Young Girl’s Dream

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Young Girl’s Dream
Young Girl’s Dream

The rain had just started falling harder and harder as Mr. W’s car pulled away from the small town’s movie theater was one of the main attractions. In an all student weekend event of double feature movies, sponsored by the school district, students were admitted to capacity, and then the doors closed and locked for the next twelve hours running double feature movies in their six theater screening rooms. Teachers and faculty of the high school were to monitor the event until the doors were unlocked at event end.

Mr. W’s mind had been racing for a week, planning to enjoy himself without his two daughters at home. It had been ages since he was able to view pornographic movies without interruption or worry that one of the two girls would stumble into the living room and see the graphic sex scenes on the wide-screen TV and for once, he would be able to have the volume up. He had already gone to the video store and selected several new graphic videos to watch and had slipped one into the player before he had left the house with the girls.

He felt his cock stiffening at the thought of getting home, peeling his clothes off and masturbating. He had always been a voyeur spending many a late night after his daughters had gone to bed, stealing into their bedroom, pulling back their covers, exposing their bodies in the dim light and jerking himself after lifting their pajamas exposing their breasts and pussies. He loved seeing them awake in the mornings and appear at the breakfast table with signs of his cum showing on their pajama tops.

As he pulled into the darkened driveway, he hit the remote and the garage light flashed on and rose while he pulled in. His eyes caught something moving under the narrow overhang. He could not believe it, but one of his daughter’s friends, Rachel, had been crouched down by the bushes. She was drenching wet from the heavy rain as she stood up at the garage opening.

“Rachel, what on earth are you doing here?” he asked as he got out of the car and she stepped into the garage.

“Mr. W., my mom dropped me off here to ride with Ashley and Frolic to the movies. She drove off because she was going out on a date, and before I realized that, you were already gone. I tried to flag her down, but she was not paying attention, and drove off, leaving me stranded. She won’t be home until like 3 a.m.” Her wet clothes clung to her body like saran wrap. The outline of her breasts, the slim waist and tiny hips left nothing to the imagination, as the garage door closed behind her.

“Don’t worry dear, come on, let’s get you in the house to warm up,” seeing that she was shivering from the cold rain. He put his arms around her and she slumped tiredly against him. Leading her into the front room, he hurried to the bathroom grabbing a heavy towel. He quickly began rubbing her all over with the towel roughly feeling her body give way to him under his hands. His cock, which had been stiffening on the way home, now pressed hard against his trousers. Had it not been for them, it would have poked her stomach as he continued to dry her off.

“You look exhausted. You had better go into the bathroom, take a hot shower, and get out of those wet clothes; there are robes canlı kaçak bahis hanging on the back of the door. I’ll make you some hot chocolate while you shower.” Pushing her gently toward the bathroom, he began heating milk on the stove. Watching as she went into the bathroom, she began removing her clothes, barely pushing the door, leaving it a good ways open. Knowing he should not be looking, he tried to avert his eyes, but as her tiny ass came into view, he could not stop looking and his mind raced with impure thoughts about the young girl.

Turning finally to the stove, he pulled the chocolate down and spooned a good measure into the milk. His eyes suddenly caught on his Kailua. He chuckled and poured a hefty measure of it into the milk as well. He tasted it then added more chocolate to help hide the taste a bit more.

“Your hot chocolate is on the counter Rachel,” as she stepped from the bathroom with one of the girl’s robes clutched around her body. “I’m going to take a quick shower as well, I got soaked from you being as wet as we walked in,” he laughed loudly as he went into the bathroom. Not bothering to close the door at all, he dropped his clothes in a pile and stepped naked into the shower stall. He glanced over his shoulder to see the girl shyly smiling as she sipped her hot chocolate with her eyes looking at his muscular body and almost fully erect penis.

“Um, this hot chocolate is really yummy Mr. W. Probably the best I’ve ever tasted,” she continued drinking it as she spoke. “Is there more?” she asked.

“Yes, in the pan there on the burner. Help yourself,” he smiled to himself, knowing that if she had finished the first cup already, she would be quite pliable if she had another. He turned facing the kitchen as he got out of the shower, his cock stiffly pointing in that direction. She had been pouring the second cup but fully stopped pouring now staring at his cock openly with her mouth partly open. He watched her tongue lick her lips as he pulled his own robe around himself, covering his cock. Nevertheless, just covering it did nothing to hide the fact that it was hard and stiff, nearly protruding from under the robe.

Moving to her side, placing his arms around her, he began gently massaging her pressing his body and stiff cock against her backsides. She tilted her head backwards looking at him. He heard her deep intake of breath as he began kissing on her neck and shoulders, while his hands began cupping and holding her round breasts, fingertips touching her nipples thru the robe. He continued the gentle fondling for a minute or two then stopped and began moving toward the living room. She took another couple of deep drafts of hot chocolate and poured more. As she turned to go into the living room, her legs were unstable and she reached out to catch herself. With one hand holding the cup, her second hand latched onto his protruding cock as she looked wistfully up at him.

“Don’t fall down Rachel, hold on,” chuckling as her grip on his cock thru the robe tightened as he led her back to the couch. “There now, sit down.” He gently pushed her back onto the couch and the robe fell open exposing her breasts and the faint hint of hair at her crotch. She blushed brightly, pulling casino oyna it closed, again looking at him.

“Since you missed the double feather movie night….I was going to watch a video or two myself. Would you like to watch with me? My movie of course, is not one you would have seen before,” an evil grin crossed his lips as his eyes ran up and down her reclining body.

“Yes, I would like that, very much,” she replied quietly with a slight slurring of her words. “I really love the hot chocolate; it tastes so rich and wonderful. I got the last of it before we left the kitchen.”

“Ah, I’ll go make some more for you.” He turned, grabbed the remote and started the video. “You watch the beginning of the movie, I’ll be right back.” The opening began, flashing scenes of young porn actresses scantily dressed, dancing seductively in front of men in a porn theater pressing money between the girls’ panties and bras. As the money increased the amount of clothing they wore decreased until they were naked, exposing everything they had to the camera and the men.

“Wow, you are right, I’ve never seen a movie like this before,” as she held her cup out to take more of his newly brewed, more potent Kailua hot chocolate. Her hand swayed and she had a silly smile on her face as she accepted it.

“Do you like it?” he asked nodding toward the screen with a wide smile. Just as he spoke, one man in the front of the dance platform had pulled his pants down exposing his cock to the dancer. He started pulling on it and waving more money toward the girl. As the girl approached, he put the bills on the tip of his cock, and she proceeded to crotch down over it and impaled the bill and the tip of his cock in her pussy. She gyrated back and forth and rose up, displaying for the camera, the $10 bill sticking out of her pussy.

“OMG, Yes!” she exclaimed as she took a big slug of the hot chocolate watching the bill being removed from the girl’s gaping pussy. She proceeded around the platform performing similar extractions of money from the men.

Mr. W. sat down alongside Rachel watching Rachel’s reaction to the movie. Her robe had fallen completely open as she wiggled around. It no longer covered her crotch exposing a lovely patch of blonde fur outlining her tiny slit. She continued to watch, as he began running his hand up and down on her thigh, slowly moving it closer and closer to her pussy. Her legs seemed to open as if on command, giving him full access to her.

His hands now on the prize, he gently rubbed her, feeling the labia moisten at his touch. His thumb began nuzzling at the fold of skin hiding her nubbin like clit which had hardened like a little penis and had began to protrude from it mantle. Her hips seemed to sway with his thumb pressure and both her thighs were thrown back and wide open, unfettered by the robe.

Taking her hand, he guided it to his cock, folding her fingers around it. She turned her head, looked at her hand clasping Mr. W’s hard cock, and smiled. On the screen, one of the actresses was busy stroking a cock, and taking notice of this, Rachel began imitating the actress.

“You could be one of those actresses Rachel, you are doing that so well,” he croaked in a deep whisper sighing as she worked his canlı casino siteleri cock with her tiny hand. “Have you touched a penis before?”

“No….I’ve dreamt of it, but this is my first time for touching a penis in real life,” she whispered still watching the activity unfold on the screen.

“Well, keep watching, you can try anything you want to. I won’t mind,” the total impurity of his thoughts ran rampant thru his brain. He watched her nod absentmindly as she continued watching the girl on the screen jerk the guy off. She jumped when the cum spurted out of the cock spraying the girls face. Her eyes widened when the girl started wiping the cum from her cheeks and putting it into her mouth.

Mr. W’s fingers became soaking wet from the flow of female fluids. Gently he started manipulating her clitty with his thumb and with his fingers, pulled her labia wide running them inside her. Her hips convulsed and the labia seemed to try to grab at his fingers.

“Anything…” she asked. When he nodded, she leaned over and eagerly began to clumsily suck and lick on his cock. He could feel her teeth as they nipped at his cockhead and he winced a bit. He took his hands and guided her head slowly, whispering to keep her teeth covered with her lips as she went down on him. Very quickly, she complied and began trying to go deeper and deeper down on his cock.

“Will your penis spurt stuff like that guy in the movie?” she asked. “I want to taste it myself.”

“Yes. If you want, I will let you know when it is going to shoot out.” and he felt her head nod as she continued to sucking. Taking both hands, he continued guiding her head down on his cock.

“Make me please Mr. W, make me take you. I….I want you to make me your cum slut like that girl in the movie.” She whined with her mouth full of his cock. Hearing that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. He began bucking; using both, hands to force his cock down her throat, repeatedly. Within seconds, he started grunting loudly.

“Take it you little slut, take my seed down your throat,” and with that he started unloading his cum into her mouth. She gagged but continued to try to go more, even as immense amounts of his sperm shot out around his cock onto her chin and face. He held her longer, and unloaded at least three times into her eager mouth.

When he finally released her head, she pulled back some, but continued to chew and lick on his cock, sucking and swallowing everything that was left in his cock and lay there smiling at him.

“Mr. W….you won’t tell anyone about this will you?” she asked almost fearfully.

“No, dear Rachel, it will be our secret, just you and I.” he reassured her. She lay quietly with her lips kissing on his cock tip lovingly for a long time.

“Mr. W.” she timidly began, “may I ask you something?” He nodded at her and she continued speaking, “Tonight was the absolute best time I’ve ever had. I have dreamt of having a man force me to suck him, to make me swallow his cum. I want to be called a dirty cock-sucking slut while I do it. Will you let me be your cock-sucking slut, ready to suck your cock whenever you tell me to, to be your slave for sex?”

He was quiet for a moment, and as he was about to answer, he looked down and realized that she had fallen fast asleep in his lap. “Rachel, if you remember at all tomorrow, I’m going to let you think it was another dream. The taste of my cum on your breath will be all that you will have to remember it with. Next time will be better….”

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