Teacher and Student Pt. 02

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The alarm goes off, and I roll out of bed and strip as I walk to my bathroom..

I move my water-proof sex toys off the sink so I can splash my face.

I don’t have to hide them. Hell, I keep a few suction-cup dildos on the wall in my shower.

My parents don’t bother coming in my room or bathroom whatsoever, and even if they did, it’s not like they’d say anything to me about it.

My parents are barely home at all.

Dad’s currently on a business trip. Mom’s probably at her boyfriend’s.

I could totally skip school today if I wanted.


Mr. Bell…

But, I have to go.

I lean against the wall as the water streams down my body. I press the back of my head to the wall and close my eyes.

I can’t get it out of my head. The memory of his cock ramming in and out of mouth. The taste of his cum.

I grip the hand rail, and raise my leg, and ease one of the wall dildos inside of my pussy. I begin grinding and swiveling my hips on it.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what my teacher and I did yesterday.

I bite my lip as I speed up. I let out a moan. I can be as loud as I want.


I stand in front of my closet extremely dissatisfied.

Clothes are strewn all over my floor.

This task is never this difficult.

Normally I’d grab an over-sized hoodie and some jeans.

But not today.

I want something a little more grown-up

Something,… I don’t know. A little more sexy.

I don’t know.

I search through my drawers, try on different outfits, more clothes pile the floor.

Until finally I find the one. A very short grey skirt, and yellow tank-top. ataşehir escort bayan I choose simple, white bra and panties. I completed this outfit with a pair of white strappy heels.

I pull my hair up into a bun to keep my shoulders and chest exposed. I pull a few of the shorter strands to hang down by my ears.

I look at myself in the mirror, and smile.


I can’t sit still.

The hands on the clock is barely moving.

I stare out the window. My first class always takes forever, but today it’s like it’ll never be over.

Will he want me to suck him again today? Will he want more?

I close my eyes and remember how big he was in my mouth.

I overheard Amber saying his eyes kept going towards her chest, and then Kristen said he kept looking down at her skirt during class. She said if she uncrosses her legs for a second, she’ll catch him looking.

I didn’t believe any of it until yesterday.

I know that a lot of girls that he teaches would love to do what we did.

He could totally lose his job, maybe even go to prison if anyone found out.

I know he knew that.

I remember how he pressed the back of my head as he forced it down my throat.

“Sophie, would you please read the next paragraph?”

I straighten up and make eye-contact with Mrs. Tench. I search the open page, and look back up at her. She throws up her eyebrows.

“If you pay attention, next time you’ll know where we are.” She says condescendingly.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I sigh.

“Chris, will you please read the next paragraph.”

Chris begins reading. My heart is pounding hard in my chest as I force escort kadıöy my eyes to follow the words as he says them allowed. I hear the words, but I don’t know what we’re even going over.

I squirm in my seat, and presses my legs together tight. Feeling the crotch of my panties getting wetter.

He really wanted me.


I put my hand on the classroom doorknob. I hesitate for a moment, take a deep breath, and pull it open.

I walk in. I can feel everyone’s eyes on me.

It isn’t often that I dress up like this.

I avoid making eye contact with him, but I can feel his eyes burning into me.

I strut and take an empty seat in the front row, and cross my legs. I set out my books, and notebook and finally look up at him.

He’s turned to the board, drawing a diagram.

As he teaches, He doesn’t look at me once.

It’s like I don’t exist at all.

I try to pay attention but my mind wanders elsewhere.

He’s such a sexy man.

He has dirty blonde, messy hair. Thick black retro glasses, and a sprinkle of stubble on his face. He has green eyes. I didn’t know that until yesterday though.

Interesting how calm he looks.

My eyes trail down his pants.


The bell rings, and I remain seated as the class files out.

My heart pounds as the last person exits.

I look over at him, with big eyes.

He gets up, walks to the door, closes and locks it. He draws the shade down, and he turns and faces me.

I nervously stand, and lean against the front of my desk.

He walks towards me, and my heart pounds verbatim with each footstep.

In a flash he’s all over maltepe escort me. He has me in his arms, kissing me hard, Forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I whimper, and drag my fingers through his golden waves.

He picks me up like that, and carries me to his desk. He sits me on his lap as he eases into his chair. I instantly begin to grind. He grabs my ass, and I whine.. I feel his heart beating hard. and I grip his shoulders.

He smells of cologne.

I love the feeling of his body against mine.

We kiss and suck each other’s tongues, until he pushes me off of his chest. I continue to grind, and feel the erection in his pants growing as it presses hard against my crotch.

His hands run up my body, and cup my breasts in his hands.

I’ve had sex many times. It was fun, but… it was never like this.

“Mmmmmm. Fuck.” I gasp.

He bites my lower lip, picks me up, and sets me on his desk and pushes me back a little. He scoots up closer in his chair, and I lean back on my elbows.

He pushes my skirt up, and starts running his fingers lightly over my panties. I spread my legs for him, and gasp and squirm.

I shiver as he brushes his thumb over my clit. My panties grow wetter as he applies more pressure.

At this point, I can’t be quiet. It’s too fucking good.

“You wear this outfit for me?” He says, smiling up at me.

I smile, and bite my lip and whine as I nod yes.

“Such a little slut, aren’t you?” He coos. My face turns red, and I begin to protest, but before I can say anything he’s pressed his face against the crotch of my panties.

“Oh, fuck!” My entire body begins to shake hard. His face is warm.

He begins to kiss it, and I fall back onto the desk and grind my hips into his face. I cover my mouth to stop myself from calling out.


He runs his hands up my body and squeezes my breasts.

It takes everything in me not to scream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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