The Bridge Contract

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The bridge contract

Matthew and Jeff first met at the University bridge club and they soon formed a formidable pair. When they left university they remained partners and won championships all over the place. After 10 years you could say that extrasensory perception had taken over the relationship and they could outplay just about anybody. Unfortunately, at a state championship, some little minx from another team caught Matthew’s eye and the pairing broke up. Jeff was alone and had to find another partner from somewhere. This wasn’t going to be easy. There were many singletons around but very few really good ones. After a few weeks trying he paired up with Shannon, a 30-year-old divorcee who could really play.

At first everything went well as they got used to each other’s bidding habits and idiosyncrasies but after a while Jeff began to have doubts and tensed up. He became anxious and could not sleep and their performance together dropped. There was another problem — Shannon was the first female partner Jeff had ever had. She was good-looking and had a reasonable figure which she sometimes managed to conceal and at other times managed to display. It was those times, when she sat across from Jeff wearing a sweater that caused his eyes to focus on her breasts, that he became disconcerted and lost concentration. Sometimes she wore shortish dresses and the sight of her shapely legs caused Jeff to imagine what was out of sight. It had been a long time since his fingers had been close to a pussy and each time he saw Shannon, there was an increased need to resolve his frustration.

Shannon couldn’t work out what the problem was but used her intuition to try and relax Jeff. They both lived in a very tall building where many of the bridge players lived and played in the bridge club on the first floor. It was extremely convenient. Shannon tried mindfulness, relaxation techniques, yoga — everything she could think of. She finally decided that it might work if she massaged Jeff’s shoulders and neck and made him relax that way. Sometimes during the game when there was a break she would get up and massage his shoulders. To help him sleep she began to go back to his apartment after the games and massage his shoulders. It worked the first night. The next night she came back again and massaged his shoulders again. As she finished and began to move from behind the chair to the side of his chair, his hand, in one swift movement, slipped underneath her dress and up the inside of the leg to rest against her pussy.

Shannon froze. She could not believe it. There had not been the slightest intimation that there was any social or sexual relationship between her and Jeff. Nothing. Thoughts that might normally take seconds to run through her mind were cascading through at an alarming rate. What to do? What not to do? Should I walk out? No! His hand is against my inner thigh. It is so sensitive. Oh god. His hand is resting against my panties. I can’t believe this. He’s trying to reach around the elastic. I can feel his fingers against my skin and the hairs on my pussy. It’s been a long time since anybody touched me here, well before I got divorced. His finger is trying to reach through my panties to rub my clitoris. He’s got to stop. Now he’s reaching round the elastic.

The elements of panic receded and Shannon began to think normally and calmly again. She was listening to two voices. One voice was saying, “Stop it” and the other voice was saying, “I like it.” The first voice started off much louder than the second but as the minutes passed the second voice became dominant. His fingers slipped around the elastic and gently rubbed her lips. Slowly but surely one finger found its way into her crack and began searching for her clitoris. He found it and began rubbing ever so gently. Shannon could feel herself getting wetter and wetter and her clitoris getting harder.

“Whatever made you do that?”

“I don’t know. I think I had a brain snap. The idea came into my mind and I did it without thinking. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but didn’t have the courage to tell you or know how to approach you. I decided to take a chance and I did it.”

“You know it’s not normal to do that.”

“I know. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“I don’t know. We’ll see. It was so unexpected. Normally boys kiss a girl and play with canlı bahis her breasts before they do what you did and she agrees. You gave me such a surprise.”

“I know. I know. I don’t know what came over me.”

“I’ve got to go home. It’s late. Good night.”

Shannon fled back to her apartment in some confusion. It was all so unexpected and unwelcome. Nevertheless she had to work out what to do. After some thought she came to conclusion that the most important thing was to preserve her bridge partnership with Jeff — that meant everything to her. As she calmed down, the thought that he might touch her there again became slightly more appealing. She remembered that she had enjoyed sex with her husband in the beginning. It was only when he became rough that she didn’t like it. Jeff seemed to be a very gentle person. Maybe it would be better. She would give it a try. The next night she met Jeff again to play bridge and you would not have thought that anything untoward had occurred between them.

Jeff was just as tense and anxious as always and without asking, Shannon followed him back to his apartment and began to massage his shoulders again. This time his hand slipped under her dress again and went right up to her crotch. This time Shannon was not wearing panties and his fingers touched her lips and one finger gently slipped in between and searched, eventually finding her button. When that happened Shannon took a deep breath and enjoyed the first fingering she had had for years. The juices started quickly and his finger slipped over her clitoris. It brought back pleasant memories. Shannon stood patiently allowing Jeff to have his way with her. She opened her legs wide to give him better access. The first thing she noticed was how smooth and soft the tips of his fingers were. The heaviest work they had done for years was to shuffle cards. He was gentle, not rough.

Much to her surprise Jeff seemed to know all about the geography between her legs. She had been told when she met him that he never went out with women and seemed to be a perpetual bachelor yet here he was, skilfully sliding his finger between her thighs seeking to open her lips and find her clitoris. I’m dry. He is nearly there. He’s found it. Those nice feelings are coming back. I’m getting a bit wet. It’s nice. What should I do? It’s nice. Oh no — his thumb is poking around — he looking for my vagina. His thumb is in a little bit and now more and more and he is still rubbing. His thumb is right inside me. I haven’t had an orgasm in years but if he continues on like this I will soon have one. He’s getting close. I’m getting close. In a few seconds her body shook and swayed about as the first orgasm she had had for years wracked her body. When the spasms subsided she swung around and with her hand disengaged Jeff’s hand between her legs and stood him straight up.

“Well, you are a surprise packet. I never expected that from you. That was your opening bid. Now I’m going to show you my opening bid.”

Shannon led him into the bedroom and stood him at the side of the bed while she silently removed his tie, shirt, singlet, shoes, socks, pants and finally pulled Jeff’s underpants down revealing a modest sized penis which was completely soft. At the same time as her fingers wrapped around his penis she kissed him and engaged his eyes. She could feel it getting harder and harder until what had been quite modest in size was now more than respectable. She remarked to herself how smooth it was and how it was going to slide in, up and down, back and forth, and she would soon feel the weight of his thighs against her groin. The sight of his erection made her quite excited — it was a long time since the last one and although she hadn’t missed her husband’s attention, the sight of one ready for action, filled her with anticipation of the delicious feeling as it opened her up and their bodies locked together.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No. I wanted to when I was much younger and then I got involved with bridge and everything else in my life stopped and I stopped going out with my girlfriend and here I am.”

“Did you ever see your girlfriend without clothes on?”

“No. We never went that far. She was very churchy.”

“You can take my dress off and my bra and my pants. Give me a kiss and kiss my breasts and suck bahis siteleri my nipples. That’s so good. It makes me very wet. How do I look?”

“You’ve got much bigger breasts than I ever imagined and you look great. I like your body too and you haven’t shaved. I think I’m going to like you very much.”

Jeff’s finger descended onto Shannon’s pubic hair and then riffled around and started playing with her clitoris again. Shannon sucked in air and fell back onto the bed with her legs open and pulled Jeff towards her. She manoeuvred him between her legs and drew his penis towards the entrance to her vagina and pulled him in. Jeff hesitated. He wanted to see his penis disappear into Shannon’s body. He aimed at a few drops of moisture showing at the bottom of the hairy valley in front of him and it slipped in, or was it vacuumed in. Shannon didn’t want Jeff to last too long and he didn’t. It was all over in a very short time and he rolled off her and fell asleep. Shannon wasn’t surprised. She knew that sex was a sure-fire way to make a man fall asleep. In those few minutes before she herself fell asleep she had time to think about the events of the evening. She had not intended to be a sex partner with Jeff two days ago but now she was in bed with him and the experience had proved to be more pleasant than she had expected. He wasn’t rough like her ex-husband and the more she thought about it, the more she thought that life with him as a partner would be very good. With those pleasant thoughts in mind she fell asleep.

In the morning she woke up to see Jeff looking into her eyes. She gave him a kiss and asked him a question that she had been formulating all night. She needed to know a bit more about Jeff before she would commit herself to him.

“What happened with your first girlfriend? I hope you don’t mind me asking. I want to understand you better.”

“No, I don’t mind. Angela was very pretty and we got on well. When it came to sex she was very reluctant. She didn’t mind me kissing her and fondling her breasts but when it came to touching her pussy, you would’ve thought that I was trying to steal the royal jewels. I never actually got my fingers inside her panties. She was very shy and she caught me peeking at her while she was having a shower and she told her mother and the next thing it was all over. I took up bridge and never found another girlfriend – that was it until you came along. Here we are. How lucky I am.”

“You don’t seem to understand women very well.”

“They are a bit of the mystery to me. The idea of another person sticking something in my body is so foreign to me. It must be unusual to every man. It just seems unimaginable and yet you as a woman allow it to happen without a second thought. I find that so hard to get used to.”

“Of course it’s normal for a woman. We know it’s our destiny to have babies and we know that if you want to make a baby, you have to let a man stick his penis inside you and this is the only one way that can happen.”

‘That makes sense. A woman’s body is such a mystery. You can look at her body standing up and still not see her sex. When you see a man standing up you can see everything. He hides nothing.”

“Does that mean you’ve never seen a naked girl — and her pussy, everything, ever?”

“No. Never. How was it is it going to happen if I didn’t have a girlfriend?”

Shannon had made her mind up that she wanted to build a serious relationship with Jeff and she wanted to enmesh him in her little web. She got out of bed and stood facing Jeff.

“Sit on the edge of the bed and you can look at me. I’m not shy. It’s natural for you to want to see my body just as it’s natural for me to want to see your body. You can’t be intimate if you hide behind clothes.”

Jeff did as he was told and sat on the edge of the bed watching as Shannon did the dance of the seven veils without the veils, trying to look as sexy as she possibly could. It was amazing what a good job she did. She had long hair which she tossed around as she danced and did what looked like ballet manoeuvres with her feet high in the air. When she had finished her presentation she walks slowly towards the edge of the bed and pulled Jeff’s nose into her pubic triangle so that he could get a good whiff of her scent. She was a cunning devil. It worked a treat. The scent of her bahis şirketleri pussy drove Jeff crazy and he couldn’t help himself but lick her bud which was prominently poking out of her lips. Shannon was in heaven and kept herself in position until she had an orgasm. She then swapped positions with Jeff and sat on the bed while he stood in front of her. His penis was at mouth level and quickly engulfed by her lips and hand and she gave him a real proper workout.

Shannon was giving a lot of thought to this man who seemed likely to become part of her life. He was a puzzle. He was an enigma. His behaviour just wasn’t like any other man that she had been with. It seems unlikely that she could have solved the problem while she was upright in this position but she did. It came to her in a flash of insight — Jeff had the sexual equipment of a grown man but the mental attitude of a young man. He was immature and lacked experience. He was master of the bridge table but understood little beyond it. In short, he was ready to be dominated by a strong woman. Shannon was ready for the task ahead.

“This isn’t really what you wanted to see, is it?”


Shannon dived back onto the bed on her back, drew her knees up to her ears and exposed her pussy with her thighs as wide as she could. She often admired herself naked in the mirror — her pubic triangle was dark and stood out against her pale skin. When she stood up you could not see her clitoris protruding but when she opened her lips it was very obvious. The hood over her clitoris was large and could be pulled back to reveal her little bean.

“This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s what I really wanted to see.”

Shannon understood only too well. She remembered how curious she was to inspect her first boyfriend and her husband’s equipment when they were first married. It was natural to be curious and if exposing herself like this was necessary to make a successful relationship with Jeff, then so be it. She must’ve done it hundreds of times as she made her body ready for sex. What was one more time? She opened her lips wide and watched his eyes as they latched onto her most intimate parts.

“Do you like that? Does it look good?”

“Not really but it’s exciting to see for the first time. You probably don’t think it looks much but you’ve got no idea how exciting it looks to a man. It triggers an inner response that I can’t explain and it makes me feel as if I want to just invade your body and thrust into it.”

“I think I know what you mean. It’s just the male version of me looking at your erect, straight penis and knowing that it’s going to enter me soon. So what do you see?”

“I see your beautiful white thighs and in the middle this long hairy patch with a delicious aroma and when you separate your lips I can see the pink inside and the opening to the entrance to your vagina. And I can see your clitoris and the flesh around it. I wish I had had the courage to do this years ago.”

“You can make up for lost time. Come Into mummy’s womb.” She drew his penis into her vagina and their bodies became one. All those pleasant memories from the past came back and she felt the weight of Jeff’s body on hers. For Jeff it was a moment of triumph — he had finally succeeded. All his dreams had come true.

Shannon was at first doubtful where all this was heading but quickly came to the conclusion that she wanted to continue. The idea that she could sexually control this immature man appealed to her immensely. He was malleable and putty in her hands. She decided to appeal to his juvenile obsession to see her naked and made it a point to walk around the apartment naked all the time. She had a good figure, attractively shaped breasts and a hairy triangle that you couldn’t miss. She was a smart cookie and it worked. She made a point of sitting down with her knees apart and occasionally bent over to pick up things in such a way that Jeff could see her crack.

From now on their relationship at the bridge table would be one of extrasensory perception and intra-sensory perception and they became a winning combination.

For years afterwards Jeff mused to himself about the night that he thrust his hand under Shannon’s skirt in search of her pussy. It was so out of character and even more so as a bridge player, you never played your hand without being fairly certain of your partner’s response and he had no idea how Shannon would respond. He was lucky that she had responded positively. He had never played a better hand in his life.

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