Tease Granddad Why Don’t Ya??

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The warm night air felt good to Chuck as he opened the sliding glass door that lead out to the in ground pool in the back yard. He’d not been able to sleep, so he thought it would be a perfect night for a swim. A good swim would tire him out and then he’d be able to sleep. Not to mention, if he turned the television on, it might wake his wife Nancy or their 20 year old granddaughter, Heather, who had just arrived a few days earlier to spend a couple weeks of the summer with them.

Slipping his towel off, from around his waist, he climbed down the stairs into the pool. The water felt terrific. For a man in his late fifties, Chuck was very fit and could pass for a man in his early 40s. He prided himself on how well he cared for his body. He swam daily, just not usually at night. He was an avid runner. Whenever possible, he went out and played basketball at the local courts with some of the younger fellows. They were all pretty amazed at how well he kept up with them and often surpassed their skills.

Bracing his legs against the side of the pool, he kicked off and began swimming down the length of the pool. As he finished his second lap, his hands reached up and gripped the edge of the pool and he raised his head up. Wiping the water from his face, he was surprised to see his granddaughter Heather walking along the side of the pool in the skimpiest string bikini he had ever seen.

“Hi Granddad” Heather smiled and said as she saw Chuck looking at her. She knew just by the look on Chuck’s face that her minimal swimwear had caught his attention. She wasn’t surprised really. She enjoyed the attention she garnered from men.

Unlike many of her friends, Heather wasn’t skinny by any means. At 5’8, she was voluptuously proportioned. The skimpy bikini top she wore was just a small triangular piece of fabric that covered her nipples leaving the rest of her ample 36 DD breasts exposed. Her hips were wide and her ass shapely and full. Her bikini bottom tied at the hips and just barely covered her curvaceous ass. She had long honey blonde hair and striking green eyes.

Chuck was momentarily stunned as he looked at Heather. Her body was silhouetted by the light from the pool. He’d never seen Heather in any form of swimwear before and it stunned him to see how shapely she was filled out. Although she was his granddaughter she was damn right sexy. “Hello sweetheart” Chuck replied when Heather said hello. “I hope my late night swim didn’t wake you.”

“Oh no granddad, I had been thinking about a swim all day. It was just too hot out earlier.” Heather sat down on the side of the pool, by where Chuck was standing, and eased her self into the water. From the lit pool Heather could see Chuck’s muscular frame and the fact that he was in a Speedo. “Don’t let me get in your way though granddad. You go ahead and swim.”

Acutely aware of what seeing Heather in her bikini had awoken within his swim trunks, he thought it wise to follow her advice. As he took off on another lap his mind was reeling. Heather was a pretty girl and damn her body was hot. But hell, Chuck, what kind of sick pervert gets a hard on looking at his granddaughter, Chuck thought to himself. The more he thought on this, the faster it drove his laps through the pool. He finally stopped for breath when he got back to the edge of the pool.

Heather, who had swam a lap or two her self came up behind Chuck and hugged him from behind. “Boo!” she said as she gripped Chuck around his waist, her hands rubbing across his muscular abs.

Chuck’s body tensed in her embrace. “You didn’t scare me Heather. I heard you when you were swimming Chuck said with his voice trembling a little. He didn’t like the idea of feeling Heather’s breasts pressing warm against his back, and her hips against his butt. “But you do need to let me go kiddo.” he said.

“Aww Gramps, you’re no fun,” Heather whispered very closely in his ear. She could feel his body tense up even more with her breath so close to his ear. She knew what she was doing and she liked the idea of being a tease to her grandfather. She found it hot that she was making him uncomfortable. So instead of letting him go, she pushed it a little further and let her hands slide bursa escort from his abdomen down to his Speedo’s and she got a firm grip on his erect cock. “Ooh Granddad, what’s this?” she teased.

Chuck’s brain was going crazy. What the hell was Heather doing? Why was he having a physical reaction to his 19 year old granddaughter? “Heather!” Chuck said sternly, “This isn’t funny, nor is it appropriate. You need to let me go.” When Heather eased up and let go of Chuck, he immediately turned to her looking very stunned. “What’s gotten into you?” Chuck said.

Heather knew she had taken this too far. “I’m sorry Granddad. I honestly don’t know what came over me.” Heather apologetically said. With that she walked over to the stairs and climbed out of the pool and walked back into the house.

Chuck remained standing in the pool and watched Heather as she got out of the pool. Even though he was quite stunned at her behavior, he still couldn’t help but to admire just how sexy she indeed was in that skimpy little bikini, her ass cheeks sashaying back and forth as she walked. For a moment he let his mind guiltily wonder what she looked like completely out of it. She had the body of a centerfold. Damn you Chuck, he thought. Quit thinking like a dirty old man. For crying out loud, she’s your granddaughter. With that thought, Chuck got out of the pool, grabbed his towel, and walked back inside the house.

The next morning when Heather woke up she felt bad for how she’d behaved the previous night. She loved her grandfather and she didn’t like the idea of having caused a rift between them. She would try to make it up to him.

When she came downstairs, for breakfast, Chuck was already sitting at the table and her grandmother, Nancy, was pouring herself a cup of coffee. “Good morning sunshine.” Nancy cheerily said to Heather.

“Good morning Grams,” Heather said as she walked over and kissed her grandmother on the cheek. Trying not to show anything, she walked over to Chuck, leaned in and kissed his cheek, “Good morning Granddad.”

Chuck, who hadn’t slept well at all the night before, put on a fake smile and said “Good morning sweetheart.”

Heather sat down at the table and Nancy joined them. The three of them sat and ate breakfast and chatted about the day ahead. Chuck would be working out in his garage on the old car he was restoring. Nancy said she had a full morning of volunteer work out at the local VA hospital and then she’d be having lunch with some old friends. Heather would just be hanging around the house.

Before Nancy left, she told Heather that she’d made lunch for she and her Granddad. It was in the fridge and just needed to be heated in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Heather smiled and kissed her grandmother as she walked out the door. She watched out the window as her grandfather leaned into the car and said something to her grandmother, than kissed her before she drove off. She saw Chuck make his way back into the garage.

Upstairs getting dressed, Heather figured that Chuck would probably be avoiding her for most of the day, or at least until Nancy returned.

Today she decided on an ivory sundress that hung just above her knees. With a bodice cut it accentuated her breasts in a very feminine way. Sliding on a pair of beige open toed sandals, Heather went back downstairs. She didn’t want to avoid Chuck all day, so she decided to just face him and walk into the garage.

Chuck heard the door leading from the rec room to the garage open. He saw Heather as she came through it. Of course, she looked beautiful as always. But today was different and he knew why. When he looked at her now, his eyes immediately rested upon how the dress rested on her breasts. He could feel himself developing an erection just looking at her and his mind went to wandering again.

As she walked up to him, ruefully she said, “Are you still mad at me Granddad?”

Looking at her, Chuck put on a forced smile, and said, “Of course not. Come here girl.” He took Heather into a warm embrace. “I love you girl. More than you know.” Just feeling her Granddad holding her and telling her he loved her made Heather feel better.

Before Heather bursa escort bayan knew it, Chuck picked her up in one smooth motion and propped her down onto the hood of the car he’d just been polishing. He stood there staring at her. His mind was thinking about all the thoughts he’d had of her the night before that wouldn’t let him sleep restfully. “Do you know just how beautiful I think you are Heather?”

Surprised by the way Chuck was looking at her at that moment, Heather said, “I think I have some idea Granddad. I’m your granddaughter and you’re supposed to say that” she said lightly.

Looking back at her with seriousness in his eyes, he said, “No, sweetheart, I don’t think you have any idea. But I’m going to show you.”

Heather watched as Chucks hands slid the spaghetti straps of her sundress off of her shoulders and down over her breasts. She hadn’t been wearing a bra, as the sundress had a shelf bra, so her breasts were now completely bare for Chuck to look at. Heather didn’t know what to say or what to do, when Chuck scooted her closer to him and brought his mouth down to her breasts. His mouth wrapped around her pert pink nipple, savoring and sucking it gently. With one of his hands he reached out and grabbed her other breast and began to work it as well as her nipple between his fingers.

His mouth on her breast sent tingles through Heather’s body. She couldn’t believe what was happening although she was enjoying it. Chuck alternated breasts between his hands and his mouth.

Not a word was said as Chuck picked Heather up, in his arms and carried her into the house. He knew Nancy wouldn’t be home for awhile and he planned on making very good use of the time. He carried Heather up to her room and set her down on her bed.

Heather sat there and watched as Chuck started to undress in front of her. As he undressed, Heather pulled her sundress up and over her head then tossed it on the floor. Rising up on her knees she slid her thong panties down and tossed them onto the floor beside Chuck’s pile of clothes. Standing before her, naked, stood her grandfather. What a man to behold. She’d always thought him handsome and he had a gorgeous physique, especially for a man his age. What caught her attention now was his very thick, and at least 8 inches in length cock.

Chuck just stood there, naked, watching Heather’s reaction to his body. He noticed she couldn’t take her eyes off of his cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Her boobs were as big and full as cantaloupes. As she was still upon her knees, on the bed, he had a perfect view of her beautifully bald pussy. His mind began to devise every way he planned to violate his sexy young granddaughter.

He walked over to the side of the bed in front of her. Heather inched herself over to the edge of the bed and sat on it. Her face inches away from his cock at which she was eye level with.

In that moment, Heather threw caution to the wind, figuring what the hell. She knew what she and Chuck were about to do and who cares if he’s her granddad. She’s going to make the most of it. Hell, granddad probably hasn’t had a good fuck in a while anyway. Gripping his cock in her hands, Chuck groaned as he felt her mouth wrap around his shaft. She began working her tongue all over his cock, feeling the thick veins and his bulging head. As she worked his cock in and out of her mouth Chuck couldn’t help but to reach his hands behind her head and guide it as she took his cock as far as she could into her mouth.

“That’s it, that’s my girl.” Chuck told Heather as she feverishly worked his cock. “Mmmm, yeah, take it all.” Chuck demanded as he held her head and fucked her mouth.

Heather worked his cock like a pro, sucking and licking, swirling it around in her mouth. Chuck was high in the clouds with pleasure. He’d never imagined this with Heather, but he had no plans of stopping now.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, he pushed Heather onto her back on the bed. He slid her ass close to the edge of the bed. He dropped to his knees before her and spread her legs wide apart. There before him was a luscious piece of pussy. He took his tongue and ran it from the opening of her pussy to the top escort bursa of her clit. Her taste was sweet and musky and very intoxicating.

Heather’s hips arched the moment his tongue made contact. His tongue was warm and searching as it delved deep into her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. He tongue explored every part of her pussy. He wrapped his mouth around her clit and sucked hard. Heather’s body locked up in frozen ecstasy as his sucking on her clit sent shock wave after shock wave through her body. “Oh Fuck Yes Chuck!” Amanda screamed, using her granddad’s first name. This turned him on even more. With only a few more flicks of his tongue, Chuck had Heather cumming in his mouth. He held her hips firm as her body writhed from the intensity of her orgasm.

Chuck got up from off his knees and climbed on to the bed. Leaning back against a stack of pillows he opened his legs for Heather to see his erect cock waiting for her mouth again.

Pulling herself up on wobbly legs, from her orgasm, Heather crawled in between Chuck’s legs and took all 8 inches of him into her mouth. His cock hit the back of her throat making her momentarily gag. Taking a deep breath, she relaxed her throat and slid all of him in again without gagging. Chuck almost lost his load right there as he watched his cock disappear into her mouth. Bent over his cock as she was, he could see her ass in all its luscious glory. Oh to be able to fuck her ass Chuck thought to himself.

Heather’s mouth slid up and down Chuck’s cock, tasting all his pre-cum. She lifted her head enough to look in Chuck’s eyes as she licked it from the head of his cock. Just the intensity from the moment caused Chuck to make her stop. He didn’t want to cum like this. He had other plans of how he wanted to do that.

Flipping Heather easily over onto her back and pressing her legs back towards her shoulder elevated her pussy and her ass up high and accessible. Her pussy was glistening as Chuck rubbed the head of his cock all around its precious entrance. Then with one quick and hard push he inserted himself deep into her pussy. Using his hands to keep her legs pushed all the way back, he worked his hips pounding furiously into Heather. With each thrust Heather moaned. She never expected Chuck to have this much sexual energy or prowess.

Getting into a good steady rhythm Chuck said to Heather, “You asked me last night, what is this? Am I answering your question?” Heather could only breathlessly nod her head rapidly in the affirmative. Chuck smiled wickedly at this.

He moved his cock in and out rapidly and then slowly. When rapid he pounded her all the way to the back of her pussy. When slowly he sent shiver bumps up and down her entire body, and his as well. Once he felt he’d sufficiently fucked her pussy, he withdrew from her.

Looking at him Heather wondered why he withdrew before he had cum yet. He didn’t leave her waiting for an answer. She felt him rub the tip of his cock against her wet pussy and then with her pussy and ass still high in the air and his arms holding her legs, he lined his cock up right at the entrance to her ass. Heather moaned as she felt the tip of his engorged cock begin to enter her tight asshole. He didn’t force it in. He didn’t want to hurt her. So very slowly he worked all 8 inches in little by little until he was all the way in. He sat there, on his knees, while Heather adjusted to the feeling of having him deep in her ass.

Slowly he began to work his cock in and out. As he felt Heather relaxing he picked up the pace. Her ass felt so tight. It felt so good wrapped around his dick. He started to pound her ass just as he had pounded her pussy earlier. Mercilessly he rammed his cock back and forth in to her tight hole. All while hearing Heather emitting very erotic moans. Pounding her ass with fervency Chuck could feel his orgasm building and the way he started moaning told Heather he was about to cum.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Chuck cried out as his seed exploded in Heather’s ass. His orgasm coursed like fire through his body and froze him momentarily.

Still on his knees, his cock still in her ass, Chuck knelt, catching his breath and just looked at Heather. His heart was racing and he couldn’t believe how much he had just enjoyed fucking the hell out of her. Nothing against his beautiful bride of 30+ years, but hot damn, he could definitely get used to fucking this sexy little thing for the summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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