Teaching Bridge to Play

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I came home to my sister rocking on the couch crying.

She didn’t notice me watching her until I cleared my throat.

She looked up.

“What’s the matter, Bridge?”

She wiped her eyes.

“Nothing. I’m just tired.”

I sat next to her, and she curled up again, sniffling.

“You can tell me.”

Bridge was younger than me by two years, making her eighteen.

She was a mousy girl, brown hair that curled at the ends, with big blue eyes.

She looked up at me with them now.

“Evan tried to… He tried to have sex with me. I wanted to, at first. But he was rough. He knew I was a virgin. Evan told me to just do it to myself, and he would watch. I told him I didn’t know how, and then he got mad.”

I suppressed my anger.

“Ava, he almost…”

I stood.

“I’m going to kill that son of a bitch!”

She grabbed my shirt, and sat me back down.

“It’s over with now. He broke up with me.”

“Bridge, don’t you cry over that piece of shit.”

A tear slid down her cheek.

“It’s not him. I have never…never felt that.”

I didn’t know what she meant until she looked up at me again, biting her lip.


Bridge buried her head in her hands.

She looked so miserable.

I figured it was time for her to get to know my secret lesbian side.

“I will help you, Bridge.”

She didn’t look disgusted as she raised up, she actually smiled at me.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded.

I stood, and this time she came with me, up the stairs and into my room.

Our parents would be gone for the next two days. My father works for a construction firm, and he had a major meeting. She went with him.

Hopefully it will be like a second honeymoon. They both need to get laid.

My sister sat down on the bed.

She was beginning to look a little nervous.

But that wouldn’t stop me.

My juices were flowing like crazy.

This must have bursa escort been the way that my friend Jessie felt when she taught me.


I sat next to her.

“What have you done?”

Bridge looked confused.

“How much do you know about masturbating?”

“Oh…not a lot. I know it feels good when I wipe after I went to the bathroom sometimes.”

I wanted to laugh, but I didn’t. How could she not know how to make herself feel good?

“Take off your shirt.”

She did, and I did as well. I know the best way to show her is to get myself off.

That, and my clit was extremely hard.

Her bra looked like it came from Victoria’s secret.

Her breasts were in the C cup range, and they looked beautiful.

Compared to hers, mine were smaller, and in a sports bra.

I could see her nipples harden.

I reached out to them, the left first.

I took her nipple softly, and rubbed my fingers over it. She gasped.

“Evan did this to me. But it didn’t feel as good as this.”

She continued to gasp, and began to moan a little.

I undid her bra, letting it slide off her chest, down to the floor.

I was right.

Her breasts were a creamy white, with small pink areola, and tiny nipples.

They begged to be sucked. Bridge’s eyes were closed, and I reached up again, cupping one breast while lowering my head to the other.

I touched her nipple with the tip of my tongue and she arched her back.

“It feels like they are on fire, Ava!”

I took her into my mouth, and sucked on her for a bit, then switched to the other side.

Soon, both nipples were a deep red, almost purple. I remembered that I was supposed to be teaching her.

I stopped and she groaned in protest.

“Touch them yourself, Bridge. Feel how womanly you are.”

She reached down, and pinched her right nipple.

“Wow, I never thought this could feel good.”

I smiled.

“How does bursa escort bayan your pussy feel?”

She moved to her other nipple, and sighed.

“Hot, like the pulsing will never go away.”

“It gets a whole lot better.”

I stood and lowered my pants, and underwear.

She did the same, regrettably leaving her nipples.

I removed my bra, and she looked at me lovingly.

“I wish I looked like you do.”

This interested me.

“I have always thought the same about you, Bridge.”

She reached out and grasped my breasts.

I sucked in air as she rubbed her palms against my nipples, making them rock hard.

As if they weren’t already.

“Open your legs.”

I didn’t want her to stop, but this was her lesson, there would be plenty of time for me later.

Her pussy was unexplored, I realized as I looked at her full lips, the brown hair that surrounded them.

I took the mirror I used to watch my pussy convulse and handed it to her.

“Look at yourself.”

She did, and smiled.

“You need to get to know your pussy. Know what makes you feel good.”

I spread open her lips.

Her pussy pulsed with the unfamiliar movement.

“See your lips here, and then the inner lips? They are sensitive.”

I rubbed my finger up and down them, and she shuddered.

“Did Evan ever do this to you?”

“He was going to, but I was shy.”

“No need to be. You have a beautiful pussy.”

Bridge grinned, and pointed to her little nub.

“This is throbbing like mad.”

“Touch it, then.”

She gulped, then touched her clit gently.

She let out a small moan.

“Rub it a little, Bridge.”

She complied, lifting her hips off the bed.

“This feels so good, it’s amazing!”

I spread my own legs, and her eyes wandered to my pussy.

I had shaved since my last encounter with Jess. You could see my inner lips protruding now.

She swallowed escort bursa again, and continued to rub slowly.

I followed suit, feeling the electric flow though my body.

“Remember to play with your breasts, too. They will need some attention.”

I showed her to use one hand on her clitoris and the other on her gorgeous nipples.

She began to breathe heavier, and her moans turned into small yelps.

I was close, too.

I refused to shut my eyes, wanting to see my baby sister come for the first time.

She gasped louder.

“Oh, God, something is happening!”

I grabbed the mirror and showed her how her pussy was reacting to her loving care.

I could see her cervix pulse, and then an explosion.

Her clit throbbed heavily, her lips puffing in and out with her climax, her eyes rolling into her head as she came.

I dropped the mirror and sucked her nipples, one then the other in time with her orgasm.

“Ava, oh, yeah…oh, baby, oh…Ava!”

She came down, my sheets covered in her juices, the first to gush out of her eighteen year old pussy.

She continued to gasp, then settled down.

Bridge saw I had not come yet, and she put her hand down between my legs, feeling my bare mound.

“Let me help you, Ava. Like you helped me.”

I could have came just by the way she looked at me.

I spread my legs again, and Bridge rubbed her finger in between my lips.

I shivered, and raised my hips, the sign for more.

She obliged, and began to lightly circle my clitoris.

“Oh, fuck, Bridge, that feels so fucking sexy…”

She fastened her pace.

Bridge lowered her head to my nipples and licked then sucked on then, taking turns.

I was close, and I closed my eyes.

I saw stars when I came, moaning out my sister’s name.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh! Bridge, don’t stop, oh, yeah, ugh!”

I relaxed instantly, like I usually do with a good come.

She grinned like a Cheshire cat, and rolled over, falling asleep.

I smiled, knowing that in the middle of the night, when I wake from a horny dream about my little sister, I will plunge my fingers in her pussy and make her squeeze the blood out of them.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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