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Big Tits

A bunch of us, all single and mostly in our twenties, guys and girls, hung around a lot at the same place on the beach, playing volleyball, body surfing and socializing. This particular Saturday, one of the guys had a quarter-keg so late afternoon we all trooped up to his apartment, drank beer, and ate whatever chips and stuff people brought. The apartment was on the ground floor with a small patio so we wandered in and out a lot.

As it got dark and people started leaving and heading off to their lives, the guy that lived there asked me to drive Tammy home, she was way too snockered to drive herself. Good old George, “safe” George, someone you could trust drunk girls with. The whole idea ticked me off some, even though it was true. I had my wild moments but basically I was pretty square and safe.

I had noticed Tammy tossing back the brews. Hot sun and beer can combine to really conk you out, as I had learned myself on several occasions. She seemed young to me, probably not out of high school that long and not used to being on her own and knowing how to pace herself. Nice looking, though. I had thought of asking her out on a date but had never got around to it yet. Very athletic, a good volleyball player who dove after balls with complete disregard for her body. And it was a very nice body, really fit. Maybe ten or fifteen pounds more than the skinny models but it just made her more feminine, sexier, healthy, as far as I was concerned. Strong legs, nice breasts –not the huge boobs you might dream of but definitely there. Very cute with dark blonde hair bleached and streaked by the sun. Very, very attractive.

She was almost passed out but I managed to get her on her feet and support her out to my car. As I drove to her place, only a few minutes away, I looked her up and down. That attractive body was certainly on view since she wore only a skimpy two-piece bathing suit. The thought ran through my mind that I could probably pull over and fuck her and get away with it. But then I thought, she’s so young, maybe she’s a virgin. I sure wouldn’t want her first sex to be a rape. Besides, I couldn’t do something like that anyway. But I did think of it.

She lived with two other girls in a standard California apartment, all the doors opening out to open air, not with hallways like back East. She lived upstairs and by the time we got there she was totally out. I managed to get her out of the car and got her upstairs but it was tough. She was about 115 pounds of dead weight. I sat her on the balcony while I looked for a key to the apartment door. As burglars certainly must know, everyone seems to find some place “secret” to put a key. Hers was in a flower pot next to the door. I lugged her into the apartment and tried to sort of drop her on the couch in the living room.

She ended up on her back, one leg up on the back of the couch, the other almost on the floor. A most un-ladylike position with her legs spread wide. As I went to leave through the open door with the key still in it ataşehir escort I turned back and got a sexual urge again. What the heck, I thought, what I ought to do is take her bathing suit bottom off and put her back in that same position. It might make her wonder how she got there and teach her to be more careful in the future. So I got her legs together, tugged and pulled the bottom of her suit down, over her butt and legs. I tossed it aside and re-arranged her back into the same spread open position. This time when I looked back as I started to leave, her cunt was practically winking at me just below that mat of dark brown, kinky hair.

I thought about it but still couldn’t bring myself to just fuck her, passed out like that. But I also couldn’t just walk away from that available cunt. So I figured I’d just try a little taste. I knelt down on the floor at about her waist level and leaned over her and got my face down between her legs. I used both hands to spread her open and got my tongue down into the pinkness of her and licked back and forth. A strong taste. Probably the result of perspiring all day playing ball, surfing, too much beer and a lot of trips to the John to get rid of the beer. But still a terrific, female, sex taste all right.

I was twenty-seven. I’d only had oral sex with two other girls. One pretty often, Janie, who also practically gave me lessons on how to arouse her the most. Tammy seemed to have a stronger cunt than those other two. In comparison, they were sort of soft and fleshy. Her cunt seemed to have more firmness to it. I know cunt lips aren’t muscles so it’s not like she was “in shape” from exercise but it’s what it seemed like. As if her cunt was “in shape” like her body, all trim and strong. I bet it would be a great fuck, not just letting you stick it into the raw meat but grabbing hold some. I found her clit and licked back and forth on the bump or shape but it never popped out. This passed out girl was getting her cunt eaten and didn’t even know it, wasn’t reacting at all.

I decided this was a waste of time. I wasn’t getting anywhere at all and if one of her roommates came home and caught me, I’d probably be in trouble. So I let go of the sides of her cunt, moved my hands back, and gave a last lick before I pulled away. With that, I felt a hand on the back of my head. I looked towards her upper body and it was Tammy. She was still out, her eyes closed, but she was softly trying to push me back into her cunt again. So, I leaned back down into her and got my tongue in there again, working on where her clit had to be. Her hand slid off my head and down onto my shoulder. She ran her hand back and forth like she was trying to feel me. Her other hand was now on the back of my head. I got my tongue busy again and I could feel her clit starting to nose its way out and I worked my tongue on it. Passed out or not, this girl was getting the female version of a “hard on”. Which made me realize I had a male version of one, too.

Her one kadıköy escort bayan hand was getting busier on my shoulder. I got the idea she was reaching for my cock, she wanted to eat me as I ate her. It was awkward but I got my bathing suit down and off as I kept my face into her cunt and my tongue busy. I sort of boosted my body up toward her and, sure enough, her hand ran down my side and onto my hip and down onto my cock. She had her hand wrapped around my cock.

It became really awkward and I was concerned about waking her but I got the side of my body up on the couch and pushed against her, shoving her up against the back of the couch. I had only a couple inches but I did manage to get my body up there and now my cock was within inches of her face. I got my face into her even tighter and worked my tongue all through her cunt, sort of tongue-fucking her vagina and then back up onto her clit, which was now definitely out there, a little pink shape.

Then I felt it. Her lips were around the head of my cock. I glanced back up and, sure enough, she still had hold of the base of my cock but about half of it was now in her mouth and her tongue was working around, inside her mouth, sucking and licking me. Is this possible? She’s out, like in a drunken coma or something, but she reacts to my licking her by sucking me. This is nuts but it’s just as sexy and effective as if she was awake. Pretty soon her hips are bucking, her hand is pushing on the back of my head, and I keep working on her cunt using every technique Janie had ever taught me. At her end, she’s as busy on my cock as any girl has ever been. Asleep or not, she likes all this. And my concern about her being a virgin was nuts, this girl has done all this before and often. She’s doing all this almost by reflex.

Her hips are really bouncing. She’s getting wetter and wetter and then I can taste it, she’s cumming. She’s really in full orgasm. It’s very, very sexy to bring a girl to orgasm like that. At least, I think so. All of this has its effect on me, too. And within seconds, I’m cumming, too. Her mouth never stops working on me and as far as I can tell, she never lost a drop. She swallowed everything I gave her.

When I left, she was still out, still naked except below her bathing suit bra, her legs still spread wide open and her cunt still winking at me. Weird. But very nice, too.

The next day at the beach most all the same people are there including Tammy and me. We played on the same side in a volleyball game and she acted the same as ever. Friendly, athletic, but no indication of any remembrance of the evening before. After an hour or so she went up the beach a little to a small stand and got a soft drink. So I followed her after a couple minutes.

“How are you feeling, Tammy?”

“Gee, fine, George, why?”

“Well, you were out of it yesterday and I drove you home.”

“Oh, so it was you,” she says and then just sort of looks at me. She takes another long sip from her drink. “Did escort maltepe anything happen?”

Boy, how do I answer this. Well, it did happen so why not just be open about it. “Yeah, some things did happen,” I say. “You seem to like oral sex.”

She just looks at me some more. “When my roommate came home, she had her boyfriend wait outside, she said, as she moved me into the bedroom, I guess I wasn’t dressed. But I felt good this morning. I must have liked whatever happened but I can’t remember anything.”

“Yeah,” I say, “I think you did like it. I know I did.”

“You did, huh? And I did, too?” She looked at me again. “Too bad I can’t remember.” She smiled. It seemed to me to be a sexy, dirty smile.

“Well, I remember. You taste great and really get into it. I don’t think either of us ever lost a drop. Maybe we ought to have a repeat, so you’ll be able to remember.”

She just looks at me again. Then she smiles. A big, open, happy smile. “Yeah, I think we should.”

We ended up at my place. It isn’t much but at least I live alone. As soon as we were in the bedroom she stripped off her bathing suit and jumped onto the bed. I did the same and we immediately were kissing and running our hands up and down each others’ bodies. She must have got herself aroused thinking about sex on the trip over because very quickly she was straddling me and sitting on my cock, taking it up into herself and it slipped right in easily. It turns out that I was right about that cunt. It’s a terrific fuck, the best I ever had. It actually grabs my cock and sucks it in, seems to hold me in there, want me in there. I felt her breasts some as she rode me, then got my one hand down to diddle her clit as she kept pumping herself on my cock. She wasn’t any where close to as quiet on this orgasm as she was during our first one. I’d never seen a girl go quite as nuts over an orgasm before.

It turns out that Tammy really is fairly young but a little older than I thought, twenty-one. She started on sex early with a guy she was in high school with. They even got married. But then that all broke up. I guess she’s had several guys since then but seems to stay monogamous for periods of time with each guy and definitely does not want to get married again.

She told me that I was the one that started this by having oral sex with her, so I better be ready to handle the consequences. She said that she really loves sex and that I better be ready to have sex with her a lot. She’d just gone two months without any and was in the mood to make it all up in this one afternoon.

She’s hornier than I am. I’d never had as many orgasms in a row as that afternoon and evening. She rode me. Then I ate her and once she was in orgasm, fucked her. She was screaming for five minutes, I think. She claimed it was the longest orgasm she’d ever had. We showered, washing each other, and she got me up again and sucked me off right there as the water ran over us. She obviously likes oral sex, both ways, because her mouth is even better than her cunt at putting my cock through its paces.

She’s moved in with me and I’ve never had as much sex before in my life. I have no idea what’s going to happen but for now I’m in paradise and I’m definitely going to ride this for as long as I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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