Young Stud Training PT2

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Young Stud Training PT2
The following day at work, I found that I could hardly sit at my desk without remembering what had happened last evening. My legs were still weak, and my pussy felt like it had the first time I had sex – sore and raw – but a wonderful, satisfied feeling! That young man had one of the biggest hardest cocks that I had ever had. I knew that it would not be long before I had to have another taste and get my fill of it again. A little of a good thing is never enough!

My girlfriend, Betty, called me in the morning and asked me what was new, and I could hardly suppress the giggle that erupted as she asked. She immediately caught on that something was up with me. “Come on girl, give me details!” she said. “I can’t tell you on the phone at work,” I whispered. “Meet me at Ray’s for a drink after work and I’ll tell you all the juicy details! Promise!”

Betty is the complete opposite of me. I’m only 5’2″ with long blond hair and big tits that almost make me look deformed because of my small waist and short stature. Betty is 5’8″ short red hair and nice long legs that I really envy and big tits (her husband paid for hers!), a little bitsy waist and a nice curvy ass that she keeps in shape. Although she has the build of a model and the beauty that goes with it, she is so cool and friendly that everyone loves her.

She’s married to the District Attorney in Conroe. They’ve been married for about 20 years now, and it’s good, she just gets bored now and then when her husband has a case going and works late, night after night. She’s given me a few hints about their pool guy and some fun they’ve had, but lately she’s been suggesting that she’d like to do a little experimenting about her bi side. She’d like to share with her husband, but wants to know if she’s really going to enjoy it first.

The day passed so slowly. I was so ready to share my experience with Betty – I knew I’d tell my boyfriend, but sharing the story with her we could talk about all the details. I could really tell her how I felt mounting his big huge cock and trying to swallow all 8″ of his thick shaft into my mouth. I could just imagine her mouth dropping open and drooling over the adventure I’d had. What I didn’t know was if she would be willing to help me with the next step of his initiation.

We arrived at about the same time, sat down and ordered a drink and without even a hug, Betty jumped me for details! I told her that Bill had hired a young man to manage the ranch while he went on a trip and he’d asked me to stop by and check on him. As I told her what had happened, just as I thought, her mouth dropped open, her eyes got big and she listened without interruption. When I finished, she just sat back and took a deep breath. güvenilir bahis siteleri

“Wow! Now you have me all horny and Jeff is out of town! I can’t believe you did that!” “Really? Would you care to go with me this afternoon when I go check on him again?” I said, leading up to my proposition. “You’re k**ding! You’re going out there again?” “Of course! Bill asked me to keep an eye on things and I just can’t let him down,” I laughed. She burst out laughing and reached to take another drink while she thought about this young stud and how she’d like to see what he had inside those tight jeans. “Why not?” she finally said. We finished our drinks, paid the bartender, and she got in my car as we headed out to Bill’s ranch.

She had on a bright red two-piece short set, white socks and tennis shorts. I swear she looked more like a teenager than her 42 years. She climbed in and I had the top down while we headed out of town. She was so excited and immediately began asking me about Randy. How was he built, muscles, cock size, and all that stuff. We laughed as I told her some of the things we had done. She leaned back and I could see the soft curve of her breasts. She was laughing, looked at me and saw my eyes were on them. She smiled, raised her eyebrows, and lowered her blouse.

“Wanna see them?” she grinned, and lowered them down to her nipples. I reached over and put my hands over them and moved down to the nipples and ran a finger over them as they hardened. She purred and leaned her head back. I watched the road, but my hand stayed on her breast, rubbing back and forth. A car passed us, honking and waving, she looked over and waved. The idiots almost took off the front fender! We laughed as I removed my hand and put them both back on the wheel. We almost missed the turn-off, but made it.

Betty pulled up her top and sat up, looking around for Randy as we drove in through the gate. We spied him just going into the barn as we drove on down and parked. He paused in the doorway, looking at us getting out of the car.

“Hi, Randy,” I said approaching him. “This is my friend Betty. We stopped for a drink after work and she decided to come along when I told her I had to stop and check if everything’s o.k. I heard from him this morning and things are going fine on his end. Anything I need to pass along?” “No, everything’s under control here,” he said. His face started turning a little red as he watched Betty. She was looking him over, without shame, from head to toe. She lifted her hand and moved her finger in a circle… “Turn around, hon. You don’t mind if I admire that fine physic of yours, do you?” His faced turned 5 shades of red, but he turned around, and coming back to face us, perabet güvenilir mi he obviously had a big hard-on. “Mmm, some nice muscles you have there! Joy, I think this boy needs some help. I think he has a real problem. Maybe he could use a good massage to get rid of that muscle cramp he seems to have!”

I started laughing and walked over to Randy and gave him a hug. “We’re just playing with you, sugar. You don’t mind, do you? Want to play for awhile this afternoon?” He bent over and kissed me, bringing my mouth to his slowly. “And what game are we playing today, Joy?” “I guess we’ll just have to see..”

We all walked toward the bunkhouse following Randy in and looking around. Betty followed Randy into the kitchen for a glass of water. He handed it to her, looking at her body as she drank. She drained the glass, set it down and pulled him into her arms. I asked them both to come into the living area so we could all join in and have enough room. She led him into the room and then turned around to unbutton his shirt. As she peeled it off him, he pulled her top off and dived for her tits. I shucked off my clothes and got behind Randy, running my hands over his firm round ass, feeling their firm muscles, down between his cheeks, touching his balls, and back up. He was sucking on Betty’s tits and moaning. As I cupped his balls again, I could feel that she was stroking his big cock. I rubbed my big tits around his back, and he started groaning loudly. I warned Betty that he would explode, but hardly got it out before he started yelling that he was coming already. She dropped to her knees and engulfed his spewing cock into her mouth, cum dripping on her face, down to her tits.

Betty stood up as Randy headed for the sofa to sit down for a minute. I assured her that he had great recuperating powers and that while we were waiting we could entertain him and let him watch us get better acquainted. I started licking Randy’s cum off her tits, sucking on her nipples. Her hands found mine and she rubbed my big tits while I suckled hers. I raised my head and asked her if she minded if I kissed her. She shook her head and I reached up and pulled her head down to kiss her deeply, running my tongue into her mouth, tasting her. She seemed to forget that she was kissing a woman as she kissed me deeply and ran her tongue into my mouth! We looked over at Randy who was watching us with and getting a hard cock. I asked him to get the blanket off his bed and spread it on the floor so we could all be together more comfortably. He spread it down and Betty and I lay down together, kissing. I pulled back and started kissing her down to her belly button and on down to the sweet love nest between tipobet her legs. Her hair was trimmed short, and I pulled her lips apart and flicked my tongue on her clit.

My ass was in the air near her head and her finger started searching my clean-shaven pussy. Randy sat down next to Betty and was massaging her breasts, leaning down to suck them into his mouth. Her pussy was getting wetter as her love juices started to flow and I licked at her sweet tight pussy, drinking her in, loving the taste. Her fingers were rubbing my clit and I could feel it getting wetter, her honey running onto my hand. Randy came around by my head, watching, engrossed in what I was doing, stroking his hard cock. I raised my head and he moved up between her legs, spreading them so we could both enjoy her sweet, tight pussy. As I guided him into her, I bent to suck on her clit, flicking it with my tongue. His cock plunged into Betty as she let out a loud moan, “Oh my God! Oh, oh… oh fuck!”

I moved back up to her, kneeling by her head and she put her hands back on my clit, sinking her fingers into me, finger fucking me. Randy had his hands around her tits, squeezing them, as he fucked her – hard and fast! Suddenly he slowed telling me to lie down next to Betty. He moved over to me and shoved his big cock into me without warning, driving hard into me as I sucked in my breath. Whoa, it felt like he’d shoved a hot poker into me, pounding me. His hands were in Betty’s pussy, driving deep into her, fucking her, driving his cock into me harder and harder. Suddenly he pulled out and shoved it into her again. He went back and forth between us, fucking us, sucking on our nipples, living up to our dreams of having a hard driving fucking stud!

Randy was back pounding his big cock into my pussy and I could feel a load of cum starting to build. I opened my eyes and looked at Randy, our eyes met and he knew I was ready. Two more strokes and my body shook as my orgasm ripped through me, my juices flowing over his cock still buried in me. He slowed, looking down at me smiling, just rocking in me as another one took hold and I shivered, my nipples puckering. He bent down and took first one and then the other into his mouth, moaning.

Slowly he withdrew and moved to Betty, shoving his still hard cock into her wet waiting hole. I looked at her and could see the ecstasy on her face as Randy drove into her and suddenly she was screaming “I’m cumming, Oh, God, I’m cumminggggg…” Randy’s head rolled back, he yelled, pulling out of her, pumping his huge thick cock as his cum squirt over her belly, dripping down to her pussy, down the crack of her ass. I leaned forward to lick it off her pussy, sucking on her clit as another orgasm racked her body. Relentless, I licked up every drop of that sweet virgin cum, making her shudder with every stroke of my tongue.

I’m not sure who was initiated this day, but I knew Betty was just beginning to enjoy the realization that she had a taste for fast hot sex… and for me as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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