Sweet Sister Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Auntie Jean and Uncle John live in a big house in the country. Both Alan and I have been going there for our summer breaks for as long as we can remember. Auntie Jean is Daddy’s little sister and married Uncle John quite young. He’s something big in entertainment but he never went into much detail, we just knew he made big money out of it.

Alan and I arrived late in the afternoon after a long train ride. Uncle John picked us up from the station and drove us through to the house. Auntie Jean was waiting at the door when we arrived. She’s in her early thirties and trim with it. Uncle John is a bit older and quite fit. They’re both great fun.

We had dinner and I decided to go to bed early for a good rest after the journey Auntie Jean said she’d come and tuck me in a bit after I had time to get ready.

I went upstairs and got undressed putting on my long tee shirt and leaving my panties on as I always do. I snuggled into the nice big soft bed and started thinking about the morning, about Daddy and the bathroom session. I was just starting to consider slipping my hand inside my panties when there was a soft knock on the door and Auntie Jean came in. She had got changed and wore only a short silky kimono type gown. Her large breasts underneath were gently undulating as she walked across the room and came and sat on the bed. As she did so the kimono fell open a little at the top revealing most of her left breast.

My own breast being still under construction, as it were, were only very small and her firm, conical breast held a strange fascination. She saw me looking but pretended that she hadn’t.

She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, revealing even more of her left tit. The nipple was amazing. It was very thick and round, the kind that are almost erect all the time. It brushed against my chest as she leaned forward and I felt a pang in my tummy that I’d felt not too long before. I chose to ignore it.

She gave me a long hug and told me how much she missed us both. By pulling me forward my face was buried in amongst the flesh of her breasts. My mouth was licking distance from her left nipple. All I had to do was just stick my tongue out and …

It was as if she’d read my mind or at least made my mind up for me. She pulled me closer still talking softly to me. My lips brushed her nipple and almost instinctively I sucked it between my lips and ran my tongue against it. She gasped but didn’t move so I continued, licking it softly with my tongue, curling around it and pressing my lips hard onto it.

Her gasping became a slight moan and her hand worked around to the front of my tee shirt and she softly started caressing my own small hard breasts. We kept this up for a good few minutes. I dared not move, dreading what she’d say when we broke the spell.

Eventually she pulled back and laid me slowly back onto the bed. Her hand slowly slipped down my body stroking my stomach and around the edges of my panties. Her fingers slipped under the elastic and down to my pussy. She gently spread my pussy lips with her two outer fingers whilst her middle finger gently probed the edge of my moist hole. Her finger worked up my slit and circled around my hard clit making me gasp with pleasure.

“Would you like me to make you cum, darling.” She said matter-of-factly.

I just opened my mouth but nothing came out. I nodded. She smiled and pushed my panties down with me lifting my bum off the bed to help her. Parting my legs at the knees she slowly slipped her hands up my thighs until they rested either side of my tingling slit. Her right hand moved back up my body, under my tee shirt and started brushing over my stiff little nipples whilst her left hand slid over my hot smooth slit.

One slender finger slowly entered my hot wet cunt and inched its way upwards, back down then up again in a fucking motion. I moaned softly. “Oh Auntie, that’s lovely.”

“Enjoy it sweetheart. I want to give you pleasure. I want to make you cum on my fingers little darling. Cum for me sweetie, don’t hold back.”

I started to push back against her probing finger, lifting my hips at the same time. “Oh Auntie. Two fingers please. Push two fingers in me and I’ll cum all over your hand.”

Auntie Jean complied, pushing a second finger into my tight, wet hole quite forcefully. I gasped and moaned with delight as she started to stretch my cunt muscles, working her fingers in faster and faster. At the same time telling me what she wanted. “Come on Sam, come for your Auntie Jean. Fuck my fingers like a cock. Pretend they’re a nice big cock fucking your tight little hole. Cum for me, baby. Cum, cum, cum.”

Her words were almost a chant willing my body to orgasm. It was enough and pushed me over the edge. “Auntie Jean, I’m going to .. I’m going .. Oh, god I’m cumming Auntie. Yes, fuck me, fuck canlı bahis me. Nrrraaaah.”

Her fingers twisted and pumped in my pussy as my orgasm threw me around. She held me as steady as she could with her right hand as the fingers on her left slowed down as my orgasm subsided.

“Lie on your tummy.” She commanded.

I did the best I could and she helped roll me over. I felt her hand down my back, soothing, caressing. Then, her right hand pulled at my arse cheeks holding them apart as the fingers, still slick and slippery from my pussy rubbed hard against my pucked anus. I felt a finger slide in a little way, then further, and some more until it was far up inside my tight arsehole. I pushed back, raising my bum in the air. The finger couldn’t go any deeper and Auntie Jean pulled back a bit before ramming it back up inside again.

Her fast pumping movements in my anus brought my receding orgasm back in full force. Just as it hit a second finger joined the first sliding deep into the recesses of my bumhole, then pumping madly.

It all seemed over far too soon. I felt Auntie pulling my panties back on and smoothing down my hair, once again soft and gentle.

“Sleep soundly now Sam. We’ll talk in the morning.” The words slowing dying away as she slipped out of the room.

I must have fallen asleep for a while. When I awoke the house was quiet, or it seemed to be for a while. I was trying to work out whether Auntie masturbating me was a dream or not until my hand ventured between my legs to the damp spot on my panties and the familiar feel of a recently penetrated anus.

I got up and went down the corridor to see if Alan was awake. I didn’t know if I was going to tell him or not especially as the only sympathy I’d probably get is his stiff dick poking at me.

I stifled a giggle as I remembered him in the train sitting opposite me looking up my short summer dress. He had a stiffy on which anyone could see. I had to take him to the toilet on the train and suck him off to help him out. He messed that up too as the train hit some points and his cum had sprayed over my hair and down onto my new dress. It was hell trying to get it out.

I got to Alan’s room and pushed the door open. It didn’t take long to find out he wasn’t there. It was then I noticed some sounds further down the corridor coming from Auntie and Uncle’s room. The light was on and a dim shaft broke from their half open door. I moved down to the door and peeked around. I nearly fell in surprise.

Alan was standing by the bed and Auntie Jean was naked and kneeling in front of him with half of Alan’s long cock in her mouth. One hand was on his upper thigh pulling him towards her rhythmically whilst the other was wrapped around his shaft wanking him into her sucking mouth. Uncle John, for the most part obscured by the couple, was lying on the bed obviously stroking himself and watching intently as his wife sucked off my brother.

I couldn’t help myself, my hand slipped inside my panties and I began to rub myself at this intensely sexual sight. Two fingers were almost immediately inside my wet hole.

“Cum over her face, Alan.” It was Uncle John’s voice. “Soak her face. Cum all over her.

Auntie’s large firm breasts started to move slightly as she worked Alan’s cock harder at the sound of Uncle’s encouragement. Alan was close to cumming and so was I.

Auntie suddenly pulled Alan’s cock from her mouth. “Spray me Alan. I want to feel your hot cum all over my face and in my mouth. Cum, baby, cum for your Auntie Jean.”

Alan stiffened. “That’s it Alan. I want it now. Cum, cum.”

Auntie opened her mouth wide as the first of Alan’s shots sprung from his tanks down her cheek, into her mouth and over her chin. Most of the second went in her mouth and the third and fourth onto her neck and breasts.

My dilemma arrived and broke. I lost balance and slid down the wall cumming loudly and ended up writhing on the floor. When I eventually looked up all three were looking over at me with part shock, part appreciation on their faces.

Uncle spoke first “Sam, cum in.”

The humour of the situation wasn’t lost on me and I giggled. But more sternly I said, “You could have asked me to join in.”

“We would have asked, Sam, but we thought you were maybe a bit young.” Uncle said. Auntie Jean looked a bit sheepish and presumably hadn’t told him about our little private party earlier.

“Well I’m not a little girl any more, you know.” I countered and as if to prove the point I got up and walked over to Auntie Jean.

I bent down and licked a long rope of Alan’s cum off her cheek then kissed her fully on the lips. After a brief pause of shock she responded by snaking her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it hungrily tasting some more of Alan’s salty juice. I proceeded to lick the rest bahis siteleri of the cum from Auntie’s face and made my way down to her sensitive breasts.

I took one of her large cylindrical nipples into my mouth and sucked, using my tongue to heighten the sensation before cupping the other breast in my had and rubbing the few drops of cum over that nipple. I switched nipples and licked the sticky goo from it before sucking it and as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. Auntie was moaning loudly now her hands pulling my tee shirt over my head and completely off.

I felt eager hands pulling my panties down from behind. I definitely didn’t want to be fucked yet and responded by pulling Auntie onto the bed and clambering on top of her. I writhed down her body using my lips and tongue all over her. I especially made sure I had maximum contact between her legs and it was driving her crazy. She wriggled and contorted herself so she could rub against me and at each move I moved back so that she could only lightly touch me.

My face arrived between her legs. She had a short cropped triangle of fur and below that she was totally shaven. Her pink cunt lips stood proudly out from her pussy, wide open showing the very wet pink hole inside. I was as desperate to go down on her as she was for me to do it but I held back and started licking the glistening juices from her inner thighs. As I worked my way closer to her wet slit she shuddered and tried to force my face closer but I again refused and started again on the other thigh.

“Oh, Sam, get your tongue in me, please. Lick your Auntie’s cunt, darling.” She cried.

“Oh, soon Auntie, very soon.” I murmured between licks.

She tasted wonderful. I’d never tasted another girl before and I was in heaven. I could feel her excess juices on my lips, chin and cheeks and loved every moment. I could feel my own cunt starting to dribble and squeezed my thighs together to ease the frustration. I had no idea what Alan and Uncle John were doing but didn’t really care as long as they left me to fuck Auntie.

The time had come. I pushed Auntie’s thighs right up until her knees were practically on her breasts and leaned back and enjoyed the view. I paused briefly then plunged my tongue hard up against her knotted anus forcing my tongue in as far as it would go. She let out a little shriek and forced herself against me. I buried my tongue in her and twisted it around.

“Oh God, yes.” Was all she could manage.

I slowly worked my tongue up and skirted around her sopping hole scooping up a stream of her sex juice as I did so and swallowed it down. Then I licked up to her swollen clit and circled it, driving down and flicking it hard before curling my tongue down and into her dripping snatch.

She was definitely mine. I had no idea where I knew how to do this from, I just knew it was exactly how I would like it done to me.

Next I drew my tongue back up to her clit and flicked it rapidly bringing her right to the edge of orgasm before taking it away again and licking the rim of he pussy hole. She was panting rapidly and making one hell of a racket. I knew I couldn’t keep her here any longer. It would be so cruel.

I moved back up to her clit and thrashed it wildly with the very tip of my tongue and didn’t stop until her whole body bucked and leapt from the force of a huge orgasm. Her hands grasped the back of my head and crushed my mouth against her slippery sex. She came for ages. It felt like a river flowing against my lips and chin as she came and came.

Eventually she relaxed a little, still quivering though, and puled me up to her face. She kissed me long and slow, her tongue slipping between my lips to taste her own juices off my tongue. Her arms caressed my body, gently touching sensitive parts and gliding over my back and bum.

“Oh, Sam. That was the Queen or orgasms. Where did you learn to do that?”

I shrugged and smiled at her. “Glad you enjoyed it,” I said, “I think I owed you one.”

The boys now were utterly rampant. Uncle John in particular, who hadn’t yet cum as far as I knew, was straining at the leash. I looked up at him over Auntie’s sleek body then down at his steel rod. It was the first time I got a real good look at it and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. It wasn’t because it was extra large, it was the head. It was wedge shaped and ever so broad and put the rest of his cock out of proportion. Uncle saw me looking and repositioned himself so that it was inches from my face. He had a grin on his face as broad as his dick head.

“Help yourself.” He said.

So I did.

I licked around the head taking a big drop of precum off in the process and savoured it. I opened my mouth wide and suck him in working my lips over the outsize helmet. He sucked in breath as my teeth scraped the edges.

“Try bahis şirketleri bring the foreskin forward, you’ll find it easier.” He gasped.

I did as he said and managed to get my mouth over the ridge and about half way down the shaft. My tongue worked up against the underside making him as wet as I could. Auntie was stroking my hair and whispering encouragement to me as I started to move my mouth up and down his beautiful prick.

There was once or twice he stiffened and I though I was going to get a throat full of his cum but he managed to hold back. He was clearly getting nervous about cumming too soon and withdrew. At the same time he pushed me back on the bed and climbed over Auntie to position himself between my wide spread legs. He looked down at my smooth tight pussy and seamed to be making mental calculations whether it would fit or not.

He had clearly made up his mind or just didn’t mind trying because he pushed the wide head of his cock hard up against the entrance to my hole. He worked his cock around twisting it and moving it up and down until it found some purchase and started stretching my poor tight passage open. He used a slow firm pressure to slide it in all the way which made me cry out in utter passion and lust as he started to fuck me.

His strokes were long and slow to start with and very soon built up to a rapid fire shafting motion. I was thrusting back for every one of his strokes like an automaton with no will of my own. Auntie had started stroking my stiff aching nipples and in a low voice was encouraging Uncle to fuck me hard.

In and in it pounded, my orgasms were coming one after another as his large head scraped the sides of my tight passage and banged against my cervix. I was starting to lose consciousness, I swear, from the amount of sexual stimulation I was getting and I wanted him desperately to fill my throbbing pussy with his cum.

“John, fill her up. Shoot your hot load in her young, tight cunt. Go on darling fill her hole. I want you to watch me lick it all out of her dripping little hole. Go on, darling, cum in her hairless quim.” Auntie was gasping in her own passion as she urged her husband on.

Uncle John stopped at the extent of his thrust and his body stiffened. His cock twitched twice then he started pumping his hot seed into my cunt. He moaned and twisted as more of his urgent seed flooded my vagina, pumping all the time until his thrusts subsided and he started to relax.

Auntie was down to him in an instant. Pulling his softening member from my well fucked hole and feeding it into her hungry mouth. She licked his flaccid member dry of every drop of our mixed juices and let it drop from her mouth.

Next she turned her attention to me, moving her mouth back until she latched onto my sex, her tongue probing and scooping as much liquid as she could. Her searching tongue on my super sensitive slit was too much for me and I orgasmed again forcing my cunt against her face and smearing juice all over it.

It was my turn to pull her up and we kissed and licked each others faces tasting each other and Uncle John. She smiled at me and returned to the scene of the crime, her tongue re-entering my sopping slit.

Suddenly her head snapped back and a gasp escaped from her mouth. I looked up to see Alan, a look of ecstasy on his face, looming above Auntie from behind. He had obviously got fed up with waiting and had taken her exposed cunt as the perfect solution. He had thrust his renewed erection deep inside her hot, wet hole with one action and had already started to pump her hard.

I wriggled my body around until I was underneath Auntie looking directly up at Alan’s long prick shafting in and out of Auntie’s wet cunt. I could see the shiny juices slicking up his tool as it pounded in and out of her. I reached my head up and began licking at Auntie’s clit and the accessible parts of Alan’s cock. I licked back further to tongue his swinging balls but he was moving far too quickly. Auntie’s tongue was still burrowing into my pussy sending electric shocks up my body.

I pull my head slightly away and called up to Alan. “Cum in my mouth, Alan. I want you to pull out and spray my face.”

As if it was my command, at that same moment Auntie yelled that she was cumming and Alan, with superhuman effort slid his cock from Auntie’s cunt and delivered a long jet of cum over my face and waiting open mouth. I took his cock into my mouth as the rest of his jism spurted out and swallowed most of it down.

Auntie had manoeuvred herself round and I let Alan’s cock slide out of my mouth so she could taste the last few drops. When she had finished I pushed her on her back and closed my open mouth over hers and let Alan’s cum that I hadn’t swallowed drain onto her tongue. She tongue me hungrily for more before trailing out of my mouth and tracing over my face for more.

We all collapsed in a tangled heap on the bed.

Auntie’s last words for me and Alan before we all fell asleep were “Wait to see what we’ve in store for you two.”

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