The Babysitter

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Holly Chapman had spent the entire day staring out the windows in class, day dreaming about the big birthday date her boyfriend had planned for her that night.

Kyle Thompson was captain of the football team, and drop dead gorgeous. He was a picture-perfect definition of football jock; 6’1″ complete with the broad shoulders, well-defined abs, shaggy, sandy blond hair and blue eyes. The two had met on the field, during practices, because she was head cheerleader. It may have been a little stereotypical, but sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.

Kyle had turned 18 three months before Holly, and since he had missed her official big day last week because of a practice, he wanted to make tonight extra-special!

Now she was at home, still staring out the windows, when the phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hi, Holly? This is John McKay,” the voice replied.

Holly often babysat John’s two kids, Mark and Sarah, when he had business to take care of, or errands to run. The McKays had lived down the street from Holly since she was a little girl; she had watched the kids grow up and was their only sitter. John was a single parent and had been since his daughter, Sarah, was born 2 years ago. His wife had died during childbirth. And still, to this day, Holly had never seen him on a single date, or even mention the prospect of one.

Holly loved sitting for John, and any excuse to see him for that matter. In the last few years John had become the star of many of Holly’s private fantasies. Even though there had to be at least 25 years between them, Holly found herself thinking about him more often than she would have cared to admit – to anyone.

John was about 6’2″, just taller than Ky, with a dark complexion, brown eyes, and a dark ‘business-like’ hairstyle that was streaked with grays and whites, the trademark of any father. He was a lawyer in a large firm, and always dressed as if he were going to be called in on a moment’s notice.

“Hi, John. How are you?” she asked.

“Holly, I’m desperate! I need you!” he begged.

“Hehe. What do you need me to do?” she asked.

“Can you PLEASE baby-sit for me? Tonight? I’ll pay double! Please Holly?! I have a last minute business dinner with the president of the firm. I’m sure it’s going to get me the new co-president position,” he begged.

Holly knew he really needed her. He didn’t know any other sitters. She was his regular. But she had really wanted to go out with Ky…!

“It will only be for a couple of hours. Holly, Please.” he repeated.

How could she say no? Clearly she had no choice. “Okay, what time?” she sighed.

“OH MY GOD! Thank you sooo much Holly!! 6:30…thanks bye!” he said excitedly.

She hung up the phone and sighed heavily, picked up the receiver again and dialed Ky’s number.

“Hey Babe, ready for tonight?” he asked (damn that caller ID).

“Um, Ky…Yeah about that…I have bad news. I can’t go out tonight. I have to baby-sit the McKays. It’s an emergency. I’m really sorry.”

“But Hol….I have reservations and everything. I really wanted to see you.”

“I know, and I’m so sorry. I really want to see you too…I’ll – I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Just I really can’t go out tonight.”

“Well, maybe…maybe I could come see you?” he asked coyly.

She chuckled, “Yeah, that would probably be okay. Hmmmmm, why don’t I bring them a movie and put them to bed with it early? Yeah, I’ll call you when you can come over okay?”

“Sweet! Okay talk to you then. Bye”

“Bye.” Again she put down the receiver and sighed.

She knocked on the McKay’s door shortly after 6. She was always a little early; it gave her more time to see John. She had pulled some Disney movie off the shelf at home for the kids and had it tucked under her arm, along with a few CD’s, and a little bell. John answered the door with his shirt unbuttoned and ushered Holly through it.

“Come in Holly, I’m just finishing up here,” he said, as he was buttoning up his shirt, heading for his bedroom. “Make yourself at home.”

Holly went into the kitchen, grabbed a coke from the fridge, and sat down at the kitchen table. Sarah ran into the room and threw herself at Holly’s legs.

“HHOOWWWWYYY!!!” she screamed, clinging to her legs.

Holly laughed and picked the little girl up.

Sarah was an adorable two-year-old, who made you think twice about that terrible-twos rumor. She had strawberry-blond hair, today worn in pigtails tight to the back of her head. She had sparkling green eyes and a smile almost full of new baby teeth. She was only tall enough for the pendik escort top of her head to reach Holly’s mid-thigh; she had a good portion of her baby fat left, but you wouldn’t call her chubby. Today, her dad had dressed her in a cute jean dress-jumper and a white blouse.

“Hi Sarah!” Holly said and gave her a big hug, “where’s your big brother?”

“Uhhhh, his woom…I-I phink…” she answered.

“Well, let’s go see, shall we?” Holly said, standing up, putting Sarah on the floor and reached out to hold her tiny hand.


Sarah led the way down the hall to Mark’s bedroom. She opened the door and pointed to Mark lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Mark’s walls were lined with sports posters, and team pennants, his floor cluttered with toy cars, and baseball cards. Mark was a bright boy, who was nearly 8, and loved every sport imaginable, although hockey was his favorite. He had white blond hair, fair skin, and was tall for his age, which made him look even skinnier than he already was. Holly remembered how often people told him he looked like his mother.

“What, I don’t even get a hello anymore?” Holly asked acting hurt.

“Sorry, Hi Holly,” he mumbled, not looking over at them.

Sarah climbed up on his bed and started jumping. “He’s caa-aannky!” she teased in a sing-song voice, laughing.

“You mean cranky?” Holly asked, lifting her off the bed onto her hip.


“What’s the matter, Mark?” Holly asked.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” he said, sitting up, “really.” He looked more bored than he did cranky, so Holly dropped it.

“Knock, Knock,” said John. “I have to go now. I should be home between 9 and 10. You can put Sarah to bed by 7:30, and Mark by 8. Thanks again Holly. You’re a lifesaver. I don’t know what I’d do without you. C’mon guys, give Daddy a kiss.”

He bent over and kissed his kids on the cheek, and then Holly’s too, and winked at her.

After he had pulled out of the driveway, Holly called the kids into their dad’s room.

“Hey guys, guess what? I brought you a movie.”

“Yay!” they screamed in unison.

“How about you watch it in here while I do my… homework in the living room okay? I’ll go make you some popcorn.”

When she got back with the popcorn she put the movie in tucked them in, and turned out the lights.

“We’re going to play a little game…If you need anything; you can call me, by ringing this little bell, ok? And then wait here and I will come see what I can do for you. It’ll be like …room service in a hotel…Okay? Have fun.”

She threw that last part in to try and keep them from walking in on her and Kyle.

Ky arrived at 7 and she opened the door and let him in.

“Hey baby,” he said, pecking her on the lips.

He looked around the room….”Hey, are we alone?” he asked.

“Yeah the kids are in John’s room watching a movie…”

She put in her CD’s, turned on some soft music, as Ky made himself comfortable on the couch. She laid down beside him and rest her head in his lap.

“You know I’m really sorry we missed our date tonight Kyle.”

He sighed and brushed the hair away from her face, “It’s okay

Holly, maybe some other time.”

“Well I still owe you….and I said I’d make it up to you remember?” she said sitting up…”I thought we could still have some fun tonight…”

With that she climbed onto his lap, facing him, and took his face in her hands and kissed him hard. She completely took him by surprise, but he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pulled her close, and squeezed his hands on her small round butt. He was surprised, but eagerly returned her loving, passionate kiss.

She broke their kisses, many minutes later only to pull off his white muscle shirt, revealing his well-defined rock-hard abs which matched his shapely, muscular arms very well.

‘It’s no wonder he’s so good at football!’ she thought to herself as she licked from the edge of his khaki shorts up to his chest. She then sucked each of his nipples briefly, and nipped at them lightly with her teeth. Holly continued to kiss him all over…on his neck, his chest, nipples, and sucked on his earlobe.

“Whoa, Holly…what are you doing? This is so different,” Ky muttered and moaned softly.

She was usually so conservative about sex. She never initiated it, and was always very soft and gentle; it was never sex, but making love. And she had never enjoyed oral sex; it was only ever something she did grudgingly to please Ky. There was going to be none of that today.

“Shhhh, just enjoy it babe,” she whispered into his ear.

She maltepe escort returned to the edge of his khakis and ran her fingers along the waistband. Slowly she pulled them down his legs. She took them, and his sandals off, and threw them over by the door. He was left sitting on the couch wearing only his boxers, looking down to his girlfriend, still utterly shocked. This new side of Holly was something he’d never before imagined, but something he was definitely enjoying. Every new touch she made, and breath she took was turning him on even more. When she ran her soft fingers up under the legs of his boxers, he twitched in curious anticipation. Holly massaged his upper thighs and he instinctively spread them slightly. Ky’s boxers had formed a tent over his crotch and Holly smiled as she lightly ran her long fingernails over the soft flesh of his inner thighs. She ran her fingers up to the elastic in his boxers and slowly, carefully pulled them off, too. This revealed that his abs weren’t the only part of his amazing body that was rock-hard. She kissed the top of his head softly and then took it slowly into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and then sucked. He moaned and his member swelled even more, to about his full 8 inches. She put her hands under his ass and squeezed, pulling him closer to her as she shoved his entire cock down her throat all at once.

“Uuhnnnhhhh” he moaned, tightening all the muscles in his thighs and ass. He couldn’t believe how different this was, already, from any other blowjob she had ever given him. She even seemed to be almost…almost enjoying it. She looked up at him and her eyes twinkled and he could feel her lips turn into a slight smile as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking him off.

She moved her left hand from his ass to his balls and rolled them gently, occasionally squeezing or tugging at them. She would roll them in her hand, fondle and tickle them. Then she slid her mouth up to his head again and flicked the tip of her tongue across the underside of his manhood. She could feel his balls contract and she shifted her mouth’s focus to them. She began to lick and suck each of them while she used her hand to jack him off. Her right hand was gripped firmly, and she pumped it up and down hard and fast. When she could tell he was getting closer to cumming she sucked hard again on his head and her tongue darted all over the smooth surface of his pulsating penis.

*Ring**Ring* The kids were calling her.

“Oh Holly,” he groaned. She took him all back in again and held it at the back of her throat and sucked hard. She felt his balls tighten at her lips and he shot load after load of hot cum straight down her throat. Holly swallowed every drop hungrily and licked her lips. She had never swallowed before, and evidently Kyle was impressed.

“Oh, my god, Holly! That was freakin’ amazing,” Ky breathed as he relaxed back into the couch.


Holly kissed him gently on the lips, letting him taste his own juices, and said, “I’ll be right back.”

Holly walked down the hall, smiling, and fixing her hair. She glanced at the wall clock on her way down to John’s room to find out what the kids wanted: 7:34. When she reached the bedroom she found Sarah half-asleep, arms folded over her chest. And

Mark, trying to seem more awake than he obviously was, was holding the bell.

“Hey guys,” she whispered. “You rang?”

“Mmm-hi Holly,” Mark yawned. “It’s after 7:30, it’s Sarah’s bedtime. She was sleeping, but I think the bell woke her up.”

“Nun-unhhh!! I -yawn- wasn’t seeping!” Sarah tried to protest.

“I’m sure you weren’t sweetheart, but he is right, it’s time for bed. I’m going to bring your sister to bed, do you want to finish watching the movie or are you ready for bed too?” she asked Mark.

“I wanna finish it,” he replied adamantly, in a clearly exhausted voice.

“Okay then, if you say so. I’ll come back and carry you to bed in awhile then, sleepy-head.”

She picked Sarah up and carried her to her own bed, kissed her softly on her forehead, and tucked her in.

She went back to the bedroom to pick up their emptied bowl of popcorn, and brought it to the kitchen sink before she sauntered down the hall to the living room and back to Ky. He was still on the couch, looking very relaxed and was slightly massaging himself. She stepped in front of him, hands on her hips, and smiled.

“Baby! You’re back!” Ky said, smiling.

“Mmmhmmm, sure am…” she breathed, kissing him on the cheek. “You stay still now, I’m not finished with you…”

She stood in kartal escort front of him, swaying her body to the music still issuing from the speakers, as she painfully slowly pulled her top up over her head, before she tossed it to him. Holly slowly slid her skirt past her hips and let it fall to the floor. She danced closer to him as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She let gravity have its way with it and it fell to the floor, near his feet. Throughout her sexy dance Ky’s cock had once again begun to harden. She put each of her knees on the couch beside his thighs and pressed her thonged pussy up against his growing member. Then she proceeded to rock her hips, grinding against him while he caressed her body and breasts, giving him an erotic lap dance until the end of the song. By that time, he was definitely at his pull potential once again. Holly stood up, and turned around so that her ass was at his eye level and then she bent at the hips slowly pulling off her moistened thong and then stepping out of it.

Holly whipped her hair around and turned her body to face his. She glanced at the clock on the wall behind Ky: 7:46. She’d have to have him out in an hour to be safe. She stepped toward him, and once again put each of her knees alongside his thighs and sat on his lap. She reached behind his neck and pulled him in for a long steamy kiss, pressed her body against his chest and kissed him hard. Holly slowly lowered her sopping pussy onto his engorged cock. His head slipped in and then Holly slowly let more of him in, inch by inch. When it was half way in she stopped and moaned as she lowered herself onto him, completely, in one quick movement. She rocked her hips into his pelvis, setting the pace…not slow… but not too fast, either…Kyle met her pace with solid, deep thrusts. Ky began caressing her breasts, and squeezing her nipples. Then he sucked one into his mouth and flicked his tongue across it, sucked and gently nibbled on it. Holly, enjoying her new sexual confidence, ran her fingers through his soft hair, gripped it tight and pulled his face back up to hers. As they kissed, Kyle rest his hands on her hips and pulled Holly closer to him, and he deepened his thrusts into her. Holly felt herself contract, putting more pressure on Ky’s penis and they both moaned together. Holly put her hands on his big shoulders and tightened her inner muscles around the base of his cock and forcefully sped up their pace. Faster than, probably ever before, Kyle pumped Holly with his nearly spent cock. Their breathing became more erratic, louder, and they were making short moans and grunts. The more she thought about her take-charge attitude about this non-missionary style sex they were having, the more she thought she was going to cum. Holly tightened her grip on his shoulders and around his cock, as Ky pumped harder, faster, and Holly closed her eyes, breathing heavily.

“Uuuunnnnhhhh, oh my —!” he started to scream, but Holly had to stifle it by kissing him, in an attempt to not wake the kids up.

He screamed into her mouth and then he once again shot his hot cum into her now trembling body. Holly clenched her vaginal muscles even tighter yet as her body shook in an intense orgasm that lasted a long time.

Holly collapsed in an orgasmic heap on top of Ky. Once they had regained their composure, Ky kissed her on the top of her head, and she kissed him back softly on the lips.

“That was better than dinner any day, baby,” Ky said, holding her close to him.

“Well you know…I babysit here a lot…” she hinted. “So we could probably do this again soon.” She looked up at the clock again – 8: 55. John said he’d be home between 9 and 10!

“Umm…. Kyle you really have to go though, I don’t know when John will be home, but it will probably be soon.” She stood up and started getting dressed and he followed suit.

“Okay, Hol, call me when you get home, okay?” he said when they had finished.

“I will,” she replied as she showed him to the door.

“I love you, Holly. Tonight was amazing,” he said and they shared another long passionate kiss.

“I love you too,” she said then closed the door behind him.

She leaned backwards onto the door and sighed (with a huge smile on her face this time) before she walked back into John’s room to put Mark to bed. As she had expected Mark was passed out in the same spot he had been when she left him. She picked him up, and carried him off to his bedroom, laid him down and kissed his forehead, too. Back in the living room, she tidied things up and sprayed some perfume to try and hide the smell of fresh sex.

Then she returned to John’s room, put the bell next to the movie case, beside the TV, and pressed rewind on the VCR. While she was waiting she made John’s bed, and laid down on it, exhausted. She didn’t even notice when she drifted off to sleep.

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