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Before my eyes registered anything about the new day, I knew I was alone in the shelter. Not that I expected Bo to remain next to me and allow snuggling, but it was still a ‘missing’ sensation. I rolled onto my back, the lab coat I was using as a cover falling to the side. As my mind relived parts of the night before, my hands moved over my body, caressing my breasts, down my stomach, and between my slightly part legs. My pussy felt slightly puffy and tender and I sighed at the memory of how Bo had so completely fucked me. He had fucked me like he was making me his, like the way I was wanting him to be mine.

I stepped barefoot and naked out of the shelter, the early morning sun working its way down the mountain face in front of me. I stretched my arms out wide and then straight into the air before twisting them behind my back, stretching out muscles and joints. I moved to the fire pit and used a stick to expose coals from last night, added some kindling and wood, and had small flames licking the underside of the larger wood pieces. I noticed Bo sitting perfectly still just off the edge of camp area, above the lake. I walked toward him, glancing up and down the lake and valley as I carefully stepped over rocks and sticks. I stood next to Bo and he didn’t move, didn’t flinch a muscle, which made me suspicious of what was holding his attention so completely.

I felt new somehow this morning, as if the events of yesterday and last night had special implications for me. I felt free and comfortable in my skin. Last night had felt a****listic during our mating. This morning, now, I felt free just like an a****l. I stood alongside Bo and felt right with this world and I tried to imagine our appearance, if someone were to see us. A dog that appeared more like a wolf than not, dark black in coloring and dark grey on the underside. His shoulder was to my hips and his head rose above my waist. He was a magnificent looking b**st and made people back away just from his appearance near me. His black coloring in combination with his size and wolf features created an impression that could be frightening. On the other hand, I was a white female, 24 years old, standing 5’ 5” tall in my bare feet, not tall and not short. I weighed 120 pounds with a lean, athletic build, but still full hips, and breasts to match my build. My hair was raven black and long, hanging to the middle of my back, which I wore in a pony-tail more often than not.

I liked the feeling of being naked with Bo outside, free and unchallenged, the cool air and slight breeze on my skin.

I knelt down next to him and asked what held his attention. He only whimpered and fidgeted but continued to stare over the lake to the opposite side. Something clearly had his interest so I focused my attention in that direction until I saw it … or, rather, saw them. There was a small group of 5 or 6 elk drinking from the lake on the opposite side. I had seen deer and elk from a distance before. We had also seen evidence of wolf, coyote, and bear, but hadn’t yet seen them. I put my arm around him and gave a hug and kiss. Nothing sexual, this time.

“Excellent, boy! We need more than rabbit, squirrel, and fish. How about a nice thick steak of elk for dinner?”

I went back to the shelter and came out moments later with my backpack containing some clothes, lengths of rope I had and found at the wreckage site, dried strips of rabbit and fish, some nuts, and water. I was carrying my boots, bow and quiver, and the utility belt with the holster and combat knife sheath. Bo was sitting looking at me as I put on the socks and boots while remaining naked. When I stood up to fasten the sheath to my bare thighs, he continued to watch. I put the Glock in the webbing on the outside of the pack and a spare magazine inside.

I chuckled because I knew I was going to speak to him in explanation. Everyone connected to their dog beyond just being a pet does the same thing. I was feeling exceedingly brave and daring and the idea of spending it naked away from camp as we explored and hunted was exciting.

“What? Don’t worry, if we encounter anyone, I won’t embarrass you. I have shorts and t-shirt in the backpack. I would have thought you would like this look.”

Maybe he took pity on me or he just responded to me talking to him, but he licked my thigh as I finished fastening the straps for the sheath around my thigh. Now, as I swung the backpack onto my back and took up the bow and quiver, I was sure I looked quite the sight. I didn’t feel like an a****l, but I felt free like an a****l, I felt uninhibited. I had not even seen signs of humans, but had not explored very far, yet.

We carefully made our way over the rock dam for the first time. It turned out to be dry and easy. I was correct about my early assessment that water ran out through the rocks rather than over the top, which gave a secure and dry route to the opposite side. On the other side, we picked up the trail and it was Bo that determined the direction to follow. We pursued their trail down river and I continually called Bo back from chasing the herd too hard. Bo clearly wasn’t a hunting dog, but he responded to my commands for restraint, despite his impatience. I wanted to come up on them slowly, pick a good location to observe, and make a selection of which a****l before attempting a kill. I certainly didn’t want to spook them and have to chase them further than we had to.

It took us all morning and past high sun for us to track the herd to a clearing where the river was slower, wider, and surrounded by a small meadow. Once finding them in a quiet location and grazing, I looked for a viewing position above them. I found an outcropping of rock that afforded an unobstructed view while providing cover.

This was a larger group than we had seen from across the lake, but it was still a relatively small herd. I saw a half dozen bulls, a few with magnificent sets of antlers indicating their maturity and probable ranking. There were 2 to 2-1/2 times that number of cows and then the young that would be past the nursing phase but still hung close to their mothers. My education included the most effective management of wildlife species so I knew what my target should be focused on, which was either a young immature buck who wouldn’t be participating in the rut this year or an older cow that was no longer breeding. A quick scan of the group provided me with the obvious choice, a cow that was on the periphery of the herd with no young near her and walking with a noticeable limp when she put weight on her left front leg. The front legs were the primary defensive weapons when the cows separate from the males, which they did for much of the year. She would be an easy target for predators this winter, if she lasted that bursa escort long.

Since she was already on the edge of the herd and closest to me, I removed the pack and edged my way down the rocks, into the trees and to the edge of the tree line. They obviously had natural predators, but I had noticed that the a****ls didn’t spook easily which seemed to indicate that they felt some safety in their herds and packs. It was man and his weapons that changed that equation and provided yet another piece of evidence that humans were not part of the immediate landscape.

That was the reason for wanting to use the bow rather than one of the firearms. The guns, I decided, should be for defensive use only, if at all possible. That would provide the least disruption and threat to the local life-environment. But, that meant getting much closer to the prey and the more strength and skill in making the kill. Not only does it require getting close for a high-percentage shot, but holding the bow in the pulled position as the target changes with the a****l shifting and walking requires strength to hold the string while following the target. Then, if those are managed, being able to hit a small target so the kill is quick. There is nothing more frustrating than to go through all that effort only to put an arrow in a non-lethal location and having to chase the a****l through brush to make the final kill.

So I put the time and patience into the approach and positioning. When the time was right, the cow took a couple of wobbling steps before falling to the ground. Several cows looked, but seemed undisturbed until I started moving through the tall grass in a hunched position with Bo beside me. The herd quickly, but without panic, moved further down the meadow. From their perspective we were two wolves and two wolves wouldn’t challenge a herd of that size.

With the herd downriver from us, I stood up to make the final approach to the kill. As I approached, I unclipped the combat knife and drew it out of the sheath. I approached from the a****ls back, knelt down behind her neck, slid the intimidating blade between the ground and her neck, braced myself, and pulled deeply into her neck underside until I felt the bone of her spine. My dad was not a brutal man. He taught me that a quick, sure, and clean final kill was the most humane thing that could be done for the a****l. He wasn’t really all mystical about soulfulness in the act, but he believed in the oneness of nature and that if an a****l must be taken for defense or food, it deserved our respect to be taken cleanly, without suffering. At least to the extent possible.

I didn’t have the tools of hunters for field dressing an a****l. I had a combat knife meant to kill humans, but it would have to do. Besides the meat, I needed the hide intact. My intention was to use the hide to wrap the meat in for returning to camp. I would construct a travois, a platform mounted on two long poles, lashed in the shape of an elongated triangle to support the load for dragging to camp. But, that would probably have to be done in the morning.

Skinning the a****l was difficult enough by myself. I could count on Bo to be watchful, not so much of the elk, they had probably already forgotten the old cow, but of other predators who might happen along. The a****l was heavy and the process was tedious, pulling the hide as I slid the knife along the surface of the meat underneath. It was completely gross, but it was survival. I went about the effort with the same diligence and dedication that I was taught all worthwhile tasks should receive. I was so thankful for the life-lessons my father drilled in me over those years.

All those years of lessons; tears came to my eyes. I wiped them away and continued to work, but my mind continued. My mother died at c***d-birth, which left my dad to raise a daughter. He was a field forestry agent. He raised me the only way he knew how and it had nothing to do with me being a girl. For the first 13 years of my life we lived in the wilds of one of the National Forests, National Parks or Monuments. It was a simple and hard life, but I loved it. I loved it as much as he did. But then he made the terrible decision to leave the wilds and take a promotion to the offices. I was entering puberty and he was panicking. He couldn’t conceive of how to bring a girl into womanhood to survive in the modern world while living in the wild. We both regretted it … and neither of us would admit it to the other. When he died while I was in college at 20 years old, I thought my life would end. He was the only human I had ever loved and completely trusted. And, he still is. I owed my present survival completely to him.

Once the hide was off, I started carving off huge chunks of the meat. I piled it onto the hide but purposely left some on the bones for the scavenger that would find the carcass. Then, I dragged the bundle back to the rocks I had used for observation. It was way too late to make it back to camp and the best course was to protect the meat and ourselves during the night. In position, I built 3 fires around the bundle with us inside. As the fires burned I extended the fire to create a ring around us. I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight. Fresh meat might be very tempting for any number of predators or scavenger, including coyote, wolves, and bear. It would be a long night and even longer day tomorrow, but once we were back in camp, it would all be worth the effort and hardship.

I opened the bundle and carved up thick slabs of meat for roasting over the fires. Bo and I gorged on high-protein eating that night. I cooked meat until I couldn’t eat another bite and Bo lay down ignoring the food. And, he wasn’t curled up, but stretched out. His stomach probably felt as stuffed as mine did.

I was surrounded by fires, but I knew I wasn’t going to be comfortable falling asleep with all this meat here just tempting any predator with a reasonable sense of smell. I had several long pieces of wood in the edges of the fires to use for waving at anything that might be tempted to enter into our circle, but I didn’t expect that to happen. Fire was generally enough to keep any a****l away except for the most desperately hungry. This land was ripe with a****ls and resources, so none but the injured should be without the ability to eat.

Given that I was going to be staying up for the night, it was probably unwise to gorge myself on roasted elk, but it was just too good to pass up. Squirrels, rabbit, and fish can go only so far. I might be able to chance a short nap if it seemed Bo was going to be alert. Right now, though, he definitely was not.

The only downfall of the three fires circling us was that the view of the stars above was affected. One of the good things was that it was toasty warm being encircled and görükle escort bayan my plan to have to put clothes on would have been overkill. I knew that times like this when I could be naked outside was going to be coming to an end with the approach of the end of summer. The days were still warm, but the evenings and nights were turning cooler. I was growing concerned about what the winters would be like here and what my options might be. Buying winter clothes was out of the question. I was going to have to work on that before the weather changed too much more.

For now, though, I sat against the sizeable bundle of meat in the hide and counted my blessings, once again. For being thrust into the unknown wilds, I thought I was doing pretty well. It seemed like it had to be more than one week but was probably not two weeks since it happened. I wasn’t hurting for food, water, or comfort.

I could hear a****ls down by the river and knew that coyote or wolves had undoubtedly found the remains of the elk carcass. I was hopeful that it would satisfy them and allow us to get through the night without incident. And, it seemed to. After what seemed to be several hours based on the movement of the moon, the area by the river had gone quiet and neither Bo nor I had reacted to movement around us.

With that quiet and peace around us, not to mention my full stomach, I did doze off while sitting back against the bundle of raw meat wrapped in the hide. I don’t think it was very long because I came awake with a start when I felt something move along my side. It was Bo, but my heart still took several moments to quiet itself as I petted him and stroked his side, partly in relief that it wasn’t something more. I noticed quickly, though, that it had been just long enough that two of the fires had burned down low enough to easily see around me. I crawled around the area, kneeling before each fire to pile additional wood pieces around the flaming wood and bright red coals underneath. As I worked on the third fire, I jumped with another start as I felt wetness pressed along my ass cheek. Being startled was quickly replaced with familiarity as the second wet contact occurred closer to between my cheeks. I wiggled my butt playfully as I continued my work. As I did so, though, a smile crept over my face. My feeling of comfort and success so far would certainly not be as happy without Bo to share it with. And, if yesterday was any indication, we had much to share with each other.

It was those thoughts that had may body moving in a direction I had not anticipated for this night. But, if I was going to be awake most of the night ….

His tongue had now found its target and the source of increasing scent. Yes, I was getting turned-on. I was sure my body was reacting to what he was doing and what my mind was thinking. I could argue myself into a lot of things, but I had a sense that with Bo, my body wasn’t needing much arguing; it was ready for him. The experiences of yesterday were far too familiar to be ignored. I was slightly taken aback when he stopped licking me and just jumped onto my back, his enlarging cock humping into my ass cheeks.

It was happening too fast, though. I spun out from his grasp and sat down in front of him. He seemed to have a bewildered expression about him so I reach out to reassure him while I worked out what was bothering me. It certainly wasn’t having Bo mount me … not after yesterday! No, it wasn’t just being mounted but being mounted here and in this situation. I was very nervous about being trapped with all this raw meat. If we were tied, we would be defenseless. I knew that when he turned so we were ass-to-ass was for defensive purposes, but it was only so effective and possibly more for appearances than effective defense. He wouldn’t really be able to move much while attached to my pussy and any violent action might well rip his knot out of me. That did not seem to be a pleasant thought.

The question wasn’t, if I want to be mounted? Yes, I wanted it. But, how? A memory flitted across my brain. A thought that came to me while Bo was licking my asshole. I marveled at how good that felt and how I might like to have him there sometime. Could I? Only a couple men had ever had my asshole and I could say that neither time was all that great. But, attitude is everything and my feelings for what I have about Bo is much more than I ever had for or from those guys. Could I? Yes, I knew I could with both his pre-cum and grease. There was still a piece of meat staying hot by one of the fires. This could work …

I went to the meat and flipped it over to heat more, then went to Bo, stroked him and loved him. Before either of us were aware, I was stroking his cock. I was amazed at how quickly his cock came out and as it did, the pre-cum did, too. I smoothed all the pre-cum over his penis, coating it as thoroughly as I could. Then, I used a little and spread it on my asshole. The real part for me, though, was to use the grease from the cooking meat. I wiped the meat with my fingers and transferred it to my asshole, even pressing my fingers inside with the grease. It was all I could think of doing and when I was done I was sure that Bo would have an increased interest in licking my ass.

When I felt I was ready, I turned and presented myself to him and I wasn’t disappointed. He licked and licked at my ass, recovering the grease that was on the outside. But his tongue and nose could sense more was just inside and he tried and tried to get to it. Of course, he couldn’t, but it did wonderful things for me and my interest and determination to continue increased right with it. I patted my ass and he jumped quickly up onto me. I tilted my hips down in order to lower my pussy from its normal location and dropped my upper legs slightly to lower my entire body. All the while, he had started immediately thrusting at me. I reached behind me, this time not through my legs, but to pull one of my cheeks to the side in order to open myself a little more for him. I continued to adjust my position to him until I felt his penis tip hit my asshole and I press back into him … or, I should say ‘onto’ him. The slight combinations of adjustment, the tip just inside, and pressing back as he thrust caused more of his cock to slip in. I released my cheek and grabbed his rear leg, holding him to me, not allowing him to pull back again in the frantic, canine fucking style.

I knelt with one arm supporting our combined weight and one hand holding him in place as I moaned, gritted my teeth, and allowed my mouth to sag open in long, low moans. I waited and tried to relax, but I struggled to hold Bo still and all my pleading seemed useless in the moment; he had felt his cock entering me and all his instincts told him to complete the penetration. But, my sphincter did bursa escort bayan adjust and loosen its hold on the invader and I pressed back more onto Bo’s cock, little by little, until I was penetrated enough to pull back slightly and fuck myself back onto him. My mouth gaped open in a wide ‘O’ as my ass and body accepted this new sensation, this new arousal, and completely different experience.

I felt my sphincter opening and yielding to this invasion and, as his cock grew with his fucking, he reached new depths and stretched me out more and more until he was freely fucking me, his cock moving in and out in the same wildly a****listic fashion that I loved when he was in my pussy. I was more than ever convinced he was the best lover I had ever known and, certainly, the only one I needed now.

His pre-cum continued to lubricate our union and made it easier and easier. When I felt his knot forming on the outside and hitting my asshole, I tensed at the thought and that caused me to tighten around his cock and he hesitated for a moment, perhaps overtaken for a moment by the new feeling before he continued with the same energy as before. There was no way the knot was going inside; I was far too tight for that. It was amazing to me that this marvelous cock was inside me completely, but that was partially made possible by the fact that canine cock grows considerably once it has made penetration and the continuously seeping pre-cum is a constantly renewing lubrication. But, none of that was enough for the knot. A devilish smile crossed my face, though. Someday, though … who knows what might be possible … practice makes perfect.

Recognizing that thought, recognizing that my mind was already considering how to be knotted in my ass, and recognizing that I was fully and completely accessible to my Bo, I also recognized how incredibly aroused my body and mind were. I was about to explode from the inside out and anal sex had never done that for me. Before, it had always been something that I accepted being ‘done to me’. This was different, completely different, and it made all the difference in my reaction and arousal to it. This time, it was something I was giving, doing for him … for Bo … for my lover … and it was taking me to the peak of arousal and I only hoped he was as close I was.

There was no stopping me, though. I was cumming and it didn’t matter what concerns I might have had before about our safety in this situation. I was cumming …

My entire anal passage clenched around his cock inside me. Erratically, spasming, I felt my body holding onto the penis as my body crashed into orgasm. I was clenched so hard around him that he had difficulty thrusting any longer, but that apparently wasn’t a problem as I felt his cock twitch and jerk deep inside me. Then I felt the strangest feeling as he started spurting his copious cum into my ass. This felt like more than last time and last time felt like a tremendous amount of seed being pumped into me. I dropped my back, letting it sag beneath him, taking his cock at a slightly different angle as he spurted over and over into me. My tight channel seemed flooded by his cum … and, it seemed obscenely delicious.

I raised my head and twisted to find him as he remained on my back, the last of his cum leaking into me. He met my upturned face with licks and our tongues again came into contact. As he pulled himself out of me, I felt every micro-inch of his wonderful cock exiting my still clenching passage. When he stepped away, I felt empty in a way I never had and an obscene curiosity came over me. I reached my hand back to my ass and easily slipped two, then three fingers into my gaping asshole. It wasn’t just gaping, though, there was a river of freely flowing cum escaping, as well.

I curled up on the ground near two of the fires, pulling a lab coat over me. I just wanted to enjoy the soft glow that still washed through me …

When my eyes opened, the soft, muted light of very early morning was evident around me. I just lay down a moment ago, but obviously that wasn’t true. The day and night before had taken its toll on me. I rolled to my back to stretch and found Bo sitting erect and almost regal as he scanned the valley below. It was every bit like he was on-guard, protecting his mate from any danger anywhere. When he saw my body move, he looked down and lowered his head to me, giving me licks on the face and shoulder. I put my arm onto his back and stroked him, the memory of the night flooding over me. I felt so lucky. Here I was, trapped in a land that I was still discovering, forced to survive on my wits and wilderness skill, and never knowing what might be in store next. And, I felt so lucky. Bo’s companionship was indeed a blessing.

And, the sex was GREAT! Why hadn’t we done this before?

Standing up alongside Bo, I see what had him alert. Down at the carcass was a small pack of coyotes. I had the lab coat pulled tightly around me to stave off the early morning chill that had crept into the camp as the fires had slowly died down as I slept. I reached for my pack and quickly put the clothes on, knock down the remainder of the fires, put some of the leftover cooked meat on one of the hot rocks to warm, and started organizing for the long trek back to our real camp. The distance wasn’t the difficult part; hauling the large bundle of meat along the narrow forest trail was going to be difficult and extremely tiring, but I couldn’t risk taking only part of it and returning the next day for more. I cut down some saplings to use for the construction of the travois. Once we ate and were ready, I loaded the hide bundle and my pack onto the travois and we were on our way.

Even with the early start, it took nearly all day to reach our camp. But, home never looked so good. I worked into the early night to cook what we were going to eat, then cut much the rest into thin strips and hanging the strips over branches spanning the fire to thoroughly dry them. The branches had to be set high enough off the fire so the meat wouldn’t cook; the idea is to only dry the meat strips. It was the same system the Native Americans used to preserve meat from large game that wouldn’t be consumed right away. Well into the night I had all the meat treated. I buried jerky with the hide in a deep hole nearby and covered it with rock and branches. The jerky would last and the hide would need a lot of work to be useful as a covering.

When I fell into the shelter, the moon had moved nearly across the sky above. I was tired. The past two days had been some of the toughest of my life. But I was smiling as I sprawled out inside the shelter. This wasn’t ever going to be like the life I had known. This was going to be a trial every day and every day was going to throw a new curve at me. And, winter was coming. But …. I never felt such fulfillment from my day. Bo and I were here … ‘here’ still being somewhat unknown … but we weren’t merely surviving, we were thriving. And for a 21st century gal, that was saying something.

* * CHAPTER SIX will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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