Uni with Sandra, part 1

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Uni with Sandra, part 1
My name is Danni, I’m 27. This story is based on my diaries and memories from when I was 18.

I was very happy to get into my first choice of university. I had to live away from home and my parents helped me find a student house. I shared the house with three other girls. Two of the girls lived close enough that they could go home at weekends but Sandra and I stayed the whole term.

Within the first week, Sandra started dating Pete, a guy on her course, so I often had the house to myself at weekends. On the fourth Saturday, as was usual, Sandra went out to Pete’s house and I went out to do a little food shopping. When I got back I quickly put the shopping away, grabbed a drink and took it to my room. I started doing some course work, just lying on my bed, reading, with my notebook and pencil ready. It wasn’t long though before my hand wandered up my skirt and I started to play with myself, just gently rubbing my pussy through my pants with four fingers.

I confess, masturbating was a regular pastime for me. After a couple of minutes I was getting quite aroused and put my book down on the bedside table. I pulled my pants to one side, licked my forefinger and middle finger then slid them into my damp slit. I opened my legs a little and rubbed up and down on my clitoris, it felt really good. I removed my fingers to lick them every now and then, to keep them wet, but also because I enjoyed the taste of my pussy juice. After two or three minutes I started slipping one finger into my vagina. I was getting quite wet and I alternated rubbing my clit and dipping into my vagina to keep my fingers lubricated.

Soon, I was slipping my finger fully into my vagina, moving in and out steadily several times before putting that same finger into my mouth and slowly sucking off the tasty juices. My pleasure was abruptly interrupted by Sandra’s soft voice, “Danni?”.

I quickly pulled my skirt down and looked over my right shoulder to see Sandra standing at my bedroom door. I must have gone very red. “I’m so sorry Danni, I just came to let you know I was home. But when I saw what you were doing I couldn’t help just watching for a while, I was really enjoying it, I didn’t mean to spy, honestly.” All I could say was “I didn’t know you were here.” and she said “I know, I’m sorry, Pete wasn’t feeling well so I thought I’d come back and do some work here instead.”

There was silence for a moment then she said “Danni, I would really love it if you’d carry on what you were doing and let me watch.” I was shocked that she would ask me that and said “No. Go away.” Sandra didn’t leave though and my pussy was aching to be rubbed. I began to wonder if it might be fun to masturbate while she watched me but didn’t know what to say. Sandra solved my dilemma, “Well, how about if I let you watch me do it first, then do you think you might?” “I might.”

She smiled then came and sat at the foot of my bed, facing me. She is a little taller than me and she has very dark, quite short hair, while I am a natural redhead and keep my hair fairly long. Sandra sat with her right knee bent and her left leg trailing on the floor. She slowly lifted her skirt to reveal her naked pussy. “I was in my room doing the same thing when I heard you come in.” she said, smiling, explaining her lack of pants, “That’s why I didn’t call to you straight away.” I gazed at her hairless vulva.

Sandra’s hand slowly moved between her legs and she started to rub herself, using her two middle fingers, just gently and externally to begin with, but after a few strokes she started pushing harder, getting both fingers between her outer lips. She then slipped both fingers into her vagina for a second or two before returning her attention to her clit. Sometimes she rubbed her clit with her fingers together and sometimes slid one finger each side, squeezing her clit in between them. Every now and then she dipped her fingers into her vagina to replenish the lubricating juices. I enjoyed the show and watched intently.

My own hand found its way under my skirt again and I resumed touching myself. My pants were folded a little uncomfortably where I had simply let them go instead of replacing them carefully. I tidied them up then pushed my fingers in through the leg opening and slowly played with myself.

After a few minutes she slipped two fingers of her left hand into her vagina and fingered herself while rubbing her clit with the fingers of her right hand. She continued like this for quite some time, changing the action frequently, two or three fingers on her clit, one finger on each side, sometimes stopping to lick her fingers before resuming. She looked up at me and smiled occasionally but most of the time her mouth was slightly open and her eyes focused on her wet vulva.

After a while she started breathing harder, working progressively faster, finger fucking herself with her left hand and firmly rubbing her clit with the other. I heard her whisper “I’m cumming.” then a few seconds later, her body started to shake as each pulse of her orgasm surged through her. Finally she plunged her fingers deep into her hole and kept them in there, gripping her pussy tight and closing her legs firmly as if to stop her hand getting out again. She stayed like that a short while, eyes shut, then gradually relaxed. Her legs fell apart slowly and she pulled her hands away, She put her left hand to her mouth and sucked the clear juices from her fingers.

“That was good.” she said softly, “Did you enjoy it too?” I nodded. “Your turn.” canlı bahis şirketleri she coaxed. I had stopped playing with myself for a minute and hesitated for a moment. I felt so horny, I really wanted to do it and wanted her to watch. I slowly lifted my skirt and and opened my legs. With my left hand I pulled my pants aside and softly rubbed my vulva with the fingers of my right hand. While Sandra looked at my pussy, I put two fingers in my mouth to make them wet then slid them into my slit. I rubbed from my clit down to my vagina and back several times then closed my legs and removed my pants. I lay back, feet close together on the bed and knees apart. Unlike Sandra, I didn’t shave then, but I kept my ginger pubes trimmed fairly short.

Sandra watched for a couple of minutes then sat up and repositioned herself onto her knees and sat back on her heels. I thought I should try to give her a good show, rubbing my clit while slipping my fingers into my vagina every few seconds to keep them wet. I rubbed myself steadily harder and faster, getting more and more aroused. Sandra looked intently at my pussy, which excited me more, I could see she was enjoying watching me. Then she leant forward to support herself on her hands to get a closer view. “Danni, you are so beautiful.” I’m sure I blushed. I do think she was more attractive than me.

She lowered herself onto her elbows, bringing her face closer to me, then she put her right middle finger all the way into her mouth and sucked on it slowly. As she took it out and aimed it towards my pussy, I guessed what she wanted to do. I stopped rubbing and just pulled my pussy lips open invitingly. As she touched my clit, I gasped. She rubbed her wet finger round and round on my clit for a few seconds then moved down, sliding it into my wet vagina, gradually going deeper and deeper. “Does that feel OK?” she asked. “Yes.”

She withdrew her finger then pushed it in again, then began going in and out, gradually increasing the pace and depth. I licked my own fingers again and resumed rubbing my clit, keeping in time with Sandra’s fingering.

For some time we worked together, Sandra fingered my vagina and I worked on my clit. Once, she took her finger out and sucked it for a few seconds. “Mmmmm, lovely.” she said, then sucked her ring finger as well, before slipping both fingers into me. This time she did it palm up and that felt even better although it felt a bit tight going. We kept up a steady pace until I could feel my climax building up inside me. “Don’t stop.” I begged, “I’m getting close.” The lovely tingly sensation got more and more intense. “I’m cumming.” I whispered and the pleasure surged through my body making me shudder with each spasm. I grabbed Sandra’s hand and held it still inside me until my orgasm slowly subsided.

I released her hand and she withdrew her fingers. She showed me how wet they were and reached towards my mouth. I hesitated for a moment and then opened my mouth. I took both fingers and sucked my juices off them. “Taste good?” she asked. “Yes, it does.” I said. “That was lovely.”

That was the end of our first session. After that, Sandra seemed to smile at me more often and sometimes, when the opportunity arose, she would fondle my breast or my bum.

A couple of days later I was in my room when there was a light knock on my door. I opened the door to find Sandra standing there. “Can I come in?” she enquired softly. “Sure.” She came in and closed the door. Sandra told me that the other two girls, Fiona and Alison, had gone out together. I sat down on the bed and she sat beside me.

She started to caress my thigh. “Can I play with your pussy again?” she asked. I looked at her smiling face. As I didn’t refuse, her hand slid up my thigh until her fingers reached my pants and she gently rubbed my mound. I pulled a couple of pillows under my head and shoulders and lay back on them. As she continued to rub me through my pants, I watched the expression on her face. After a minute I said “OK”.

She smiled and moved around in front of me. She got me to move forward and sit right on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor and lean back, supporting myself on straight arms. She knelt in front of me, put her hands up my skirt and hooked her fingers into the waistband of my pants. I lifted my bum off the bed and she pulled my pants down to my ankles. I kicked them off. She gently pushed my knees apart then sucked two fingers and slid them into my willing slit. She rubbed up and down for a while. Sometimes when she got to the top she lingered on my clitoris for several seconds, rubbing in small circles, before going down again and dipping gently into my vagina.

After a few minutes she asked me to lie back on the pillows, which I did. She held my ankles and lifted my feet off the ground, telling me to hold my knees. I complied, with my hands behind my knees, holding my feet apart. I watched her playing with my pussy for another minute or two, I really loved what she was doing to me.

Then she looked up at me and smiled. She gently parted my pussy lips with her fingers and lowered her mouth onto my pussy. Wow, that was wonderful! It made me jump and take a big intake of breath. She paused a moment, looked at me to check I was OK, then resumed. I watched her tongue licking my clitoris. This felt amazing, much better than anything I’d ever felt before. She slipped one finger into my vagina and pushed it in and out rhythmically, while continuing to lick me. She pushed her tongue into my vagina canlı kaçak iddaa several times then put two fingers in me returning her tongue to my clit.

She kept up this onslaught for several minutes until I could feel my orgasm welling up inside me. My breathing got faster and deeper and my climax arrived in a rush, filling my abdomen with waves of pleasure. I held Sandra’s head still but she continued licking softly until I asked her to stop. “That…was incredible.” I whispered. Sandra sucked the juices from her fingers and agreed.

I sat up and put my feet back on the floor. Sandra got up and sat beside me, her mouth and chin were wet, so she got a tissue and wiped her face.

I should say that this new relationship of ours had been totally unexpected. For the past 4 or more years I had felt attracted to boys, I’d never felt sexually attracted to a girl before. I consider myself to be fairly attractive, I get enough attention from boys. Sandra is very pretty and we both have fairly good bodies. We eat well, don’t smoke and look after ourselves. We’re about the same weight but as I’m a little shorter, I am a little curvier. After a short silence, Sandra asked if I would do it for her. I was unsure but I could hardly refuse after the wonderful experience I’d just had. “If you’ll help me and make sure I do a good job.” “I will.” she assured me.

Sandra remained sitting on the edge of the bed and I knelt on the floor in front of her. She pulled her skirt up and opened her legs. No pants! I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised but it made me giggle and Sandra smiled. She sat right on the edge then lay back on the pillows and pulled her knees up and apart, causing her outer lips to open a little. My nervousness faded and I started caressing her bottom. I could see the pink folds of her inner lips and moved closer. I moved my fingers to her pussy and eased her outer lips apart a little more. She was already wet, I sucked two fingers then slid them up and down between her lips.

The sweet smell of her vagina reached my nose and my excitement rose. I moved close and put my tongue into her and wiggled it about. “Ooh, that’s nice.” She held my head lightly and guided me with gentle hands and whispered words. “That’s it, just move up and down like this.” “Lick me just there, on my clit, oh yeah, that’s lovely.” “Now put your tongue in there, that’s it, oh yeah…lick me.” “Suck a couple of fingers and get them in me. Oh my, oh yes, push them in a little further. That’s really good, keep your fingers going in and out….a bit faster…lick my clit at the same time. oh yes, right there, yes, just a bit harder.”

I was surprised how good she tasted. I’d tasted my own pussy juices but I thought Sandra’s tasted even better. After several minutes I was finding it quite hard work but I kept going, hoping to give her an orgasm. Eventually, her breathing quickened and she repeated “Oh my god.” several times, then her body tensed and she held my head still. Her body shuddered several times and a little pussy juice trickled from her vagina down my fingers onto my hand. After a few seconds she said “Stop, stop.” I sat back onto my heels and slipped my fingers out of her vagina. I licked the tasty fluid from my hand and fingers. Sandra’s feet fell to the floor. “That… was wonderful Danni!” She lay there for a minute then got up. I stood up too, Sandra gave me a kiss “Mmm, you taste nice.” she said and I realised I still had her pussy juice around my mouth.

I didn’t see much of Sandra for a few days, she spent some evenings with her boyfriend, Pete. He shared a house in town, about a mile away. On Thursday I saw Sandra in the evening and asked if she’d had a good time with Pete. They had gone to a pub on Wednesday evening but before that they had made love for almost an hour. She treated me to a detailed description. She had got Pete to lick her pussy and finger her like I had done but instead of just letting him do it she had felt more confident and guided him to do it in the way that gave her most pleasure. Only when she was almost on the brink of orgasm did she tell him to fuck her. That way she made sure she had her climax and could just lie back and let Pete get to his inside her.

She asked me if I’d had sex with a boy. I told her I’d got as far as handling a boy’s cock and tossing him off once but that we’d had a big argument a couple of days later so that was as far as I’d gone.

Sandra told me her period had started that afternoon. I was a little disappointed but mine started the following day so I was glad that we were almost in synch. We were both on the pill so both had a regular cycle. I wondered if we could adjust our pills so we’d start on the same day and make sure all weekends were clear!

The Saturday came and we couldn’t do very much but we lay on the bed together, kissing, for a while. Sandra took her top and bra off and got me to fondle her breasts and suck on her nipples. Her breasts aren’t very big but a great shape. Of course, I had to get mine out too. They’re smaller than hers but I’m quite happy with them, I would never consider having them enlarged. I really loved Sandra sucking on them.

Apart from Sandra patting my bum almost every opportunity, we didn’t have another chance to have sex until the following weekend. After I’d finished cleaning up in the kitchen, I went to Sandra’s room. She was sat up on the bed reading a magazine, her feet flat on the bed, knees together. I walked slowly toward her and smiled as coyly as I could. canlı kaçak bahis “Alone at last.” I hinted. “So?” she replied, acting all innocent.

I put my hand on her knee and pulled it gently. She allowed her knee to fall to the bed. I caressed the inside of her thigh and worked my way up, she gave no resistance. Her left leg fell to the bed on the other side. For a change, I found she had pants on but, undaunted, I started rubbing up and down on her slit, through her pants. She began to move her body in time with my fingers and then reached out to fondle my breast. I pulled her pants to one side, licked my finger thoroughly and slipped it into her slit. She sighed and lay back on the pillows. Before long I had her pants off and was finger fucking her with two fingers while rubbing her clit with the fingers of my left hand.. Suddenly she wanted me to stop and went to her bedside table.

She came back with a dildo and dropped it onto the bed. It had the appearance of a man’s cock and was realistically flesh coloured. She took the rest of her clothes off and climbed back on the bed resuming the same position on her back. That was the first time I’d seen her completely naked and I thought how beautiful she was. She picked up the toy and put it in her mouth. She sucked it for a minute to get it nice and wet then eased it into her vagina. “Use this on me.” I took control and started to fuck her with it, slowly and gently to start with but she urged me to go deeper and then gradually faster. While I was sliding this rubber cock in and out of her vagina she used her own fingers to rub her clitoris.

After a couple of minutes she got me to stop again and rolled over onto her tummy. She got up onto her hands and knees with legs spread, “Carry on.” she demanded. I slid the dildo into her from behind and resumed the steady in-out movement. She lowered herself onto her elbows then lay right down with her head on the pillow leaving her bum stuck up in the air. This position seemed to open her vulva more. Each time I pulled the dildo out it glistened with her pussy juice. Each time I pushed it back in, a little of the juice collected around the edge and, as I continued, a droplet formed which ran down onto her clitoris. I rubbed the slippery liquid over her clit with my left thumb and she gave a little moan. I continued the double action of fucking her with the dildo and rubbing her clitoris aided by the lubrication oozing from her vagina.

Her moans and grunts increased until she started panting “Keep going, keep going, don’t stop.” I increased the pace a little until her voice became almost a squeak “Yes…yes…ohmygod…I’m cumming.” She held her breath and went silent. I kept going for a few more seconds then she collapsed face down onto the bed, breathing heavily, feet apart with the dildo still stuck up her pussy. My fingers were coated with her juices and I licked them clean.

After half a minute she started to recover, she rolled onto her back and caressed her vulva lightly. She looked at me and smiled then slid the dildo out. “Get your clothes off.” she commanded. I complied immediately, stripping off as sexily as I could (not very). She got off the bed and stood beside it “Up on the bed” she continued. She still had the dildo in her hand. “You’re not going to stick that thing in me are you?” “I’m going to try, but I won’t hurt you Danni, I promise, I’ll be gentle and I’ll stop if it gets uncomfortable.”

Fully naked, I climbed onto the bed. “On your hands and knees please.” I assumed the position, tingling with anticipation. She gave my bum a light smack and told me to put my head down on the pillow. I adopted the same position Sandra had earlier, she pulled my knee to one side to open my pussy a little more. Next she leaned round behind me and started licking my vulva, running her tongue up and down my open pussy. That’s what I really wanted.

I felt the licking stop and her tongue was replaced by the hard tip of the dildo. She ran the point of it up and down for a while then gently started to push it into my vagina. It felt quite good, Sandra keeping her promise to go gently. She started going in and out, just the tip at first then gradually going further in. “OK?” she asked every ten seconds or so, to which I replied “Yeah.” It was a little uncomfortable at times but I wanted her to keep going. She rubbed my clitoris firmly while maintaining the steady in-out rhythm with the dildo, the slight discomfort faded and the pure pleasure began to take over. She asked “OK?” one more time then, when I said it was, she added “That’s all the way in now.” All I could say was “I love it.”

“Turn over.” she suddenly ordered. I turned onto my back and lay with my legs splayed. She resumed the clit rubbing and slid the dildo back into me. I stared in amazement as this thing repeatedly disappeared inside me. She bent over me and licked my clit while continuing to push the dildo into me. This combination was heavenly. Each thrust made my body tense up and I gripped the bedclothes to try to control my writhing. I squeezed my breasts and rolled my nipples between my fingers just to add to the pleasure a little more.

I lay there for several minutes enjoying the wonderful sensations and then I felt the familiar tingling of an impending orgasm. I began to tremble and then I climaxed. My whole body shook and I felt my pussy tightening around the shaft of the dildo. Sandra held it firmly inside me but she was unable to continue licking me. My body jerked several times, each time a little less hard and finally I lay still. She slowly pulled the dildo out of me and I looked up at her as she put it in her mouth and sucked all the pussy juice off it.

Sandra showed me where she hid the dildo and said I could use it any time, which I did, frequently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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