The Sleepover

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The party was okay, but Cindy was bored anyway. It wasn’t her friend Katie’s fault- Cindy just wasn’t into sleeping on the floor, playing games like truth or dare, and talking about the same thing she was required to talk about all day at school: boys, boys, boys. She quickly excused herself to the bathroom for probably the 3rd time since she arrived at the house a few hours earlier. Cindy felt relieved that she had avoided these parties for eighteen years now that she had experienced their dreadfulness.

The house was beautiful. Cindy stopped to look at a group of family photos carefully arranged on the wall. She saw who must have been Katie’s mother; Cindy had met Katie’s mother once but she was young and hadn’t been able to remember the blonde woman’s face. Cindy didn’t know quite what had happened, but from overhearing her own mother on the phone she knew that the story revolved loosely around Katie’s mom running off with another man and giving up her husband and children.

They looked happy in the pictures; the three daughters with their mother and their handsome father. He hadn’t changed much since this picture was taken some ten years ago; same scruffy but neat face and dark hair on a tall, well-built man. He had grayed some around the edges, but in Cindy’s opinion this only added to his looks. He had answered the door earlier and was quick to make sure that all the girls had everything they needed before disappearing to his own room and leaving them to their party. Cindy secretly wished that he had stuck around.

In the bathroom Cindy stared at herself in the mirror- her long red hair had been in a braid for the sleepover but Cindy felt the urge to let it down now. It tumbled loosely around her shoulders. She thought herself quite picturesque with her pale freckled skin, green eyes and red lips, all framed by her wavy red hair. If only Katie’s dad had seen her like this.

She didn’t know if she was crazy or not but she really felt like he smiled at her differently than he did to the other girls. Well, why shouldn’t he? Cindy was tall and, although she was a late bloomer, her perky C-cups and wide hips were very popular among the boys at school. pendik escort The problem was that she couldn’t care less about the boys at school; they were only boys. Cindy was saving herself for a man… someone who would know what to do with her, Cindy needed that because she knew nothing.

On her way back to the living room Cindy took a detour; she felt the urge to go by Mr. Parker’s room. She felt crazy… what was going to come from walking by his room? ‘Nothing’ Cindy told herself, but she went anyway.

As she neared his room she started to hear muffled noises, panting interspersed with light moans. Was that really happening? Was Cindy really hearing this? Mr. Parker, the recent object of Cindy’s innocent girl fantasies, was pleasuring himself and Cindy was a witness? Cindy felt possessed as she knocked on his door. What was she doing? This was crazy!

There was silence, and then rummaging… “One minute,” gasped a surprised and embarrassed Mr. Parker.


James opened the door, expecting to see his daughter Katie… instead he was presented with Cindy.

He had just been pleasuring himself to this underage friend of his daughter’s.

Trying to collect himself James stammered, “Uh, um, Cindy… Hi. Is there anything you need sweetie?”

She just stared, and that’s when James really looked at her- her wide eyes, deep breathing, and parted lips. Had she heard him? What was happening? His eyes slipped down, almost of their own accord and he saw her hardened nipples under her night shirt.

Oh no. James felt his cock reharden in his boxers. His boxers, the only thing he was wearing… shit.

He tried to nonchalantly drape his hand over his crotch while trying to reach Cindy again. “Cindy, sweetie, hello?”

“Mr. Parker, um, I was just… I don’t know, how are you?”

“Why don’t you come in Cindy? Is everything ok?”

Cindy didn’t answer and walked into his room in a daze. She was so cute, he could tell how turned on she was as she struggled to hide it.

“I was just a going to the bathroom and I, uh, I got lost.”

“You got lost, huh? Cindy, there’s only one hallway. Try again.”

She maltepe escort blushed as she stuttered out her next response, “I thought I heard something, I think, I don’t know, I’ll go.”

“I don’t think so,” said James as he quietly closed the door behind her and locked it.

He saw Cindy react to his doing this with even wider eyes while catching her breath, but she said nothing.

“So you don’t like the party, are the girls boring you?”

This seemed to calm Cindy slightly, something she actually had a response for: “I’m just not a party kind of girl- they just talk about boys and movies.”

“And you don’t like boys and movies?” James continued to question her, eyebrows raised.

Another, deeper, blush from the cute red head as James was more turned on by the embarrassed little girl.

She finally raised her gaze again, which had remained lowered to the floor after the first blush. He saw her look at his hard chest and broad shoulders and then saw look away, but not in shame this time. The girl was hungry… he saw her eyeing him piece by piece as she lowered her eyes back down to the floor, lingering on the hard bulge that his hand neglected to cover now.

James didn’t let her linger for too long, he stepped forward grabbing the bottom of her chin and lifted her mouth to his. He kissed her sweet red lips, and her clumsy response had proven just how inexperienced she was.

Inexperienced, but eager- he pressed her little body into his and kissed her again. He then pulled back, surprising her.

“Go sit on the bed,” just rough enough to shake her, and she obeyed.

He let her get settled; he wanted her to be nervous as he approached her again. Grabbing her face, he kissed her deeply. She was more prepared, but still adorably awkward in her response.

Not giving her time to freak out or have second thoughts, James started to remove her night shirt. At first she wouldn’t raise her arms, but with a stern look from James her arms raised slowly. James, chuckling, removed the blushing girl’s night shirt and took in her perky breasts.; her pink nipples hard and pointing up to him. He rolled one kartal escort in his fingers, making her moan. His pinch made her gasp- he pinched harder, pulling her in for another kiss, while she squirmed.

Now fully erect, James pulled back… Her eyes lingered on his cock as he removed his boxers, making her mouth pop open in a perfect red ‘o’. He could tell she was afraid and needing direction. He placed his hand firmly at the back of her head, tangling his hand in her thick red hair. Stroking his long hard cock slowly, he pulled her head back so that she would look him in the eye.

“You are going to be a good little girl: you’re going to suck my cock, and swallow my cum. Then you will go back to the party and say nothing. Do you understand?”

Cindy nodded.

He pushed her head to his cock, but stopped there- she needed to do this on her own.

Tentatively, she licked the tip of his cock- pulling back to try to judge his reaction. His strong hand pushed her back to his cock as she refocused on her work. She licked it again, this time longer and James moaned. He saw the little slut smile as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth. Slowly she started sucking as she rocked slightly back and forth.

James pulled her hair tightly, but not hard enough to keep her from doing her work. She got deeper, only a few inches from the base and started sucking harder. James surprised her with a firm grip on her breast, exciting her, and making her moan onto his cock. James could tell when she tasted his pre-cum she sucked harder. This little girl was becoming a little slut- getting more and more hungry for his cock, she was now starting to guide it down her throat. Choking she started again, and again, until she took the full length of his cock in her throat. James pinched her nipple for another vibrating moan and that was all he needed to fill Cindy’s little throat with his hot cum. She choked again but swallowed and as James pulled out she smiled.


Mr. Parker found her night shirt and helped her back into it without a word from either of them. She was suddenly very embarrassed again as she raked her fingers though her hair and headed to the door.

“I’ll make sure Katie invites you to her sleepover next Friday, Cindy. I look forward to seeing you there.”

Cindy felt herself blush and hurried out the door before she embarrassed herself again.

Cindy loved sleepovers.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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