Zero G

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Floating before me in the darkened room she struggled to remove her jumpsuit, her partially clad body eclipsed my view of the Earth behind her. I was too preoccupied watching to help at first but coming to my senses I anchored my foot beneath one of the grab straps and reaching out grabbed one of her ankles. Now that she was anchored and didn’t have to worry about drifting into anything she was easily able to work the suit over her hips and thighs until it pooled around my hand and wrist. Shifting my grip to her other ankle I slid the fabric off over her foot and stuck it with mine under one of the many cargo nets dotting the walls. As my eyes adjusted to the light reflecting from the planet below I could clearly see her floating weightless just out of reach in front of me. My eyes traveled over her body as I once again marveled at the beauty of this woman I was lucky enough to call my wife.

Seeing me staring at her from my spot on the wall Denise smiled while brushing her hand through her short dark red hair making it stand up as she gently motioned for me to join her in the middle of the room. Shrugging I pulled my foot from under the strap and softly pushed away from the wall. Everything we did up here was smooth and unhurried. Drifting over to her I waved my hands in front of me to help slow me down. As much as I loved her I didn’t want to crash into her under these conditions. Not only would it be painful but it would be embarrassing trying to explain any injuries to the rest of the crew. We were in here on what was nominally our sleep time.

Denise, being in charge of communications, had disabled the observation system from her console in the Command Module so we wouldn’t have to worry about our being watched. Although we had planned this for a time when most of the crew would be resting we still didn’t want to risk being seen by someone who just couldn’t sleep.

Slowing to a stop in front of her I reached out and rested my hands on her upper arms. Gently I slid my hands down her arms then back up, enjoying the feel of her skin under my palms. Slowly, carefully, I drew her to me until our bodies were pressed together for the first time since before the launch a week ago. Feeling her hands sliding up and down my back I mirrored her movements, stroking her skin as we held each other close. God how good she felt pressed against me. Holding each other this way it didn’t take long for the two of us to want more.

Sliding my hands down to her hips I eased her body away from mine. Sensing I wasn’t pushing her away Denise let go and went limp waiting to see what I was going to do to her. Without having to fight gravity I easily spun her body around, turning her over while pulling her up until my hands were even with my face. Smiling to myself I pulled her body against mine, this time instead of my face being even with hers and me kissing her mouth she now found herself with her crotch pressed against my face and me kissing between her legs. She squealed slightly when she felt my tongue trace lightly over her shaven mound. Oh how I loved her taste and now, for the first time, I could enjoy performing oral sex on her without having to worry about getting a cramp in my neck from the odd positions I would normally have to get into.

I could akyurt escort feel and smell her slowly becoming more aroused as I slid my tongue over her sensitive skin, tracing first the outside of her lips then inside of them as they became engorged and opened slightly. Even as I was doing this I could feel her breasts pressing against my belly as she wrapped her arms around my waist. Sliding my hands off her hips I started massaging her ass while slowly working my tongue around her slit. Gasping when she felt my tongue dart inside for the first time she slowly bent at the waist until her legs were on either side of my head. Moving a hand a little more on her ass I started playing with her snatch from behind while zeroing in on her clit with my tongue and lips. When I sucked her nub between my lips she moaned quietly while tightening her legs around my head. While I was doing this Denise decided what was good for her was good for me. Shifting her grip she moved slightly until I could feel the heat of her mouth slowly sliding over my hardening cock.

Holding her clit between my lips I ran my tongue over it making her buck her hips slightly against my face. When I continued to do this she clamped her legs even tighter around my head and pulling her mouth away from me moaned again. Shifting my free hand I pressed a fingertip against her anus as I slid another finger deep inside of her. This was too much for her, pressing her face against my thigh to stifle her moans she flexed her legs pulling my face against her while she came.

As she relaxed she loosened her hold around my head, pulling my face away from her while removing my fingers I grabbed her hips and slowly turned her so we were once again facing each other. Smiling at me she reached between us and gently grabbing me, carefully pulled me towards her until I was pressing against her lips. Still holding her hips I waited until she had moved her hand out of the way then eased our bodies together, the two of us gasping at the sensations this caused.

Grabbing my shoulders while wrapping her legs around my waist she started gently moving on me, our movements causing us to tumble slightly as we slowly made love for the first time in zero G. Tiring of this position Denise let go of my shoulders and leaned away from me until she was floating on her back with her legs straddling my hips. Moving my hands from her waist to her thighs I slowly started stroking into her again. Her breasts while small, weren’t tiny, and because she was no longer a teenager had a tendency to sag on earth. Here though they floated in front of her moving in time with my thrusts. I watched as she reached up and started playing with her nipples, gently pinching, pulling and twisting them in time with my movements. The skin of her chest slowly darkened with the flush she got when she started getting close to an orgasm. Speeding up my movements I thrust deep inside of her while listening to her breathing getting shallower and faster. As her orgasm built I could feel how she started tightening her muscles around me trying to feel every inch of me moving inside of her. Suddenly she arched her back moaning while her muscles tightened around me and her legs clamped around my waist. Thrusting as deep as ayaş escort I could I held myself still, feeling the rhythmic pulsing of her muscles as they spasmed around me. I waited, not moving until she finally opened her eyes again. Seeing them focus on me I started moving inside of her again making her gasp then smile.

Arching her back and spreading her legs even more she formed our bodies into a wide Y connected only by my hands holding her against me and me inside of her. As I slowly thrust into her she reached up with one hand to play with her nipples again and down with the other to play with herself. Looking down I could easily see myself sliding in and out of her, her lips spread around me and moving in and out with my thrusts. Gasping, she quietly whispered for me to move my hands. I didn’t understand what she meant until she told me.

“Dave, move your hands so you’re holding my ass. I want to feel your hands on my ass.”

How could I argue with a request like that? Moving my hands as she had asked I was soon cupping her firm cheeks in them. I could feel how her muscles were moving as she kept her legs spread as wide as she could. Watching her hands as she worked on herself, and watching me sliding in and out of her I could feel my own orgasm building. I could tell from her breathing that she was again almost ready. As we both got closer and closer I could feel myself swelling slightly inside of her, she must have felt this as well because she moaned that she wanted me to cum inside of her. Even as she was saying this I felt her body starting to spasm as she came again. This time the tightening of her muscles around me was too much and with a final thrust I came inside of her.

The two of us floated there, holding each other and watching the Earth spinning beneath us as we slowly relaxed. Finally, after I had shrunk enough that I slid out of her it was time to face the rest of the world, or at least venture out into the station again. Turning on the lights so we could see I floated over to where I had stashed our jumpsuits. As I was pulling them from behind the mesh I felt something hard in mine. Thinking about it for a minute I remembered the camera I had grabbed when Denise had told me what she wanted to do. Pulling it from the pocket I turned and seeing Denise floating in front of the window I raised it to my eye and started snapping pictures of her. Hearing the slight sound made by the camera she slowly turned from her contemplation of our world and seeing what I was doing smiled and posed a little bit. After taking enough pictures to fill the memory of the camera I put it away while handing over her jumpsuit. Helping each other we were quickly dressed.

Peeking through the small porthole in the hatch leading back into the station we checked for any sign of the other crew members. Seeing no one in the corridor we quickly slipped out of the observation section and headed towards the Command Module so Denise could turn the recorders back on. As she was floating in front of her station I noticed a light blink on showing we were receiving a signal from groundside. Turning on the speakers we heard ground control calling the two of us.

“Dave, Denise, this is CapCom. Are the two of you alone in the ankara escort Command Module at this time?” While Denise answered them I silently wondered how they knew who was up and about in the station. It was only when CapCom started talking again that I remembered the cameras spread throughout the station. “Guys I’m handing the mike over to Mission Control in Houston. Mission Control, this is CapCom, they are online with you now.”

” CapCom this is Mission Control, we have them and thank you. Dave, Denise, this is Mission Control. Can you hear us?”

“Yes, we can hear you Mission Control. How can we help you?”

“Dave, Denise, we want to thank you for making space history. A lot of people down here are very happy with you right now.”

“Why is that Mission Control?” I asked even though I had a sneaking suspicion about what this was all about.

“About two hours ago we started picking up some strange readings from your telemetry.” Had it been that long? “We tried to find the two of you with the onboard cameras and when we couldn’t we started to get worried. That’s when one of the gals down here noticed the cameras in the observation room had been turned off. She quickly turned them on and that’s when we saw the two of you and the reason why your telemetry was all over the place.”

Hearing this I looked at my wife who was so shy about anyone even seeing her in a bikini as she realized she had just been seen by any number of people not just nude, but having sex with me, blush bright red. I could hear laughter and whistles as well as a few catcalls in the background as Mission Control continued.

“I have to tell you that if the tapes of this ever get out you could make a fortune on the porn market. Don’t worry though, there will only be two copies of this. One will go to the medical section and the other to the two of you along with framed certificates showing that you are the first members of the Zero G club. Oh and another thing, we have moved up the schedule because of this. You will still be up there for another six months but we are going to be sending up some more sections to be added to the station which will give you more privacy. As soon as they are attached and pressurized we will be sending up several more couples. Until then I would recommend you inform us before you engage in more, shall we say, Human Physiology Experiments? That way you won’t be accidentally observed. Is that understood?”

“We understand Mission Control. I take it then that you expect us to continue with this?”

“That is correct, we not only expect you to continue, but you are ordered to continue. The only difference is we need you to keep the cameras on so it can be recorded and observed by the Medical Section. We will of course make copies for the two of you if you wish.” Glancing at my wife as I heard the laughter and whistles from Mission Control I noticed her nipples seemed to be harder than normal and she was smiling slightly. Maybe she wouldn’t mind being watched.

“Understood Mission Control. Is there anything else you need to pass on at this time?”

“That is all, Mission Control out.”

Turning to my wife I started laughing. I was still chuckling to myself when we climbed into our sleeping bags that some kind soul had thoughtfully zipped together for us while we were otherwise occupied. I would have to find out who had done this and thank them, but that was for later. For now I needed to get some sleep. Somehow I knew that we would need our rest so we could conduct further experiments in space.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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