Worst Day to Best Day at the Bank

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My first story so be gentle (but honest) with me.


It was hot as hell, the hottest summer on record and here was me stuck in the queue at the bank. On top of that the air conditioning in the bank hadn’t been able to cope had packed up. Just great. If it wasn’t for the fact this was my last chance to get to my deposit box I would have come back for another day but I have to admit one of my failings (and I have several) is always leaving things to the last minute.

My one concession to the heat is I’ve taken my suit jacket off but I can still feel the sweat starting to form on my back. I look around and can’t believe the number of people here less than an hour before closing. Luckily it looks like the queues are moving fairly quickly and I can guess why. The tellers must be soaked through. With that in mind I had headed for the prettiest girl behind a counter (yep you guessed it that’s another flaw. Given the choice I will always head for the pretty ones) and sure enough I was right. Hot, sweaty and white blouses really are not a good combination, unless you’re me and probably half the males in the room and the fan that had been hurriedly setup blowing the blouse against the young ladies chest improved my day 10 fold.

After the expected apologise for the lack of air-conditioning and the wait I gave her my account number and explained that I needed to get something out of my deposit box all the while watching her trying to discreetly pull the blouse from her, I have to say, impressive chest. I almost had to laugh at the fact every time she tugged the blouse off of the top of her breasts the fan swept round and just plastered it back again to the point her plain white bra was clearly visible underneath. Whilst she rang for assistance I was thinking how disappointed I was about the choice of her underwear. Check her hands closer and sure enough, there’s the ring. I sigh to myself, another pretty young female whose hubby probably freaks out every time she so much as glances at another guy.

Fortunately the assistant arrived and I literally went from semi to rock solid there and then. She was about 5’7″ had the face of a goddess and was dressed in a tight fitting knee length black shirt, thin sheer tights and the same type of white blouse the teller had been wearing. Difference with this one though was that it wasn’t soaked through. You could just make out the pale pink of her bra through the fabric but I was getting high hopes as the sweat was already building on her face. çankaya escort I’d guess that the office part of the bank had gotten a portable air conditioning unit in and so she had been a lot more comfortable then the poor tellers. Her highlighted blond hair wasn’t plastered to her head like the tellers either but was just damp enough to tell it wouldn’t be long.

A quick chat with the first young lady and then she stood up straight, look at me with a smile and asked me to follow her. I go through the entrance to the side making sure my jacket is covering the raging hard on I’ve got that is almost getting painful from following this swaying beauty. It’s a couple of minutes walk to the vault so I make polite conversation about the heat and she talks about how lucky they were to get the portable unit and occasionally looking over her shoulder at me with what seemed to me a shy but stunning smile whilst I’m watching the sweat build up on her back. We finally reach the vault and she takes me to the deposit boxes near the back. I’ve just unlocked it and turn to place the box on the nearby table when suddenly an alarm goes off. I look at the box and then at her and I can see the shock on her face as well.

‘Hey I didn’t do anything’ I chime. Both of us catch movement out of the corner of our eyes and, turning, we see the door to the vault is half shut and closing.

‘Oh my god, someone has pressed the raid alarm!’ She grabs my hand and starts moving to the door but we both know we aren’t going to make it. We reach the door just as it bangs shut.

‘What now?’ I ask.

She explains that in the case of one of the staff pressing the alarm used when there is a robbery going on the vault doors automatically shut and will only open at 9 the next day or if one of two people over-rides the system. The manager, who was out of town and not expected back until tomorrow.

‘And the other one?’ I ask.

She looks up at me a little wide eyed and whispers ‘Me.’ To make it even better it can’t be opened from the inside as a safety feature ‘We won’t suffocate though.’ she explains ‘The people that made it made sure that there were vents for something like this.’

She starts pacing around the vault saying things to reassure me when in fact I think they were mostly to herself. I hop up and sit on the table watching her, her high heels clicking on the floor to the safe. The air coming into the vault is warm at best and the sweat really starts building up on çayyolu escort both of us now. Her pink bra clearly visible through the blouse and I notice with pleasure that it’s a lacy one. I start taking sips out of a bottle of water I had in my jacket and offer her some. She takes a sip then as she’s handing it back I notice her flushed skin suddenly go pale and I leap off the table just in time to catch her as she faints.

Not knowing what else to do I tip the majority of the contents from the bottle over her head which manages to bring her round and then get her to drink a bit more while we are both sat on the floor with me holding her as she was still a little unsteady. Whilst she’s thanking me for saving her from a bruising I notice the water had not only soaked her already wet blouse but had soaked her bra as well and I could now see her nipples clearly through both layers. I stay where I am holding her, partially because of the view but mostly because I didn’t want to give away my rock hard member that was now barely inches away from this stunning, soaked young lady.

After a little while I wind up taking my tie off and undoing a few buttons to my shirt. Seeing this she goes to undo a couple on her blouse but 2 things happen when she does. Her elbow ever so slightly brushes against my still hard cock and she suddenly notices the state of her top. I freeze wondering what was going to happen next.

To my surprise, and delight, she proceeds to take the blouse right off. ‘Oh well no point keeping that on then.’ She says and settles back down against me, one hand resting on the inside of my thigh.

She rests her back against my chest and leans her head right back against my shoulder. I rest my head against the side of hers giving me an excellent view of her cleavage as she starts moving her hand up my thigh. I start cessing her shoulders, arms and midriff as her hand finally reaches my manhood, stroking it through my trousers. My hands come up and I cup her breasts still encased in the bra. I give them a squeeze getting a sigh in return. She starts squeezing my cock harder through the fabric. I kiss her just under the ear at the same time as hooking my hands into her bra and pulling her breasts out from inside their, all be it, thin protection. Now I start pinching and pulling at her nipples whilst kissing the nape of her neck with more and more urgency. She finds the zipper on my trousers and pulls me free from its confines.

We shift position ankara escort and I move my head lower to pop one of her erect nipples into my mouth, sucking and using my teeth to tug at the sensitive flesh, one of my hands on the other breast. My other hand moves lower to the hem of her skirt as she carries on stroking my cock, pulling the skin right back from over the head.

She is moaning even louder now. I pick her and carry her to the table while we explore each other’s mouths with our tongues but I break contact as soon as I get her on the table and run my hands up her thighs under her skirt. I grab the waistband of her underwear and pull them off her. She pulls her skirt up to her waist as I kiss my way up the inside of her thighs, spreading her legs and running my lips over her slit as I reach the top. My tongue darts out and I taste her for the first time. I concentrate on mouth on her clit and slide a couple of fingers into her already wet hole.

Alternating between nibbling and running my tongue around her clit I pick up speed with my fingers. She grabs the back of my head and pulls my face even tighter into her lips. Her hips start to buck and I move my arm so it’s pressing down on her, stopping her from the movement she so wants to do. Suddenly I feel her tighten around my finders and the moaning takes on short gasps. Still I carry on licking and biting. Her body goes almost ridged as the orgasm hits her followed by some soft spasms as I kiss my may up her body. Just as I reach her mouth again I place the head of my cock at her entrance and then slide it into her in one smooth thrust. She wraps her stocking clad legs around my waist and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. With all the excitement it doesn’t take long before I feel myself reaching boiling point and I grab her breasts tight as I start thrusting into her as hard as I can. Her muscles spasm again just as I explode into her.

We catch our breaths and after a minute of laying there I’m about to start sliding in and out of her again when we both here a muffled noise from outside the vault. We both leap off the table in a panic and frantically start putting on and straightening our clothes. Just as she manages to do up her blouse the door to the safe opens and in steps the manager and a couple of police officers. Apparently the robbers had run off as soon as the alarm went off.

The manager apologised profusely for the time it took and looked a little confused at the smile shared between his assistant and myself. Thankfully the flush on our skin could be put down to heat and we made our way out the vault. It was only when I was just about to step through the entrance that I noticed a security camera pointing directly at the table. Oh well, wonder if I can get a hold of the tape.


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