Whispers of the Redwoods

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Whispers of the Redwoods
Hello, my name is Teagan and I remember the second time I experienced an older man’s cock in my hand for the first time. I had just gotten my first kiss a few weeks earlier from a guy I’d had a crush on for months. That particular summer evening, we had decided to go for a walk in the Redwood Park in my neighborhood. It was starting to get dark and we stopped at a little wooden bench along the trail which led to the playground, and within the shadows of the giant redwoods, we began to kiss, as his tongue began to push into my mouth. As his hands began to roam around my body, it never occurred to me that he was suggesting more.

“Touch it,” as he gently nudged me. I had never experienced a real life penis up close before as I rubbed him through his pants, with the palm of my little hand, focusing on his erection, feeling out the kaçak bahis size and thickness of him.

“Now take it out,” he said, as I slowly unzipped his pants.

He was wearing white underwear as I drew his cock out and stared at it, totally mesmerized.

“Now stroke it,” he said, as he placed my hand on his hard cock. I wrapped my little girl hand around it, making a fist as his hand was now over mine, stroking it up and down, slowly. I was wondering about the friction of my hand, and if it felt good to him. I was also wondering why he was helping me. Was I was holding it correctly? Was my hand too small? Was I doing a good job?

All this was new to me, as I continued to be in a state of shock and awe. It was so unexpected for me that I would find myself holding, stroking, a real life cock. This was the farthest that I had ever gone before with anyone. güvenilir bahis I didn’t think about what would happen next, as I was so intrigued and curious at the situation in hand, which I found myself.

And then he whispered in my ear, “give it a kiss?”

There was pre-cum slowly oozing out the tip of his hard, throbbing cock as I placed my little girl lips against it, and then allowed his older man cock to push past my lips and into my little wet mouth. I didn’t try anything crazy like I seen on videos where girls do the deep throat and cum swallowing thing, but I felt naughty, guilty, and even excited. I moved my head up and down on it for a while, as his moans were getting louder. I wanted to pull away and stop because I thought I heard someone walking down the trail towards us, but he never noticed anything.

Maybe we both sensed türkçe bahis that it was as far as things were going to go that night. I really don’t remember. Maybe it was getting too late, and I had to get me home before my parents complained. So I gave it a goodbye kiss as I stroked his cock a few more times in my little girl hand and mouth at he same time.

I ended up with bruises on my knees that day, as well as a fixation upon seeing him squirt his cum once again. My curiosity, among other things, had become aroused, as I had taken the first step. But I wanted to put into practice all the ideas and fantasies that I had inside my head. I never swallowed his cum before, yet, I do remember the night in his car at the Redwood Acres Fairground a few weeks ago. The first time I gave him a hand job, it felt amazing in my hand, watching the head of his cock pop past the grip of my little girl hand, as he squirted simultaneously down my hand and arm, and I have never forgotten it since.

If you want to know what happened prior to this, you must continue and read; As Summer Begins: Part IV.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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