The Confessional Glory Hole Ch. 01

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Fuck Hard

Many thanks for the many encouraging comments about “Gran Still Wants Sex” Chapter 2 is now being worked on and hopefully I will publish it shortly. Regards, Jack.


A new priest had come to the Parish, May was a widow who lived with her twenty-four old son liked the look of the priest. May decided to go to confession to have her sins absolved. She checked the Church website and decided to go at six on Friday evening. May arrived at six, and she was the only person in the church. There was a green light on at the confessional box, indicating that she could enter then the red light would go on.

May entered the confessional and knelt in front of the curtain. The priest said, “Good evening, what brings you to confession this evening?”

May replied with a stern voice, “Forgive me, Father, I have sinned.”

The priest asked, “What are these sins?”

May answered, “I have many sexual desires.”

The priest said, “To be absolved of our sins, we must declare them in the confessional box then seek forgiveness.”

May answered, “I have been living with a man who shares my bed, we are not married.”

He replied,” If you are having intercourse, then that is premarital sex which is not allowed.”

May said, “Father, I believe that our relationship is more depraved than that.”

The priest said, “Please reveal your concerns, may I ask what age you are?”

May replied, “I am fifty-two, I am his fuck toy, I am his cum slut.”

“What do you allow him to do to you?” the priest asked with an excited voice.

May replied, “I let him use all my holes, I have his cum dripping out of my panties as I kneel in front of you. I give him oral to wake him in the morning then he ass fucks me. Once he fucked me in the balcony of this church during mass. I love his cock, is that bad?”

The priest asked, “If you are married, then enjoying sex is not bad. When did you first realise that you enjoy sex?”

May answered, “I’m a widow, two years after my husband died, my husband was, an in and out lover, he was very selfish and had no consideration for my needs. He wouldn’t give me oral, telling me that he was a vegetarian. I love oral, giving and receiving. I love to suck cock and eat pussy. I am bisexual.”

In a very excited voice, he asked, “Have you ever had a threesome?”

May answered, “Yes, with my lover and my girlfriend, my lover is in his twenties, and he loves older women. He has a massive cock, very long and very thick.”

“Do you feel comfortable talking to me about this?” asked the priest.

“I would prefer to talk with a woman, especially if she has strong sexual urges and needs who would better understand my problem,” May replied.

The priest replied, “I can understand that, do you know, Sister Mary from the Kindergarten? I will speak with her; I have written her mobile number on a piece of paper which I will now pass through the curtain. In a minute, I must leave to do a hospital visit. In thirty minutes, you can call Sister Mary. There’s one thing that I would like you to do before I go.”

May took the paper and put it in her pocket then said, “I have seen Sister Mary, she is tall like me, I have never spoken to her, but I will call her in thirty minutes. What would you like me to do Father? Thank you for listening to me this evening.”

Nothing happened then this canlı bahis erect cock came through the gap in the curtain, it wasn’t as big as Jack’s, but you would still enjoy it. In an excited voice, the priest said, “Hand Job or blow job, I am clean and would love a nice blow job.”

There was some precum on the slit of his snake, May licked the precum away then went down on his hard cock, she soon had a great rhythm going as her head bobbed up and down him. He loved it and was moaning with pleasure as she did him. The priest said, “You are outstanding, you have a strong tongue, could you take your tits out as I would like to play with them as you suck me, I will cum quickly if you let me.”

May then lifted her top and took her tits out of her bra then said, “They are out, and my nipples are hard.”

May’s bra size was 38 F, her tits were massive. His two hands came through the curtain and quickly found her big tits and hard nipples. May liked his beautiful long fingers and the firm way he played with her tits and stroked her nipples. The priest said, “My God, they are big, Sister Mary’s are big too, and she loves big tits. I am going to cum soon, I would love it if you swallowed my cum.”

May bobbed faster then she felt him brace himself as his first spurt hit her mouth. May was sucking, licking and swallowing as he emptied his balls inside her mouth, his cum tasted so sweet. She licked his cock clean, as she was doing it he said, “That was very good, we can meet again, but it’s better if we do it through Sister Mary, if you meet Sister Mary, compliment her on her big tits and her long sex slit. I fucked her this afternoon, but her cunt is always hungry. You can call me Bill, or if we are fucking, you can call me Father Bill as that could arouse both of us. What is your name?”

May replied, “I am May, I enjoyed sucking you, you’re cum is so sweet. I will call Sister Mary in thirty minutes.”

Father Bill said, “I’ll call her now.”

May heard a phone speed darling then Father Bill say,” Hi sexy, you were so noisy this afternoon, did you enjoy it? That’s nice, I enjoyed it too. The reason that I’m phoning is a lovely mature lady is going to call you shortly, I suggest that you arrange a meeting. She visited the confessional Glory hole this evening, she gives excellent oral, and her twenty odd-year-old boyfriend has a massive cock, I don’t know if he will be with her this evening. Baby, I need to go, tell Mother Superior, I’ll try and see her tomorrow after mass, in fact, ask her to come to mass and take communion as the next thing I put in her mouth after the communion bread will be my hard cock. I’ll catch up with you later as I have a home visit with the doctor’s wife, he’s gone golfing for the weekend.”

May said, “If I meet Sister Mary tonight, my lover will be with me, He’s my son.”

Father Bill said, “Wow, this is getting interesting.”

May told him that she hoped to see him soon and then drove home. Jack kissed her and was playing with her tits, she said to him that she had sucked off the priest, and she would like to see him again. May told him about Sister Mary and the Mother Superior. She then called Sister Mary, she answered on the second ring, “Sister Mary, how can I help you?”

Mum replied, “Hi Sister Mary, Father Bill gave me your number and suggested that I call you, I hope that I am not disturbing you?”

Sister Mary bahis siteleri replied, “Not at all May, I’ve been looking forward to your call, are you busy this evening, would you like to pop round for a glass of wine with the Mother Superior and me? We’re not early beders.”

May answered, “Jack and I would love to do that, we can walk to the convent in five minutes. Would you like us to bring a bottle of wine too?”

Sister Mary said, “That would be excellent, we are drinking dry white at the moment as the tannin from the red was causing our teeth big problems. We have just put Sister Margaret to bed, she’s seventy-five and losing it a bit. The only active nuns here are Mother Superior and me, no one wants to join the order now. What would you like us to wear? We can wear our habits with some risqué lingerie underneath, or we can wear our street clothes? Whatever you want.”

May said, “I think the habits with the risqué lingerie would arouse Jack and me, just thinking about it is making my pussy wet. We have a lovely Australian Chardonnay, we will bring a couple of bottles of that. See you in ten minutes.”

Sister Mary replied, “That’s so kind of you, we look forward to tasting it and perhaps if we are lucky a taste of your wet pussy. See you in ten.”

Jack and May walked round to the rear entrance of the Kindergarten, which was the convent. The front door was the entrance to the Kindergarten. Sister Mary opened the door after unlocking three locks. She was in her habit, she had bright eyes and beautiful skin. She shook May and Jack’s hand and invited them into their lounge. Mother Superior was their and Sister Mary introduced May and Jack to her as Mother Superior, she said, “Please call me Ann, if it arouses you when we are fucking then call me that then.” She shook Jack’s hand and said, “You are so tall and with a firm body.” She gave May a hug then said, “You look gorgeous, and you smell great.”

Sister Mary then said, “The same applies to me, call me Mary when we are chatting.”

Jack gave them the wine, Mary took the bottles and said, “How thoughtful, the wine is chilled, Ann and I enjoy a thoughtful man, I’ll put these in the fridge to keep them cold.”

Mary and Ann were both tall, Ann had a matronly figure, enormous breasts, slim waist and broader hips. She had sparkling eyes and a beautiful complexion, she was also looking Jack up and down, Jack sensed that she liked him.

Ann then poured May and Jack a glass of wine then suggested to Jack that he should sit on the four-seater sofa on the left of the room and May and Mary can cosy up on the same size sofa on the right of the lounge. Both had their own coffee tables.

Ann was sitting very close to Jack on the sofa, there was something very sexy about Ann even though she was wearing a nun’s habit. Jack wondered what she was wearing below it, and that’s when his cock started to grow. Ann asked, “What’s your profession, Jack?”

Jack replied, “I qualified as a lawyer last year, and I am now working in my father’s old firm where I hope to soon become a partner.”

Ann asked, “Is your father still there at the firm?”

“No, sadly he died in my second year of University, he was Senior Partner, and his father founded the firm, wisely he made a provision that I would join the firm so that I can look after mum.”

Ann then put her hand on the outline of Jack’s cock, as bahis şirketleri she started to stroke it, she asked, “Do you enjoy looking after older women? My God, your cock feels wonderful, would you like me to bring him out so I can start to make him really hard?”

Jack looked across, and Mary and his mum were now kissing and touching each other. Jack said, “Why not, we are both adults, and I love to give pleasure to an older woman.”

Ann had Jack’s cock out and trousers and boxers off in seconds, Jack’s cock was massive. “That’s a big boy, let me make him harder.”

Ann then went down on him, she knew what she was doing, she was taking the full length of his thick shaft. Jack looked over, and May and Mary were now naked, Mary had a beautiful body, they were licking and fingering each other’s pussies.

Ann put her hand under her veil and unfastened the back of her collar she then pulled down the front of her habit exposing her massive breasts. She then lifted the hem of her habit and pulled it over her head. Ann was wearing no panties, her vulva was smooth and swollen with a long sex slit. She then took off her bra and unbelievably her massive tits didn’t sag. Ann asked, “Will I take off my veil or do you want to fuck me with my veil on?”

Jack slid his hand between her legs, he spread her pussy lips open. Ann had a huge clit, Jack then slipped two fingers into her very wet pussy. Jack said, “Please keep your veil on, now stand up and bend over the sofa, I would like to do you doggy style.”

Ann was very agile, she was in a position to take Jack, Ann had bent over, spread her legs. Her ass was high in the air, she was supporting herself by holding the top of the sofa. Jack teased her big clit with the bulbous tip of his erect cock. He then slid inside her hungry cunt, Ann said, “That’s awesome, I’ve never had one as big inside me, fuck me hard and fuck me deep.”

That’s exactly what Jack did along with rubbing her clit as he pounded into her. Ann was gripping Jack’s cock at the base and tip of each thrust. Within ten minutes, Ann had a body shaking orgasm, Jack pulled out as she was shaking uncontrollably. Ann regained her composure and said, “That was the best fuck of my life, I’m throbbing and tingling all over, you must give me your number Jack, I want to see you again and soon.”

May said, “Mary and I stopped and watched you, your movements are so powerful and graceful, you’re beautiful to watch, Mary is now ready for you.”

Mary said, “It was beautiful to watch, I’m sorry that I didn’t video it. Jack, do me the same way as Ann, is it possible that Ann video’s it for me?”

Jack agreed, and Ann got her smartphone out. Mary got into the same position as Ann, Mary’s ass was invitingly there for him, Mary said, “Do me the same as Ann, hard and deep, I want this so bad.”

Jack then mounted her doggy style, she was like Ann, a great ride, doing all the right things. Jack was rubbing her clit as he pounded her hungry pussy, Mary was moaning with pleasure then Mary orgasms, she was noisy with it, as her orgasm subsides, Jack pulls his cock out. Mary said, “That was unreal, you go so deep, I loved every second of it. Ann, did you get the video?”

Ann replied, “I’ve got it in HD, Jack, I’ll send you a copy. Jack, I know of several mature ladies who yield to the temptations of the flesh, if you’re approached by a woman who tells you that Ann speaks of you then you will know what they need.”

Jack and his mum walked home, Jack said, “Mum, tonight your cunt will be filled with my cum, I didn’t cum inside either of them, you have taught me well.”

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