the neighbor needs my help pt7

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the neighbor needs my help pt7
If you read part 1 Thru 6 of (the neighbor needs my help) this starts where Part 3 & 6 ended.

Lynn’s Birthday Present

The week started out pretty normal on Wednesday evening Joan came over. Lynn answers the door and Joan comes in with a shopping bag in her hand. We sit and talk for a while then Joan tells Lynn if is going to have sex with Chuck she might want to try her fake Chuck toy first to be sure that she can handle his huge cock. Lynn’s smiles and says do you think I really need to. I said why not besides this way you can have sex with Joan too both of them just smile. Joan pulls out a huge black dildo from her bag and says this is my fake Chuck for when he is not around Lynn’s eyes lit up. Joan said it is about the same size around as Chuck. Lynn says she is a little scared after seeing that. Joan tells her it just takes getting use too and that she will need to be really wet and lubed up but that being filled with it feels so good. We sit down and I poured them both some wine as we sat and talked Lynn asked Joan why she was with Chuck. Joan just laughed and said because black men have the biggest cocks. Joan asks Lynn why she had her pussy shaved Lynn told her that I had always wanted her to shave it but that she really did it for Rick. Lynn told her she loves the feel of it smooth also when she gets eaten she always has more intense orgasms with it shaved. Joan asks if Lynn would shave her. Lynn says Jeff will be them more then happy to shave you he is pretty good at it and always keeps mine nice and smooth besides he really gets hard doing it. We all go in to the bedroom we tell Joan that she needs to do a strip tease for us. Lynn strips off my clothes. When she is done Joan and I strip Lynn as I slide her panties down I make sure to rub her slit she is already wet. I tell Joan to lie down on her back as she does Lynn puts a large towel on the bed under her ass. Joan is already wet so I give her a quick lick what a sweet taste. While Lynn gets the shaving cream and razor I take the clippers and buzz away Joan’s cute little patch. I smear her twat with shaving cream as I shave her bald Lynn starts to play with Joan’s tits she is squeezing her nipples which makes Joan start to squirm around so I tell her to be carefully while I am shaving down there. She says yes that might be a good idea. Lynn starts to suck one nipple then the other I reach over and slide my other hand between Lynn’s legs she must like what she is doing she is pretty damp herself. When I finish I tell them shower time Lynn starts the water as we climb in I whisper in Lynn’s ear are you having fun she reaches down and grabs my cock I guess that means yes. Joan and Lynn start some hot French kissing I say hey when do I get to join in they grab me and both start to French kiss me. I sat Joan down on the shower seat spread her legs then started washing her now smooth pussy and of course her sweet little asshole. I gave her pussy a quick kiss. We all finished washing up then got out as we dry each off Joan asks Lynn if she is ready for a good fucking. I laugh and tell she is about to get the pussy filling of her life she says yes please. Joan gets the dildo then asks me to get the lube because Lynn will need a lot of it. Lynn climbs on the bed I get the lube I also bring back Lynn’s small vibrator to use on Joan’s ass while she fucks Lynn with the huge dildo. Joan climbs between Lynn’s legs which are spread wide open now. Joan turns her asshole towards me so I take some lube and rub her sweet little brown eye with it. She tells me to lube up my sexy wife’s pussy really good as I do Joan licks and sucks on Lynn’s hard nipples. Lynn is moaning as we both play with her Joan reaches down and slips a finger in Lynn pussy she finger fucks her for a while then slips in another finger as she does she takes her thumb and rubs Lynn’s clit she is squirming all over Joan tells me you may have to hold her down for this. I tell her that might be fun as Joan puts another finger in and starts to work them all around Lynn is going crazy. Joan gets the dildo and tells me to lube it up she tells Lynn to take a deep breath Joan starts to push the dildo in Lynn says that feels so much bigger then it looks. Joan keeps working in a little at a time now she has about 3 inches in. I reach behind Joan as I slip the vibrator in to her ass she pushes back really hard I am fucking her as hard as I can she takes the whole 8 inches without any problem she must have done a lot of anal. She now has about 6 inches of the dildo in Lynn as she works it slowly in and out Lynn says that she feels so stretched and stuffed. Joan tells her just wait until Chuck has his cock up you this is only about half of what he has. Joan asks Lynn if it feels good and all she can do is say OMG yes. Just then Joan shakes she lets loose squirting all over my hand. Lynn is cumming non stop now so she is loose enough that the dildo is sliding in and out no problem. Joan is pounding most of it in and out of her now Lynn is cumming so hard now that she almost blacks out. I ask them when do I get to have some fun. Lynn tells me to eat Joan’s hot soaked pussy while she fucks my ass with the vibrator. That sounds good to me so Joan lies on her back and I splay her wide open I get on top of her start licking her wet nice smooth pussy she has her legs wrapped around my neck so I rub my tongue on her clit. Lynn cleans up the vibrator then gets behind me lubes up my ass she pushes the vibrator in slowly at first letting me relax then when she has it all the way in she starts to fuck my ass hard I feel like I am going to explode. Joan is having orgasm after orgasm now the cum is dripping down her ass soaking the sheets so I reach down and slip my thumb up her well lubed asshole she just bucks against my hand. Lynn pulls the vibrator out of my ass I feel her lubing me up again then she starts sticking the huge dildo in my ass it is going slowly so she stops and I relax then she works it past my ring she starts working it harder it goes in about 4 inches. I am so stretched it hurts but then all of a sudden it is pushing in it is starting to feel good she asks how I was doing I told her okay just go slow. She tells me now you know how it feels when you try to fuck my ass. I tell her I can not take anymore so she pulls the dildo out. Joan asks Lynn if it is okay to fuck me Lynn says sure but that she wanted to sit on Joan’s face while I do. Lynn climbs on Joan’s face as I feed my cock in to Joan. I reach over and give Lynn a nice long kiss. I am so hard from my ass fucking that I know I will cum soon. Lynn starts to buck on Joan’s face then she screams and is cumming. I can see the cum dripping down the sides of Joan’s face which sends me over the edge I fill Joan with my hot cum. Lynn gets up and says that she is going to take a nice long hot bath because she is pretty sore. Joan says that she is tired and about fucked out so she is going home. As I sit down my ass is sore it reminds me of just how great all of this was. I am already asleep when Lynn is done with her bath and comes to bed I do not even feel her get in bed.

The next day I am sore and can hardly walk. Lynn is laughing at me before she leaves for work I have some service calls to make today while I work during the day I try to think how could I get Sandy to the lake house Saturday but I am not sure that Lynn is ready to see her yet. When Lynn gets home she tells me that she hopes that Chuck will fuck me in the ass. I tell her I am not sure if I want to do that. She says it is her birthday so she can have what ever she wants. Things are pretty calm the rest of the night.

Friday morning I see Joan leaving for work I told her that Lynn and I are going up to the lake house for the weekend. I ask her if Chuck and her could come up there Saturday night to help me with Lynn’s gang bang present. She says that should be okay. I tell her that they can stay the night if they want. Told her I would call Rick to see if he can get away. Later in the day I call Rick he is surprised to hear from me. I tell him that I now know about everything now and that it is okay. He told me that Lynn had called him after their trip to the lake house and told him about how surprised I was to find her ass full of cum. He said man I am sorry about that. I told him not to worry about it that I had it coming. He asks what is up I told him that Lynn’s birthday was tomorrow which he already knew and that I was setting up a gang bang present for her. I told him I wanted to know if he could get away. He asks where and I told him at the lake house. He wanted to know if anybody else would be there. I told him that Joan was coming with her black boyfriend Chuck and that he has a huge cock. I told him that Lynn was really looking illegal bahis forward to getting fucked by Chuck. I told him that I wanted to see Lynn with all three holes filled and cum dripping from them all. He said he would let me know if he could get away. He asks me if I had seen Sandy I told him not for a long time even though I had. He told me that when Laura was still in school that he saw her a few times and that she had her tits enhanced like she always wanted. He asked how Laura was working out I told him great that she was learning a lot of things. I told him let me know if he could make it that I needed to get going. I called Lynn at work and told her that we were set for the lake house. She asked are we going by ourselves or is anyone else coming. I told her that Chuck and Joan were coming up Saturday afternoon and will hopefully stay overnight she sounded really happy. She said that she would be home around 6pm so I had a couple of hours to get things together. Rick called back and said he could not make it. I was a little disappointed but he told me good luck and was sorry he could not be there. I put what I thought we might need or want in a bag with some clothes I put in a couple of bottles of lube along with Lynn’s vibrator and my favorite anal beads. When Lynn got home she asked me if I would please shave her nice and smooth for Chuck then she takes a quick shower and gets dressed. As I get dressed she stops me and says that she wants to insert the butt plug in my ass for the drive. She wants me to see how it feels to ride that far with it in. I tell okay get the lube and plug so she does I bend over the bed and she pushes the plug in my ass. I finish dressing she grabs her bag and I get mine. Were are taking her SUV that way if we want to go someplace we can all go together she asks do I want to drive or should she. I tell her I will that way she can rest or maybe even play with herself or me she just smiles. As we drive along we talk about a lot of things I asked her if she was happy with the way things are now she said yes it is fun but that after this weekend she wanted it to be just us for a while. She said that she enjoyed the time with the others but that she wants to just take it easy and enjoy each like when we first married. I told her sure that sounds okay because now that she has changed I have all I can handle. I tell her that I love her so much for it. She tells me that she is having fun. She leans over and gives me a big kiss she tells me about how she sucked Rick off as he drove and almost ran him off the road. There is not enough room in the front of the SUV for that. She promises me a great blow job when we get to the house. As we drive it gets quit I look over she is taking a nap. I start to think how she told me about the waiter at the restaurant. How he wanted to fuck her. I think maybe he would like to join us for her birthday. How cool would that be to see her looking like the white filling in an Oreo. She wakes up just as we get to the house we unload our stuff and I start a fire. I tell her that I am going to take a quick shower. I go to the bathroom and take out the butt plug. When I come out she is laying on the floor in front of the fire on her stomach she has on a cute little black outfit with stockings that I had never seen before as I get a closer look I can see she has my anal beads in her asshole. She says surprise as she rolls over. I lay down on top of her we start kissing like never before she says thank you for bringing me here. I put my arms around her I squeeze her so tight that her tits are pressed in to my chest. I feel her nipples getting hard. I kiss her neck which always drives her crazy. I remove the outfit and start moving down to her nipples. As I kiss them I tell her how horny she makes me I lick down her belly. I stick my tongue in her belly button she squirms. I then lick my way south she is moaning softly now. She tells me to turn around so she can give me a take care of me while I pleasure her. I turn around and she takes my cock slowly in to her mouth. She sure has gotten so much better at this. I spread her legs and pull them up so I can wrap my arms under them I love this position. I love to eat pussy this way. She is working my cock in and out it feels so good. I lick her slit from top to bottom she is humping my face she loves to be eaten that way I can make her cum almost non stop in that position. As she cums I lick down to her asshole and start to rim her she is pumping my face now so I start pulling the beads one at a time. Each time one pops her ring she cums more when they are all out she pulls away. She tells me to get on my back so she can finish me off. We roll over she sits on my face I shove my tongue in her pussy as far as I can and she rides my face hard then floods my mouth. She starts sucking me going slow at first then soon she is slamming my whole cock down her throat. As I start to throb she takes my cock all the way down her throat. I cum and cum she takes the whole load. She would have never done that before. She rolls over turns around and kisses me as she does she shares my cum with me. We just lay there for a while then I slip between her legs I am getting soft but she is soaked that I slide right in. We fuck slowly as I start to get hard she can feel me she tells me to fuck her hard so I start pounding her. I ask her if she was wishing it was Chuck not me she just moans when I finally do cum again I roll off we just lay there and kiss. This feels nice we have not done this in a long time she says lets just sleep right here in front of the fire. I stoke up the fire as I cuddle up behind her with my arms around her. I put my hands on her boobs and off to sleep we go.

When I woke late morning she was just laying there on her back legs slightly open what a beautiful sight. I got up and stoked the fire then went to make some coffee. She woke up a little bit later I ask her how she slept she says better then she had in a long long time. We played around some then she asks me what she should wear. I told her that I would love for her not to wear a bra because I love to watch her breasts bounce when she walks. She pulls on some cute little lacy panties her jeans and a tight T shirt. I just put on my pants and a shirt. We work around the house getting things ready for are company. I asked her if she was excited about Chuck and Joan coming up. She said that she is a little scared to have sex in front of me. I told her not to worry remember it was my idea. She was afraid she might not be able to handle his huge cock. She said she was so sore after the dildo but that it did feel so awesome being stuffed like that.

We decided to go into town to shop for what ever we would need. We went to the store bought plenty of wine and beer and snacks as we walked past the Restaurant I saw her do a fast turn and peek in the window. I asked her if she saw something that she liked she told me that she was looking to see if Dave was working. He was so I asked if she wanted to go in now or come back tonight with Joan and Chuck for dinner. That maybe after dinner we could go next door for some drinks this might be the best way for us to get to know Chuck. As we are driving back to the house Joan called Lynn to tell us that they would be there in about 30 minutes. We are almost back there anyway. When we got back we unloaded the stuff. Lynn asked do I look okay I tell her that she looks just fine.

Chuck and Joan arrived a few minutes later we had never really seen Chuck up close before so when he got out of the car we saw that he was a big guy maybe around 6’3″ and 300 lbs Lynn says OMG. We walk out the door as he is opening the door for Joan. We walk to meet them and when he shakes my hand is hand is almost twice the size of mine. We say hello and they both tell Lynn happy birthday. Joan gives Lynn a big long kiss then me I think wow I hope that Lynn is really going to be okay with this. Chuck gives Lynn a quick kiss. They bring in their bags I had told Joan to bring any toys or what ever she thought would make this more fun. We walked around showing off the place we had made a lot of changes since we would all come up with the k**s when Joan was still married. If I had known back then that she was such a nasty hot nympho I sure would have tried to get in her pants. It was almost dinner time now so we told them that we wanted to take them to a little restaurant in town for something to eat. We also told them we may go to the bar to have a drink or two after. As we drove to town Chuck and I sat up front and the girls sat in back. Lynn asked Chuck to tell us about himself. He said that he is 42 and that he was an ex professional football player. I stated to get a little jealous. He told us that he was glad that tipobet we invited him to join us for the weekend. I was watching Joan and Lynn in the mirror they were kissing and rubbing each others breasts. Joan had a button front top on. Lynn had the top three buttons undone. I told Chuck to turn around and see what was going on back there. All he said was this looks like it is going to be a fun night.

We got to town parked the car as we open the doors I noticed that Joan had not buttoned up her top. She had a real short skirt on I figured she did not have any panties on either. We go in to the restaurant Lynn asks to sit in Dave’s section. When he sees Lynn he almost runs to our table. Lynn induces Joan and Chuck then me as her husband. I can see a funny look on Dave’s face. Lynn tells him that when she was there before that she was with a friend of ours as she laughed. We order a bottle of wine and then dinner Lynn tells us about how she was teasing Dave last time and that he asked her to have sex with him in the bar. Joan looks at me and smiles just then I fell a foot rubbing between my legs it has no shoes so I know it is Joan. I am pretty sure she can fell the bulge in my pants by now. Lynn and Joan are flirting with Dave every time he comes to the table. I tell him that we came up to the lake for Lynn’s birthday today he when around to her and gives her a big kiss. I could not see but I think that she reached around and was squeezing his package thru his pants. Lynn said that she needed to go to the bathroom Joan says that she did also so off they go. I told Chuck I would be right back.

I found Dave he was taking a break so I told him about the gang bang present I had planned for Lynn and asked him he wanted to help. He told me that he would love to that he tried to fuck her before but that she told him that she was married and would not. I gave him the address and told him to come to house when he got off work that I would leave the door unlocked. I told him when he walked in to be sure he was naked. I hurried back just before the girls got back. As we ate we talked about nothing to serious. When we finished Dave walked up with a piece of cake for Lynn so everybody sang Happy Birthday to her. When we were done we went next door to the bar for more drinks the girls had way more to drink then Chuck and I. They were having a really good time giggling and laughing. There were not many people there so we found a table in the back corner almost out of view then ordered a round of drinks. The girls said that they wanted to dance. I do not dance so the two of them and Chuck started dancing. After a couple of dances Joan said tell you what Jeff lets go play some pool let the birthday girl dance with Chuck. We went in the corner and played pool. We could see the dance floor from there. I could see that Lynn was rubbing her leg up and down Chucks crotch. He had his hands on her ass and was holding her tight. They did not even come off the dance floor when each dance finished. I told Joan I think that Chuck is having a good time feeling up my wife. Each time Joan would bend over the pool table to shoot I could see her naked ass so I started to get behind her to help her shoot. I know by now she could feel my hard on against her ass. Joan said lets go show them how to play the game as we walk to the dance floor she takes me tight in her grip and rubs up and down my whole body as she does I can fell her nipples getting hard so I slip my hand under her skirt and play with her ass. She kisses me and tells me she is sorry for giving me a hard on. I told her well you will pay for that later. I slide my hand in between us and put my finger in her wet pussy then put it in my mouth. When the dance was over we went back to the table.

Lynn and Chuck are sitting there smiling so I ask are we ready to back to the house. Lynn says sure I can tell that she has had plenty to drink. She is rubbing Chucks budge thru his pants. I hope she can last the night without passing out. When we get to the car Lynn says that she wants to ride in back with Chuck. Off we go it is dark back there so I can not see what is going on. Joan has her skirt pulled up flashing me while she is playing with herself she has her fingers bury in her pussy. She takes one out then sticks it in my mouth. As we get close to the house I can hear Lynn moaning in the backseat. I think Chuck must have undone her pants and was fingering her. Joan has been rubbing my crotch ever since we left town when we get to the house Lynn climbs out and is buttoning her pants. I asked her how it was she said that his finger felt just like fucking a small dick. We all go in the house I start a fire. Lynn says we all need to go in the hot tub Lynn and Joan go in the bedroom to undress Chuck and I strip right in the middle of the front room as he drops his underwear I see his cock holly shit it must be a least 10 or 11 inches and about close to the size of a beer can. He sees me looking he asked do you think Lynn will like this. I told him we will know real soon. I yell to them that we are going out I can hear giggling from in the bedroom. I think to myself they are playing with each other. Chuck and I get in the tub it feels good it is so cold outside by the time they come out the jets are going and you really can not see anything in the water Joan dropped her towel and slides in she looked so hot I just wanted to fuck her right there. She climbs on Chuck lap they are kissing. Lynn turns away from us drops her towel then slides in next to me. I ask her what was going on in there. She tells us that Joan pushed her down on the bed and ate her to her first orgasm of the night. She slips her hand around my cock and starts stroking me. Her tits are not all the way in the water I can see Chuck staring at them. Her nipples are as hard as stones. I whisper in her ear that she needs to get up and go show them to Chuck she says I not sure so I ask Chuck if he wants to see Lynn’s tits he says hell yes. Joan gets off his lap and comes over to me as Lynn puts her tits in Chucks face. Chuck is rubbing her tits with his hands they are so big they almost fit around her perfect 40Ds. Next he takes her nipple in to his mouth he is sucking it she is moaning softly. She is kneeling off to his side so she still has not seen or felt the size of his cock. Joan reaches down and grabs my cock she tells me that Chuck loves large breasts but always has a good time playing with hers. She said that he loves to suck hard and bit hers. This is something that Lynn does not like so we will have to see what happens. I reach between Joan’s legs slip my thumb in her pussy I start pumping her really hard she says OMG I am going to cum. Lynn turns around to see what is happening she then smiles as Chuck is sucking her nipples and she is moaning more. I said lets go inside that way we can all play they all say okay. Lynn tells Chuck not to look as she gets out I said why not we all have seen each other naked before she says that Chuck has not seen everything yet she turns her back to him then gets out followed by Joan they run in the house. Chuck tells me you are one lucky guy your wife’s tits are prefect I tell him to make sure he tells her that later she thinks they are too big. He and I get out when we go in to the living room we find the girls in a 69 in front of the fire what a picture that would have made. I get some drinks while Chuck watches them. Lynn is on the bottom so Joan’s ass is sticking up as I walk by I bend down lick down her beautiful crack they are both moaning Lynn says that she is going to cum so Joan stops and tells her no not yet. Joan lets Lynn up as she does Chuck and Lynn get their first look at each other Lynn has a worried look on her face. Chuck is sitting in the chair and is only about half hard but his cock is hanging down his thigh. He has a big smile on his face as he gets his first look at Lynn’s smooth pussy it is shining with cum from Joan’s handy work. I ask Lynn if she would like to take Chuck in to the bedroom by herself or if she wanted us all there she said lets all get on the bed. she leads the way I can see that Chuck is looking at her sweet ass as we walk. Her and Joan get on the bed on there backs side by side Joan asks Lynn if she wants to try to give Chuck a blow job she says sure if it will fit in her mouth. Joan comes over to me and we just watch as Lynn stretches her mouth wide open over Chucks cock she starts slowly but picks up the pace quickly Joan takes me in her mouth and gives me a quick blow job I am so horny seeing Lynn doing Chuck that shoot to quickly. We are both watching Lynn it looks like she is enjoying herself. We can tell Chuck is. He has his eyes closed he is pumping himself in to her mouth. Joan said watch this tipobet giriş she gets up slowly then drops her pussy right down on Chucks face he lifts up and shoves his cock farther down Lynn’s throat she starts to gag so she pulls out some for a minute then goes back to sucking him hard. He tells her that he wants to taste the birthday girl so Joan gets off his face and tells me come here and finish her off. Lynn climbs on to Chucks face he is licking her good when she starts screaming she is going to cum he just keeps licking she is going crazy by now. I have Joan cumming also partly because I have been finger fucking her ass at the same time. Lynn says okay I need to get fucked right now. Joan said Jeff did you bring the lube I said yes that I will get it. Lynn says that she thinks she can take Chuck without any because she is so wet I tell her are you sure Joan tells her the only way she can take him is to be on top. Lynn climbs on top of Chucks raging hard on. Joan goes over behind Chuck takes his cock strokes it a few times then rubs it around Lynn’s slit. Lynn starts to lower herself on to his huge cock. I am sitting in the chair watching all this I can not believe that my wife is going to take his huge black cock. I am stroking myself as I watch. His large purple head starts to slip in slowly as it does Joan walks back over to me. She tells me are you sure you want to watch this I tell her oh hell yes. She sits down in front of me to watch. Lynn is moving in circles as the head works its way in slowly Lynn is already moaning how good it feels she starts to work more and more in until she has about 3 inches in. She tells Joan to come lube up his cock because now it is starting to hurt she lifts herself off. Joan coats Chucks cock with lube then rubs a handful in Lynn’s pussy I really think she just wanted to a finger in her. Lynn squats back down and works about half his cock in. She says that feels a lot better and easier. Joan asks if I want to play around so I tell her sure she says lets get on the bed next to them. We get on the bed I can hear the slurping of the lube and Lynn’s juices. Lynn now has all Chucks cock stuffed in her. She is saying she has never felt so full. She is now going wild bouncing up and down it is the happiest I had seen her in a long while. As Joan starts to lick and suck my cock I see out of the corner of my eye that Dave was watching from the door. He is naked and stroking himself. Lynn was facing the other way and had her eyes closed so she could not see him. I waved for him to come over as he did he reached up and put his hands on Lynn’s tits. She jumped up not knowing who it was she came right off Chucks cock. When she saw Dave she got a big smile on her face then kissed him. She told him he would have to wait but he would be next. She climbed back on to Chuck as she lowered herself back down. Dave when in front of her and played with breasts while sucking her nipples. Lynn was now able to bounce up and down with little trouble as she did she was cumming non stop. I told her to lean forward and lay on Chucks chest as she did her ass was sticking right up in the air. Chuck put his hands on the sides of her tits and was playing with them. He could not reach them with his lips. I told Dave come around here take a look at her sweet ass he did then got a big smile on his face. His cock was smaller then mine but a little longer. I figured it would have a better chance of sliding up Lynn’s ass while she was fucking Chuck them me. I told him to lube up Lynn’s ass. It was already covered in cum so he grabs the lube and as he starts to finger Lynn’s ass with lube she says no way I will not be able to handle both of you. I told her I thought this is what you hoped for. She said it was but now that I know how big Chuck is I am not sure. Dave said if you do not like it or it hurts too much I will stop. She said okay but please be easy on me. Joan is sucking me like crazy now seeing what is going on. I am so horny now knowing that soon my wife will have two of her three holes filled. I can feel my shelf getting ready to cum so I tell Joan to stop that I want to save it for later. I get the camcorder I wanted to film all this. Joan moves over to Dave and starts to suck him as he gets Lynn ready. When he is starting to get hard he climbs behind Lynn. Joan takes his cock and guides it to Lynn’s asshole. I start filming all of this just knowing that some day when we watch it we will get all hot and bothered again. Dave is sticking his cock in to Lynn’s asshole a little at a time Lynn is going so crazy that she is not even trying to stop Dave. Soon she is pushing back on Dave. Now Chuck and Dave had got in to a matching rhythm. I told Joan to come over here I tell her to take the camcorder and keep filming. As I filmed all of this I thought about the Oreo idea sure enough black on the bottom white in the middle black on top what a sexy site. I will never ever forget what that looked like. I got on the bed in front of Lynn she opens her mouth between moans I stick my cock in. I do not know if she even knew what she was doing by now. She was having one orgasm after another. By now her cum was dripping down the inside of her thighs all over Chucks balls. Dave screamed out that he could not hold back and was going to cum. That was too much excitement for me to hear because I was about to blow my load down Lynn’s throat. I asked Chuck if he was close and he said yes. I told them that on the count of three I wanted us all to try and cum together. I yelled out One Two Three as I blew my load in Lynn’s mouth as she was getting her ass filled by Dave. She was trying to scream but could not with my cock in her mouth. I pulled out and watched her have the most thundering climax ever she just dropped down on top of Chuck and was not moving or saying anything. As Dave pulled out of her ass I took the camcorder and started filming cum dripping from her gapping asshole. Chuck said hold on tight babe you are if for the ride of your life as he unloaded a huge load in her well stretched pussy. Lynn rolled off Chuck and just laid there cum dripping from all her well used holes. I said happy birthday sweetheart she could only moan, Joan came over and took Chuck juice soaked cock in to mouth and started to clean him up. Dave said this was way more then he had ever hoped for but that he needed to get going. Dave asked if he could taste Joan’s sweet looking pussy before he had to leave. Joan said for him to wait until she had finished with Chuck. Joan laid down next to Lynn who still had not even moved from where she was. Dave climbed between Joan’s legs only to find her soaked. He licked his way to her clit as he went to suck it she squirted all over his face. I was starting to worry about Lynn when she started moving around saying how wonderful it felt to have three cocks at once. Dave cleaned up some dressed then came in to say goodbye. I told him the next time we were up that we would call him. Maybe he might want to come over to have sex with Lynn by himself. Lynn gave him a big kiss and he left. Lynn said that she was going to take a shower and go to sleep but that we could keep going if we wanted. As she went to take her shower she was moving pretty slow. Joan asked do you think she is okay I said yes just really sore. Joan said that was the hottest thing that she had ever seen but but after a while that she still needed a good hard fuck so Chuck asked me if it was okay if they just fucked. I told him sure as long as I could watch and film it all. Joan took his cock in her mouth again and had him hard in no time. She told me to give her the lube so I poured some in my hand and started to rub her slit. Not really sure why she thought she needed it because she was already pretty wet but did it anyway. She slid right down Chuck huge cock in one stroke. It was cool to watch his huge cock disappear in her hot wet cunt she was now pounding him hard. He was playing with her tits. After a while she laid forward on to his chest she told me not to just sit there playing with yourself come fuck my ass. She did not have to ask twice I grabbed the lube and poured it on her fantastic brown eye. As I slowly slide my cock in she begged me to fuck her hard. As I did she was sliding up and down Chucks cock he had hold of her hips and was lifting her up and down, I could feel the thin membrane between our cocks. I was thinking how that must of felt to Lynn with the two cocks in her. I could feel Chuck throb then start cumming which made empty my cum in her at the same time. As I pulled out my cum seeped out of Joan’s ass. I took my thumb and gave her one last quick finger fuck. I told them I was done and going to take shower then join Lynn in bed. They said that they were going to the hot tub. I told them see you in the morning. When I got out of the shower I walk out to peek in on them they were culled up next to each other holding one another. So off to bed I went. Lynn was so exhausted that she did not even wake up when I got in bed.

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