The Danish Salior

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The Danish Salior
1.Just the head lines and my thoughts

This story is from the real life. It went on in 1975/76 in Newark Port, USA
 I saw Jim as the story is about 5/6 times more in the time after this first meeting. And every time with great pleasure for both of us I know
 Among other things, once, where one mentioned Swedes, last in history. was with Jim and I on one of our “shopping trip”
 It was also the time before AIDS and therefore there is no mention of condoms, since I / we did not use them
 I have not seen either Jim or the Swede since 1976. And have actually missed them at times (hehe) especially Jim’s amazing cock
 I have since been living in several relationships with women and having c***dren who do not know about these experiences, however, the different women know that I have had relationships with men. before their time
 Through my years at sea, I have also had several wonderful sex experiences. As I hide in myself, I enjoy thinking back on. (Would these times come again, I dream often) and every time with pleasure and joy for my cock, also a few experiences with “shemales / ladyboys have been in my life then
 At that time I often thought about the fact that “older men” wanted to have young guys … and found it a little strange. after .I am and very much like older / adult men

 And asked my friends why. As I explained to them, you become old Gay / Bee men one day. where will you then get your desires settled and satisfied? When no elder will be together but only have “young” meat, but never got a reasonable answer

 Today where I am 60 I understand them a little better. I still turn on a lovely older man with a nice cock and even gray hair …. but but.
For, after all, the young men with their lovely bodies and youthful stiff cocks and fresh sperm are lovely to see and turn on. Their big fluttering virile cocks are a great sight. And yes I will love to play with them.
 So Jim’s desire for young men at that time I understand well today. I would say that my own experiences with guys like Jim and his age group are among my best experiences

The dialogue in my story is “almost” as I remember it (and I have been thinking of the thousand times since then, despite the fact that over 40 years ago.
 But a little extra has probably come in (hihi) as it actually makes me mega horny to write it down and read through. And it has also taken some extra time to get it finished. Since my cock along the way has demanded my attention and caress more than once

 Hope you will enjoy it and would like to comment on it and possibly ask in to others. Then I should see if I can be inspired to write one or two more of my experiences
Happy reading and feel free to jerk. And maybe think that I’m with you and are doing all this too
Cock Sucker

2. and here’s the Storie

Another time in my youth where I sailed on the big world seas, I also remember another episode, which is about sucking dick, again where I suck dick, as if I had never done anything else, and that story is about a really big at least 8.5 inches and almost as thick as a wrist. the size I love most, and like black (I didn’t try a whole black one, ever)
We were with our cargo ship in Newark, which was part of our route, we had been there and when we were there and had a couple days, we went on a so-called English sailor’s club, to connect a little with a little beer, pool .film and the like. there was also the possibility of soul support. and call home to one’s family
One evening where I was up there alone, I played a little pool with a couple of other men / boys from a Swedish ship. we had enjoyed ourselves for a few hours and got some beer (and maybe other hehe) And I had earlier asked one of those who work there to make laws to call my family when possible, he said he would give me message when someone came to open the office where the phone was standing

He came down to the Pool table with a few beers more to us, and said that there would be a phone call responsible in 10-15 min, so I had to stay clear. said ok to him, and to the stingy guys I said I just jumped over the next game, it was ok with them (I didn’t know I wouldn’t play more pool this evening. but something else)

that wasn’t that many people in the club that night and there was very quiet, especially the staff enjoyed that they could talk a little with us guests, i ended my game and sat up in the bar and wait for him the phone guy. and get a chat with the guy in the bar, after a few minutes I had to go out and pee, so I went out to the toilet, which consisted of maybe 10 basins in a row and row and 5-6 stalls. I was the only one out there, I started to get some water in my head, and then I led myself to the last bowl to pee, and just as I was lightning down and found the cock forward, someone else came in to pee. for some reason he chose the bowl next to me ?? .and while I was getting ready to pee, I looked over to see who it was. It was I could see one of the staff, a priest (I could see it on the shirt collar, the religion he had, I do not know today) and he was a pretty big man. And while he lighted down he said, hello , I replied hi again,

I had not yet started to peeing. and for some reason it was like I couldn’t pee anyway, I look down at my cock, which one does when you urinate, the priest asked me if I was ok and was good here in the club and where I was from , I looked at him again, answered everything ok and I am from Denmark. Nice he replied, I thought you looked Scandinavian, there come a lot of pretty young sailors from Scandinavia here club, I looked at him I talked and he looked at me too, or dishes he started looking down at me, down towards my dick, Strange I thought, but again it does men when they pee ” compares to peeers ” So I looked down at his dick, And wow what a dick he had at least 8.5 inches and thick and a big dick head he was circumcised, and I had never seen it before in reality, And he cheerfully peeed while I still could not, and he asked me if I should not pee, I had to grin to admit that I thought, but that it did not look like that. I was still terrified of his big thick cock, peeing a big golden ray out of the big cock head.
He was well-proven if I looked at his cock, I couldn’t help but it was so big and beautiful I had not seen a cock like this in ” Live ” edition, only in the porn magazine.but it was for Real and it was beautiful, I could also feel that my dick right now could not concentrate on peeing, on the contrary, it had begun to grow, and he must have noticed this, for he said your scandinavian wizard also looks pretty sweet and nice, and a nice size too, it must make the girls happy when they see it, i laugh and thank him and gave up completely to pee, and said that his was also so nice and good-looking AND Big. I thought he laughed a little and then he said, yes, it is big, but it can get bigger you can believe that, But I think your’s can also become Bigger Scandinavian boy

I still stood with my now half-stiff cock ahead and looked uninhibited at his great cock, though So he had peeed, he shook it, maybe a little extra violently and much, probably for my sake, Get the last drops of urine out of it, which made me get a little glimpse of his Balls too, which was also great . And then he put it in his pants again,

I was completely sad when I had enjoyed the sight, and especially my cock had. he went to wash his hands while he said, you do not urinate my friend, maybe you should put your sweet scandinavian cock your pants again, or do you plan on letting it be promoted. or can’t you get it back in? I laugh silly, and answered no, and yes I can, and with a little trouble I got my half Erected cock into my tight pants.

He was done with his hands and I went to wash mine, but he didn’t go out. just there while I wash my hands and dried them, and looked at me sweetly, When I was finished and wanted to go out he stopped me and said .Hey and offered his hand to me, my name is Jim and yours? My name is Rene I answered and grabbed his hand. nice to meet you Rene , maybe we’ll see later, i answered yes, it may well be i stay here a few hours yet. Okay fine, he replied.

But let’s get out before the others think we are doing something wrong in here, fine I answered and went out with him into the bar, he said when we got out there,
I we’ll see you soon,(I later realized that he actually knew out there on the toilet that we was to meet again) I answered, Jeps,
And he went into an office at the end of the room while I sat down with my beer, thinking about what had just happened. or more correct what had not happened.

Although I had some experience with other men’s cocks, I was still terrified of the size of his, and especially the exposed cock head, I thought it would be great to play with it. and then stopped that thought, when I said to myself, okay he has a big and nice cock, but he is a priest, so it is not a man to think about. and I was sure, despite our brief talk, that he didn’t even think of me and my Cock anyway (I found out later ,that he was thinking the same as me,or He was Definitely thinking of me sucking he’s cock) taking that he was a priest and a worker in the club

But very soon, it should clearto me that he had had exactly the same thoughts as me, priest or not, then he was also a human being)

I sat down at the bar drinking a little more beer and smoked a cigaret , the waiter asked me if I had been told I was the first, and only that wanted to call home that evening, I answered no I did not, I did not talk to anyone. he replied, Okay i justI thought Jim had told you out on the toilet that the telefon was ready now and you could call

I replied that no he had not said that if you think it is the priest who arrange the call’s, yes he replied, it is the priest who arrange it for the phone today, as there are no others in the office.and you then settle with me afterwards. Well, he’ll tell you how long you’ve talked. and i will tell you the price
I was a little curious about this, and he hadn’t said anything to me about this. but again it turned out that he had a plan .

Then the bar’s phone rang, the Waiter answer the Phone Call, listened as he looked at me while answering it, okay i will send him in, and then put the phone down and said he ready now, just go down to the office down there , and then Jim will helps you call (and it turned out, he also helped me with something else and wildly nice and cheeky)

I thanked the waiter, took my beer and cigarettes, and went down to the office. Now with some summer birds in my stomach, not only that I should call home, but I also had to be alone with Jim. the man with the big nice cock, in his office, and alone !! It felt a bit odd after our little talk/gazing time in the toilet room, maybe for him not a big deal, but fore me a lot, I had to get by my cock’s reaction and act normale
I walk by my Swedishfriends who still played pool and who laughed at me, and say ”Greeting at home ”. and then they return to the game

I reached the door and knocked. The priest Tim immediately responded to my Knocking, Come On In the door is open. I opened and went in, Jim was sitting at a large desk and there was a shelf along the wall on which there were 3 phones. Jim said sit down Rene and give me the number you want to call.
I sat down and put my beer and my cigarettes on the desk, and was a little apprehensive about it all over Jim’s tone. as well as being alone with him in the office, Jim said, you see I knew we would be seeing each other agian,

As he got up, and said just amoment, then he walked around the desk where he randomly put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a hug, I just lock the door and turn on the red light so you are not disturbed during the conversation.
Hmm I wondered it sounded a little wierd. But ok with me, there sounded a click when the door was locked, and again Jim gave my shoulder a light stroke with his hand.
He sat down and said, So give me the phone number he said, I told him the number, and he wrote it down, after which he took the phone on the desk and dialed up, after a minute or so, he sayd it’s calling, you can take the blue over there on the shelf, I got up and went 2 steps over to the blue phone, and lifted it up to the ear while I sat on the little folding chair that was there

it was calling a few times at the other end, and then my father took the telefon. I said hello Dad, we started talking about what had happened since we last spoke

While we were talking, I looked at Jim at the desk secretly, who just sat there reading in some paper, reclining in the office chair, a little away from the tabletop and I could actually see his Lap and that there was a nice bulge in his pants, I also sensed he was looking a bit at me, I looked away and tried to focus on the conversation on the phone,

But I was actually more focused on Jim in my mind, and especially his great cock .Isn’t it a little crazy to talk on the phone with my Father, while sitting and fantasizing about a big cock! But that was actually what I did , I looked over at Jim again, and he immediately turned his eyes down, hmm, he sat there too and looked at me,

I coughed a little, Jim looked up again and saw I focus on my cigarettes and nodded to Jim, caught what my eyes were looking fore and he got up took one of my cigarettes and came over to me, While taking a ligther out of his pocket, he gave me the cigarette and lit his ligther, I leaned forward and sucked on the cigaret . wiht a grateful smile.

He smiled back but did not move, he stood there only maybe 20.30 cm from my face with his lap, and I could see his dick filling the pants well, I sucked in on the cigarette, tried to concentrate on the conversation , which was not easier,and it didn’t get any easier, when Jim put his hand on my head and began to tease my hair in a loving and gentle way,

I looked up at him again, again he just smiled down at me, while his hand caressed my hair and neck, he stood one step closer and he’s Lap was right next door my face, I looked intently and frankly at the big bulge in his pants, and then again up at him, his smile had grown bigger and his caress of my head got more intense, I looked again at his great welcoming big bulge,

And again up on his smiling face, His smile was warm and he nodded lightly with his head, down toward his crotch, I then again let my eyes wander down to his big cock bulge, and my mouth was grimly dry.

While my dad said something in the phone. Dad I can’t hear you, I’m trying to call again tomorrow, My dad said something, but I didn’t hear him. I had only a sense of Jim’s caress and my thoughts circled around his crotch and his big cock as I again turned my eyes towards it while I said goodbye Dad, and hang up

I took a deep drag on the cigarette looked up at Jim, and again the sweet loving smile on his face, and I later found out soft lips, he asked me, are you okay scandinavian boy, I replied with dry mouth Yes i think so, he said are you sure nothing is wrong, as he now lovingly put both hands on my head, I replied No No, everthing is fine with me, nothing wrong at all,looking up at Jim

Well said Jim, While now he gently pushed my head toward his crotch, My eyes wander again from his face down to his dick bugle which was only 5 cm from my face and mouth again,

Jim asked Are you sure that everthing is okay, i dont what you to be sad or enything else. are you thirsty. I extinguished the cigarette, with my eyes on Jim cock bugle. Jim bent down and kissed me on my forhead’s hair while his hand found my hand and güvenilir bahis pulled me up. I answered yes I am thirsty, I need something to drink, okay come here and take some beer while he pulled me to the desk, i followed the few steps and would sit down .But Jim stopped me and said no clean put you in the desk chair so you sit more comfortably , I replied, what about you, I’m just sitting on the other chair or table, hmm oaky I let Jim take me to the good chair where I sat down and grabbed my beer, of which I took a big mouthful of to eas my dry mouth and throat

Jim stood beside me with a hand on my hair and these sweet caresses he gave me were nice and felt warm. and again his cock bulge was in front of my eyes, and I looked eagerly at what I knew hidden behind the tight pants fabric, he just stood there by my side and caressed my hair, I looked up at him and he looked down with his sweet smile,

As he said scandinavian boy, do you want to leave the office now, and go back and play pool with your friends? Because if you don’t do that, maybe something you don’t want to happen, will happen, but I guess you know Rene, dont you?

And well, I knew very well, what this would end up with, if I stayed, and did I want this? but was I ready to let happen, which would happen if I stayed in the office

I looked up at Jim again for a second and then once again down on his cock bugle that was so close that I could smell his sex and it smelled good and hot. My brain was driving at full speed, i was confused and at the same time fully aware of what would come and that i wanted it to happen, here i was like almost 16 year old in a foreign country, with a foreign man with a big cock , in a locked office, and the only thing I was thinking about was cock cock cock and that i would love to suck and lick it. I looked up at Jim again and answered.

Yes I now Jim that something will happen if i dont leave now. But i dont what to leave, and i think that what ever happen will be nice and that i want it to happen, otherwise i had gone long time ago my friend .

Jim now took my hand and pulled me up and standing and when i was ustanding he looked me straight in my eyes and said. Rene I want you to now that I’m a Priest .and what will happen now, maybe it’s not right in some people yes, and i want to be sure that your okay with it, and dont feel any pressure, but to be honest i feel like you and i have had that feeling since you were out there on the toilet and looked at my cock and I was looking at your’s. I even saw you were getting excited about seeing my cock, And I think you have it the same way?

I looked at Jim and answered, yes Jim you are right, I want the same as you want and yes I became horny of seeing your cock out there in the toilet,i havn’t see one this big before. But is it okay here in the office, there are people in the bar, not many but they know we are in here.?
Jim had now pulled me close to him, and while he whispered, it is all right, he kissed my forehead and nose, and telling me. the waiter now’s me and when the door is locked and the red light are on, we will not be disturbed, we will be left in peace and no one will come in here, but you can still leave the office, he whispered,

I now looked Jim straight in his warm eyes, and also replied whispering. I dont want to leave, I just as much like you do, want that what is happening now must happen and I am ready to let go with what ever is going to happens

Jim looked at me and now grabbed my neck with one hand while whispering .Okay Scandinavia boy. you are so sweet and delicious so let’s play, with these words he drew my face close to her and placed his lips on mine, kissed me lightly I felt his tongue squeezed against my lips, I opened my lips and let his tongue inside my mouth, it felt soft and warm, tasted sweet and lovely, my tongue found his and they began a naughty play with each other, while Jim’s second hand now grabbed my ass, Squeezed my one buttock and then let his hand slide in front where it found my cock bugle in my pants when he began to hug and caress it.
I felt a little shy and awkward and didn’t touch Jim’s body, but I reciprocated Jim’s kiss covetous on his lips and tongue, after a while with the cheeky play of our tongues, Jim relaxes my lips and he pulled back, smiled at me and whispered, you taste good, and I can feel on your cock that you like it, and if I’m not wrong you like a lot , and gave my cock an extra squeeze,and you will also like to touch me, I think, Don’t you Rene, I bet you love to touch and feel my big cock in your hand and maybe in your mouth, Right

You shouldn’t be nervous, I’ll be careful. I won’t push you too hard, but let it happen as you wish, but touch me, feel what you and your body do to me, I found his lips in a wet kiss, And now my mouth was no longer dry, then I slowly let my hands slip down over Jim’s body down over his ass and hips, and one of my hands found its way to the front where it hesitated a little before, just before Jim pushed and turned so my hand automatically slipped on to his big cock bugle, Jim tongue stopped his play with my tongue, when my hand grabbed around he’s cock bulge and squeezed it tender a groan escaped his mouth

My hand had a good grip on his bulge and i was amazed at the size of it, thought, wow it’s so big, but it also felt great, even bigger now, than when i was looking at it in the toilet, it filled my whole hand and it felt warm and like throbbing against my hand, I cuddled it intently and felt how Jim pressed my hand, and his searching hand on my cock bugle,

I slipped Jim’s lips and whispered to him, hmm you cock It feels so big even bigger than when I looked at it in the toilet. Jim replied smilingly, I told you it could be bigger my friend, much bigger, especially if it was released, from these tigth pants , I whispered again okay, maybe it’s time you show me it, or better yet I find out by my self .

Again whispering Jim. Scandinavian boy are you sure .. I answered, quietly but certainly Jim stop asking !!, We have gone so far and I will not stop now, I dont want to stop !!. I want to see your cock, I want to taste your cock, your balls, your hot juices. I definitely need to see how big it gets, Jim . I was afraid of my own words, but there was no way back now, nothing could make me stop the game now,

Jim said sorry Rene in just want to be sure … Jim I said stop asking and do what you want with me, and let me do with you what I want to do . Knowing that now there was no way back from here
Jim said nothing now, just started to find my waistband and try to open it, I stopped his hand and whispered, Jim hold on, stop, let me see your cock first, I’m so horny and excited to see your cock now, without the peeing, and see if it really is and gets as big as you say.

With those words I sat down on the chair, and pushed Jim up against the desk, I looked up and said Jim, now you just have to enjoy what your scandinavian boy will do to you and your big cock, while I started opening his waistband with one hand, and my second hand intensely caressing the big well-grown bugle,

I easily opened his belt, but I had a little trouble getting his pants open with one hand, so I now used both my hands to open them and pulled the zipper down.
I pulled his shirt over his belly, kissed his navel, grabbed his underpants, lifted his elastic and put a gently sensing hand into them, and wow it was warm and surrounded by a shrub of dark curly hair, it felt both half hard and soft at the same time, My Hand closed around the root of his cock and it felt thick and semi hard, in my shaking hand, mine and Jim’s breathing became more breathless, I looked up at Jim, and said lift your butt so I can get your pants off you , Jim who just smiled at me and said okay Rene go ahead and unpack my cock, and see how big i can get.
And so he did, just so I could just pull them off the edge of the table. Then he sat down on the table again

My fingers shaking and my head spun, here I was in Newark 15/16 years old on a chair in front of a priest, which was basically seducing me well and thoroughly, not that I felt uncomfortable on the contrary, I could feel my own cock and body shaking , I actually sat and was opening up fore a in my eyes enormous big and thick cock, on a cute but strange man. But this man radiated a sweetness and joy over me and what I was doing, and now I know that nothing and I mean nothing would have stopped me right there, this was it, the real stuff, for the first time I was the outgoing person who took the initiative, and I believed my fingers trembled, my thoughts confused, and yet I fully enjoyed it, The idea of soon I’ll will have a big stiff cock in my cock starving mouth
Jim just sat there on the desk with his pants down his bare ass, now I had a clear view of his big cock and his I could see big balls now, all surrounded by black curly hair, his big cock had risen to half mast, thick and lovely it looked with, the foreskin pressed slightly back over the shiny cock head,where i saw a few drops of pre sperm droplet out of the tip, got almost my mouth to drool.

Jim may have thought I was a little hesitant because he said, Nervous? I looked up at him and admitted, yes I am, while my fingers fumbled to get his pants down over his thighs and completely off him, he smiled down at me as he quietly said, just don’t worry we don’t do anything you don’t want to do , my cock doesn’t bite anyway, but the longing to feel your soft Scandinavian hands and lips around it and your tongue as well,

And my dick doesn’t bite, on the contrary, it will surely spit on you
Surely even a lot if you are really good and sweet at it Jim replied
All I want is to be sweet to it and you, that’s all I want right now, but your big and thick cock. makes me a little nervous, as well as extremely horny at one time

Now where my hands are free again, they slipped up of his thighs and up to his hips that I grabbed while I was looking at the lovely view I had on his half mast raised cock , I took the time to really notice the beautiful piece of cock, I was about to look straight at in its full splendor without fabric around

Jim squeezed my head against his belly and against his lap. And I kissed his belly desirably and sucked his scent in me, looked up at Jim. and said
My god Your Huge and it make me horny as hell, I think that your even to big for my Mouth.
Jim answered No way it is not to big Yet !! just take you time so you will find out and do it right and lovely to me and my cock, and with these words he laid his hands on mine that held his hips, led them gently toward his sex,placed them just above his cock, in his jungle of black curly hair that covered his big cock,

which had grown even bigger. I thought briefly wow it must soon be quite getting in full size, and bend over and kissed his pubic hair rudely, and with one long and ligth lick all the way down his big cock to the head and licked quicly the few drops of pre-sperm on the tip up with my wet tounge.I pulled my head back and looked for a short his big piece of good looking meat

I was amazed at its actual size. As It was now almost in full vigor, I just glared at this huge and inviting cock

As Jim sat with it on the desk he grabbed his balls which lay like a big baseball just soft and certainly full of nice cum, and wow they were also so big, I could see both of his stones, they were like chicken eggs

I had come to a standstill over this beautiful sight, I didn’t really know where to start, but Jim saves me, He put his hands on my shoulders and said, Rene, you may like to know it, I really want you to touch the cock I need it ,and my cock Need it !!

You can do whatever you want with it, just take your time and enjoy it, i will definitely enjoy it in full. Masturbate it, Jerk it or, Suck it, kiss it, lick it, Suck my balls. anything you like Rene , I got myself back in control, said yes Jim I will,

My hands now found their way to the big cock, it looked so lovely and pre cum was leaking from it . It felt both hard and soft at the same time. I grabbed it gently with one hand, bent me further toward the cock and it’s big Head . at the end of the thick rigid rod, Jim I said it is lovely, and it is big, Jim smiled and said yes Rene, Just touch it, it doesn’t break, I grabbed it while admiring it,
And the touch of my now more focused and willing hand, made it grow even more, I felt the swell of it in my hand, felt how it became more and more hard, my hand pulled purposefully the foreskin behind the large damp cock head.

And the thickness it had surprised me very much. Almost like my own wrist. And the big shiny now more moist head then I looked so welcoming and delicious, My first real big cock just looked naughty
my hand ran with a steady go trying up and down the rigid rod.,my hand ran quietly up and down the rigid rod, I felt Jim give in and groan, with his gaze stuck on my working hand on his cock and that the dick grew a little more into my hot playing hand.

Now while I was sitting there with a big nice pulsating cock, right in front of my face and close on my mouth, and my other hand found out Jim’s lovely Balls,
I still thought it is too big I can’t get into my mouth.But firmly decide to try, I bent forward and kissed Jim’s pubic hair again, down by the root, licked a little hesitantly out of the bar while my hand played the cock fuckingly,
I pulled back a little and looked at the delicious rod, moistened my lips, and now I kissed the cheeky cock my head licked over the tip of it, let my tongue play it, let it tickle, foreskin’s string let my tongue play it, let it tickle, foreskin’s string let the tongue lick around the big cock head. Let it lick up to the damp tip and lick the clear drops of pre cum up with the tongue, the taste was both salt and sweet at the same time, a nice taste, and I was determined to get more of the lovely taste in my mouth
So I grabbed the cock more firmly, my other hand grabbed Jim’s big balls

I stopped a little while I was gathered mouth water, Jim could feel I think what I was putting up and his loving hands grabbed my neck pulled me down to his lap and then said , yes Rene Just get ready, Try out the taste of my cock and my juices,

I was lit like never before, my own cock in my pants was stiff and hard, and I felt I was wet. I think I came a just little when I grabbed Jim’s cock, and how how it felt,

Now I had collected mouth water enough, and my hand on Jim’s Balls Cuddled and caressed them warmly, and my other around his thick cock shaft, raised the cock and it lovely cock head, pointed straight to my mouth, i bent very close to Kissed the head again and my tongue licked around the bare head, Jim gently pushed my head towards his cock, and he was uneasy on the desk, waiting for what I was going to do, I now put both my wet lips on the cock head. my tounge heavy teased urine hole.

Then I opened my mouth all the way, Hold the tongue at the back of the mouth to make room for his big cock head, make room for the wonderful head that was ready to fulfill my wildest dreams, I let my lips quietly slide down over the big cock head .

The cock head filled my mouth’s opening all the way out while my lips slid
farther and farther down over it, my mouth slid over it I felt how it grew and grew to full size, I felt the blood-filled veins. how full they were, and how Jim’s cock moved and reacted horny to my mouth, and i heard Jim’s soft moaning,

Felt the troubled caress of his hands by my head as my mouth sliding further and perabet further down his beautiful cock. I had to pause after a few minutes to let my mouth and jaws Fit to the big size.

I had sucked a couple of lovely cocks before, but nothing in this size before, uhh it was so horny and cheeky, my lips were tight about Jim’s lovely cock.and he groaned merrily, and came with cute cheeky outbursts, like. Yes Rene Suck it Good, Your Mouth and Lips are so hot and soft, uhh it so gooood, Stuff like this was coming from his mouth, and made me proud and more eager to please him, and his nice cock,

I tried to let my tongue play Around the Cock Head’s collar, it wasn’t easy because of that size. but I sensed that Jim loved my efforts as I worked on him, I also hugged his lovely big balls and the big stones in them, thought uhm, there is definitely a lot of nice hot and creamy sticky sperm in them for my sperm starving mouth, My mouth had now adapted to the big cock and my mouth water flowed merrily, so I wanted to have the big cock all the way down my throat, but it was impossible, it was too big or I was not experienced enough.

But I sat merrily on it, my mouths juices ran off it. When I pressed it so far I dared, I sat up and down the now completely greasy and wet cock rod, while my other hand ran up and down it and my tongue made a merry attempt to caress the beautiful bare head inside my mouth. I could now feel that Jim’s Balls began to contract, and his moaning became more fierce, he moaned. Rene it is so hot, Your going to make me cum soon, Your want me to cum in your mouth?

For good reason I could not answer with my mouth full of cock, So I just tightened my mouth and lips more about his beautiful, now throbbing and rhythmic pulsating cock in my mouth, he moaning again Uhh, Rene it’s almost there, Your sure sure you want to take the load in your mouth, I will love to fill your young mouth with my greasy warm nasty cum, I think you like that, I think that your little cum sucking Boy , Are you not,
I let go of his cock for a sec and looked up at him ,and groaned. Yes Jim I want it, Come spray your sperm into my sperm starving mouth, give it to me. fuck my mouth and fill it with your hot greasy lovely juices, make me your cum swallowing disciples. You are the priest, and I pray for it. it will be heaven for me to feel your sprays splashing in my mouth. Feel Your Balls Empty Your Juices Into My Mouth And I Swallow All I Can every drop !!!

Jim groaned now, okay choirboy, you ask for it, get started sucking my cock again,
I bent down over the delicious wet sticky cock again with a completely open mouth, and let the mouth slide over it again
My mouth and jaw were stretched to the extreme, while his cock slid into my mouth until the cock head hit the bottom of the mouth

While Jim groaned again, oh yes Rene ‘suck my cock, it fells like your mouth is a vacuum cleaner, I’m going to have to fill your warm sucking mouth with as much sperm as you have never dreamed of. i will empty my balls sack deep in your mouth choirboy, i will make you beg for it as the little good cum slut that i feel you really are,

Again the only reaction from me, was a Moan a tighter grip on his cock with my jerking hand and my hungry mouth. His Balls now shrank completely and he sat very uneasy on the desk; I glanced up at his face and so he sat with his mouth open and moaning as he looked down on me with his pretty eyes, now it wandered wildly in his cock, and I tightened my mouth more around it, it moved sharply in mouth now,

You will love it Rene, it’s that true rigth, you’re such a good cock sucker, his naughty words made it all much more horny, my own cock was totally stiff in my pants, but my hands were busy with Jim’s delicious cock, so there was nothing I could do about it, however, it leaked pre cum I felt

Again, Jim moaned loudly. It’s close now, choirboy, its so close

His moaning took on and with the moaning he sayed, You want it Rene, and here it Cums. Im cumming Rene, take it Take my Load, and with these words.

I felt how his Cock grew ready to explode in my mouth, erupt with its creamy cum, I found out how his, hot sticky creamy sperm left his balls. And pushed his way up through the throbbing quivering thick rod.

Wow I was wondering for a sec, if I will be able to take it all in my mouth and throat just before the first load of sticky warm sperm, with Jim’s moaning as background Leave the big cock head and shot far into my mouth, At the back of the mouth it hit like hot shot, the first load I swallowed As much as I could,I felt the warm creamy sticky sperm slipping into my troat, while Jim’s cock pumping in my mouth, He shot the next load in my mouth I felt the hot big splash hit in the back of my mouth,I felt the hot big splash hit in the back of my mouth
Again I swallowed the best I had learned, my mouth and throat gurgled while I was trying to get it all down, I felt warm when the sperm slid down my throat, and down into my stomach, I sucked and sucked, while I felt how I sperm in my own pants,And Jim cock seemed to live his own vibrant life in my sperm filled mouth

while Jim moaned, ohh your good boy, eat me eat my Hot sperm don’t waste anything choirboy, this is your big prize for being such a good cock sucker, I swallowed everything I could. My mouth was now full of Jim’s warm delicious creamy juices, I could feel something ran out of my mouths while fighting a brave fight to swallow as much as possible, As the third shots erupted , or exploded from Jim’s pounding cock and into the mouth I had to swallow again, and again I felt the sperm hit deep inside my mouth. run down my throat and then unfortunately had let go of cock, let it slip out of my sucking mouth so i was not to be choked,

As I said, I had tried sucking reasonably big dicks before, and letting them spray in my hot mouth
But no one in Jim’s size, nor the volume of hot creamy cum, had been so big before, Jim’s Sperme was hot thick and salty and sweet at the same time, The tree Huge first load’s was like a glowing lava stream on my tongue and down into my throat, and made my mouth hand and fingers sticky of the excess sperm I did not swallow

—————- In fact, it’s probably the best dick I had ever tasted in my young life ever since I found it horny and naughty by sucking a man’s cock and his heavy balls, and not least after I found out how wonderful and delicious it is to feel a big lovely throbbing cock in my mouth, feel its eager to empty itself in my mouth, The sperm that penetrates down from its Balls, the sensation of the sperm penetrates through the stiff throbbing rod, eventually to erupt the fat sticky sperm into my mouth in long hot flows splashing down my tongue, down my throat , the heat when I swallow it, turns me on wildly. And the more shot of sperm i get the better it feels
So I am today as 60 years old, Still a fucking horny and slamming sucking sperm, little cum slut, the more cum the better, even more cock’s at one time is my pleasure. i like them to jerk there fat stiff hard cock’s over my face, and to shot there creamy hot load in my mouth time after time. i can’t help it
and now back to my history
I swallowed what I had in my mouth and with Jim’s sperm greasy cock in my hand out in front of my mouth and my face. I Jerked the last weak loads out of his cock.

They hit my lips and my nose, and a little on the cheek. Wow what a load Jim gave me, The air was thick of sex and Jim’s moaned words. Are you a good little cock sucker Rene, your a real sperm swallow are you not, your so good. you took almost all of it,he’s hands drove wildly in my hair and pressed me down to his greasy just a little shrinking cock.

I licked his head, Licking up and down his greasy cock’s shaft, to get all of his delicious sperm. I drove the greasy wet cock around my face, licked the juices of my lips. returned to the cock sucking the lighter falling cock, into my mouth again, in between my lips, to suck the last juices out of it,

I gave Jim what he loved,I could feel, He moaned, yes you almost toke it all Rene, and I could feel you Like what you doing, you really enjoyed it, Dint you ! enjoyed feeling my hot creamy juices flowing in your mouth down your throat, didn’t you !,

You love to feel the hot sperm sliding down in your cum starved throat, Don’t you. I let go of the cock with my mouth and peeking up at Jim who was now completely breathless and looking down on my sperm wet face, You are really a beautiful mess with my cum all over over your young face, he said

And did you like it,! I did not respond right on, but took his cock in my hand again,and brought it to the front of my mouth again, and just before it was back in my mouth,
I replied, What do you think Jim !!!, and then let his half relax, but still big cock slip into my mouth again, closed my lips softly around the cock.sucked it into my mouth. let my tongue play with his cock head inside my mouth for a moment, I pulled my mouth tightly back over his greasy cock head to get the last juices sitting on the shaft into my mouth

With his cock in one hand in a firm grip, as if I was afraid it would disappear for me, took a few fingers from my other hand, let them find and catch, the sperm landed on my nose and cheek sc****d it up on my fingers, looked up at Jim while I put my fingers into my mouth and licked them clean, with my greedy tongue.and whispered mums, what a nice taste you got Jim, you got more of it for me?

And I said Jim what gives you that idea , You a totally unknown man I have met on a toilet, watched your big cock while you just pissed happily
You told me your name and you offered me a phone conversation while basically planning to seduce me, an innocent young boy from Denmark, you saw I was puzzled by your big cock, and immediately you thought I would love to suck and lick your cock, You locked the door to the office, let your lap show in front of my face with your big cock inside your pants,knowing that I could not avoid noticing your condition, knowing that all you wanted was to seduce this young boy, make him feel good and safe, with the words that no one would disturb me / us during my phone conversation, but your plans were second, your eyes ” almost eat me ” closest to me while I was talking, and you saw my eyes and how they focused on you and your cock bulge, and it gave you the idea that I wanted you and your cock, added fuel to your thoughts and desire to seduce little me, with your big thick stiff man cock, I bet that in your mind I already had your big man cock in my mouth, While talking on the phone and you stared at me from the office chair, probably massaged your big cock under the table.

I’m not right Jim, you’ve probably seduced many young men like me here in the club and probably elsewhere, you’ve made them all suck you, lick you. Spray their young virgin mouths full of your hot sticky juices. Get them to eat, swallow your hot sperm while you thought they loved it

So Jim. What make you think that i like it. Was it because I looked at your big lovely cock in the toilet,and because you looked at my cock and you saw that my cock grew bigger at the sight of your cock, was it that moment you thought, Wow i think this young man is crazy for my dick i think he would like to suck it lick it, take it in your mouth and suck my sperm out of it? What gave you the idea that i’lI like to suck your cock and licking your nasty greasy cock and getting your cum shot in my mouth and over my face clean it with my fingers, and doing this making my own cock blow in my pants.

While I said these things, I massaged his cock and got a few drops of sperm squeezed out of it, licking my lips and then lower my head and suck the few drops of his cute cock head,

Jim grinned of my words while he cuddled my hair, I think you like it Scandinavian boy, I know you like it from the way you just sucked me, you are a really nice and hot cock sucker boy who loves my big cock in your mouth
And that I fill you mouth with my hot and delicious sticky creamy sperm, And yes, in a way, I have seduced you choirboy, I admit it, I took a chance when I saw your, perhaps for yourself u*********s desires in your eyes after my big cock, and yes you are not the first one I have seduced, but never have I seduced anyone without knowing that they really deep deep down would like to be seduced, I have and give, as I gave you, them the chance to go before we went too far, I have and will never force anyone to do something they will not do, as now that I have repeatedly asked you if you will really do what you is doing, like will youeat my cum
And never any of them have left the place, and left me with a stiff cock, they have voluntarily and happily sucked my cock, and I also sometimes licked their young lovely virile cock’s, and swallowed their youthful juices with pleasure and they, like me loved and liked it,

But I thought, With you Scandinavian boy, it is different, your eyes with the greedy peeked at my cock out in the toilet, I saw a horniness like I have never seen before, in a young man’s eyes, and I am absolutely sure that if I hadn’t managed to seduce you, at some point you would have seduced me and my cock,I saw in your eyes the desire to suck and lick the cock, and your eyes said it was my cock you requested right there at the time you would probably even have sucked and licked it right out there in the toilet if I had “given” You the right to do so, what your eyes said they would do, and would like to do
In my many years here in the club and elsewhere i have never seen a desire and horny look like your’s after cock, i was close to letting you suck and lick it out there on the toilet, your gaze on my cock and your own cock’s starting raise said everything, made me sure that all you wanted was cock cock and more cock, I saw it in your eyes,I never saw that look of lust and passion
I have never seen it in the other boy’s or men’s eyes as I saw it in yours, and yes you are young, and you probably also like girls to, but I saw that you had that look, in your eyes there clearly said, yes i am a cock sucker, dude in like it, and i will love sucking and licking your big cock right now,

At that time in that moment I knew you were going to make a call home from my office, and I knew it would be the great chance for me to seduce you, quietly without interruption, so I decided to try it, to See if my assumptions were right
so i went into the office, waited a little, with stiff cock in my pants, phoned the waiter who then sent you in to me, and even when you knocked on my door, it popped into my cock
when you were inside and looked a little nervous at me, I saw, despite the nervousness, you still had the horny and cock hungry look in your blue eyes
at that time I knew I would be able to seduce you if I could make you relax, I would succeed with my plan
I could see it on you, see that you thought the same, and when you sat talking on the phone, I could see you looked at me, I could see you looked for my cock bugle
I don’t understand your language, but I could hear that you couldn’t concentrate on the conversation, I could hear you just wanted that conversation to end. Simply because your pretty head was filled with something else, and it was cock and more cock, and it was my cock that filled your little head
so when i understand that conversation was about to end i went over to you as a last test and when i cuddled your hair and you said goodbye, and only had eyes for my cock bugle, i knew you were perabet giriş mine. that You would end up tonight with my big sperm filled cock between your hands and in your mouth,
You still had a little nervousness about you, but when I took your hand and led you over to the table and the way you followed me
Made me sure it would end up with something horny, and that last piece of nervousness disappeared from you when you took my kiss my lips and tounge
And Rene my little Skandinavian choirboy,I will never regret that it ended as it did, I knew you had cock on your mind and in your eyes, but that your passion and desire were so fierce, I never dreamed of that
but I’m glad it ended up as did Rene. I haven’t met such a wild and horny boy or man before. never met one with such a violent thirst for cock and sperm that you have shown and given to me,

And when I said to you that you are a really delicious cock sucker and Cum slut at the start. I did not understand how much you really wanted cock and sperm and that you wanted my cock and sperm so much
You are one of the best cock sucker i have met, the one of everyone who really wanted to get my stiff cock in his mouth, really wanted me to spray, all my creamy cum and cock juices, in your mouth and down your throat , swallow it all, lick it in you. And hardly not lose a drop of it, it was so great .your lips hands and tounge, did tricks with my cock, and although I haven’t gotten orgasm for a few days I do not recall having come so much before, and so intense
  Just because of you Rene and how you made me feel your lust and eager, so yes I was right, you are a fucking young good and delicious cock sucker and cum slut,

Just look at yourself right now, you cuddle and still play with my cock and my balls, knowing that you’ve just emptied them in your cum hungry mouth, and yet your still hungry for more of my big cock, while I tell you this

And I will bet you would do it again and again, and watched a sight you are with my cock in your mouth boy, And to see your young face and your open mouth with my big cock in your mouth, Choirboy, the sight of your lustful mouths and eyes.
Make’s the effort to seduce you all worth waiting for, And to see your young face and your open mouth with my big cock in your mouth, choirboy, the sight of your lustful mouths and eyes. Make’s the effort to seduce you all worth waiting for, And the sight of your young face sprayed on by mine big cock’s sperm shot’s are so horny and hot
The sight of your big astonished eyes when I shot the first big charge of creamy sperm deep in your mouth and your sucking mouth struggling to get it all in your mouth and down your throat. And the sight of your young face sprayed on by mine big cock’s sperm shot’s are so horny and hot. Thants what i think Rene

I smiled at him and While I still rubbed and caressed his big cock,
I told Jim, and I was shocked by my own words as I told them .

Jim, I don’t care who you are and what you are, But i care that your are sweet and nice to me , and yes i love your big stiff cock, i knew out in the toilet that i want to do everything to get it into my mouth, if you had not seduced me, at one point i would have seduced you, surely.

As I watched you standing there with the big cock promoting it self and pissing, my thoughts were already figuring out a way in which I could unpack it and let it slip in between my soft lips into my hot sperm starving mouth, I’ve seen several big dicks and sucked some of them, made them cum in my mouth and over my face

But yours was different, it’s big thick, but not too thick, your shaft is straight, and your cock head is so shiny and beautiful, and I knew it would taste good, even with a little piss on it, it was so beautiful in my eyes that i was ready, right there, to lie on my knees and suck it into my mouth with the remnants of your piss, suck it clean and hard, just so that your cock, and i was sure it would spray a large load of hot sperm far into my mouth and throat

I just meet you and your cock and all i wanted was to filled my mouth with your hot lovely cock and cum

So, when you gave me your hand and you told me your name, and said we will probably be seen again soon, I already had a stiff cock in my pants, just by the thought of what could and which I hoped would happen when we met again,
made me horny and hot, i was ready to go back to the toilet to jerk my own cock off, in just lustfulness and lust.

So when I was called into the office and saw you there, I was both happy and nervous, in a way that I had not felt before, but your kindness and warm smile made me comfortable, so when I sat with the phone and talked (and yes you are right, I just wanted that conversation ended now) and you came over to me and stood there with your big cock bugle, right in front of my face and mouth,

I was ready to unpack your cock and start that suck on it right there, even while I was talking on the phone,

So when the conversation finally came to an end and you took my hand and led me over to your desk, I knew my wish was about to come true, but your hot wet kiss took away the last nervousness flew away I was now 100% sure that you wanted me to play with you and your cock, I knew I wanted it, and I wanted you as well as your cock, and I knew you wanted me too, and wanted me to make nice warm things for you and your cock

And yes i fucking loved it Jim .I loved the taste of you, i loved the feeling of your huge cock in my mouth, and i loved the feeling when your first load of creamy cum entred my Cum hungry mouth

And I loved licking you clean of your juices. I loved it when you called me Cock sucking Cum lover. I loved it while your delicious cock pumped my mouth full of cum, I just fucking loved it, and is that a bad thing to love, I asked.

I know you are a kind of priest Jim, and I don’t care, I don’t care what you are, but when you first sprayed the load of sperm into my mouth, I was lost and in love with your cock and balls, the strength of your cum shot’s in my mouth, the hot eruption and the rushing of your cum load’s, the heat of it, that was blowing in my mouth, and my own cock cumming in my pants,

I felt like being in heaven, and if you are a priest Jim, take me with you to your wonderful cock and cum heaven of yours, I will love to be your faithful cock sucker, cum swallowing choirboy and disciple

I will obey you, adore you and your cock, beg on my knees to get your heavenly juices of cock juices in my mouth and throat, I will let you paint my young face with your juices, and with your finger you can rub them off and let your finger get into my mouth where my tongue will greedily lick your juices in me
Preacherman, you must and can do with me whatever you want, I want to do lt for you too, and you can do everything you want with me
And I mean everything you can take me to places in your cock and cum heaven where I’ve never been and I want to enjoy it all, enjoy whatever you do when you are as sweet as you are now , and your big cock and cum full balls are a part of it
I never got fucked before, but you got me too this point where I want to try the man sex in it’s full, and i will even let you fuck me, if that’s waht you want from me,
But just promise me you would like to allow me to suck and lick your lovely cock again
I stopped talking for a minute, bent down over Jim’s softed and sticked cock again and gave it a wet kiss, and I felt it moved in its shaft, it felt like a small uprising
and i then sayed.

And i want fucking like to do it again Jim .I want to suck your delicious cock empty for your nice hot juices again, I can taste your juices throughout my mouth and throat and i fucking love it, and my mouth and throat need’s more of it, more of the wonderful warm stream of fat hot cum shooting into my mouth, sliding down my tongue, down into my throat, drinking your juices of creamy sweet & and salty cum

Please Jim . Tell me that i will be able to suck your cock again , i want to be your Cock sucker while I’m here in Newark . I will dream of you fucking my mouth with your huge cock pumping load’s of Cum in to my mouth.

And i will probably also start dreaming that you fuck my little tight choirboy ass, i never had my ass fucked by a man before, i sometimes use a dildo on my self on the boat, and candelligtht’s, and like it, i have not yet daring to let a man do it, although several of them i have sucked cocks have wanted it on me,
However, I have not let them get to the tight hole, other than a finger,
But I like it, I like to fuck myself with my dildo, and a thick candles, even the men who put their finger up in my ass I enjoyed a lot and me me Cum i huge loads.
But you are sweet to me in a completely different way, and I thought about it while I sucked and sucked your delicious big cock, thought that you would be the man who would understand and appreciate, being allowed to dedicate me to , this naugty part of man sex,
I know you have a big cock, I know my little boys ass is tight, But I am sure you lick with the big lovely cock, will be the right one to open my virgin ass in a good and delicious way
  I will dream about you fuck me with your big cock Jim, dream that you shoot a big load of fat hot sticky sperm in my tight ass

These dreams will fill my head . While i wait for my ship to return to Newark ,can i be that Jim will you let me be your little Scandinavian Cock Cum sucker ,now and later, and will you be the one , who takes me, your little scandinavian choirboy, tighten hot boys ass and fuck it to a man’s ass, fill it with your hot nectar of creamy hot cock juices

Jim grinned a little while he shrugged my hair, puttered my cheeks, Rene
I will be happy to let you be my little cock sucking slut, my little cum eater, I want to look forward to you again emptying my balls for my warm and lovely juices. I will be happy to be there
extinguish your covetous and exhaustive thirst for man juice, it will be a joy and honor to, repeatedly spray my hot cum into your mouth and watch you swallow it and suck my balls empty.

So Yes . You will at all times be welcome to suck my cock empty.
We can go somewhere else every time you are in town, you will be my little secret and little sweet cum sucking boy, your young and talented, You’re the best cock sucker I’ve met for many years And it will be my pleasure to quench your thirst for hot creamy sperm when ever you want it
And the thing you just asked me about having me to take your ass virginity, will be a joy and pleasure to me, I will enjoy being your first real man cock who enters your tight boys ass and makes it a man’s ass
I will look forward to it, and I will do it gently, and gently for you, so that you really feel the joy and warmth of a great man’s cock, rather than a cold dildo or candels in your little tight ass
  You will enjoy it, Rene, you will yearn to feel my cock up in your ass once I have taken your virginity and once filled your tight ass with my hot creamy juices

So Rene i will look forward to see you next time your here in Newark , But Rene ,

Rene, I haven’t seen your cock yet, I haven’t tasted it or made it come, I want to make it nice for you now too, don’t you want it ???
  Jim it would be delicious I answered while I got up. But I’m already in my pants. my pants and pants are warm and wet by my own sperm right now,
And i am have to go back aboard the ship, and preferably before people see me with my sperm wet pants,even though it would be nice that you sucked my cock
And Jim we do not sail from here 5 more days so we have enough time, so you have time for more fun

So Jim, I said as I wiped my face in a towel at the sink, Would you wait for me? And when do you have time, Tomorrow Maybe?
Jim came over to me and kissed me lightly, squeezing my ass
Rene, I have days off the next two days, and I can pick you up here at the club tomorrow night, and then we can drive home to me and have a drink, His smile grew a little bigger by these words,
And and after you said before Rene, I don’t think it’s so good here at the club the next time we play together, the office is okay for blowjob’s but i think that we need more time next time
I smiled back at him, looked down at his cock, as he was now putting back into his pants, I bent down quickly, reached out to give the cock a quick kiss, and said goodbye to now big guy, can you Now get fresh and ready to grow big for me again tomorrow

Jim zipped his pants and again he squeezed my ass while he opened the door for me.
Jim said, it’s a deal and blinked at him as he closed the door

  I look around at the bar. To see if my Swan waters were still there, there were only two of them left, they sat playing cards, they looked around as I walked long with the bar and smiled at me, now talked to them at home and it was shown a long conversation, one of them a young man of my own age smiled a little more shyly at me and nodded as he said and Jim, the pastor is a sweet guy who does not interfere while talking, right Rene

I answered smiling back, you are quite right about that,while i was thinking, it was a strange remark to come up with, hmm, maybe Jim had also seduced him, i actually got a little jealous by that thought, but again I thought why not, the Swede was also a lovely young guy, and Jim himself had told me that I was not the first he seduced, and probably would not be the last

The waiter looked at me strangely, up and down me, his gaze stopped for a second, down in my lap, I looked down myself, so that the wet spot there was, I blushed, I looked up again and saw the waiter in the eyes , he asked if everything was ok, i nodded and answered, yes everything is ok, i’m just tired and want to go to bed
He looked a little more directly at me, and when I answered I would bet you are tired, you slip home in bed, we see another time
I replied, yes we do, I come again tomorrow, Jim, The priest has promised me to take me out and shop some gifts for my family home in Denmark

He smiled back at me, replying, Oh i see, some Shopping with Jim, it sounds nice, Jim does it with many of you young men who come here, he is very helpful man
and i can alway’s see, that they have enjoyed it when they have been shopping with Jim
He makes sure they get nice gifts and that they get some food and drink’s while shopping, and a lot of really good memories to take with them home from their visit here in Newark

Then just look forward to your shopping trip with Jim tomorrow my friend, and I’m sure Jim is looking forward to taking you on a shopping trip tomorrow as you do, and he looks after you well along the way ensures that I do not end up in the bad places with girls and similar things, he lauged to me

Then he said goodnight and I said the same and went back to my ship

Back on the ship I took a quick bath, put me naked and with half stiff cock on my bed, thinking about what I had experienced and made this beautiful evening, while I found my tupe with oil under my mattress, took it along with mine dildo, which was slightly smaller than Jim’s lovely cock, greased it well into oil and slid it down to my tight ass where I quickly found the tight hole I greased well with the oil from the dildo and pressed it Slowly in, this night, probably because of my agility, it slipped lightly and smoothly into my tight ass,
As I started jerking my now stiff cock faster and faster as the dildo slid back and forth in my ass. until I sprayed a fat ray of sperm over my stomach and chest, licked my own sperm off my finger
While I felt how my ass squeezed the dildo and I thought I’d let it sit in my ass for a while now, so my ass can practice. to take Jim’s big lovely cock in my tight ass and hopefully that will happen already tomorrow
And I fell into a deep and lovely sleep, dreaming of Cock’s cum, and Jm’s big cock in my mouth

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