What Happens in Vegas PT2

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What Happens in Vegas PT2
Tim told Toni, I would be out for at least another three hours along with her mother, and that would be enough time for her to fuck him at least a couple more times. He started smiling again telling her; well you did what you came here for. You will be pregnant by morning if you aren’t already, just not from your husband. Next time you plan to do something like this you need to be careful what you let someone else hear. You also need to watch what you show because you looked great in this outfit down in your mother’s room. Toni looked down to see she was wearing the outfit she had bought for her husband earlier. Her skirt and sweater were no where around. Toni could also feel the cum running out of her and could feel how stretched open she was from Tim’s previous fuck sessions.

Tim rolled onto his back telling Toni to get on top of me and fuck me. Toni didn’t move at first at which time Tim said, move it or, I’ll wake up your husband and we’ll see if he believes you weren’t a willing partner. The way you are dressed and the amount of cum running out of you will be hard to explain. Now that you are able to, I want you to be the one that makes me cum inside you. I want you to make it shoot inside your cunt knowing you will get pregnant, even though you know it will be a black baby

Toni got up straddling Tim’s body mounting his huge cock that was standing up again. This time he would get the pleasure of seeing her fucking him. Tim laughed and put his head back while enjoying the view of this beautiful white woman riding his cock… Toni was moving up and down with her hips using only six inches of Tim’s cock. He looked at her and said, all the way down this time baby. Toni lowered herself on down till it made contact with her cervix again. She started fucking him with nine inches now at a steady rhythm hoping he would cum soon and let her go. After a few minutes at this depth, Tim reached out taking her by her tits and drove her down hard. His cock jammed all the way to his balls coming to rest against the back of her womb.

Toni cried out with pain at the force and depth of his penetration. Tim told her to start working her hips so to keep from killing herself with this sword, she started rocking her hips back and forth making Tim say, oh yea baby that’s it, milk me.

Tim felt his cock swelling from being fucked by this brown haired beauty. It had been twenty minutes since she started riding him. Toni felt his cock swelling and knew what was about to happen for the third time that night. She felt his cock start Cumming again. This time though it was Toni’s motion that made him cum…This made it even better. Tim was exploding inside her cunt. Toni could feel him blasting load after load into her fertile valley. She was trying to figure out how one man could cum so many times with this much force in one night. Tim’s sperm filled her up to where she could feel the assault on her ovaries. She knew she was pregnant for sure.

Toni sat still with Tim still inside her thinking about what had gone wrong. What she had planned as a loving night of love making with her husband, turned out to be an a****listic mating session with this black friend of her mother’s. Toni knew that Tim was going to be the father of her first c***d. He had made sure of that and didn’t seem to be slowing down.

Tim had Toni fuck him one more time in this position güvenilir bahis and once on her hands and knees with her ass in the air so he could make sure his last load would be in her completely. Tim had never cum this much in his life before. They had had five mating sessions that night all in the bed next to her husband. Tim was proud to be the one who would knock her up and by the end of the week there would be no doubt that he had. Toni was wondering how she was going to break it to her husband. She wouldn’t get an abortion because she didn’t believe they were right. She knew that Tim would be the father and that the c***d would probably be a black baby making it no question who had been fucking her. Toni felt that she must have caused this with what he had told her he had seen and heard…

Tim got up to go to his room telling Toni he was looking forward to all of the little fuck sessions they were going to have this week, and that if he caught her with her husband during this time he would force a sperm test on her to show it was his baby. Tim told her to dress in what she had worn that day but just her bra, stockings skirt, sweater and high heels. Toni knew that he would be in charge for the next five days and couldn’t wait to get out of there. She would have to put on a face and act like all is ok to keep anyone from getting suspicious.Tim told her he expected her to wear skirts and easy accessible tops. He also wanted her in stockings and high heels at all times and that he better not find her in a pair of panties the rest of the week.

Tim said to her that he expected her to be available at any time he called to her with a nod or finger wag and would be bending her over for a quick fuck and another deposit. He told her that as soon as her husband went down for breakfast in the morning, she should come back up to him. He told her he just loved morning sex.

Please don’t do this if there is a chance I could get caught. I love my husband and don’t want to loose him.

First of all, I don’t care about your husband. All I want is your pussy wrapped around my dick. But if you don’t want him to find out until you are ready to tell him, you had better be where I tell you and when.

In the morning I awoke with a hang over, sporting a major headache. I told Toni how sorry I was and that I would make it up to her. I also apologized for not being there for her the night before. I held her in my arms and she kissed me.

Toni told me that she passed out to and that she would make it up to me when we got home. She said she had started her period. I knew there would be no sex on this trip with her in this condition. Toni wouldn’t let me near her at that time of the month.

Toni and I went down stairs where she fixed coffee and toast for me and her mom. Linda too had a hang over and didn’t remember much about the previous night. She wanted to find out how things went last night and weather she could start making plans to be a grandma. Linda heard me saying that we all passed out last night without getting to have any fun. She knew then that nothing had happened. I sat talking to Linda as she and I nursed our head aches.

Toni told us she would be back in a minute. She needed to get something from her purse. Her purse was in our room. I offered to go get it for her but she said she also needed to excuse herself. Sit down and enjoy your little tipobet giriş talk with my mom. I’m going to the little ladies room; I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Toni walked up the stairs as Tim watched her. Her skirt was short, exposing her stocking covered thighs as she climbed. Upon reaching the top, Tim took her arm, spinning her around. He pushed her up against the balcony wall making her bend over and grab the rail for support. In this position her short skirt had ridden up giving him a nice view of her sheer stockings. Toni looked unbelievable. Standing with her nylon covered legs about two feet apart for balance, she was bent over with her short denim skirt riding up the back of her nice round ass. She had her sweater with her tits pushing out straining both her bra and sweater. With her fuck me red heels she could have been posing for a centerfold.

Tim pulled back on her hips while steadying her with a hand in the middle of her back. Once he had her in the position he wanted her in. he took his hand off her hip and reached down to lift her skirt. Toni could see both her mother and I through the frosted glass separating the living room and the kitchen. She started to struggle telling Tim, not here they’ll see us.

Tim didn’t let up on what he was doing and once he’d pulled her skirt up to expose her ass, he unzipped his pants to release his cock. Toni was still pleading her case telling him no, not here as she felt his cock rub up between her mound and entering her with the head only berried inside her.

Toni was in a full panic now keeping her eyes on her mother and I to make sure she could see what both of us were doing at all times. All it took was for one of us to walk into the living room and we would see Tim fucking her from behind Tim kept easing his cock in further a little at a time. He could tell by her tight cunt that she was afraid. He continued to hold her in this position finally getting nine to ten inches inside Toni’s cunt. Once he was in he took her by the hips and started a slow steady fucking motion that pulled his cock to within an inch of pulling out and then sliding forward to feel it hit up against her wombs entrance. Christ, the feeling was incredible. Tim kept this pace up for a good five minutes never changing speed.

The feeling of Tim’s cock rubbing against her cervix was turning Toni on. Knowing she wasn’t just her husbands anymore, at least not for this week, she began to respond to Tim’s huge cock inside her. Her mind told her to enjoy it; you’re going to get fucked anyways. Toni gave into her thoughts and tilted her pelvis sticking her ass up for Tim to enjoy. She then began to meet his thrusts bringing her towards sweet release. She reached back between her legs and started playing with her clit.

Toni hadn’t been fingering herself for more than a couple minutes when she felt her climax starting. She began to tighten and had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out. Her legs felt as if they were going to give out at any time. She had lost track of watching her mom and I during her orgasm and only concentrated on her wonderful feeling going through her cunt.

Still in an orgasmic induced state, Toni surprised Tim when she reached through her legs and took his balls in her hand. She started to caress them while gently milking them. The feeling was too much for Tim and with one final tipobet thrust he pushed as far as he could. He held Toni’s hips, with the tip of his cock pressing into her cervix, started to cum inside her. The combination of her tight wet cunt, her clothing, perfect body and now her caressing of his balls had him blowing stream after stream into Toni’s womb. She could feel him filling her up and pushed into his cock to keep the seal between them. Toni had let go of his balls by this time but was running one of her long red fingernails over the exposed shaft of his cock, teasing the remaining two inches not in her cunt. Tim began to realize that she was in control of the situation at that moment.

She kept her fingernail in place as he pulled his cock out of her now well oiled cunt. The sensation was overpowering and he quickly moved back. Toni stood up and turned around to face him while leaning against the balcony rail. She felt a small trickle of cum oozing out of her but most of it was shot directly into her uterus. She looked so sexy standing there, when she started to walk over to Tim. She put her arms around his neck, planting a long, deep kiss nearly taking the breath out of Tim. She pressed her body against his and looked up at him with an evil little look. Tim was wondering, what was happening.

Toni pressed her firm tits into his chest, while rubbing her stocking covered thigh against his still exposed cock. She lowered her leg while leaving her skirt raised causing Tim to feel his now hardening cock pressing against her pubic mound. Toni started grinding her hips against him bringing him back to full length and horney as hell.

Toni reached down between them and took his cock in her hand. She started stroking it, rubbing the head with her hand to heighten the pleasure. She was still looking him in the eyes with that crooked little smile. She was totally in charge now and she knew it. Toni started moving her hand even faster, jacking him off. She kept using her long fingers to help build him towards a climax. Tim’s cock was now straining and he needed release worse than he had ever before. Toni could feel his cock swelling in her hand knowing she just about had him where she wanted him. She reached up with her free hand and lifted her sweater to show off her white sheer lace bra that he hadn’t seen yet. The sight of this was too much and his cock started jerking in Toni’s hand.

Toni bent to her knees, taking Tim’s cock into her mouth. She didn’t have to suck because when Tim’s cock disappeared between her lips, he started to explode. Toni pushed forward allowing his cock to slip into her throat. She kept his cock down her throat as he emptied his balls into her stomach. Toni had taken a long breath before swallowing his shaft and was able to keep it down his entire orgasm.

Tim was now totally confused. He was wondering where this aggressive little fuck machine had come from. Just last night and this morning she was doing everything she was told while fearing what would happen if she didn’t. Now she was giving him peep shows, hand jobs, and blow jobs without being told.

Toni stood up and while still holding his semi erect cock told Tim, it’s not when you want me anymore, it’s when I call you. She let go of his cock and lifted her skirt with her tits still showing through the bra. If you want anymore of this you will be there when I call or nod my head.

Oh wait, you put it as when I wag my finger. You don’t come, you don’t get any.

Toni giggled and said put that thing away and join us for breakfast. She then started walking down the stairs to join Linda and me in the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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