Take Two Pills and …

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Hi dear readers. I was watching some sports on TV when one of the many ads for male performance enhancement drugs came on screen. Before the block of commercials was over I had the TV turned off and was busily attacking my PC keyboard. This is the result! Actually, that’s the short story! The real story is that about 1000 words into it and that damned writer’s block stomped on me hard! My computer says I created the file on April 3, 2013. Are you fucking kidding me!! TWO years to finish this story!!! My god I hate writer’s block! And I don’t know how it affects other writers but I have so many story ideas bouncing around in my cranium that I can’t stay focused on anyone of them! (For those of you who are wondering, Stacy Brown, Chapter 3 is even older [late 2011] and still sits waiting for my brain to work on it effectively again.) I always thought that getting hit by the block would mean you can’t think of anything to write, but for me, I can’t STOP thinking of about 20 different story lines and just can’t concentrate on just one! They keep getting jumbled up so when I do a re-read and find out I switched stories it is SOOOO FRUSTRATING! (Venting is over)

Any way, back to this story: if this actually happens to you, I strongly suggest you head for the nearest hospital or your personal doctor; just wear baggy shorts and a shirt four times too big for you! Once again this is totally a work of fiction and can only resemble real persons or events by total and complete coincidence. Always practice safe sex! Oh yeah, stop from time to time to rest/sleep when driving long distances.


I knew it was stupid, but I wanted to get home in two days, not four or more. So I drove pretty much straight through, not stopping for anything other than gas, food and bathroom breaks. Thank god for Monster drinks and Five Hour Energy! Shit, Bangor Maine to Phoenix Arizona in 46 hours and 25 minutes! Over 2900 miles! Just over 62 miles per hour average, NOT deducting the time it took me for my infrequent stops! Yeehah! Thank god and taxes for I-40!

Damn it was good to be home after nine months away at college! (I love the easy going laid back nature of the area AND I lived off campus at my aunt and uncle’s place – actually a guest house behind their main house – which was less than two blocks from the campus.) I used my key to open my parents’ house, dropped my bags on the floor barely inside the entrance and then closed the door so I could slump against it for support. Always the mother-hen, my mom was there in seconds to greet me and make sure I was in one piece.

“My goodness, son, you look like shit warmed over!” She stared into my eyes and brushed my hair back with her hands then asked, “You want some coffee? I set the Mr. Coffee to start at 3 AM so it’s good and hot.”

She didn’t wait for my answer, instead just grabbed my arm and pulled me to the kitchen and before I knew it I was seated with a steaming cup of Joe in front of me. I took a sip while trying to read my watch. My brain had managed remembering to stop its stop watch function when I shut off my car’s over worked engine, but now it was finding reading the numbers an impossible task.

Three sips later I said, “Wa time is it?”

“Just a little after 3:30, hon.”

I struggled to hold my head up as I asked, “Where’s dad?”

“Business trip to Boise. He won’t be back for another four or five days.”

“Uh huh.”

“You really don’t look very good, son.”

“Heh-heh,” I half laughed, “you know how that white knuckle thrill ride down the mountains from Flag affects me. Shit, it’s the hardest part of the whole trip. Crap, I think I’m getting a killer headache like usual!”

“You go lie down in bed and you’ll feel better once you wake up. Don’t argue with me, college boy, get going.”

Argue? Who the fuck was going to argue with her? Sure wouldn’t be my sorry ass. The coffee helped me to rise to my feet and I slowly made my way to my old room, working at loosening my clothes as I went.

“I’m just going to wash all your clothes since I’m up,” mom called out after me. “If you need an aspirin they’re in the medicine cabinet, bottom shelf, in my bathroom.”

“Uhhh…” I moaned as I turned up the stairs and dropped my shirt.

By the time I reached my old room I was naked and didn’t think about putting any pajamas on as I flopped onto the bed, moaning as my head throbbed harder.

It was a little before 4 when I gave up and went in search of much needed aspirin. Stepping into her bathroom I flipped on the light, winced at the brightness, and flipped the switch off quickly while mumbling “Fucking hell!” I grabbed a paper cup from the ever present dispenser and filled it with cold water. Okay, tepid water which is ‘cold’ in early June in Phoenix. My hands found the medicine cabinet door and then fumbled around in the dark until I found the bottle and shook out two little pills. Then I figured, three would be better so I dropped one more into my palm and then popped them in to my mouth with a water chaser. Then I stumbled back to my room and fell pendik escort onto my bed with another moan.


“Paul, honey, wake up Paul.”

I was lying on my stomach with a drool puddle on the pillow as I opened my eyes a crack and said, “Waaaa.”

“Honey, how many aspirin did you take?”

“Uh,” I struggled to say, “umm, thwee … I uh think I took three. Oh yeah, you’re nearly out of them. Sorry.”

“Was it a small bottle?”

“Yeah, what of it?” I rubbed my face and tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head. “Funny shaped pills too and I don’t think they work very good.”

“Oh god baby, you didn’t take aspirin,” my brain sorta heard her say followed by, “you took your dad’s Viagra!”

“What!” I said, instantly wishing I had spoken softer. “I did what?” I asked much quieter.

“You heard me. Oh god son, what are you going to do? That’s not good for you!”

No shit I thought as I rolled absentmindedly onto my back, the sheet pulling off of me as I did so. I heard the loud gasp and looked to mom’s face and then where she was looking. Shit! I was naked AND hard! My hands didn’t know where to grab the sheet as I tried to cover up!

Mom watched me in shock before her hands grabbed my arms and stopped me. “Forget it son, I’ve already gotten a good look at it, and you will probably have that for a while. I must say, that’s a nice dick!”

I looked down at my stalagmite of a cock and thought, ‘fuck, my seven inches has never looked bigger … or harder!’ What I said, was, “I’m sorry mom, what do I do now?”

“Well, you have got to get that thing to go down, so I guess it’s time for you to start wanking. You do remember how, right?!” At least she was grinning when she said it though it didn’t help much. In a flash she left and was back in my room with a new box of Kleenex in one hand a bottle of ‘lube’ in the other. (She’s got lube?!) “Here, you’ll probably need these.”

Before I could think of anything to say she was closing my door while saying, “Have fun!”

Crap! This is not how I expected my first few hours back home to be!


About 25 minutes later I was wiping up my second mess when mom knocked softly and then entered my room and closed my door. “How is it going son?”

Well, I was wide awake by then so rather sarcastically I answered, “It’s not ‘going’ anywhere! But the operative word should be ‘cumming’, as in cumming all over the place. Sorry about the mess, but I’ve cum twice and look at the fucking thing!” I smacked my cock and it swayed like a mighty Oak tree in a gale wind, then righted itself back into pillar status once again. “Shit this is really the shits!”

“Um, perhaps if I do it, maybe that will get you … your thing to go down.”


“Well, it’s not something that I haven’t done before. I remember back when…”

“TMI! Stop mom! Too much information! I get it, you know how to jerk off a cock, and I’m desperate so be my guest.”

“Well alrighty then …” she said as she squirted some lube into her palm and quickly got both hands ultra slippery. “Just, um, maybe just close your eyes and pretend I’m your girlfriend,” she said as she reached out and gently took my shaft in her hands.

Two seconds later I groaned “Oh god mommmm.”

“Uh hmmm,” was all she said.

Her advice might sound good in principle, but in practice it just doesn’t work. When some one is stroking your cock with one goal in mind, you look! And I did, in less than fifteen seconds my eyes were back open and practically popping out of my head from watching her.

I was seeing my mom in a whole new light. Her hands were working my entire length, using a tight grip while twisting as they went, one hand pulling fully off of my tip while the other one following behind gave my helmet a good squeezing twist before both hands shoved back down my length. Her eyes were locked onto my shaft, I guessed right on my tip, and she lightly chewed on her lower lip as she worked my cock expertly.

No doubt about it … I was wide awake now! But just how does one react when your mother is giving you your best ever hand-job? Especially when the only reason she’s doing it is because you fucked up big time! I had no sure idea how long she had been at it, but thus far I had been trying to remain mute, not indicating in any way that I was enjoying what she was doing. Mom was so focused on her task that she hadn’t realized that I hadn’t shown any reaction to her, um, handiwork.

For over 10 minutes my eyes had been locked onto her face that was painted with a powerful look of determination so when she slipped her tongue out and swirled it around her lips to wet them, I saw it and moaned. Her eyes snapped up to mine and she breathlessly asked, “Am I doing this okay for you, Paul? Are you getting ready to cum for me?”

Her hands had reached my crown where she paused their up and down motion while both hands twisted firmly around my most sensitive areas. Fuck it was feeling so good! Somehow I managed to groan out, “Ooooooh mom, that feels so good! Oh fuck! escort pendik I’m getting close mom so don’t stop now!”

“Don’t worry son. Mommy knows what you need and I’m going to help you till you’re soft! We’ve got to beat those pills!” Her eyes finally dropped back to my rock solid cock in her hands and she licked her lips again. “Gosh son, your cock is really hard. Your beautiful cock is SO hard!”

Whoa! Did I just hear her say what I think she said? My own mom thinks my cock is ‘beautiful’! Now that is something I NEVER thought I would hear … not in twenty lifetimes! That was nearly enough to power up my balls and I moaned hard.

“Oooo, are you going to cum? You’ve got to cum son. Cum for me!” Mom’s hands gripped tighter around my shaft and she was really working me over nearly pulling me off of my desk chair from her efforts. “Come on baby, cum for me. Cum for me! Cum! CUM!!”

“Oh mom.”

“Do it baby!”

“Oh god!”


“Holy fuck mom!”

“Give it to me! Cum!”

Mom rose up on her knees to get a better angle on my flag pole cock as she stepped up her hand motions to a blur. Her voice had lowered to nearly a whisper as she kept softly imploring, “Come on Paul, cum. Cum for me. Cum. Cum. Cum damn it cum!” My balls churned and somehow my dick grew some more and she smiled while moaning, “Yes baby, cum for mommy! Do it son, god yes CUM! Do it!”

“SHIT!” I cried out as my hips lifted off the chair a few inches and my cock blasted her with a powerful rope that hit her in the chin and then rose up and filled her open mouth before her lips clamped shut. I kept right on shooting rope after rope that painted her nose, forehead and her hair with some even landing behind her on her ass!

All I could do was moan in relief while mom kept up moaning “Umm hmmm, ummm hmmm…” I don’t know how many times she did that but it was a lot! Never have I seen mom’s face looking as determined as she did just then. Her eyes were wide open and burning with fire as she worked frantically to get my balls fully drained.

God damn what a feeling … to be cumming so fucking powerfully as my mother jerked my cock hard and fast! My eyes though never moved from her face. Even though my eyes WANTED to close tightly as she pumped me dry, I forced them to stay open and locked onto her face. Finally she did it! Her throat moved as she swallowed! My mom swallowed my cum! Holy fucking shit!

By then my balls were empty even though she was still jerking me for more spunk. A dribble pooled over my tip and then ran down onto her hands as I breathlessly groaned, “Oh mom!”

Finally mom’s eyes lifted up to my face and she looked at me triumphantly. “We did it son! I got you to cum for me!” Her eyes flicked back down to my cock as she really twisted her hands around my cock head before dropping them to my base and squeezing tight she dragged them both up to the top, forcing some dribbles to flow out of my piss slit.

“Oh god mom,” I said with a shudder that moved through my entire body. My eyes finally closed as I basked in the incredible afterglow of one of the most incredible orgasms of my life while my brain processed the fact that my mom had caused it. She was talking but I couldn’t follow her words as I just recovered from its intensity while mom’s hands slowly moved up and down my sensitive cock.

With a shake of my head I exclaimed “Wow,” as my eyes opened and we looked at each other. “Thanks mom.”

“You’re welcome son, that’s what mothers are for.” Mom smiled up at me before looking at her hands still lightly moving on my throbbing shaft. She took her right hand and moved it to her chin where she caught a dangling rope of my sauce just before it would have dropped onto her blouse. “You sure came in buckets. I must be a mess.”

I smiled at her and said, “Actually, I think you look pretty hot and sexy!” Mom blushed and ducked her head making me feel like a dumb shit. “I’m sorry mom; I didn’t mean to make you feel bad! I really appreciate what you did for me.”

“Yes, well … we’ll just keep this a secret between us. Your father can never know about this!”

“Okay, I can live with that. Thanks again mom, you’re the best!”

Mom gave me one last squeeze with her left hand and then sank back down so her ass rested on her heels. It wasn’t till then that I noticed her breathing was much faster than normal. Her eyes seemed to follow the bobbing of my softening cock as it twitched to my heart beat. I guess we were both lost in our own thoughts as each of us noticed my cock slowly softening in my lap. It still pointed upwards but not as powerfully as it had been and the pressure I had felt was gone!

“Well, I’d better go clean up,” mom said as she slowly rose to her feet. “You really painted me good,” she said with a smile.

“Thanks again mom, and I really am sorry about that,” I said honestly. “But I stand by what I said earlier.” She looked puzzled so I went on, “Sexy. Remember, I said you looked sexy. And you still do!”

“Oh stop it! Your old mom isn’t sexy anymore.”

“I don’t pendik escort bayan know about that…”

“Hush now. It’s time for you and your worn out cock to get some rest.” With that she turned to leave, her eyes glancing at my flagging cock that was nearly lying limp against my thigh. Just before she had turned away from me she absentmindedly lifted her cum soaked hand to her lips and licked up a big glob of my juice while very softly saying, “Ummm, yummy.”

I was trying to process the fact that I had just watched her lick up more of my cum. My brain then visualized her in her bathroom, happily wiping her face clean with her fingers as she fed all of my spunk into her mouth. How can she think she’s not sexy? She’s 39, had me when she was 20. I then recalled my high school buddies all claiming I had the best MILF in our class. Her long blond hair is always looking great, and she has managed to keep her body a firm and well toned 36C-28-36. Add to that her good looks, killer smile and deep blue eyes and she is a fox to the max. I always wondered how my 48 year-old father managed to get her to marry him.

“Oh no,” I groaned as these thoughts rapidly brought my cock right back up to pillar status. “This just sucks!” I moaned as my once again rigid shaft reached for the ceiling.

Nearly five minutes later mom stepped into my room saying, “Please son, you must get some sleep…” then she gasped. Regaining her speaking voice she went on, “What happened? I thought we had that down for the count.”

“It was down for a few minutes, but then it grew right back up again,” I told her, seeing no need to tell her it was because I had imagined her feeding my spunk into her mouth. “God damn it this sucks!”

Mom placed her hand on my shoulder saying, “Now, now son, we’ll work this out … the two of us. The important thing to remember is that you did go soft for a few minutes, right?” I nodded my agreement. “Good! Those TV ads always say to go to the doctor if a hard on lasts for four hours, and since it did go down for several minutes, I guess the clock starts over. That’s a good thing! Now get up on your bed and I’ll jerk you off again. Kneeling on the floor was uncomfortable.”

“Mom, I’ll show you uncomfortable,” and I waved my hands before my steel pillar.

“Funny boy! I’m glad you still have your sense of humor.”

“Uh, mom, I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

“Oops, sorry Paul.”

Without another word she relubed her hands and began working over my cock once again, this time gentler with more care. This slower and softer touch really got me moaning but after another fifteen minutes each of us knew I wasn’t even close to my release.

Mom stopped her hands and repositioned herself for the fourth or fifth time, then regripped. She began her movements while staring intently at my cock, her tongue again licking her lips. Her pace slowed even more until she stopped and just squeezed the top half of my shaft with both hands.

“Mom, is something wrong?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know.” She looked at me with a defeated look then she said, “I guess I’ll just have to try harder.”

“What?” I asked.

She didn’t say a word, just leaned forwards and wrapped her lips around my crown, then sucked me right into her mouth. “OH MOM!” I gasped as she worked the first four inches into her oral cavity and slurped her tongue across my cock’s underside. “OOOoo shit that feels so good, mom!”

Her head pulled back until I exited her lips with a loud ‘Pop’, then she leaned up to me and kissed me lightly on my lips. Shit, I thought she might be going for a full on French kiss! Her kiss tasted like strawberries so I glanced quickly at the lube she was using; it was flavored!! Holy fuck!! She moved back about three inches and looking into my eyes said, “I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at this! I just haven’t had this much to work with in a long, long time!” She wiggled my cock around before, “Did I tell you … you have a REALLY nice cock!”

“Um … thanks,” I said, not knowing what else one should say to his mother after she says something like that.

I nearly choked on my breath as mom suddenly dropped her head down and inhaled me to the entrance to her throat! Her lips and tongue worked me as if she was possessed, while her right hand started jerking off the part of me that was out of her mouth. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind; my mom KNEW how to suck cock!

Her head was moving slowly up and down my shaft in 3 to 4 inch movements as she sucked hard while jacking the lower part of my cock with her right hand. My head dropped back and I stared at the ceiling as my mom worked my cock better than any date or girlfriend had ever thought of doing! I was thinking that she was taking me deeper with each head drop so I lifted my head then gasped as for the first time in my life I felt my dick enter a throat!

“OH MOM!” I gasped. I looked at her but had a hard time seeing what was going on as her hair had fallen forward creating a blond curtain. Her right hand moved up and swept her hair out of the way and we locked eyes. I thought my eyes were going to pop right out of my head as she pushed forward again and took me to the root, her nose buried in my pubic hair, holding me there for several seconds before slowly pulling all the way off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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