A Nun Falls

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This story turned out longer than I had originally planned, but I didn’t want to break it up into chapters so here it is in its entirety. If you stay with it I think (and hope) you’ll enjoy it.

A NUN FALLS – Father, daughter and nun in erotic threesome

August 17, 2004 – I stood naked, hidden, watching intently as Maria Celeste Molloy, or Sister Maria as she now preferred to be called, slowly disrobed, unaware of my evil intentions, unaware she would soon be thrashing under my hard unforgiving body, pierced by my throbbing cock. I had taken the young woman, soon to turn 22 years old, out to dinner in one of the nicer French restaurants in Cleveland and then escorted her back to my home where we had spent the rest of the evening reminiscing as we sipped a fine Californian white wine. At eleven thirty she had decided to turn in and I was now watching her as she prepared for bed.

As she slipped the habit slowly from her shoulders and her white unblemished skin was exposed to my view, I gasped audibly, the blood immediately rushing into my awakening penis. She had always had the power to sexually excite me, ever since she had spent her last year of high school living with our family, my daughter Samantha’s best friend. Turning, she approached the full length wall mirror, behind which I hid unsuspected, and quickly slipped of the virginal white bra and panties she now wore.

Nun’s underwear, I thought to myself smiling, knowing it would always be impossible for her to camouflage her beauty, her incredible allure. Her full breasts still rose proudly from her tall torso, topped by dark aureoles and fat suckable nipples. After lightly brushing her long dark tresses back from her face and over her shoulders, her hands continued downwards, softly caressing her round globes, squeezing them and tweaking each of her nipples before continuing downwards. Slowly crossing her stomach they separated and moved outwards over her protruding hip bones before slowly coming together again atop her lush, dark bush. With her right hand holding her left wrist, she slid the fingers of her left hand insistently up and down over her now exposed slit. As her middle digit disappeared and was slowly pumped, I laughed, thinking to myself that the little Nun still craves something in her pussy.

As her sighs grew in intensity and pace, she all of a sudden pulled her finger out, saying aloud, “What are you doing Maria, you’re a Nun for gosh sakes,” a girl still unable to take the Lords name in vain. Turning rapidly, she moved to the bathroom, where she entered the shower and let the water course across her taut body. Soaping herself, I could see that she didn’t spend any time at all on her breasts and hairy mound, clearly not wanting to reawaken her lust, that huge hunger that still lay waiting just under her skin. After drying herself she moved to the stool across the room and sat, grabbing the hairbrush she had been using for five years. Watching her brush her hair had been a ritual of mine for the full year the girls had once shared this room.

Her hair was even longer now, the thick, rich, black silky strands now reaching down her back and across her round, firm ass; maybe the nuns didn’t want to spend any money on haircuts, I thought to myself quickly as the brush rhythmically moved. I was momentarily tempted to rush out and take the brush, but quickly held myself back, wanting to wait before violating the young beauty. Never having liked air-conditioning, Marie had turned on the overhead fan, which rotated quietly while cooling the room and making her soft hair dance in the disturbed air currents. I could see her breasts reflected from the oval mirror she sat facing, her nipples hard, something that had always happened when her hair was brushed. I shook my head sadly, thinking of the past three years she had spent with the nuns, her perfect body never touched by a needy man. Fleetingly, I wondered if the nuns satisfied themselves in Sapphic rituals or if perhaps some horny priest had taken the young Maria, rutting away in her hot channel.

Finally she turned away from the mirror and moved towards the king sized bed set under the large window. At first she stooped to pick up a simple cotton nightgown, but I could see her shake her head and then drop the garment before slipping naked onto the silk sheets. As she stretched languorously atop the soft sheets I guessed she hadn’t slept on a bed like this or between such fine sheets since she had left three years ago. As she lay stretching, her knees placed wide apart, I could easily see her bright inner pinkness surrounded by her dark pubic hairs. Turning languidly she clicked off the bedside lamp and then lay back sighing. She was still easily visible to me due to the illumination provided by the backyard lighting which softly lit the room. The girls had always wanted a little light when they slept and I knew from watching her over many nights in the past that she would soon be sarıyer escort in a deep sleep.

Eventually I left my hiding place cleverly set behind the wall and moved to my area of the large house, wanting to shower and shave before I went to her. As I showered under the hot, beating water my excitement grew, my anticipation of what was to come making my heart race. Proudly naked, my 6’2″, 195 pound muscular body tingling, I moved down the hall and moved confidently into the sweet young nuns room and approached her sleeping form spread on top of the silk sheets. Lying next to her on the bed I let my fingers rove over her already hot skin. Gently caressing her cheeks, her soft breasts, her firm nipples, nipples that cried to be sucked, and then finally I moved my hand to her moist centre. Lightly running my hand through her thick bush, and then gently probing her pussy, I found her already lubricated, her wetness a testament to her nighttime dreams and desires.

My big shaft quivered as I spread her thighs and placed his fat, bright red head at the mouth of her cunt, ready to drive deeply into the body she had promised to God. For a second I hesitated, wondering why it had come to this, why a rich, successful 40 year old family man, a Christian, was willing to rape a beautiful god fearing nun, a young girl he had promised to protect. As I smashed brutally through her non existent defenses, my hands pinning hers above her head, my thick eight and a half inch penis filling her completely, her first scream of protest rising from her lungs, a burst of reflection exploded through my brain, a memory of how it had all started………

THE PAST – On September 6th, 1995, my daughter Sam arrived home from her first day at her new school, a prestigious private institution, ‘Miss Prigg’s Academy’, the best woman’s high school in Eastern Ohio. Both Sylvia, my wife, and I had been anxiously waiting, worried about how Sam would do in her new school, so we were both happy to see the broad smile lighting up her young face. “Mom, Dad,” she cried, “I’ve found my twin sister; she goes to my new school.” As she pulled another teen into the room she added, “This is Maria Celeste Molloy, and she was born at exactly the same time as I.” It turned out the two girls had been born on September 7th 1982 at 4:32 in the afternoon, in hospital rooms 5 miles apart in Cleveland.

You might say they were fated to be best friends, their birthday just the first of many things that drew the dark haired Maria, a daughter of a Spanish-American mother and an Irish-American father, and the blond, blue-eyed Samantha Eileen Burns, who had a Scandinavian mother and an Irish-American father, together. At first view the two seemed quite different; Sam was an outgoing athletic type, a girl whose brain power was easily missed at first, while Maria, or M-C as Sam took to calling her, seemed more subdued, studious, her shyness hiding her impishness, her love of fun. After talking to the girls awhile, I drove the two of them to Maria’s house, a large Colonial on an acre of land about two miles from our house. Maria’s Dad, John, was at 44 years old, a senior executive for Cleveland’s biggest multinational, and it was only because he had been transferred back to Cleveland only recently that we hadn’t run into each other before.

Sam and I stayed for a few minutes visiting with the Molloys, also a one-child family, before inviting them all over for the following day to celebrate the ‘twins’ birthday. The party was a great success, and the girls became inseparable. Over the following years M-C probably slept over at our house 90 nights a year and Sam spent a good 30 nights a year at the Molloys. The only reason the two spent more time at our house was because we had an in ground pool in our backyard, a backyard that fronted Lake Ontario, and because Sylvia and I were probably a little laxer in our supervision than the Molloys. Mrs. Molloy, Yvonne, was an incredibly kind and giving person, but also had a deep spirituality, a strong belief and adherence to Catholic dogma, that sometimes made it hard for the two girls to relax when around her. The girls dressed a little more daringly, used more makeup and were much more rambunctious when at the Burns.

And yet I know Sam liked and benefited from her time at the Molloys, a chance to be a part of a second family, a family that had a somewhat different view of the world. Sam’s only worry was for Maria, as Mrs. Malloy often suggested to her daughter that she might want to become a nun some day. It was a soft sell that was often present just under the radar, and although none of us could see Maria ever becoming a nun, the fear of losing her best friend to God was unnerving to a thirteen to fifteen year old Sam. Our idyllic existence continued through the nineties, my company was prospering and I was wealthy beyond any human desires, Sylvia was teaching at esenyurt escort the University, and our two girls (and we truly saw them as our two daughters) seemed to succeed in everything they did, whether at school or play. But it all ended for me on May 27th 1999.

Has anyone ever heard of ‘flesh eating disease’? Does anyone know anyone who ever got this fucking stupid disease? Sylvia Annika Burns, nee Sundstrum, my dear wife, died at thirty-six years of age, the flesh literally stripped from her body, an ugly death for an incredibly good woman. She had been the only woman I had ever dated, the only woman I ever made love to, the only person I needed. We had met at McKinley High School when we were both fifteen, started dating almost immediately and I had made love to her for the first time on a cold Thanksgiving weekend in her Dad’s boathouse at his property on the lake. As our bodies arched together in ecstasy, her virgin blood tricking down her legs, we both knew we had found all that we would ever need in life. Sam wasn’t conceived that day but within weeks Sylvia was pregnant with our child. Just a month before I turned nineteen I was a father, and we were the proudest parents anyone could imagine.

We were lucky, both sets of our parents were great, and Sylvia and I had great support as we set out on our journey of married life. My Dad, who had started a successful company forty years earlier, insisted that his son and daughter-in-law continue school, wanting me to be the first of the Burns to graduate from university. He loved Sam, being old (mid forties) when I had been born; he had feared he’d never see a grandchild. After graduating I went to work for Dad and we made a great team, the young aggressive buck and the experienced old stag. We were happy, Syl and I, our only sadness due to the fact Syl couldn’t have any more children due to complications during Sam’s birth.

During the weeks following Syl’s death I think I would have killed myself if it hadn’t been for Sam and Maria Celeste. Only thirty-five, I felt my life, my happiness was over and without those two sixteen year olds whose grief was as real as mine and which demanded help that only I could provide, I would have quit. Even though I tried to rally, I know looking back that I was a shitty boss, a poor friend and a lousy Dad for a good year, only brought back to humanness due to two events. The first grew from Maria’s Dad being transferred to Paris in the summer of 2000, just over a year after Sylvia’s death. The Molloys wanted Maria to finish high school at Miss Prigg’s, not wanting to hurt her academic future by moving her to France. Samantha quickly insisted that M-C, instead of boarding at the school, should stay with us for the year, a proposal I supported and we quickly convinced the Molloys of our idea.

I spent the summer converting our top floor, a previously unused attic space, into a perfect world for two high school seniors. After eighty thousand bucks spent on renovations, the girls had twelve hundred square feet, virtually a separate apartment, complete with modern bathroom (including hot tub and sauna), a small kitchenette for parties etc., mirrors everywhere, two twin size beds, an exercise area, study area, living room etc., all looking out through giant picture windows at the Lake Ontario shoreline. And I included a secret, something the girls never learned about. I used the most high tech electronics available to wire the area, six cameras and microphones monitoring every move the residents made. I also built in a secret passage, a passage which allowed me to stand just feet from my daughters, able to watch them through specially designed mirrors. Oh, at the time I easily justified it to myself; I was just trying to protect my innocent daughters from the world. I’d have to monitor them to make sure they weren’t doing drugs, or doing things with boys they shouldn’t, etc, etc. Even then I knew my thinking was bullshit; in my deepest recesses I knew what I was doing was wrong, that spying on children wasn’t protecting them.

The room was finished the end of August and the girls moved in on September 5th, the day Maria’s parents left for France and three days before the start of school. The second event that changed me occurred on the girl’s birthdays, two days later on the seventh. I rediscovered my sex drive! I hadn’t fucked a woman since my wife had died; I had gone some sixteen months without putting my penis in a pussy! Looking back it seems incredible to me that I could have gone so long without it. Syl and I had always been highly sexed, and for the 17 years of our marriage we had made love incessantly, this talk of married couples doing it only once a week had never been a problem of ours. We did it often and we loved experimenting, willing to try anything and everything. And yet for sixteen months I basically had gone without a hard-on, the only evidence of any sex drive the stains I’d avrupa yakası escort find on my sheets two or three mornings a week. And something so innocent woke up this sleeping dragon.

As I was reading the paper by the pool, the two girls playing noisily in the water, I just happened to look up as Maria Celeste’s top was pulled of by Sam during their play. She has breasts, I gasped to myself, when the fuck did they grow? As I surreptitiously watched from behind my sun glasses, I saw both girls glance my way and seeing no life from the old man, they continued their play, Sam’s bra top soon joining M-C’s at the bottom of the pool. Jesus, look at my daughter, I thought, her pointed cones standing proudly, a perfect contrast to Maria’s round, black tipped orbs. My cock leapt in my shorts, finally showing a sign of life, throbbing in its new found eagerness. How old are these two? Geeze, I wonder if they’ve made love yet? She’s my daughter for Christ’s sake! When did this happen? All these questions sped through my mind as I watched the two play. Finally they rushed up the stairs of the pool, hands barely covering their hard tipped bouncing breasts. As they passed me giggling, I said, my arm held up to slow them, “Hey wait a second you two, just because you’ve turned eighteen today and Maria’s parents are in Europe, doesn’t mean you two can run wild, baring your bodies to anybody in the area.”

As the two stopped in front of me, still giggling, drops of water falling from their nubile young bodies, their breasts still shaking, their hard nipples poking out at me, Sam finally gasped out as Maria stood blushing beside her, “Yeah sure Daddy. This isn’t exactly in public and I seem to remember that you swim naked most mornings.” As they flounced off towards the house, I watched their wiggling rear ends, again surprised that somehow those thin boyish legs and hips had magically been transformed into sexually alluring womanhood. They must have pubic hair, I thought stupidly, my mind slow to accept what had clearly been occurring over the last year or so. For their birthdays, I had promised to take the girls to ‘Le Circle’, Cleveland’s number one bistro/restaurant, and when they appeared dressed two hours later I knew I would never look at my two daughters as little girls again. Both had their hair up in styles I had never seen them in before, eyes and lips and cheeks made up exquisitely, a subtle, sexy perfume luring my olfactory senses, their bodies draped in lovely silk dresses, their cut revealing a eye attracting cleavage, a hint of thigh exposed through artfully placed slits. “What happened to you two?” I muttered, as the two sashayed towards me. God, they don’t have bras on, I noticed, completely astounded and overwhelmed by what faced me.

“Thanks for the compliment Dad!” she said sarcastically, “Not ‘you ladies look beautiful tonight, it’s going to be a pleasure to escort Cleveland’s most eligible young debutantes this evening.’ No, ‘what happened to you two’ is your idea of a compliment,” Sam carped, clearly enjoying my surprise and bewilderment. She then leaned over and kissed me on my cheek, her perfume further befuddling me.

“You look very handsome tonight Mr. Burns, that’s a lovely suit you’re wearing,” sang Maria, also kissing me on the cheek.

“Oh God no,” I protested. “Please don’t tell me you two are going to start dating, going out with boys, dressing up, using perfume, parties, dancing, sex and drugs. I don’t think I’m ready for it,” I said half joking. “No wonder you’re parents went to Paris. Are you sure you don’t want to put on some more clothes, some underwear for example.”

“Daddy!” Sam hissed as the two grabbed my arms and led me out.

And we had a great night! We ate and drank and talked and danced and I found I had two interesting, fun, intelligent, beautiful women living with me and knew the next year would probably be the most interesting of my life. And I was stunned to realize I wanted to make love to both of them. As I danced with each in turn, their hard tipped breasts pushing insistently into my chest, I had to fight to keep my hands from caressing their firm rear ends, to keep my hardness from their innocent thighs, my lips, my tongue from their painted mouths. As we sat and the two moved and leaned across the table, continual flashes of full breasts greeted my eyes, the excitement their hard nipples demonstrated a compliment to an older man. We arrived home after two in the morning, all of us a bit giddy on the wine and excitement. Before leaving me for their attic penthouse, they each turned and gave me a hug and kiss, kisses full on my lips, a fleeting touch of tongue probing quickly through my lips.

Stripping rapidly in my room, I showered, stroking my throbbing shaft, but then sped out, knowing I had to watch the two girls before I slept. Slipping quietly into my secret nook I immediately spied young Maria, her dress already off, just a small, lacy, black thong covering her lush body. I watched rapt as she lowered the zipper on Sam’s dress, and as the silk slipped over my daughter’s breasts and then her golden bush I stroked my now rampant penis, the first stream of sperm itching to start its explosive voyage.

“Sam, you slut,” cried Maria, “You didn’t wear any panties!”

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