The New Sales Girl -Part Four

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The New Sales Girl -Part Four
The New Sales Girl – Part Four

Robert rang my door bell at 7:00 the next morning. I wasn’t dressed but I answered the door wearing one of Mark’s Harley Tee shirts and nothing underneath. I had slept in it.
Robert had another bag of clothes with him and said these would be my outfit for the day. I told him I would shower and be right back. He told me he’d like to watch me shower and shave so I took him by the hand and led him back to my bedroom where I stripped off the Tee shirt and he watched as I soaped up and then shaved my legs, arm pits and pussy before stepping out and toweling off. He told me to finish getting ready so I started putting on my makeup and he watched while I finished up and then, all dolled up but still naked he ordered me to drop to the floor and crawl over to where he was sitting on my bed.
I was ordered to kneel before him and finger canlı bahis siteleri myself to orgasm. I said, “Yes Sir”, and slid two fingers down onto my clit and started masturbating while he watched. I was wet right away and ended up with three fingers in deep and my thumb rubbing my clit as I slid my fingers in and out. It didn’t take long before I could feel my first orgasim of the day coming on. Oh yeah. I had an intense orgasim and was making loud a****l like noises.
Robert unzipped his pants and told me to keep my fingers busy as I bent forward and took his massive cock into my mouth while still fingering myself. What a rush. I came two more times before Robert shot a hot load into my hungry mouth. I swallowed and sucked until I had drained his cock. Damn, that was hot.
After he zipped up I followed him back out to the living room and he took some clothes out of tipobet giriş his bag for me to wear today.
Today I would be wearing a black & white checkered zip front dress with black crotchless pantyhose and no panties or bra. Black high heel pumps finished off the outfit and Robert did not collar me today which surprised me but I said nothing. The outfit was pretty basic but offered easy access via the full length front zipper.
We left in his Mercedes and went to a nice resturant for breakfast. Robert had me hike my dress up pretty far before he allowed me to sit down. The waiter was getting an eye full but he was cool and didn’t miss a beat while taking our order.
After breakfast we got back into Robert’s car and this time he made me pull my dress up around my waist so he could grab me by the pussy for the ride over to the mall.
As we parked he put his fingers tipobet güvenilir mi up to my mouth and I sucked them until my sticky juices were all gone.
Robert told me he had business at his office this morning and I was to walk into the mall, go to the shoe store and introduce myself to Keith who would train me today.
I kissed Robert goodbye and walked over to the entrance to the mall. I went to the lingerie shop first. The shop had just opened and Angel was alone. We smiled and gave each other a long kiss hello. She knew I was going to be with her boyfriend Keith today and said she wished she could join us but she told me to be a good girl over there and she’d join us after the shops closed for the day.
I walked on over to the shoe store stopping to look at the displays on either side of the entrance. They had some very hot shoes and boots displayed and the background in the display area was all mirrored which made the area look much bigger than it was. Very sexy.
As I walked into the shop I saw Keith behind the cash register ringing up an early shopper.
He looked up and in an unhappy tone said, “You’re late”.

To be continued in Part Five

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