Tina#41 After the Dock

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I had to pay extra special attention while driving to the restaurant; my mind was still swimming from the blow-job that Tina had just administered. Things were returning to near normal by the time we arrived. We were seated immediately; the place wasn’t full. Drinks were ordered while we both quickly scanned the menus and made our choices. Once the waitress had delivered our drinks and left with our orders, I picked up my glass and made a toast to Tina: “Here’s to a beautiful lady who is full of surprises.”

She got my meaning and accepted the toast. Tina leaned in to the table, using a hushed voice: “Have you recovered from your adventure down at the dock?”

“I have, I think.” I looked around to see if anyone might be listening, there was nobody obviously interested in our conversation, so: “Tina, again Thank You. I never expected that; it was wonderful. I just want to demonstrate my thanks as soon as I can.”

Tina: “I’d like that, too. But first, you need to eat; you’re going to need your strength later tonight.”

Me: “You still want me to ahhh . . . . ” My voice trailed off as I once again looked at the nearby tables.

Tina smiled, nodded her head and raised one eyebrow: “I sure do. Do you really want to do it?”

I was hesitant to agree too rapidly or enthusiastically in fear that I might alarm her and make her change her mind. So, I opted: “Yes ma’am I do; but only if you let make up for the dock first.”

Tina: “That will be my pleasure but, you’re going to visit the girls too, right?”

Me: “Of course. I plan on the full treatment.”

The waitress brought our salads. Tina looked around the room while we were starting on the greens. She used her eyes to signal me to look at the table to my left. There was a couple there, in their mid-thirties. The woman had a low-cut dress on, displaying a lot of cleavage. The man was paying close attention to what the woman was saying and I could see him checking out her tits. Tina put her hand onto mine, getting my attention back: “I think that he wants to do her between her boobs.”

Me:” Really, you can tell that from just looking?”

Tina: “Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me. Would you like to try that sometime?”

Me: “I don’t even know the lady; do you think that she’d let me?”

Tina: “Very funny wise guy. I meant with me.”

Me: “I would, without a doubt, like to ‘do you’ between those glorious girls.” That’s when I noticed the waitress standing next to the table carrying our dinners. She gave me an evil glare and smiled sympathetically at Tina. Tina started to giggle while I just sat there, embarrassed.

The waitress finally left:” Nice one, did you know that she was there?”

Tina: “Of course. Well, not really, but it did work out really well.”

We finished our dinners and headed out to my place. Yes, I did leave a nice tip tor the waitress.

Once back in my car we resumed our conversation: “Can I ask for something special after I visit the girls?”

Tina: “Seems to me that you’re in line for something pretty special already tonight. What did you have in mind?”

Me: “Well, after I visit the girls, I’d like to have you push me over onto my back and then crawl up to put your fine pussy onto my face. Understand what I’m asking?”

Tina: “Not really. It sounds like I’m kinda sitting on your chest. Is that how you see it?”

Me: “Yeah, you will be kneeling on both sides of my head. Maybe if you put a couple of pillows down you could lay yourself down. What do you think; willing to give it a try?”

Tina: “I’ll try it. You know, that sounds like a great position for you to lube canlı bahis up my butt. Want to try that?”

I almost came right then and there: “Sounds good to me. Do we need to stop somewhere and get lube or anything?”

Tina: “Do you have anything suitable?” If not, I suppose that the Pharmacy is still open. “

I admitted that I didn’t have anything remotely suitable and immediately changed course to take us to the local Pharmacy. I had sudden flashbacks of, as a teenager, working up the nerve to buy my first pack of rubbers. I just knew that one of my mother’s friends would see me or, worse yet, be the cashier.

I pulled into the Pharmacy lot and parked. There were only a few cars there, some must have been the staff. Tina and I went on in and quickly located the aisle for feminine products, birth control, incontinence supplies and adult diapers. What a combination!

We scanned the various products until we found a small array of lubricants. There were personal, flavored, warming, couples, tingly and exciting lubricants. We selected a brand name ‘regular’ old fashioned liquid-gel lubricant. I didn’t need anything else but felt it only polite to ask: “Do we need anything else, while we’re here?”

Tina: ‘Nothing that I can think of. Why not get two packages, just in case we ever want to do it again. I could always use it to give you a hand-job.”

Good Grief! This lady just never gives up. I had a half a hard-on walking up to the checkout counter. The girl behind the register gave me a funny look but, thankfully, said nothing. I paid for the purchase and followed Tina back to the car.

Just before we got to my apartment, she said: “Wow, you’re really easy. That comment about the hand-job wasn’t something that you were expecting, was it?”

Me: “No, you kinda caught me off guard with that one. “

Tina: “I could tell. And, I think, so could the checkout lady since you were tenting out the front of your trousers by then. I think that she noticed. “

Me: “You caused that; with your talk of a hand-job. Tina, you never cease to amaze me. “

Tina: “Is that a bad thing?”

Me: “Not in the least, It just sometimes catches me by surprise, that’s all. “

We went on in and up to my apartment. Tina started peeling out of her clothes as soon as we got inside. She was down to bra and panties in short order. I started to follow suit and soon we were snuggling comfortably on my bed in just our essentials. I unhooked (surprisingly successful for old fumble fingered me) her bra and released the ‘girls’. They were spectacular. Just being able to look at them was thrilling, touching them with my fingers sent thrills up and down my spine. Kissing and sucking her nipples was pure pleasure. Judging by Tina’s now familiar purring, I wasn’t the only one enjoying her fine tits.

Tina rolled to her side facing me: “Want to try a few strokes between the girls?”

Me: “I’d love to but what if I come? Won’t that ruin your plans?”

Tina: “Oh, just try a few strokes. If you come, then I’ll just rub it in and you can do my butt some other time. What do you say? Wanna give it a go?”

She could see my smile; my horny smile and took that for a yes. Tina reached for and opened one of the tubes of lube: “Slide out of those boxers; I’ll lube you up.”

I slid my boxers down and off tossing them in the general direction of the hamper. Tina, lying on her side facing me put her hands down grasping my now rigid cock. She smoothed the lube all over the head and shaft. That felt so good that I could have come from just that. But when she was satisfied with the ‘lube job’ she slid herself bahis siteleri down on the bed and moved to put her chest up against my cock. Aligning my cock between her tits, she put her palms on the sides of her tits pressing them together. She interlaced her fingers behind my cock thus forming a warm, soft and slippery flesh tube that I was now inside. The urge to thrust became overwhelming. I pushed up through her tits, it felt spectacular. I pulled back allowing the head of my cock to be firmly between her glorious mounds. On my next thrust, Tina moved her face down and managed to kiss the tip of my cock. This was outstanding. I wanted to come and yet I wanted to wait and get into her ass. Decisions!

Tina made the decision for me. She unlaced her fingers releasing my cock from between her tits. Her panties were quickly removed and she pushed me over onto my back: “I’ve been thinking about this ever since you suggested it.”

Tina started kissing me as she moved herself on top of me. After a few lingering kisses she started to slide herself up toward my head. She paused at the appropriate point allowing me one more opportunity to visit the now well lubricated girls. There was no detectable taste to the lubricant and she was soon moving again. I did take the opportunity to put my tongue into her navel as that part of her anatomy presented itself. Then I felt hair on my chin and then right over my mouth. I had arrived.

Tina moved up so that she had a knee on either side of my head. Like this, I was a little low to reach all her important parts unless I lifted my head. I could immediately tell that my neck wouldn’t last very long doing it that was. I reached up, grabbed one of the pillows and dragged it down behind my head. Success, my face was now deep in her womanly parts and I was in heaven. Tina pulled the other pillow down and moved herself down putting her elbows down to take most of her weight.

I immediately started to explore and was soon able to locate her now distended clit with the tip of my tongue. I could hear a sharp intake of breath as I got to her sensitive button. I started a gentle tongue massage which, as expected, got Tina to start her purring again. I was just starting to draw her between my lips when I felt Tina putting something into my right hand. It was the tube of lubricant. I had forgotten, but this exciting lady had not. We were off to the races now!

Working over my stomach, I managed to figure out how to open the tube and squeezed a small blob out onto my fingertips. I put the tube onto my stomach and began to explore Tina’s ass crack with my left hand. I opened her up a little and applied the lubed fingers up and down through her crack. I could feel her opening every time that I passed over it. I had begun a gentle sucking on her clit and Tina’s purring had increased in volume.

I put more lubricant onto my fingers with a little extra dollop on my pinky finger. When I went back into her crack, I pressed my pinky against her opening and it went in a little. No reaction from Tina; I suspected that she was a little distracted by what was happening further up. Tina started a gentle rocking motion, this let me know that she was enjoying my attention to her pussy.

I twisted my pinky around in an attempt to spread the lube a little better. I had gotten my pinky in to just past the first knuckle without any resistance. Time to go for the next step, my ring finger. This went in without any problem and I again rotated it to spread the lube around. I took the tube of lube and pressed it against her opening and gave it a good squeeze. I think that most of the lube ended up on the bahis şirketleri outside but some of it apparently made its way inside since the next time I put a finger there, it went in without any real problem. This was my muddle finger so I pushed it in and left it there as I ramped up my tonguing and sucking on her clit. Tina’s movements seemed to me like she was actually fucking my face, her purring had changed to a moaning and she was starting to squeeze my head between her knees.

Her thrusting increased in speed and strength. I heard her moan change to a grunting while I could feel a strong throbbing in her ass. Tina was having an orgasm and she was riding it out on my face. I was thrilled while taking the opportunity to push my middle finger all the way up her ass. Her orgasm lasted longer than any that I had seen her have before. I slowly withdrew my finger as she started calming down. She eventually sort of collapsed onto me while I moved my face back giving her a chance to recover.

Tina raised her legs up and slid herself back down my body. I managed to grab the tube of lube and held it as she put us face to face again. She kissed me long and deep: “I’ve never cum that hard before, ever.” I told her that I was happy to be there for her and asked her if she wanted to go again. She let me know that she was ‘tingling’ too much to have me do that again and that we still had one more event on the schedule for tonight.

I asked her: “What’s your pleasure, then?”

Tina slid down off me and put herself on her left side with her back to me. She had her legs a little out in front of herself pushing her butt back toward me: “Put a lot of that stuff on you and push yourself into me easy, OK? Easy!

I did as instructed; I put a great big glob of the stuff on the head of my cock and smeared it around as best as I cold. I moved over contacting her. My cock pressed up against her ass crack. Tina lifted her right leg, putting it on top of mine; this opened her up a little.

I slid my cock up and down her crack feeling for her opening again. I found it and centered myself on her. I pushed very gently; nothing happened. I pushed a little harder still nothing. I pushed just a little harder and I popped in! I was in her ass!

Tina moaned a little but managed to press herself back against me making my cock go another inch or so into her: “Just stay like that, for now.”

I again did as instructed. After a minute or so: “Give me a little more.” I pushed again, gaining a little more into her. There was only a little bit to go, but I waited for her to tell me that she was ready for it. She made me aware of the need to go all the way inside her by pressing her butt back against me once again. I pushed back and found myself up against her butt cheeks; my cock all the way inside her ass.

I waited for a few moments longer just enjoying the warmth and tightness of her ass. Tina: “Try a stroke.”

I slid back and out a little, it felt great. I pushed myself back in; this time I think that I might have gone a little further. I waited for her to react. Tina: “Well, let’s drive this bus home.”

With that, I started to stroke in and out of her ass. I could tell right away that this was going to be a short adventure. After about a dozen strokes my balls started to tighten and the insistent throbbing began. I pushed myself as far into Tina as I could and let it go. I heard myself grunt as I pumped my load deep into this fine woman. My erection started to fade almost immediately after I ejaculated. The tightness and the lubrication conspired to eject me from Tina’s ass in short order.

I put my hand onto her shoulder and rolled her back to face me. I kissed her long and hard: “Thank you lady, thank you. That was wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tina was smiling; a really big smile: “Did I just get your cherry?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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