wheelchair sex….part 8 (the others)

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wheelchair sex….part 8 (the others)
i wasn’t sure what to call this part of this ongoing story. this is a 100% true story as related to me by Nadine. please read the other parts so you’ll have an idea of what is going on and follow along. i will tell you that Nadine is a whore! best part is that she loves being called a whore and admits to being a whore. as i continue this story line. Nadine remembers going to her aunt’s house and got fucked in the ass. she loved it. here’s what happened.

she was in bed with her cousin Carol and they were caressing each other and kissing. due to her limitations Carol was the more aggressive of the two which did not turn Nadine off. in fact she remembers enjoying all the attention she was getting. after several hours of this a man walked into the apartment. it was clear that he had a key and let himself in. Nadine remembered him from a few weeks ago. he was one of the men that fucked her aunt mercilessly. Nadine said he’s name was Roy. Nadine was not expecting anyone but Carol told him that he was just in time. Carol told Nadine that Roy wanted to fuck her ass. this was new territory for bahis siteleri Nadine but she was so horny and was already having multiple orgasms thanks to Carol.

Roy got undressed and he was already getting a hard on. Carol helped him by sucking his dick. they positioned Nadine on her left side as it was better to penetrate her that way. lots of lube and kissing went on and Roy was able to slowly penetrate her ass. Carol was sucking Nadine’s nipples, touching her pussy, Roy was holding her shoulders as he got into a good rhythm in and out her ass. Nadine recalls the pain and pleasure she felt. the orgasms were now non-stop. she was moaning her approval as Roy increased his speed. before too long her aunt walked into the room as she got home from work. Nadine felt a bit scared but her aunt told her to relax and enjoy the feeling. aunt Sally got undressed and joined them on the bed. she began to kiss Nadine which turned her on even more.

“that’s right Nadine, enjoy that dick up your ass. he’s gonna fuck the shit out of that tight ass.”

“oh fuck, oh god damn, oh shit, it feels so good.” Nadine remembers her ass was on perabet güvenilir mi fire and loving it more and more. Roy increased his thrusts and Nadine felt his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. the orgasms as described by Nadine were fantastic. the more she came the faster Roy fucked her ass. by this time her nipples were being pulled. more pain and even more pleasure according to her. she felt the warm sensation of Roy’s cum in her ass. this made her come even more and she was able to thrust her ass against Roy. he screamed his pleasure as his dick quickly softened. Roy got up and as he was cleaning himself Nadine thought it was over……..she was wrong.

Carol and her aunt rolled Nadine on her stomach and put several pillows under her stomach which raised her ass up. what Nadine felt next was “the incredible hot lips and tongue of my aunt on my ass.” i was in shock with what she said. Nadine could not believe it herself but her aunt was licking her asshole and put her tongue inside as well. “oh my god,” was all Nadine could say. Roy saw what was going on but he had to leave to work. all tipobet he said was nasty bitches. with Roy gone aunt Sally really went to work on Nadine ass.

“that’s right mom, show Nadine what a nasty ass licking slut you are.” Nadine could not believe what was happening but she enjoyed every minute of it. her orgasms caused her ass to push out Roy’s cum and her aunt was there licking it up. she heard Carol smacking her aunt’s ass as hard as possible. this turned Nadine on even more and the orgasms were more intense. aunt Sally licked Nadine’s ass but she also licked her pussy as well. Nadine does not remember how long this went on. when her aunt had enough. she knelt on the floor while eating Carol out. Carol was telling her mom to eat her out real good and her mom did what she was told. all Nadine remembers is falling asleep with Carol on one side and her aunt on the other.

there is more that Nadine told me that she has done with others…….she had ongoing relationship with a social worker at the program she attends, she has let other staff members at the residence suck her tits, she has helped other residence members masturbate along with her, she has gone to a adult book store and been involved with others sexually…….Nadine is a whore and she loves it……

i will write more as i get the information. as for me, i love sitting on her face while she licks my ass……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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