The Airplane Ride Home Ch. 02

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John and Jamie’s weekly lovemaking had been as intense and satisfying as it always was. She relished feeling his come leak out of her swollen pussy. Even after 20 years, she enjoyed the sensation of a come filled pussy. There was a wantonness about it that enthralled her. In one of her sexual fantasies, she envisioned many men filling her. The thought of all of their swimmers competing to fertilize her egg caused a tingle in her nether regions.

Her hand trailed down over her sweaty breasts. Her nipples were still engorged and sensitive. A thrill shot through her body as she lightly rubbed them. There was a slight burn were John had lightly bit her nipple.

But lately, she wanted more. The guilt engendered by her need gnawed at her. Her son, Sam, fucking her on the plane had awakened an aching chasm of need in her. It was an evil need, a demeaning need. It took her into the abyss of social and moral degradation. It was so wrong! Still the memory of his huge young cock filling her pussy then plumbing the depths of her anus caused her to shiver involuntarily.

Jamie rolled to a sitting position her, bare feet slapped loudly on the cool terrazzo floor. She stood and stripped off her sweat drenched gown. The coolness of the night air caused her to shiver slightly. Her nipples hardened. She wrapped her arms over her large pendulous breasts as she padded softly to the shower.

Her movement caused John’s come to leak out of her pussy. She smiled to herself at how wicked this always made her feel. She loved the erotic sensation of come leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs.

Involuntarily her mind shot back to her soggy walk down the aisle of the airplane after her son, Sam, had come in her pussy and ass. Her full back panties were soaked with Sam’s come. She recalled wondering if the other passengers could hear the squishy sound she made. Her eyes had shot guiltily from one anonymous face to the other.

Was that man in seat 23F giving her a knowing smile? Was there disgust on that woman’s face in seat 18A? Did they know she had just committed incest? That she had fucked her barely 18 year old son? And yes, goddamit, that she had experienced orgasms like she had never had before! Fuck you, seat 12C!

She shivered again as she remembered the incredible soreness. She recalled the delicious wetness of another man (boy’s?) come filling her birth canal. She recalled the dull ached in her cunt. Sam had stretched her to her limits and beyond. Thankfully John hadn’t wanted to fuck for nearly a week afterward.

A tingle diffused through her body. Her clit pulsed. Her anus convulsed as she recalled how Sam had impaled her with his enormous cock.

Shame and lust fought for prominence in her mind. She unsuccessfully tried to at once force that shameful incident from her mind and relish the moment when she realized that it was not John but Sam who had her coming like a school girl. That it was Sam who filled her anus so completely, who scratched an itch she didn’t know she had.

She started to sweat profusely. Her legs felt weak. She thought she might pass out. She realized her fingers were massaging her soaking wet pussy.

You sick bitch, she thought to herself. You are getting aroused thinking about your son fucking you. But I was drunk, she thought. John and I had drunk way too much while waiting for the plane. She smiled as she remembered their whispered decision to join the five-mile -high club.

Jamie, you are lying to yourself! You knew the cock was bigger than any you had ever had. But God it felt so good! Even now she reveled in that incredible fullness. And when you realized it was Sam in your ass you let him finish. And, yes, you sick slut, canlı bahis you enjoyed it.

The hot water streamed over Jamie’s body. She added body wash to her sponge. As she soaped her breasts and gently washed her pussy, she realized that she had crossed a bridge. She knew she couldn’t keep fucking Sam. She also knew that she couldn’t stop!

Her clit was always incredibly sensitive after sex. She balanced herself against the wall of shower with one hand as she thoroughly washed her pussy.

Each time the sponge moved over her swollen clit, a thrill ran through her body. That was unusual. Normally she was sated after her weekly romp with John. But in the month since they returned from the funeral, she was insatiable. She laughed to herself. Poor, baby, he is having trouble keeping up!

I bet Sam could…..

Stop it, stop it, stop it, she screamed to herself! You need help! You are fantasizing about your son, the issue of your womb, fucking you.

Quickly Jamie rinsed off the soap. She stepped from the shower and started toweling herself dry. She surveyed her form in the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

Lord, she thought. I look like the Pillsbury doughboy! She turned sideways to the mirror. She inhaled deeply then pressed her hands to her abdomen. The action caused her breasts to jut out prominently.

At 5′ 9″ and 200+lbs, Jamie was a big girl. The years had softened her belly and enlarged her ass. She had a pronounced pooch in front and a large jiggly ass behind. Her breasts had the disturbing habit of bouncing slightly when she walked.

Not bad for an old lady, she thought. And besides, I am not trying to attract men.

Her breasts had a slight sag. But her nipples stood out proudly. Maybe I should start going to a gym. Tighten things up a little. Somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind she knew who she really wanted to look good for.


Daylight streamed like spun gold through the open window. The sheer curtains caught it and diffused it through the room as they moved lazily in the soft morning breeze. Jamie felt the warmth of the sun tease her body. The caress of the breeze touched her nipples, causing them to harden.

She had decided to sleep nude last night. That was unusual for her. But some many unusual things were happening to her. She slipped on a cotton robe and buttoned it up the front. Absently she opined that she should at least put on a bra and panties.

Fuck it, she thought. She moved briskly down the hall. As she passed Sam ‘s open bedroom door, she glanced in. Sam was fiat of his back, snoring noisily. Her eyes widened as she saw his dick standing erect. It must have been 9″ and as big around as a coke can. It appeared to move slightly.

Her hand trailed down to her moistening pussy. She recalled the initial shock of pain as that huge piece of man meat entered her pussy. She ran her fingers through her wet slit as memories of that incredible violation flooded back.

In her mind she screamed as she tried to push her unclean thoughts from her lust filled mind. Her fingers found her swollen clit as her anus clenched and unclenched. All of that had been in her ass! Dear lord, how had she managed it?

With a will, Jamie shook herself and started down the stairs. She wondered if these hormonal surges were being caused by menopause. She would make an appointed with her doctor today. It was obvious that she couldn’t walk around in a constant state of semi arousal, particularly if that arousal was being caused by her barely eighteen year old son.

Jamie busied herself preparing breakfast for her men. She smiled dryly as the literalness of the thought. She for the first time in her life, she was bahis siteleri fucking two men; one was her husband of 20 years, the other was her 18 year old son.

As she sliced the potatoes, diced the onions and blended the eggs, idle thoughts ambled across her mind. Besides the doctor’s appointment, John was having a big party for an important client this weekend. The caterers and cleanup people would be in to start preparations. She had to supervise them. She recalled how sore her pussy and ass had been after she and Sam fucked.

Wait! Where did that come from?

She felt someone come up behind her. Strong arms enveloped her. Eager hands cupped her breasts. She pressed back and felt a hard cock pressing against her ass. She wiggled a little.

“Good morning, John. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes”

“It’s not dad, mom.”

Frantically, Jamie tried to pull away.

“Sam, you stop this instant!”

Her voice was firm, authorative. It called upon the ingrained response required of a child. Sam hesitated. But then he renews his massaging of his mom’s tits. He ground his rigid member into her large ass.

“No mom. I’m not stopping. You have been avoiding me since the airplane.”

Sam’s voice quavered. There was dryness in his throat. But he had thought about this. He needed to know.

Jamie twisted and turned violently trying to free herself. She felt her robe riding up, exposing her bare ass.

“Sam, dam it, stop!” She demanded.

Jamie realized her voice was too loud. She didn’t want to wake John. That would be the beginning of a long conversation that could only end with the revelation that she had fucked their son. Her life was unraveling enough. She felt her robe being pulled up.

“I love you, mom.”

“Baby, this kind of love is sick. It’s incest. You must stop. “

Jamie felt her son’s huge cock sliding up and down the crack of her ass. Reflexively she bent forward, trying to twist out of her son’s vice like grip. She felt the pressure of his massive dickhead against her now very wet cunt.

“I love you, mom”

Jamie sucked a sibilant breath as she felt her son’s massive mushroom like dick head enter her love canal. She felt her pussy spasm in anticipation.

Oh my god, she thought, I am losing control. She winced as Sam forced his enormous tool into her gushing wet cunt.

“Easy, baby, easy! Go slow! “

Jamie felt a wince of pain. Her son bottom out against her cervix. Still he pushed.

“Wait baby, wait! Momma needs to get used to you.”

Sam slid out and thrust back hard into his mom’s pussy. At 18 there was no technique, just need. Each youthful thrust forced Jamie against the sink.

Jamie worked her arms free. She grabbed the edge of the sink. He was going to ram her through the wall. Still she realized she was thrusting back. She was having mini orgasms. She trembled uncontrollably. He was like a jack rabbit, pounding her unmercifully. She heard some slut moaning fuck me and realized it was her.

Almost impossibly she felt Sam’s cock swelling. She thought she screamed as the pain /pleasure wracked her body. He’s coming, she thought. He is planting his seed in my womb. The force if his ejaculation brought her to a moaning, thrusting orgasm. She can hear him groan loudly as rope after rope if his strong, potent sperm filled her love channel.

Jamie was exhausted. Her knees were rubber bands, barely able to hold her. Her chubby little fingers gripped the kitchen sink desperately. She sank to the floor, her cheek relishing the smooth coolness of the polished wooden door. A line of perspiration smeared it surface.

Sam slid down with her, his young massive pole maintaining bahis şirketleri its position deep in his mom ‘s now gaping pussy. Slowly he began a slower, steadier pace. He was a man possessed. Fully 8″ of his full 9″ donkey like cock was filling his mom’s pussy.

Jamie sank to her belly. Her arms were splayed out over her head. Insanely she had an image of herself, on a crucifix being impaled by Sam’s cock. He couldn’t want more. He couldn’t! She couldn’t take it! She felt each thrust of his youthful eagerness push her up the tiled floor.

Even as she thought she could take no more, she felt his balls slap her ass. He was all the way in her! She heard the animal growling of a bitch in heat. She was dimly aware that she was thrusting up hard to meet his frantic downward pounding.

She could hear his groans; feel his sweat dropping on her back. Stunned, she felt him slap her moon shaped ass hard as he implored her to keep fucking. Her son was demanding that she fuck him harder! She did as ordered. Rising to her knees and hands to give her more leverage, she began a rhythmic rocking and thrusting. She felt her large tits swinging like larger melons hanging from a vine.

The sounds of ass hitting crotch filled the kitchen, flesh on flesh. The bitch in heat was crying in exhaustion and lust. He slapped her ass again, urging her on!

“Fill momma’s pussy! Pump your seed deep in me. Make momma your bitch! “

From a distant corner of her mind there came a feeling of intense embarrassment. A mother shouldn’t talk to her teenage son this way. But mothers shouldn’t fuck their son’s either.

She felt his cock swelling inside her as he prepared to come again. He thrust hard forward again and again, pumping Jamie full. Her orgasm matched his, causing her to thrust back hard, accepting the gift of his seed deep in her welcoming womb.

“Jamie, is breakfast ready, John called from upstairs?”

The kitchen air stank of their sweat. In the hallway above were discovery, shame and ruin. They could hear John moving down the hall toward the steps.

Despite herself, Jamie pussy spasmed as she squirted her contribution to merge with Sam’s seed. Sam had a hand on either side of his mom’s luscious ass. He stared upward. Jamie was trying to talk but her hips had a mind of their own. She kept rocking back.

“About 10 minutes, John!” Her voice was squeaky, breathless.

“Are you ok, dear? You sound odd.”

Jamie heard John take a few steps down the hall. A few more and he would have a full view of this erotic incestuous scene.

“John I’m fine. But don’t you dare come down to my kitchen until you shower. “

She heard him chuckle and his footsteps head back toward their bedroom.

“Take it out Sam.”

Sam was in a trance. Jamie reached back, placed a hand in his chest and pushed. She could have sworn she heard a popping sound as her son’s massive schlong slid slowly out of her aching pussy.

“Go clean up!” She pointed to the downstairs bathroom.

“I love you, mom!”

“I love you too, baby!”

Jamie turned back to the sink. She returned to fixing breakfast. Her hands trembled slightly. She straightened her robe and rebuttoned it. As she added bacon to the sizzling skillet, she felt her son’s come oozing out of her pussy. She felt it’s warmth as it ran down her thigh.

As she turned the bacon, Sam came out of the bathroom.

“Watch the bacon for mommy while I clean up.”

“Ok mom, Sam said somewhat shyly.”

Jamie saw his diffidence. She also saw he was still semi hard. Lord, she thought what am I going to do?

In the bathroom she wet a towel. She quickly washed her son’s come from her thighs and pussy. She held the towel close to her nose and inhaled the aroma. Impulsively, she stuffed the come soaked towel in her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

She got a little dizzy.

What now, she thought ruefully, what now?

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