The Birthday Boy Ch. 04

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The day at school was as most would say, boring, nothing happened and even if it did, chances are that I would have been to distracted to even notice, I had been transfixed on the images that had possessed my dreams last night, the thought of my mother and I being lovers, was I really in love with my mom? She certainly is a very attractive lady, its no wonder why she was never at a loss for a date, as for whether or not she had slept with any of these guys, I didn’t know, it wasn’t any of my business, so I didn’t try to get involved. It made me wonder why she had never settled down again, it made me worry sometimes about her, I just wanted to see her happy.

As I opened the front door of the house, glad to be home on a Friday, not having to worry about school for 2 days, I was greeted by my mom who had spent the day at home since it was her day off,

“Your home early” she greeted me as I walked through the door

“Ya, practice was postponed until Monday, personal reasons coach said” I explained

“So, any plans for your birthday tomorrow, or do I still have one more chance to take my baby out on his special day?” she said as she wrapped her arms around me in a hug as I kicked off my shoes,

“Well a couple of the friends said they wanted to take me out for lunch tomorrow, canlı bahis but that’s mostly during the day, I should be home by dinner, did you have anything in mind?” I asked

“Well I thought maybe I’d get the chance to take you out for dinner and then maybe we could rent a movie afterwards and watch it when we get home”

“You mean a date?” I stuttered, images of my dream from last night coming back to me again, not like they had really left though.

“Well if you want to call it that, of course, that’s if you’re not to embarrassed to be seen with your mother in public” she responded

“Of course not, you know I have nothing against being seen with such a lovely lady out in public” I said without thinking, mom just giggled

“Did you have anywhere specific in mind?” I asked, sensing that she wasn’t finished

“Well, that little Italian place that just opened up looks nice, its somewhat formal, so you’d have to get dressed up for dinner though” she laughed

“But don’t you need reservations to get into that place?” I asked

“Made them 2 weeks ago, table for 2, 7pm, hope you don’t mind” she replied

“Then it’s a date then, pick you up around 6:30ish?” I answered, not minding that she seemed to have this all planned out.

“Sounds great, but what ever bahis siteleri will I wear?” she let out, followed by a girlish shriek acting like she was 17 again and had just been asked out by the most popular guy in school.

Dinner that night went by rather quickly, with the normal discussions about our day, and other such things, after dinner I cleaned up the kitchen, with mom hiding out in her room no doubt finishing up the wrapping of my gifts she had bought the other day for my birthday, so I hit the couch to relax and watch some TV. After about an hour or so, mom came downstairs, wearing her silk robe from the night before, once again I could see the outline of her body through it. She walked over to the fireplace and with a flick of a switch, it lit on its own.

“I’m so glad we decided to get a gas fireplace instead of a wood burning one, its so much easier to light” she said. As she sat down beside me on the couch I placed my arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer, almost unconsciously, and to my surprise, she snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder, I turned my head and looked at her at the same time she glanced up at me, our eyes meeting for a brief moment until her eyes returned to the roaring fire that was before us, I continued to gaze down upon my mother, bahis şirketleri her hair tied back behind her head, I could see that she was slowly drifting off to sleep, I could tell by the look on her face that she was happy, it was then that I started to think more about our date for tomorrow evening, sure, my mom and I have gone out for a formal dinner before, not just to celebrate a birthday, so this wasn’t something unusual for us. I’ve always been proud to escort such a beautiful woman around town, it made me proud to think that people probably figured us as a couple and not as mother and son, could it be so bad if we actually where a couple? Mom does seem happy to be around me. But is it something she would want, what if she doesn’t share my thoughts, would she disown me? I don’t know what she has planned for tomorrow night, but could I possibly seduce my own mother, well, I could certainly try.

“C’mon mom, I think its time for bed, tomorrows a big day for the both of us” I said amidst the crackle of the roaring fire before us

“Okay hun, your right, it certainly is going to be a big day” she replied, already half asleep.

“More then you know mom, more then you know” I whispered quietly, she didn’t seem to hear me.

I got her upstairs and into her bed, tucking her in I kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered to her

“I love you mom” she only smiled as I closed the door quietly, looking back on her to see her drift off to sleep, happy and content with her present situation.

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