened, I slowly and cautiously felt of Hannah with my hand and noticed she was soaked in cum as were she sheets but her eyes were closed and she was still. bostancı escort bayan I would find out later she was feigning sleep to spare my feelings but had felt and enjoyed it but she would not tell me until the next day.

The next morning we would sleep until about 9:30 when I opened my eyes and found Hannah cuddled next to me with her back to me and pressed up against my body and my arms were wrapped around her waist and my hand was gently cupping her pussy.

Hannah stirred and turned towards me, nestled next to me and drifted back off to sleep. I held her tight and stroked her honey gold blonde hair. I also gently kissed her forehead and I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew it was almost 11 O’ clock and Hannah was laying on top of me stroking my forehead.

I opened my eyes to see Hannah’s smiling face

“Good morning daddy,” Hannah said with a smile. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I embraced her and we passionately kissed.

Our bodies moved together as we kissed and our limbs intertwined. We rolled over so that we were now side to side. My erect cock was pressed up against Hannah’s pussy and she moaned with delight.

Hannah took her right hand, grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She began kissing and nibbling on my neck and ear then in a breathy voice she whispered in my ear “F uck me like you fucked me this morning, but this time spunk your load in my pussy. I wanna feel your hot manhood in deep inside of me.”

Just then the horror of the realization hit me that the wet dream I had was much more than a dream, Hannah had felt it but much to my relief, she enjoyed it.

I lined my cock up to the opening of Hannah’s sweet pussy and began to thrust forward. Hannah shifted and in one fatal swoop, I was inside my daughter.

“Oh god yes daddy,” Hannah crooned “It is even better than imagined.

We slowly fucked as we laid side by side. It felt good to be inside my little girl but it also felt odd. Years of societal mores were telling me this was wrong but I didn’t care. I loved my daughter and she loved me and that was all that mattered.

Hannah laid over so that she was back on top of me and we were still fucking. We passionately kissed as our bodies rubbed together After a couple of minutes or so of this. Hannah raised up, grabbed my hands and pulled me up so that we were both sitting upright in the bed, holding each other tight and rocking back and forth purred with delight.

As we continued to fuck I felt Hannah’s hymen break and as It did she crooned with delight and in a proud contented voice proclaimed “Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s, I am a woman now,” and came all over my cock soaking it with her sweet creamy honey nectar.

Hannah’s sweet cream acted as a lubricant and I knew wouldn’t be long until I would feel my cock fill up with cum and I knew I couldn’t hold it back.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum!!”

“Gimme all of you daddy,” Hannah moaned breathlessly. “I wanna feel you deep inside me.”

Seconds later, I erupted, spewing my hot cum deep into my baby girl’s tight waiting hungry pussy.

Hannah laid me back and crawled top of me as we lovingly embraced and kissed.

“Oh god daddy, that was so-o-o-o-o good,” Hannah crooned with delight. “I want more. I want you to fuck me until I can’t fuck anymore. I am your little slut to do with as you please.”

Hannah and I laid side by side as we cuddled together and caressed our bodies again moving together as one. This would allow us to keep the passion going and also allow me time to “reload.”

I would take this time to explore every inch of my little girl’s body and kiss her all over, something I had been wanting to do for a long time. First I broke the kisses and began to nibble on her neck and softly bite it. That made her even hotter and she purred with delight.

After spending about five minutes on her neck I turned Hannah over so that she was on her back. I then began sucking on her supple sumptuous breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth and softly kissed it and gently ran my tongue around it and sucked on it. I did the same for her other breast and soon her head was swimming with delight and she took my head and held it there.

I spent 10-15 minutes sucking her breasts and then moved my way down her torso until I came to her pussy. I placed the tip of my tongue and my lips on the very edge of Hannah’s pussy lips and her legs instinctively opened, allowing me full access to her sweet lotus flower.

I inhaled the musky scent of her womanhood and it made my head swim. I tasted her sweet creamy honey nectar on the tip of my tongue and savored every drop. Then I would bury my head in her pussy for the next 10 minutes and using my tongue like a little cock, I would give her sensual pleasures beyond her wildest dreams as I made her cum in my mouth multiple times.

Hannah took her hands and held my head to her pussy as she bucked up to meet my tongue and fucked my face. I could feel her juices trickle over the edges of mu tongue and onto my lips and I knew it wouldn’t be long until she flooded my mouth with her sweet cream.

Hannah gasped for breath and raised up as she tried to scream but couldn’t, all she could do was pant.

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