Tara Exposed – Chapter 2

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Tara Exposed – Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Tara drives slowly out of the neighborhood. She looks down towards
her lap. The seatbelt is pulled tightly between her breasts pulling them apart
slightly and pulling her top tight against them. The tiny denim skirt is
already starting to ride up. Her smooth, tanned legs are fully exposed from
outside the jeep with the doors removed. She hopes most of her neighbors
are in bed as she drives out to the main road. As she pulls out and
accelerates into traffic she begins to feel the breeze blow up her skirt and
between her thighs. It feels nice, very nice. She opens her legs a little more.
The warm breeze against her bare skin makes her feel exposed and she
begins feeling flush and warm all over.

“It’s happening,” she thinks.

She’s been here before. She’s heating upall over as she drives. She’s flying down the road now headed for the gas station and she’s barreling towards the tipping point. The point at which an
internal switch will be flipped inside her and she will no longer care bahis siteleri who sees her or what they see. She’s often amazed by how bold she becomes when she reaches this point. It’s like the entire world is focused on her and she couldn’t care less. She’ll show everything to anyone willing to look and she’ll love every hot second of it.

The gas station is just ahead. As she pulls up she scans the pumps to
see who is there. An old lady is at the first set of pumps. That won’t do. She
pulls around to the far side and sees a younger man, probably in his early
twenties, getting out of his car to pump some gas.

“Perfect,” she thinks as she pulls the jeep alongside the pumps far
enough across from where he is standing to afford him and unobstructed
view of her when she exits the jeep. He notices her as she pulls in. His eyes
travel from the lower edge of the cutout for the door up her beautifully
tanned leg to the tattered hem of her very short denim skirt. He lingers there
for a moment, and then traces the lines bahis şirketleri up to her bulging breasts and then to
her pretty face. They make eye contact briefly before she looks down to
unfasten her seatbelt. She clearly has his attention.

“Game on,” she says softly and then the sexual tension and lust
overwhelm her. The switch is flipped. Her moves are deliberate and smooth.
She glances over to make sure that he is still watching her. His eyes have not
left her since she arrived. With a casual sweeping motion she lifts her left leg
and swings it out onto the step just below the edge of the cutout for the jeep
door. Her right leg trails slowly as her hips pivot to face him head on. For a
brief moment, both espadrilles rest firmly on the step outside the jeep. Her
legs are spread and he can see clearly up her skirt between the dark tan lines
to her lighter bikini area. She is fully exposed and he cannot take his eyes off
of her. She steps down and gives him a smile. He looks flush and stunned.
She wonders illegal bahis if the woman in the car is his wife or his girlfriend. With her
skirt just barely covering her ass she walks around the back of the jeep
making her way to the gas pumps on the passenger side. She feels
unbelievably bold. At the back of the jeep, while still in his line of sight, she
decides to drop her keys. She bends over to pick them up keeping her legs
mostly straight and slightly apart. She feels her skirt riding up as she bends
forward at the waist.

“Here’s the money shot for you one more time,” she thinks.

She knows he can see it all as she lifts her keys from the pavement. She continues
around to the other side of the jeep and begins to remove the gas cap. She
hears his pump stop as she starts pumping her own gas. She looks through
the jeep making eye contact with him as he turns to get back in his car. She is
unashamed and incredibly turned on. She watches him as he pulls out of the
gas station parking lot. He is saying something to the woman in the car and
he tries not to look her way as he pulls out onto the street, but he glances
back one more time and she smiles at him seductively. Her tank is full and
she’s ready to move on to her next objective, the Super Mart.

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