The Damned New Bathing Suit Ch. 04

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Kyle and Josh were waiting at the shaded picnic table that served as their usual meeting spot when they all came to this park. Josh had taken off his shirt and was wiping the sweat from his chest and face. He decided to combine this meeting with a moderately long run and had arrived just a bit after Kyle. Not being one for long runs in the heat, Kyle had ridden his bicycle over. It now rested against the large thick oak that provided nice shade for the spot. Kyle passed a large bottle of water over to Josh who downed most of it on the spot, trying to replenish his lost fluids. Kyle took a few swallows from his own bottle meaning to save some of it for the ride home. Both their mothers waited at home and while both of them wanted to get back sooner rather than later, it had become a routine that they should meet on Saturday afternoons here in the park just to talk about things. Mostly they conversed about topics that none of them wanted their families to hear. Girls were always at the top of the list but new music, upcoming events such as concerts or parties, how things were going to go once they were all at college and, usually, back to girls again were generally how these meetings went.

One topic that was in the mix was Robbie’s claim that he was fucking his own mother. Neither Kyle nor Josh had confessed that they, too, were doing the same thing and so, for now, they listened to Robbie, who seemed to have no problem sharing the details about his own taboo sex life. Kyle and Josh had not come forth with their incestuous relationships because both of them thought, without a doubt, that Robbie would somehow use it to gain leverage over them and, most likely, try and get the three sons and their mothers all involved in some swap meet where mothers and sons would swap partners until all of them were fucking each other. For himself, Kyle had no intention of letting Robbie or Josh, for that matter, fuck his mother. Unknown to Kyle, Josh felt the same way and so they both were silent for now.

Kyle pointed across the park. “Here he comes,” he said.

Josh looked and saw Robbie walking towards them. He was wearing a skimpy tank top and running shorts that showed off his muscular frame, on purpose of course. As Robbie walked into the shade he looked at Josh then a broad grin broke out across his face.

“Fuck you Robot,” said Josh before Robbie could say a word.

“What? What did I do?” answered Robbie, his grin growing even wider.

“Just shut up. And by the way, fuck you,” said Josh.

“What’s going on?” asked Kyle.

“Nothing,” said Josh. He paused for a bit before following up. “This asshole pranked me is all.”

Kyle looked back and forth from Josh to the still grinning Robbie. “What did he do?”

“Nothing, he’s just a tool,” said Josh.

“I got him to hit on his mom,” said Robbie, still grinning.

“Shut up dickhead,” replied Josh.

Kyle’s heart rate quickened a bit at this news. Was it possible that Josh and his mom were having taboo sex like he was with his own mother? He wanted to know more but hesitated asking, worried that he might reveal his own secret.

“I can’t believe you fell for it, dude,” said Robbie.

“I can’t believe you’re banging your own mom. Your mom! That’s just sick dude,” retorted Josh.

“Dude, I’m not doing my mom. I just said that to see if you would go for it, you know and you totally did, man, totally.”

“So the whole thing was just a big prank then?” asked Josh.

“Yeah and you fell for it,” grinned Robbie.

“Wait, you told him you were doing your mom and got him to try it with his mom? You are sick, dude,” said Kyle, his heart slowing down a bit.

None of them spoke for a moment until Robbie broke the silence.

“So, how did it go?” he asked Josh.

“How do you think it went? I don’t think I can ever even hug my mom again without her thinking I’m weird.”

“So, nothing happened?” asked Robbie, looking for final confirmation.

“Of course nothing happened, dickhead.”

Kyle felt it was time to get involved in the conversation before his two friends started throwing punches. “Robbie, dude, that was over the line. That’s not something you pull on a friend, that’s just sick and you know it.” Kyle tried and make his words sound convincing which was hard since, after he left his friends, he was going home to fuck his own mother.

“Yeah,” added Josh.

Robbie’s grin faded. He gave Josh a light punch in the shoulder. “I’m sorry dude. You’re right, that was over the line. It didn’t mess things up with you and your mom too much did it?”

“I don’t think so.” In fact Robbie’s prank had opened a whole new and exciting relationship with his mother Lynne.

“OK. So, we’re cool then?” asked Robbie.

“Yeah, we’re cool. Forget about it. Just don’t try something like that again.”

“Oh I’m totally going to try and prank you again. It just won’t be anything to do with your mom so look out,” said Robbie, his wide grin flashing once more.

Josh smiled and gave his friend a light punch in his arm. All was forgiven now, mostly forgiven kızılay escort anyway. Josh thought that he might not absolved Robbie so easily if his prank had not led to regular hot sex with his own mom. But since Josh was now sharing a bed with his mom on a nightly basis he was more inclined to forgive Robbie, without sharing that particular fact with him.

The boys soon shifted into their usual topics starting with girls of course. Neither Josh nor Kyle had any new conquests to report since both of them were too busy pleasuring their mothers to go out and chase girls their own ages. They spoke, instead, of past sexual partners going into great detail on every aspect down to where it had occurred and for how long and how much danger there was of being caught All in all it was typical conversation for horny 18 year old boys. After going through sports and new music the boys bid each other goodbye and headed home. Josh loosened up a bit before jogging off while Kyle pedaled his bike home. Robbie walked back to his car, dreading what was going to happen when he got home.

He drove back to his house in silence, his mood darkening as he got closer. The wide grin that was his trademark was gone, replaced by an anxious look of uncertainty. He arrived home and stayed in his car for a little while as if he were undecided about going in or driving off. After a couple of minutes of contemplation he got out of his car and headed to the front door. He looked inside the garage, dismayed to see that his father’s car was gone for that meant it would just be his mom, Sue, and him all alone.

Robbie walked in and looked around the large front living room. It was quiet except for the hum of the ceiling fan. He turned to head upstairs but stopped when he heard his mom’s voice come from the kitchen.

“Robbie is that you?” Sue called. Robbie could clearly hear the slight slur in her voice. She had been drinking again but then she drank pretty much all the time these days.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“Come in here a minute.”

Robbie took in a deep breath and walked into the kitchen. She was leaning against the kitchen island that contained the stove and some cabinets. She held a large plastic cup filled, most likely with vodka and orange juice, heavy on the vodka. Next to her, balanced in an ashtray, a freshly lit cigarette wafted smoke up to the ceiling where another fan dissipated it into the air. Her long bleached blonde hair hung loosely on the sides of her face and a sly smile slowly grew from her red lips as she watched Robbie come into the room. She wore one of her bathing suits, not the damned, new, skimpy one that had started this whole thing, but a dark purple two-piece that, while larger, still allowed her large, silicon enhanced tits to bulge creating major cleavage. Along with the bathing suit she wore a light, gauzy, white, long sleeved blouse with the front open that served no other purpose than being a fashion accessory. She took a drag off her cigarette and eyed her son much like a female lion would look at a potential meal.

“Your dad won’t be home for hours,” she purred.

Robbie looked down at the floor for a second before answering “Mom, please not again,” he said.

Sue smiled at her son. “Oh come on you know you want it as much as I do. It’s not like we haven’t done it before. Eight times before by my count but who’s counting.”

“I know how many times we’ve done it. That doesn’t make it right. We need to stop this before it gets out of hand.”

In response Sue walked over and put her hand on her son’s cock and slowly began to massage and fondle it, feeling it grow hard in her grasp. “I think I have it well in hand, don’t you?”

Robbie’s breathing and pulse quickened as Sue expertly rubbed his hard cock through his shorts. After a short time she ran her hand into Robbie’s shorts and found his cock then continued stroking the shaft up and down. Robbie closed his eyes, his breath coming in short gasps of pleasure as Sue continued her technique.

Suddenly Robbie reached down and pulled her hand out of his shorts and stepped away from her. “Damn it you need to stop this! You’re my mother for God’s sake. This is just wrong!”

Sue seemed unaffected by her son’s words. She stepped towards him and put her arms around his waist then pulled him in for a kiss. Robbie turned his face away at the last second so that her lips found only Robbie’s stubbly cheek. Undaunted she slid her lips down to Robbie’s ear and licked his earlobe before advancing down his neck with sliding, wet kisses. His body jerked as her mouth continued its work then her hand found it’s way back into his shorts again but, this time he made no move to stop her. Instead he reached around her back and undid her bathing suit top. Sue shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor. Then she pressed her lips to his and the two kissed one another hard allowing their tongues unobstructed access to each other’s mouth.

Sue then moved down Robbie’s chest, further and further down until she came to his shorts. She lightly grasped them and slowly kızılay escort bayan pulled them down allowing Robbie to step out of them at the end. Then she took her son’s throbbing cock into her mouth and began to expertly suck him using her tongue and lips in time with her hand movements. She could feel his thighs tighten and jerk as she took his dick in and out of her mouth until saliva ran down her chin and onto the floor.

Robbie’s hands gripped the ledge of the counter as Sue kept on. “Goddamn, God damn it, she was so good at this!” he thought. Then he felt her mouth release him allowing her to take his slippery cock and lay it between her big tits, pushing them together as she deftly slid his dick back and forth, sandwiching it between them.

“Does that feel good honey? Do you like it when mommy does that?” she asked.

Robbie’s only response were a few halting grunts between breaths. He looked down at his mother as she knelt on the floor in front of him. Sue looked up at her son and smiled as she kept on sliding his cock back and forth between her tits as if she were proud of her handiwork.

“It’s time for you to make mommy feel good. Are you going to make mommy feel real good?” she said softly.

Robbie’s jaw clenched tightly as his emotions battled running away against the nearly unbearable pleasure that he felt as Sue kept rubbing his wet, hard dick between her tits.

“Ahhhhh!” he shouted as he reached down and grabbed his mother by the hair and pulled her to her feet. He spun her around and bent her across the counter then grabbed her bathing suit bottom and fiercely yanked it, ripping it down her legs until it was free. He cast it aside as Sue hiked her nice round ass in the air and spread her legs for him.

“That’s the way Robbie! Come on and fuck me hard, hard as you can!” she shouted.

Robbie obliged her and rammed his hard cock into her wet, slippery pussy. Sue shrieked, not in pain but in delight, closing her eyes, an expression of passionate joy rushing across her face. Robbie grabbed her by the hips and pulled her in hard with each thrust.

“Yeah! Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Sue exclaimed each time Robbie pounded his cock inside her. Her face lay sideways on the counter and she gripped the edges to try and steady herself as Robbie continued his violent strokes.

Robbie looked down at his dick sliding in and out of his mother’s pussy. The sight aroused him even more and he quickened his speed as his head rolled back and his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Sue lifted her head off the counter and turned around to look at her son who was totally lost in passion.

“In the ass Robbie, do me in the ass,” she said between gasps of air. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide.

Robbie stopped only long enough to pull out his cock and shove it into Sue’s pink asshole. After that brief pause he resumed his rapid thrusts, slamming his hard dick up his mother’s ass again and again.

“Ahhhh, ahhh, ahahahahaha,” screamed Sue, laughing in a combination of pleasure and pain as her son kept up his assault. Her head flopped back down on the counter and she bit her lips as she smiled in delight as her son fucked her.

Both of them were perspiring heavily now and their eyes burned as the salty sweat ran into their eyes but the discomfort did nothing to slow either of them down until Robbie began to cry out.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he said loudly as his eyes closed and jaw tightened.

Sue suddenly backed up and then pulled forward which pulled her son’s cock from her ass. She spun around and dropped to her knees then took Robbie’s dick in her mouth and sucked it frantically, jacking it with her both hands at the same time.

“Ahh shit, shit, ahhhh,” exclaimed Robbie as he shot streams of sperm into Sue’s mouth. She released her mouth from his dick and jacked it as Robbie kept on shooting his sperm onto her face and tits. Robbie fell forward and grabbed the end of the counter to steady himself as he nearly lost his balance. His climax continued until, finally he was spent. He fell onto the counter, resting and supporting his upper body as his rapid breathing began to slow somewhat.

At the same time Sue flopped on back on the floor, her son’s semen running off her face and tits in rivulets until it dripped on the floor.

“Oh my God,” she said wearily. “That was amazing, beyond amazing. Your Dad has never fucked me like that.”

Robbie slowly pushed himself up off the counter. He looked on the floor for his shorts and hurriedly pulled them back on. Sue still lay on the floor, naked and covered with semen. Robbie grabbed a nearby dishtowel and tossed to her. As Sue wiped herself off Robbie looked down at her.

“I’ve asked you not to mention Dad when, you know, when we do this,” he said.

“Why not? I don’t see any harm in giving credit where it’s due.”

“Because, I don’t want to think about him when we’re fucking. I don’t think he would be happy finding out what his wife and son are doing. It would hurt him and I don’t want that.”

“You escort kızlay think it would hurt your dear old Dad to find out we’re making love more than he and I are?” said Sue as she fished around the floor for her own clothes and began putting them back on.

“Making love?” exclaimed Robbie. “This isn’t making love this is making porn! There is no love here! If we taped it and played it back it would be just like thousands of porn movies out there.”

Sue stood and fastened her bathing suit top and put her gauzy blouse back on. “That’s an idea. We could tape it so we could play it back whenever we wanted.”

“Yeah, right. Then we could post it on the web for everyone to see. That way the whole world could watch me fuck my own mother in the ass.”

“No, we wouldn’t do that. I’m not crazy. We’ll just keep it between you and me. How’s that?”

“Whatever,” answered Robbie.

It was quiet between the two for a short time. Robbie wanted to leave but felt like he needed to stay around until Sue dismissed him for some reason. Sue went to the refrigerator and put some more ice in her cup then swirled it around to cool her drink off.

“How did it go with Lynne and Josh. Did he have any success in seducing her?” she asked.

“No. It didn’t go good at all according to him. I shouldn’t have put him up to that. Him and his mom have a good normal relationship. I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing that to one of my best friends.”

“Oh, but it could have led to so much for both of us. You could fuck Lynne while Josh was with me. We could do a foursome. Maybe we could get Kat and Kyle involved too and have a real orgy. Wouldn’t that be fun. How’d you like to fuck Kat’s big old tits?”

“Yeah,” Robbie answered sullenly. “I’m going to shower and go out for awhile. I’ll be back later.”

“I’ll be waiting,” answered Sue. Robbie hurried upstairs and took a long hot shower, scrubbing himself from head to toe with a loofa until he felt clean. He dressed then went downstairs checking the patio before he left. Sue was asleep on a lounge chair in the shade, her drink sat on a small table beside her, the ice melted, the sides dripping with condensation.

Robbie went out to his car and drove away from the house without any destination in mind. He meandered around the town not really paying attention to where he was. Today made nine times that he had fucked his own mother and in his mind that was eight times too many. The first time had been brief since he came after just a few strokes. She had been very drunk and he thought she might forget it had happened but then she came to him again and again each time the sex became wilder and more pornographic. Sure he spent a lot of time looking at porn on the net but experiencing it in real life was somewhat of a letdown. For all his testosterone fueled personality that his friends saw, deep down, he craved intimacy which was something he rarely got in his young life.

So why did he keep fucking her? Robbie had only been with three other girls in his life. All of them were inexperienced, just like he was and the sex had been mostly a clumsy affair, one of which ended with the girl crying. Fucking his mom was incredible since it was the ultimate taboo. That and his constant flow of teenaged hormones and impulsive, poor decision making skills kept him doing it. But the fact that she was aggressive, adventurous, would do things girls his own age wouldn’t and didn’t cry afterwards made fucking her exciting beyond words. And that, in the end, was the problem. Words. He couldn’t share what they were doing with anyone. How could he ever explain it to a friend, a girlfriend or fiancé? What would happen if he brought his wife home, in the future, only to have his own mother try and get some alone time with him or even try to have a threesome. Having a heart to heart with his father was not only impossible but probably dangerous as well.

But then, she had never been a typical mother. He knew about the sex games and toys that were a big part of his parent’s sex life as were booze and recreational drugs. He himself didn’t see the attraction and just wanted a normal girl to be part of his life. Instead he felt trapped in a situation that would not have a pleasant ending. He knew that his mom would keep escalating her sexual demands until someone, or worse, his father, found out and then his whole life would come crashing down. He likely would go to jail as would his mother and probably his father too for killing them both or at least trying to. He needed a way out of this but he had nowhere to go. Robbie was totally dependent on his parents for everything; his food, money, living space, car. He would also have to come home from college on holidays and breaks. What he needed was a way to be self sufficient so he could get out of his situation for it was sure to explode and soon.

He stopped at a traffic light and looked around himself, mildly amused that he was on the other side of town. On his left was a strip mall and as he looked over the stores that lined up side by side there he saw a U.S. Army recruiting office. When the light changed he turned right into the shopping center and found a parking space close to the recruiter. Instead of getting out of the car immediately he waited a bit, pondering the ramifications of what he was about to do. In the end he turned off his car, got out and walked in.

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