The Empty Nesters Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

The following Saturday morning, Laurie and Candy left to shop and have lunch with a couple of friends. I wandered around the house looking for something to do and then remembered Candy’s dong… Maybe I’ll play with that, I thought, and went to look for it.

It was in a drawer in her nightstand; when I took it out, a rush of lust shot through me as I felt the weight of it, remembering how it felt inside; I knew immediately how I was going to spend my time alone…

I quickly cleaned myself out, then found half a joint in Candy’s ashtray and lit it, taking a few hits before going into the master bedroom; lying on my side on the bed, I lubed myself and the dong and began to work it in. It popped in with a now-familiar sting that quickly subsided, and began its long, slippery invasion. I began to moan as I thrust it in further… and further…

About halfway in, it met some resistance, so I rolled onto my back like before and lifted my hips; the shaft immediately slid deeper, until soon I felt my fingertips that held the other end touching my asscheeks. I squirmed on the long rubber cock, moving it ever so slightly in and out, exquisite sensations rushing through me as it slid back and forth, ‘way deep inside my ass.

“Ohhhhhhh… fuck me, fuck meeeee…” I said to no one in particular, eyes closed, floating in ecstasy, lost in a world far beyond orgasm.

“I’d be more than happy to do that for you,” a soft male voice said from the doorway.

Shocked and embarrassed, I fell back, turning my head to see Gerry standing at the door.

“Sorry to scare you, Mike- I didn’t know anyone was here. Laurie sent me with some groceries and said to go on in… Then I heard your voice up the stairs… I didn’t know you’d be doin’ that… Oh man, it’s so hot watching you… watching you fuck yourself… Wow, uh… would you mind if I joined you?”

Excited beyond words, my breath catching at the prospect, I gave a huge grin, curling my finger at him in a come-on gesture.

“Ohhhhhh… I’d love it, Gerry… Please… I’d love it… Ohhhhhhhhhh…”

He rubbed his obviously hard cock through his clothes, then walked over to the bed, stepping out of his sandals and quickly removing his t-shirt and shorts before lying down on my right side, facing me.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he said as he reached under my thigh and grasped the dong. I let go of it and closed my eyes…

“Nooo… I don’t mind at aaalllll,” I sighed quietly. ‘This is too fucking amazing,’ I thought. “Ohhhhhh… thank you, Gerry… Ohhhhhhhhhhh… that’s soooo nice… you’re soooo kind… ohhhhhhhhh… I love what you’re doin’… Fuck me, Gerry… just keep on fuckin’ me… ohhhhhhh…”

He moved the dong slowly and gently, just like I’d been doing to myself, but it felt ‘way better. He pressed his body up against mine, his hard cock against my hip.

“I know what you need the most now,” he whispered, and, to my surprise, he put my hand back on the dong and slid up so his cock was by my head. With a gasp and then a moan I grabbed it and sucked it into my mouth; he held my head with both hands and slowly fucked my mouth as I stroked him and sucked, my other hand moving the dong in and out of my ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh… you’re such a slut, Mike… Suck it, daddy, suck your sweet baby’s cock… Ohhhhhhhhh… you are an exquisite cocksucker… here it comes, daddy… you ready for it? I’m gonna come in your mouth… Ohhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhh… suck, daddy, suck… ohhhhhh… swallow my come, slut-daddy…”

Still holding my head, he thrust his cock in as far as it would go, then moved his hips gently back and forth; I pumped the bottom of his cock with my tongue and milked the shaft with my hand. It seemed like his orgasm extended into the nerves in my head, and then throughout my body as his cock pulsed and shot warm, salty-sweet cream in my mouth. I stroked it and swallowed as much as I could, but some of it ran down my cheek and onto the bed. Whimpering from excitement, I fucked my own ass faster while he came, the inner sensations from the thrusting dong combining with the ones in my head until I thought I would pass out.

He finally relaxed his grip on my head and began to stroke my hair; I just kept on sucking his still-hard shaft and driving the dong up inside my ass, filled with cock-lust. Gerry had just come, but my own sensations were still rocketing through me at mind-numbing levels.

“Get your ass to the edge of the bed, cunt,” he said as he took his cock out of my mouth.

Obediently, I slid over on my back, holding the dong in my ass, as he stood up and slathered lube on his cock. When he was done, he pulled the dong out of me.

“First time with a real cock?” he asked, standing between my knees as he put the head just inside me. I nodded. “You’re never gonna forget this…”

He wrapped his arms around both of my thighs and thrust bostancı escort forward with his hips, driving his cock into me all the way in one incredibly slick move. An ecstatic gasp followed by a whimper came from my open mouth as his hips pressed against my ass and the ridged head of his cock plowed deep inside. We stared into each other’s eyes, moving our hips slowly, his long shaft slipping even deeper as my body seemed to suck it in. I reached down and grabbed his ass-cheeks, pulling him in even further and squeezing the base of his cock with my sphincter.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Gerry… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me with that long, sweet cock,” I said in nearly a whisper; we’d kept looking into each other’s eyes. “Ohhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, Gerry, fuck your daddy… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

Gerry leaned forward on his arms to within inches of my face, and whispered, “I am gonna fuck you, daddy, and you’re gonna feel this cock slidin’ ‘way up inside your sweet man-cunt for a long, long time… ’cause I love your ass, daddy- your bubble butt and your hard waist and those long, smooth thighs and your tight ass… and, I’d like to add- a very fuckable, kissable face, daddy…”

His tongue licked along my cheek, cleaning the come left on it; then warm lips were suddenly pressing against mine. They immediately relaxed and my mouth opened to receive his tongue as it snaked its way in. A rush went from my mouth to my ass, adding new levels of ecstatic sensation where his cock was sliding… invading… My tongue joined his as it thrust and twisted, both our bodies together becoming one long, superorgasmic thrill ride. His cock drove deep in my ass, his tongue reaching into my throat; I sucked on it and answered with mine, rolling my hips upwards onto his long, long shaft.

We went through every possible position after that, finally coming back to the one we started with- mainly ’cause that way we could fuck and see each other’s faces at the same time…

“You’re a gorgeous and incredibly sexy man, Gerry,” I said, pulling his mouth down onto mine, initiating the kiss this time. “And I love how you fuck me… You can fuck me anytime you like- even a quickie in the morning… you can fuck me all night… God, I love how you fuck me… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, Gerry, fuck me…”

We sucked tongues, rolled our hips and squirmed, skin sliding over skin as Gerry’s climax built…

“You want me to come in you, Mike?” Gerry asked. “You want my cock to shoot come ‘way up in your man-cunt?”

“Ohhhhyeahhhh… come in me… shoot your come ‘way, ‘way up inside me… come in my aaaaass… with that big fucking cock… I want you to come in my ass, Gerry… ohhhhhhhhhh… ’cause I love how you fuck me… I love your cock, daddy… come in your cock-slut… shoot your come in your bitch… ohhhhhhhh…”

Gerry pulled me tight against him, head back, neck tendons standing out as his orgasm swelled and then exploded. I felt the warm cream shoot deep in me as I writhed slowly on his pulsating cock, milking it with my anal muscle again and again, moaning softly.

The applause that suddenly came from the door was a rude shock- Laurie, Candy, and Beth stood there, laughing, clapping and making cheering and cooing noises…

“Oooohhh… nice job, Gerry!”

“Got any left for us?”

Laurie walked over and lightly caressed my face as Gerry kept moving slowly in and out. “Fin’ly got your ass fucked, huh, baby? How’s my little cock-slut doin’? How’s it feel gettin’ fucked with a real one?”

I was so far into Gerry’s thrusting cock that I had trouble forming words to answer her.

“I- I love… I love it… ohhhhhhhhh… fuck meeeeee…” was the best I could do to answer.

Beth was wearing a short, cotton print dress. She quickly stepped out of her panties, climbed onto the bed and knelt over my head, pulling it up with both hands into her already juicy cunt.

“You eat cunt so well, Mike,” she said, lifting the skirt and looking down at me. “Eat mine.”

I reached up, arms around her white thighs, and pulled my face further into her wet deliciousness with a moan.

“Ooooohhhh… eat me, pretty baby, eat meeeee… ooohhhhh… that’s sooo nice…”

As his orgasm faded, Gerry unplugged from me, and I focused all my attention and energy on the gorgeous girl sitting on my face. Her delicious cunt was completely hairless- obviously waxed, not shaved… so soft it seemed unreal… with such exquisite nectar…

“Just a sec,” Beth said, getting up, pulling her dress off, then turning around and lying down, sucking my burgeoning cock into her mouth with a moan. I buried my face in her cunt from this new direction, pulling her body firmly against mine, feeling her smooth, soft skin. Our bodies slid against each other slowly, sensually, as hands caressed asses and mouths and tongues sucked ümraniye escort and licked delicious flesh.

Her long, slim limbs seemed nearly weightless as I pulled her against my face again and again, sucking on her button until she screamed out a muffled orgasm, her slippery cunt becoming suddenly even slicker… As she rolled away, gasping for air, Laurie lay down beside me, one hand grasping my cock and then stroking it.

“This is mine now, and I want it in my ass,” she whispered. “I want you to fuck my ass for a long, long time, baby… ohhhhhhhhh…”

Her other hand was behind her, on a jewelled butt plug.

“Take it out and fuck me,” she said, moving to the edge of the bed and rolling onto her back.

I obeyed, standing up and slowly withdrawing the glass plug as she grinned lewdly at me, licking her lips… My cock slid immediately into her tight and slippery rear channel as we looked into each others’ eyes. I held her by the tops of her hipbones, pulling her ass tight against me as I flexed inside her.

“You perverted motherfucker,” she said, her voice low and husky, “fuck your whore… fuck your cock-slut… fuck your mmmmmmmmmf…”

Candy had just climbed over Laurie’s face and pulled it into her cunt; Laurie’s arms came up immediately and wrapped around her thighs. I reached around Candy and kneaded her breasts, her nipples between thumb and forefinger as she held onto Laurie’s head between her legs.

Beth lay down on her back on the bed’s edge right next to us, and Gerry slid his long cock into her ass as I watched. Her half-closed eyes looked up into mine.

“Fuck her ass, you pervert,” she said quietly. “Ohhhhhh… Fuck your hot wife’s squirmin’ ass while she eats cunt… ohhhhhh… look… watch her… she’s really into it, Mike… isn’t that hot? Ohhhhhhhh… Wow! I know what… Gerry, you get on your back…”

Gerry pulled out of Beth and obeyed, climbing up onto the middle of the bed; Beth lowered her open ass back onto his long cock, facing his feet, sighing as she settled down on him.

“Now, you two let Laurie get up… Laurie, you eat me, sweetie. Come on, Laurie, kneel right here and put your face where you love it the most… ohhhhhhh, that’s right, baby- suck on me, you muff-divin’ slut… ohhhhhh… now, you get back in her ass, Mike… ohhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhh… yeah, that’s right… fuck that whore’s ass… Now, Candy… you know what I… mmmmf…”

Candy had straddled Gerry and Beth, and she grabbed Beth’s head with both hands and pulled her mouth up between her thighs. Beth wrapped both arms around them, moaning and sucking on Candy’s cunt as she squirmed on the cock in her ass. I held on to Laurie’s narrow waist, driving with short, slow strokes in and out of her ass while she squirmed and mewled, her face jammed between Beth’s open legs.

Beth was the first to come, screaming into Candy’s sex as she pulled Laurie’s face into her own cunt; I’d already reached under Laurie with one hand, sliding my fingers over her slippery button, and she came whimpering, sucking on Beth’s twisting, bucking cunt. Laurie’s orgasm pushed me over the edge, too, and I drove my cock deep in her ass and held it there as I shot and shot.

Beth finally let Candy go, then slowly climbed off Gerry’s cock and rolled off; I slipped out of Laurie’s ass as she rolled onto her side, still panting as her eyes closed. Gerry looked up at me, his cock stiff and glistening with lube; he licked his lips and smiled.

“Bend over, slut-daddy,” he said, grabbing the lube and getting behind me. In seconds, I felt the head of his long cock begin plowing its way into me, and I opened my legs, squirmed, moaned, and pushed back, impatient to feel his magic monster all the way up there again. Candy leaned over and kissed me, then whispered in my ear.

“See, cock-slut? See how much you crave that thing in your ass? Say, it: “I’m a cock-slut…” Go on, tell us the truth, Mike…”

Just then, Gerry pulled me back, driving his cock in all the way, flexing it as my ass-cheeks pressed against his hip-bones.

“Ohhhhunghhhhh… I… am… a… cock-slut… Ohhhhhhh… I’m a whore for your cock, Gerry… Ohhhhhh… I need it… I need it… I need it… fuck me… fuck me… fuck meeeee… mmmmf…”

Candy had gotten on her back in front of me, opened her knees and pulled my face into her cunt. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and sucked, tongued, and moaned as Gerry drove his cock deep in my ass again and again. I pushed back onto every thrust, writhing, ecstatic thrills rushing from the pumping shaft, going through every part of me; he came a couple of minutes later, holding onto my waist and slamming even deeper. I squirmed until it softened and finally slipped out; I lay down and kept eating Candy, lazily sucking and licking as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Mmmmm… that’s ümraniye escort so nice, Mike… so nice… mmmmmmm…”

I slipped two fingers inside her, making her start to writhe.

“Ohhhhh… you’re gonna do it now, aren’tcha, you dirty old man? Gonna make Candy come… ohhyeahhh… suck me, daddy… finger-fuck me… finger-fuck this horny little bitch… ohhhhhyeahhhh… here it comes… here it comes… here it commmmmes!”

I jammed and twisted three fingers into her as I sucked and tongued, pushing one thigh up and out of the way; she gasped and squirmed. Then I took my hand away and drove my throbbing cock into her slippery, hot cunt; she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down on top of her, kissing my cunt-slick mouth and shoving her tongue down my throat, groaning and thrusting upwards with her hips.

I slam-fucked her like that until I came, both of us writhing together like one animal, then falling apart, gasping for air. When we’d collected ourselves, we slid over to Laurie’s sleeping form; Candy snuggled up against her, and I pressed up behind Candy, putting an arm over them both.


I awoke a little later and got up to take a leak. Everyone else was asleep; Beth and Gerry lay splayed out on the mattress behind Candy.

I stopped for a moment to look at Beth’s sleeping form, her soft, pale white skin and slender limbs against a frame of auburn hair…

“Impossibly beautiful,” I said to myself before turning toward the bathroom.

To my surprise, she was standing there, smiling, when I came out.

“Thanks for the compliment, Mike. Don’t go ‘way… be right back,” she said, slowly sliding by me, letting the skin of her nipples and hips graze past mine. I got another glance and a smile from her just before she closed the door.

Waiting for her, I thought of Candy’s empty room down the hall; when Beth came out, I took her by the hand and led her there. We kissed in the doorway, our bodies touching from thigh to mouth until she pulled me over to the bed, falling on it with me. We kissed again, hands roaming up and down backs, asses, and thighs until she pushed me onto my back and slid down to suck my cock into her hot mouth.

She sucked me passionately, looking into my eyes the whole time, then got astride me and lowered her slender white body onto my wet, throbbing cock. She squirmed on it, lowering herself to make her nipples brush over my chest before she kissed me; then she pressed hard against me, sucking my tongue and rubbing her skin over mine, moaning and whimpering. When she raised her head, I saw tears running down.

“I- I never thought it could happen,” she began. “I never thought I’d love anyone like Candy and Gerry… but I love you, Mike… I’m in love with you… and I know it sounds sick and weird, but it’s true…”

She kissed me again, and we rolled passionately in that embrace, back and forth, our bodies plastered together. She’d kissed me before I’d had a chance to even think about her words, much less to speak, but my actions showed how I felt: I kissed her back and held her tighter, thrusting into her as deeply as I could and holding her there. When we broke to breathe, we were both laughing softly.

“I love you, too, you beautiful child,” I said. “Oh, by the way- you are eighteen, right?”

She laughed and stuck out her tongue at me. “Pervert. I’m nineteen,” she said. “You?”


“Ooooohhh… you can be my daddy, my brother, and my lover all at the same time! How’s that sound for a fun ride?”

“Incredible!” I answered, kissing her again.

“Be my lover and come in me,” she said softly in my ear, her cunt beginning to gently milk my cock. “Shoot your come in me, Mike… come on… Show your baby she can ring your bell… Ohhhhhhhyeahhhhhhh…”

With the first pulse of my climax, she began to tremble, then buck slightly, then twist and squirm as she pressed down onto me, her eyes and mouth open as her own orgasm hit her. She lowered her chest back down onto mine, staring into my eyes as she continued to move her hips around.

“I love you, Mike… I love you,” she said in my ear as we lay there catching our breath. I raised her head up and looked in her eyes.

“I love you, too, Beth… I’ll never get tired of your beautiful face… or being inside you…”

She raised herself up until I slipped out, then slid down and sucked my wet, half-hard cock into her hot mouth, watching my eyes. After a few seconds, she let me go…

“I love the taste of you, of your come mixed with mine, and how nasty it is to lick it off you… and I love your cock in my mouth… I love to suck your cock, Mike… Mmmmmmm…

“I know what… let’s pretend you’re my older brother and you’re making me suck you off… I struggle at first, telling you no, I won’t do it, that it’s horrible and wrong… but you make me suck it, and I find out that I love it, that I want to suck your cock and I want you to fuck my mouth because it’s delicious and nasty and it turns me on to feel a hard cock in my mouth and I don’t care whose it is anymore, I just want to suck a cock… mmmmm…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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