The making of my wife, the cuckquean

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The making of my wife, the cuckquean
I had no idea that a kink, such as a cuckquean, even existed! I knew that there were guys out there who got off on their wives having sex with other men, but I never knew that there might be women with the same-style fetish, wanting to see their husbands with other women, let alone MY wife of 20 years!

My wife and I had often fantasized together about including another woman in our bed, but up until now, it had been just that… hot fantasy talk that always resulted in both of us achieving an intense orgasm. After, we would just cuddle and drift off to sleep.

On a recent vacation trip away to a Caribbean Island, my wife and I befriended the hostess at the on-site restaurant. She was an ex-pat now living in this magical place. We would later find out that she had relocated to this island to get a fresh-start after a bad relationship break-up. Her name was Mia, she was 28, shorter than my wife at 5’3”, slender figure, just like my wife and always wore stunning sundresses. Mia would always greet us with her beautiful smile and compliment my wife on her sundress choice as well. My wife and her would chat up fashion as Mia spent way more time at our table than any of the others. I could sense that a nice friendship was beginning to form between the two, particularly when Mia told my wife that she was off on Wednesday and invited my wife to join her on a shopping güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri trip into the nearby town. They both invited me to join yet I respectfully declined and then suggested that they utilize our driver, who we had hired for the entire week.

On Wednesday morning, Mia showed up a bit early at our bungalow and knocked on our door. My wife was still getting ready as I invited Mia inside. As usual, she looked stunning and was wearing a shorter-than-usual dress for the day of shopping. My wife suddenly appeared around the corner and was wearing an equally stunning dress and equally as short. Both women hugged and complimented the other. My wife then kissed me good bye and too my surprise, Mia kissed me as well! I was a bit taken back, yet waived to them both as they headed to the parking lot to find our driver. I got my book and headed to the beach.

As the afternoon approached, I was thinking that the two of them must have been having fun. Around 6:00pm, I headed back to the bungalow to shower and change. As I was taking a shower, I thought that I heard something in the other room. I finished my shower and emerged, only to be surprised by my wife and Mia, both standing in their panties, as they feverishly were trying on their many outfits that they had purchased, pulling them back off and tossing them between themselves. They both were excited and perabet giriş giggling, but then they suddenly notice me, in all of my post-shower nudity. Both women went wide-eyed but then quickly busted out laughing again. Seems that the two of them had discovered a Margarita bar in the center of the town’s many shops. I decided to return to the bathroom and finish dressing, but not before taking in the image of our new friend Mia. She had golden skin, tanned from the sun. Her breasts were just a little larger than my wife’s and a bit large for her smaller frame, yet she carried them well. Her thong was barley covering her smooth vulva and I also noticed that Mia had absolutely NO tan lines. My cock hardened just a bit, in spite of the women’s incessant giggling! I smiled and returned to the bathroom to get dressed.

To my surprise, and delight, my wife then joined me, came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my torso.

“If there ever was a time…” my wife whispered seductively, “it might be here, in this room, tonight.. and with Mia.”

Her hands then dropped to my cock an she gave it a few gentle stokes.

“I saw how you looked at her” my wife continued, “and it didn’t upset me… in fact, it did just the opposite. It turned me on to see you looking at her right in front of me. I was your look as you took in her body. To know that you and I, together, might get to share perabet güvenilir mi her…. That I might get to watch you do things to another woman… “

I was rock hard at that point, yet wondering if my wife really felt this way. She was tipsy, yet not sloppy-drunk. Then again, we were on vacation where no one knew us… and she seemed equally excited. I felt her rock-hard nipples poking into my middle back.

“I just have ONE request” whispered my wife.

“Yes?” I toyed, “and what might THAT be?”

“Please don’t cum inside of her” my wife said, still gently stroking me, “You can cum ON her or in her mouth, but NOT inside of her…. I want THAT pleasure ALL to myself.”

I then turned to face my wife, my hard cock pressing against her beautiful body. I kissed her passionately as a traced my fingertip down her smooth tummy, slipping my hand, palm facing her skin, just inside the waistband of her panties. As our tongues wrestled, I dipped my fingers lower to her unbelievable wet pussy and fingered her slowly. My wife began panting into my mouth as we continued to kiss.

“Ahem” Mia ‘clear’ her throat from the other room, “you both okay in there? Should I leave you two alone?”

My wife and I broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Shall we?” I asked my wife.

My wife reached for my cock, gave it a stroke or two, then gently cupped my heavy balls.

“We shall” answered my wife, “and I’d LOVE to see you do some of those nasty things to her that you and I have talked about… just please don’t cum inside of her… save that for me.”

I simply smiled from ear-to-ear.

My wife then released my appendage, turned and I we both went into the other room to join our new friend.

To Be Continued….

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