Teaching Diplomacy

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is a direct sequel to “Teaching Dat Ass,” but my intent was to write it so that knowledge of the original story was not required for enjoyment of this one.

The volleyball sailed through the air towards Nicole. Her feet planted firmly on the ground, her hands clenched, she was ready. And then Alaina came sailing out of nowhere, jumping directly in front of Nicole to spike the ball back. Most of the match was like that. Normally Nicole is on par with Alaina in terms of ability but not today. And it wasn’t just that Alaina was having an amazing day. Nicole was sluggish on the times that she did make contact with the ball. She cost them a lot of points, but Alaina and McKenzie really stepped up and were able to carry the team to victory today.

McKenzie’s performance was another surprise. She’s normally an average player, but today she gave Alaina stiff competition for MVP. The rest of the girls might as well not even be on the court.

The Saturday morning game after Homecoming was always rough. It’s hard to perform your best when you were up past 3am the night before. “I guess Kristian had a disappointing night last night,” Nicole said to Alaina after the game. “He take you home early so you could rest up for the game?”

“Oh my god,” Alaina said excitedly. “I was actually out 10 minutes past my curfew and then I was up for a good hour with butterflies in my stomach. I’m operating on like 4 hours of sleep, but I just feel too wonderful to be tired.”

“Oh wow girl, give me details,” McKenzie said. “So you and Kristian, huh?”

“Actually,” Alaina said in a hushed voice, “Kristian and I broke up.”

“What?” both Nicole and McKenzie shouted in unison.

Alaina looked around nervously and then led them around a corner before explaining. “OK so Kristian and I have kind of been having problems lately and then at the dance I just had enough of him. All he did was talk about himself. I didn’t get one compliment from him about my dress or hair or anything. He didn’t want to slow dance but he didn’t mind getting handsy in the elevator. And then when I tried to break up with him he just started cussing me out.”

“What an asshole,” Nicole said.

“Yea well that’s when my savior showed up. He sent Kristian packing and then took me home. Of course,” Alaina said as she started to blush, “we took a detour by his place.

“Good for you, girl,” Nicole exclaimed. “Kristian’s an asshole anyways.”

“So who new guy?” McKenzie asked.

Alaina looked around to make sure there was no possibility of anyone overhearing them. “OK I tell you, but you two have to promise not to tell anyone.” They both agreed unconditionally and then Alaina revealed that it was Mr. G, her math teacher.

“What?” Nicole exclaimed in shock while McKenzie was dumbfounded into silence. “Isn’t he like 40?”

“Ew no, he’s like 25,” Alaina replied.

“How did this happen?” McKenzie mumbled out.

“We’ve actually been getting close for the past couple weeks. He’s been flirting with me a lot, getting my heart to race. And then he was so gentle and sweet.”

“They all start out that way. How was he at his place?”

“That got a little rougher,” Alaina said as she blushed.

The conversation was forced to end abruptly when Maddie showed up to draw them back to the team. As the four walked back McKenzie grabbed Nicole’s wrist and pulled her arm hard to silently instruct her to hang back.

“I have a big problem,” McKenzie whispered into Nicole’s ear. “I fucked Mr. G yesterday.”

“What?” Nicole tried to say in a hush voice while she hit McKenzie in the arm. “You two are going to fight over some old teacher?”

“No, it’s not like that. Before the dance, I did it to get an A on a test. He was really eager. Rough too. But Alaina, she’s falling for this creep.”

“Shit. What are we going to tell Alaina?”

* * * * * * * * * *

Mr. G woke up late that morning. The previous day he had entertained thoughts of going to the volleyball game, but one look at the clock told him that wasn’t happening. They had finished the first set by time he even rolled out of bed.

He worked his way to the living room where still crumpled up on the floor was the reminder that last night was real. He picked up the black panties and laid them out on his coffee table. They still had her smell.

Next he pulled out his phone and sought out the picture that started it all. A close-up of dat ass of hers in tight black yoga pants. They were so tight they might as well have been painted on. He could see every curve below the waist, especially the lines that defined dat ass. They hugged dat ass so tightly that you could clearly see the vertical crack that separated two cheeks.

He started touching himself and decided it was time to check that video. During the last class test Alaina sat spread eagle giving him a perfect upskirt view while at his desk. He wanted a memento and took a video, but he felt so much shame afterwards ataşehir escort that he couldn’t watch it and yet his lust wouldn’t let him delete it. Thus it stayed on his phone, unwatched and waiting.

After fucking her last night though, it hardly seemed like the worst thing he’s done so he might as well watch it and satisfy that itch, if only for a moment. But then video started with a disappointing view of at the ceiling. Of course Mr. G knew the start of the video was nothing but the light over his desk. He had lost his nerve immediately after hitting play.

Mr. G would have had no problem deleting the video if the entire thing was only of the ceiling. He waited, reliving the moment, waiting for his past self to build up the nerve again. He saw himself pace the room, pretending to monitor the students while they testing but thinking only of her.

Finally his past-self picked up the phone and held it by his knee, but the idiot held it at the wrong angle. Alaina was barely in the frame. He could only see one knee and nothing of the white cotton panties that were just a little bit further to the left.

Frustrated, he pulled out his computer, saved on there was a glorious picture of her playing volleyball. Her feet housed in white sneakers were planted firmly, ready for her to spring into action once the ball sailed over the net. Her shins covered by knee high white socks that ended under bulky knee pads. Her hands resting on her knees, but small beads of sweat glistened off her skin. Above the knee her legs were bare so you could follow the defined lines of her muscles from her knee all the way up to dat ass. Covered by tiny tight black volleyball shorts, although again I’m not sure shorts are the right words for those. They couldn’t have covered much more than a full coverage panty. With her legs spread wide and her back bent low, almost parallel with the ground, dat ass was sticking up loud and proud, demanding to be respected.

These were his mementoes of her. It was already too many and yet he wanted more. He pulled out his dick and started rubbing the lace black panties on it. He leaned back and closed his eyes, imagining her body.

Before he came, but well after he got hard there was a knock at the door. Not knowing where to stash them he threw the panties underneath the couch. Then his phone and computer too just to be safe. He awkwardly shoved his rock hard cock back in sweatpants as he made his way to the door.

He opened the door to find Alaina still in her volleyball uniform. Last night she came over in her homecoming dress that looked more like a cocktail dress of some girl he picked up in a bar but this was much more conspicuous.

“We won!” she excitedly exclaimed and gave him a big hug with a kiss on the cheek. Nervously looking down the hall, he quickly closed the door as she bounced into his apartment. “It was so amazing. I was on fire today, best game of my life.”

“Well Congratulations.”

“And it wasn’t just me. The whole team was amazing, especially McKenzie. If we keep playing like this I think we can make it to state.”

Mr. G started coughing at the mention of McKenzie. “That’d be great,” he choked out. He poured them each a glass of water and then they sat on the couch while she gave him a blow by blow of the game. He mostly paid attention but his focus kept shifting to those exposed thighs. He placed his hand on her smooth skin and rubbed it up and down as she continued to describe her morning.

Moving up and down, but each time his hand moved slightly more up than down, plus slowly inching its way around to the inner thigh. “I’m not sure I have your full attention,” she said when his fingertips reached the edge of her volleyball shorts.

“Oh you’re the only thing I’m aware of at present moment.” He leaned in and gave her a kiss.

She gave him a devilish smile and climbed on top of him. Her lips met his and the fire within him erupted with passion. His hands were quick to rub her smooth muscular thighs. His dick jumped with excitement as his hands slid up and around, past the edge of those tiny volleyball shorts to grab handful of dat ass.

Her hands yanked off his T-shirt and then explored his muscular chest. He left her shirt on, feeling her up while she was in that form fitting uniform. The bright blue school colors and giant school logo plastered on the front made it so much naughtier, so much hotter.

She pulled out his cock as she backed off of him and off the couch. She got on her knees and he watched the large number 8 on her back go up and down as she sucked his cock.

Unfortunately the blowjob didn’t last long. She moved her knee and banged it on his computer that wasn’t quite completely shoved under the couch. Knowing her panties from the previous night were down there and wanting them to remain undiscovered, he moved quickly to redirect.

Down on the ground beside her he kissed her knee sweetly. It was salty as she hadn’t yet showered kadıköy escort bayan after her volleyball game this morning. He lifted her onto the couch and his kisses worked their way up her leg. He could smell her juices as his head reached those tiny volleyball shorts. He promptly removed them and eagerly licked her shaved pussy. She moaned loudly and it wasn’t long before she was cumming.

He lifted his head and brought his body closer to hers. Pulling down his sweatpants he entered her soaking wet pussy. His arms locked he held himself over her and stared into her eyes as he thrust harder and harder into that tight young pussy. Her hazel eyes stared back at him. It was an intense moment and he could feel her affection for him growing in that moment. He looked away, but only slightly, down to her parted lips, the source of her strained moans. His eyes shifted down to her neck where he saw the muscles tighten as loader more intense moans erupted from her. Ever downward he saw the school logo on her uniform, bouncing up and down with each taboo thrust.

That logo right there was the perfect symbol for this moment. The reason above all why he shouldn’t be with her and yet one of the driving forces of his intense lust for her. He pulled out just as he felt his dick throb so that he could cum all over her jersey. A particularly large glob of cum landed directly on that school logo.

His eyes returned to meet hers and they just stared at each other for a minute before he climbed off of her.

“You know I’m probably going to need to wear this again.”

Mr. G smiled. “Yea I got a little carried away.”

“It’s ok if you cum inside me. I’m on the pill. In fact I liked it last night when you came inside me.”

“Well I’ll have to remember that,” he said as he bent down to kiss her. “Take off your shirt and I’ll throw it in the wash before it dries.” She complied, taking off her sports bra too since why not, it was sweaty and in need of a wash after all. He stared at as her small perky breasts as she handed him her uniform.

He scooped up her shorts off the floor as he made his way to the laundry room. He threw in the jersey, the bra, but stopped to pull out the panties before throwing the shorts in the washing machine. He sniffed the panties, taking in a deep breath and holding it in for a minute. You pervert he thought. Ashamed but he couldn’t stop. He started the machine and hid the panties in a safe spot before returning to the living room, but she was gone. He searched the apartment briefly and heard the shower running as he neared the bathroom.

He grabbed the doorknob with thoughts of joining her running through his mind but he paused after cracking the door when he thought of the way she stared at him. She was falling for him hard and he was no good for her. Instead of joining, he ended up going to the kitchen to cook them some egg sandwiches. She was pleasantly surprised when she returned to join him wearing only a towel.

As he ate lunch across the table form this bronzed goddess, he felt lust and infatuation but there was also something else. He didn’t yet have the love for her that she showed towards him, but there was something more. He genuinely cared for her and maybe that could grow into love.

* * * * * * * * * *

By all outward appearances, Monday was a typical school day. However, Mr. G was a ball of tension inside his head, especially period 2 when McKenzie was in his class, the other woman he fucked that weekend. Mr. G avoided looking directly at her, which was relatively easy since she did the same. It was actually normal behavior for her to not pay attention in class, but he couldn’t help but wonder what added thoughts were going through her head because of last Friday.

At the end of the period he passed back tests. He didn’t sort the papers so with him walking back and forth randomly around the room it was less obvious that McKenzie didn’t get her test back. He was prepared to say, “Oh it must have gotten separated from the rest of the pile since you were absent and took it late,” in case she asked about it but she didn’t. She knew she got an A and she knew how she earned it. And then the bell rang to end class, she got up and left without looking in his direction or even speaking to him once during the period which wasn’t unusual for her, but that fact didn’t do jack to calm his nerves.

Alaina’s class was similarly awkward. Only she rarely broke her gaze of him. She smiled, listened to every word he said, volunteered answers, and all round behaving as a model student. That was typical behavior for her but again that did nothing to calm his nerves. When that class ended, instead of rushing out like McKenzie, Alaina approached him. “Mr. G, I’ve been have some trouble with this section. I’m so busy after school with volleyball practice; can I grab my lunch and eat here while you help me?”

“Sure, of course.” Mr. G had a reputation for putting in the extra time and rearranging escort maltepe his schedule when a student asked him for help and so this was not an unusual event but still he paced in panic as he waited for her to go to her locker and get her lunch.

She grabbed his hand when she returned. “You need to calm down.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Only to me,” she said with a smile.

They actually did talk about Calculus, but only for 5 minutes. Mr. G was too much of a nervous wreck to talk about anything other than math and so he mostly listened. She talked about volleyball, her plans for college, her friends, her family, etc.

She ate lunch with Mr. G on Tuesday. This time he was calmer and able to open up more. The calculus book open in front of them so they could look professional should anyone drop by but they mostly talked socially. And they actually talked meaningfully. In the past, before he slept with her, conversations when he was alone with her always hit the topic of her body, but now he wanted to know more about what was going on inside that brain of hers.

On Wednesday she didn’t ask, it was just an expected standard lunch date. She mentioned that they had a game tomorrow so that it would be an easy practice that got out early. “Well if you don’t have anything to do with your extra time, my place has been lonely without you.” She smiled and said she’d love to come over.

* * * * * * * * * *

After school got out Mr. G found himself just killing time surfing the Internet at his desk. There was work he should be doing but he didn’t want to. He just wanted it to be later when he’d see Alaina again. He decided it was time to leave, might as well use his time more productively cleaning the apartment but then there was a tap on his door just as he stood up. “Excuse me, Ms. Eggleston is out and I was hoping you could help me with my math homework.”

“Um…” Mr. G stammered when his eyes made contact with the blonde bombshell in his doorway. She was 5′ 6″ but made taller with her wedge shoes. Her nose was on the large side but he spent very little time looking at her face. Her white button up seemed to have more buttons open than closed, but she had little cleavage to draw the eye. What really drew his attention where those legs. She wore a pink skirt that was way too short to pass the dress code, but school hours were over. Her legs were tanned heavily in prep for last week’s dance, and Mr. G didn’t want to take his eyes off them. “Yea sure come on in,” he eventually stammered out.

She took a seat at a student desk and he slid into the seat next to her. She opened the book to a random page and said, “I just don’t understand number 23.”

Mr. G leaned in to read the problem, but before he could finish there was a hand on his leg. “Um what chapter are you on?”

“I’m not even sure. Everything just seems to be going over my head,” she said casually as her hand slid up to rub his dick through his trousers.

“Well you really need to know the exponential laws for this section.” His mind was still trying to focus on math so that he wasn’t even processing the ridiculousness of his situation.

“Yea I struggle with those, can you refresh me,” she responded as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Mr. G was powerless to stop her. Not that he didn’t want it, but she was just so forward to a degree he never imagined possible that his mind doubted the reality of the situation. Convinced he was hallucinating or dreaming or something. His body was paralyzed, neither aiding her nor resisting her.

She stood up and swung her leg over him so that she could straddle him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he stared into her pale blue eyes. Her breathing deepened, so did his. He was slow to process that she wasn’t wearing panties and that he was already inside her.

Not mentally engaged he was taking longer than normal. He closed his eyes and pictured Alaina on top of him. Finally, that got his hands to join the activities. His hands rubbed her thighs, but they weren’t quite as smooth as Alaina’s had been. She probably needed to shave again. He then reached around and grabbed her ass, but it was flatter than Alaina’s so his hands continued to roam. He moved them up and down her back.

His eyes were still closed when he came. He opened his eyes wanting to see Alaina, expecting to see the blonde student, but instead he was inches away from her shaved pussy, his cum dripping down her leg. She had stood up almost immediately after he came. She fixed her skirt and walked over to his desk to grab a tissue to wipe her inner thigh.

“Thanks for the help,” she said as she walked out of the room. Mr. G had to check the inside of the book she left behind to find out her name, Nicole.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night Alaina came over that evening as planned. She had changed out of her school uniform polo and into a green half T-shirt. It covered her shoulders and breasts, but her stomach was bare. Her navel was covered by her white high waisted white short shorts. The shirt ended just under perky breasts but then her purse and the sunglasses she wore around her neck pinned the shirt a little higher than intended so unbeknown to her the right underboob was exposed.

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