The business trip

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The business trip
Dear readers of all my stories so far, I continue to write one evening out of surprise. Those who read one of my stories for the first time, I hope to see you in the details of my feelings that the body is going through. By nature I am a spontaneous person because most and spontaneously it is the best;) verified!

It was Wednesday, almost by the end of the working week. It is up to me that he is going to a business trip to Zagreb, he will have to go back in the morning tomorrow morning and return back. Through the conversation he introduced me the idea with the question: Do you want with me? I replied what I would do with you on business lunches with all the obligations. And he said he is going because you’ll be waiting for me at the motel. I was immediately overwhelmed by the heat, the thunder, the ideas, the hot hotel room, the hot shower, the soft bed of uf … Of course I decided to agree I did not take long with his questions to go with him. I’ve been up all day tonight so gentle and smooth ready for everything;)

Somehow I spent the night spinning all kinds of thoughts on my head, not saying that I was dreaming of all kinds of perversions from bedding, so in the shower near the wall of hehe you know what I mean. It was morning’s store of things in the bag and she’d greeted her at an agreed place where she picked me up. We headed for the highway, the sun shone on the road, listening to the radio we screamed and talked about everything, with a topic on the subject. He was all dressed up in a department ready for a business meeting, so I could see that look at the tired uf. I was ready to eat it hehehe.

We were driving for an hour or so by the highway, he always loved the cruise control that he had nothing to do and he only gave me a sign to catch him for his pride. Through the department, I lowered my hand to his lap and felt that he was half-naked at him, feeling him splitting. He did not tell me anything but I unplugged and lowered his boxers, pulled it out in the light of day. In a few seconds while out there she has already reached her biggest release. I lowered my seat and lowered my kaçak bahis head to his lap. He immediately told me he did not care to blush my clothes I did not go d ** go. Of course I listened to what he told me. As soon as I lowered my head, licking my lips I took my head and put it in my mouth. He began to moisten it with tongues from all sides to make it easier to glide. After a few moments I covered him with his mouth and started to swallow a little, more and more.

I started pulling him in, while at the same time making sure that no drop of the saliva was unsuccessful in the dress so that he would not remain in the fleece. I was rubbing his eggs that were heavy and full of sperm. It was time to throw it all out! As I waved her with the hand of her, I started to swallow this puffy pot as much as I could. As he poured my throat with my head relatively quickly I managed to swallow him and reach the end of the roots that he was releasing with a satisfying breath. I started to swallow it and suck as much as I could. The fence has already bothered me, but I did not give up, I wanted to get it done faster because I worship when without fingers and touching my hands I can make my throat, tongue and lips finish it 🙂

It did not take long, but began to bite and grab me with one hand, all fortunate that the auto-changer was hehehe and after a couple of my raids it started to pulsate and end in the mouth. The first jet went out while I was alone in my mouth while the jumper came up to the roots and directly sensed how it slid down my throat, I bumped, but I did not jerk. I wanted everything, after a quick dip I let go to the end and then wound up every drop. Nothing should go out. I hardly managed to pick it all up to not drink it. After finishing, I went on to pick it up and pick it all up. She packed it in a boxer, snatched a dick, wiped her mouth, and returned to her seat as if nothing had happened. He just looked at me and said you’re not a normal hehe. My smile was enormous. I like it when it ends because of me so 🙂

Soon we came to Zagreb. He dumped me at Arena Center and went to the meeting. I did a little güvenilir bahis shopping at the mall watching what she had, drinking coffee, resting. After 3h he called me and said he was done and he could pick me up. I waited for him in front of the Arena and picked me up there. We were immediately driving to a hotel / motel. He had mastered and prepared everything by the master earlier this day. I did not even doubt him hehe.

We came there, a nice motel, there are not a lot of people and you’re back in town. Just nice and comfortable. We walked into the room. Of course large double bed, underfloor heating. While we were stationed I went to the bathroom to get ready;) She dropped under the bushes and came out in a low light when he was on the bed with a pointed dummy to the end looking at me and saying “I’ve been waiting for this for hours.” I immediately jumped to bed.

All the more humid than the water beneath the shower I jumped and walked over to him feeling that I was in the butt of his thick pot. We loved, touched, sucked my touches through my neck, breasts, hips, asses. It did not take long to throw me away and turned to pose 69 where I directly set my kite in my mouth and started gurus wanting it or not. As he started to push the slut I went all over, but he did not care, just wanted to get into me. As he so tugged and squatting his eggs from my nose almost to the heels of his eyes, he moistened with my tongue my pussy ready for him. She opened momentarily, so that she was even more tired of it.

It was not long before he threw me on his back and hit his feet on his shoulders and placed his wet kite on a damp hole in a ready punch. I took the poppers, pulled 3 sighs, started to work immediately, tangled through the body, relaxing the butt, as soon as she saw it, she started pushing at me, feeling that I had opened all she had just rushed to me to the end. I promised. It’s not me for **** whether anybody can hear me because I’m totally up to her now. It’s in me to the egg. I want to fuck me, I want him to be his, I want to hear his eggs licking out of my ass. He started to fuck me faster and türkçe bahis faster. The more I was worried, the more it struck it. He moved me to my belly so we stuck him to the end. So doggy posing, while holding my hair with my hands and hair with my hands, and the d ** gom banged my wizards out of my ass. He blushed them from the hitting, so much to me that I did not even feel that my scarves were so strong. Only later when we rested we sensed how to care for me. He continued to fuck me, spinning like a spit in all the ways.

After my own, I did not know how much anal lengths I lost the term about time, he did, of course, did not want to pull me out of the millimeter when he started going and filling my butt with his juices. I love the feeling of emptying eggs in me. We got out of bed and went together in the shower. All the dull, wet of sperm and sweat came in the shower and gave off the water. First he was bathed and drowned and he swallowed again so I helped him. He could not withstand turning me to the wall, licking my pussy with my butt, putting a knife between my ass and immediately fell into me. Without staying fucked wildly enjoying listening to my chastity grinning as it sounds to the walls as it buzzes me. After a couple of minutes of busting he grabbed my neck, shoulder and pushed to my knees.

While hot water falls down his body is left, his kite stands again. On her knees in front of her I watch her while the water drips on her and take her in her mouth again. A bitch with a piece of meat and water that now falls on my face, I take my hair and wad more and more. Beloved in all of this, his body trembled under my bouts of swallowing, rubbing his eggs with his hand with the intention of pouring out so much that he does not know what his name is. I guam all the stronger and stronger to the end with no problems distracted me suddenly took his kitti in my arms started to flay and after a couple of seconds my eyesight toward his face moves to pour water with the warmth of my face. Over her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her mouth open, she ended up as a geyser. After that I took it back in my mouth and sucked everything out. She was shaking and just saying this to Don my bitch!

We dived, saved and started back home. On their return, they went to dinner and drove me home. Pure dewy and so full of sperm;) Perfect business trip is not it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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