A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 07

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The girls were going out that night and so Megan knew that she didn’t really have time to carry out her plan, but she thought that she could at least plant the seed. She showered as part of the preparation for the evening out as did her sister, Vanessa. Megan toyed with the idea of jumping Vanessa as she was getting ready, but decided that she’d work on planting the seed with her father, Phil instead.

Finishing up in the shower, she wrapped herself in a towel, grabbed some stuff to go out in and headed downstairs under the pretense of ironing. Her father was in the living room watching the football and her mother was in the kitchen starting to get some stuff ready for dinner.

Megan grabbed the ironing board and the iron and headed into the living room, setting up on the side of the room so that she wouldn’t be in her father’s direct view, but where he would have a difficult time avoiding looking at her.

Megan made sure that she stood with her back to her father as she was setting up the board. She failed to bend her knees too as she bent over, feeling the towel ride up, exposing the bottom of her legs and quite possibly, she thought, her pussy as well.

Phil wasn’t blind, and after watching the girls in the pool, he was particularly aware of his daughters’ sexuality. When Megan walked in with just the towel wrapped around her body, his gaze was automatically pulled away from the game on TV. She had his back to him and he found himself wondering how far up that towel would have to go before he would see the curve of her arse. And such a nice arse it looked like it would be too, covered in that towel. He tore his gaze away from his daughter and back to the game.

Just as the ball was passed forwards towards the goal and he was starting to get into the game, Megan bent over and he again lost the battle, turning to see what was going on. Megan bent over to pick up her top that had slipped to the floor. Phil’s eyes watched the hem of the towel riding up the back of her smooth thighs. As the curve of her arse started to appear, his cock fully hardened, springing to life in his pants. She turned slightly as she picked it up and he could see daylight between her legs, highlighting the short wisps of hair covering her pussy lips which he could almost make out. He found himself leaning forwards trying for a better look, his cock swollen and stiff at the sight. Then she stood up and the towel settled back to its former, decent position.

Phil absently rubbed his erect pants, adjusting its position to be comfortable as he returned his attention to the game yet again. A commercial break came on and so his gaze drifted across to Megan who was now ironing her skirt.

“You girls are headed out tonight obviously?” he asked her

“Yep, off to dance, drink, make trouble and have fun,” laughed Megan, looking over her shoulder at her father.

“Heh, well you can have as much dancing and fun as you like, just make sure the drinking and trouble don’t get out of hand,” Phil replied lightly.

“Yes, Sir Daddy Sir,” Megan replied, half mocking him.

“You know what I mean ..”

“Of course, but its fun to tease you. Anyway, its not like we’re really going to go out looking for trouble, it was just how I said it.”

Megan walked over to the wall where the iron was plugged in and bent over to unplug it, knees straight, feeling the cooler air of the room waft over her pussy as the towel again rode up. She turned as she straightened, noticing her father’s gaze glued to her arse and that there was a significant bulge in his pants. She smiled at him, but he pretended not to notice and quickly turned his head back to the TV. Megan picked up her skirt and slid it on under her towel, noting that her father was casting furtive glances her way. She saw it register on his face that she had just put her skirt on without any underwear and grabbed her top and started to head out of the room.

Phil watched the skirt slide up his daughter’s legs and under the towel. Pity, he had been enjoying the show that she had been putting on and he was starting to wonder whether it might perhaps have been a little deliberate, but dismissed the thought, surely she wouldn’t be showing off to her own father like that. At that point he realised that he hadn’t noticed any underwear during the time that she’d been here and was shocked and intrigued now as to whether or not there was any.

“Hey, why don’t I drive you into town tonight, save one of you from not drinking and also save a cab fare?” he asked her impulsively.

“That’d be fantastic Dad, thanks,” replied Megan enthusiastically.

Megan made a bee-line for her father on her way out of the room, stopping to give her father a kiss as she said thankyou. As she bent over, her towel fell loose (it having been scrumptiously loosened as she unplugged the iron), just hanging off her back, her breasts naked and bare just inches from her father’s eyes.

“Whoops!” she said, deliberately fumbling istanbul escort her attempt to gather the towel about her and hold her top as well. Her father’s gaze was firmly fixed on her breasts, and her nipples were taught and aroused because of her excitement.

“Well, I’ll see you at dinner, Dad” said Megan, leaving the room. She went up the stairs out of sight before sneaking back down to see just how much effect she’d managed to have on him. As she peeked around the corner, she noticed that her father had his legs spread out on the couch and his hand was stroking his cock through his pants. God it looked big. She would have to work a bit more now at finding a way to see it naked, like Vanessa had done. Megan turned and made her way back upstairs again, her naked pussy wet under her short skirt.

The whole time that the family sat at the table having dinner, Phil kept glancing at Megan, wondering whether she had put underwear on, wondering whether she had been aware of the show she gave him, wondering if there had been any chance at all that it had been deliberate. Of course as a result of this, he spent the entire dinner with a hard-on.

After dinner, the girls gathered their stuff ready to go out and Phil headed outside to get the car. He would have liked to have zipped into town in his sports car, but since there were more people, they had to take his wife’s car. It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t a sports car.

“Hey Dad, is it ok if we pick Cindy up on the way in? It will save her cab fare too and make finding each other easier?” asked Megan as they went about getting ready to leave.

“Sure thing, its on the way anyway isn’t it?” Phil responded, thinking about that gorgeous young girl that had been frolicking naked with his daughter’s the other day. “Close enough to on the way, its about 5 minutes longer past her house.”

“No Problem then,” said Phil. Megan grabbed the phone and telephoned Cindy quickly to tell her the news before they all climbed into the car to make their way into town. Megan sat in the passenger’s seat next to her father and Vanessa climbed into the back.

As they drove into town, they all chatted happily. Megan turned around at one point to speak to Vanessa, who lifted her skirt to flash her bright yellow thong at Megan. Megan licked her lips and laughed. Phil asked what was so funny and the two girls giggled hysterically, but neither of them answered. As they got closer to Cindy’s place, Megan slouched in the chair, her short skirt sliding up her thighs. Phil kept glancing down, licking his lips as her pussy got closer and closer to being exposed. Just as he thought he might get to see his daughter’s slice of heaven, they arrived at Cindy’s house.

Megan jumped out of the car and bounded up the path to the front door. She rang the bell and it wasn’t long before Cindy came out, wearing a very short, dark blue skirt and a bright yellow, slinky, almost backless top. Megan gave her a quick kiss hello, landing it on her lips and just licking at her tongue very briefly. Phil watched from the car, noting the kiss and thinking that it lingered a little longer than he would have anticipated, but put it down to his state of over-excitement.

The girls returned to the car and Cindy hopped in the back next to Vanessa, leaning over to kiss her hello. Again, it seemed that little bit longer than he would expect.

“Hi, Mr. Gurner,” Cindy said as she buckled her belt and sat back ready to leave.

“Hi Cindy,” Phil replied looking in the mirror, his imagination flashing back to the naked breasts that he had seen through the binoculars in the pool the other day. The mirror didn’t allow him to see as far down as her skirt, but his mind freely supplied a tantalizing image of the hairless pussy that he would find should he get the opportunity.

As they drove into town, Megan’s constant turning and movement to talk to her sister and friend in the rear of the car slowly saw her skirt creep up her legs, slide down again, creep up again. It was driving Phil wild and he spent the entire drive with a massive hard-on. He knew there’d need to be some relieving of that later that night. Just before they got to their destination, he finally caught a glimpse of Megan’s pussy, her skirt having slid up her legs as she slouched in the chair. He would have loved to have reached over and touched it, but there was no way that was going to happen!

“Tell you what, I’m gonna go home and watch a couple of videos. If you want to come home before 1:30, give me a call and I’ll come in and pick you up. Any later than that, though and you’ll have to catch a cab,” Phil offered impulsively, thinking that another drive with these girls couldn’t hurt him at all.

“Thanks Dad, we’ll give you a call and let you know if we need a ride then,” said Megan, leaning over to kiss him goodbye as the other two clambered out of the back seat. As she leant over, Megan slipped avcılar escort and overbalanced a little, using her hand to steady herself from falling on her father completely. Her had conveniently found Phils’s engorged cock as a point of landing and she was amazed at just how hard and big it felt. All the teasing was obviously paying off.

“Woah, sorry Dad,” she said, scrambling back out of the car.

“Uh, its ok,” Phil said, trying to gain some composure. He couldn’t believe that he’d just been busted with a hard-on when Megan had slipped on him. Talk about embarrassed … and horny!

Phil Returned home, his hard-on having subsided somewhat on his drive back to the house, but his imagination still fired-up. He had stopped by the video store and picked up a couple of movies, mostly had comedies with young girls in them that were likely to get their tops off, making no excuses about what he wanted out of the evening. At home, he found Monica sitting down watching a movie and sidled up next to her, a little disappointed that he wouldn’t get to put his trashy movies in. He tried to get into the movie that Monica was watching but struggled to be interested. He busied himself with trying to get her as horny as he was instead, playing with her breasts, massaging her shoulders, rubbing her crotch.

Monica didn’t respond immediately to his attentions, but was certainly thankful for the massage and so Phil invited her to sit before him and let him massage her properly whilst she watched the movie.

As she sat down in front of him, Phil pulled Monica’s top off before releasing her bra. He reached around in front of her to play with her breasts.

“Just what sort of a massage is this?” Monica teased him.

“Hey, I’ll get to it, a guy’s gotta have a little fun,” laughed Phil.

“Well if I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to rob a bank with that thing you’ve got sticking into me down there,” Monica said, turning her attention back to the movie. Phil laughed and began to massage Monica’s shoulders and back, regularly allowing his fingers to caress the sides of her breasts. Monica didn’t have large breasts, but then Phil had never been a fan of melonous breasts anyway. They were probably a little bigger than Vanessa’s and had suffered the effects of child birth but Phil still loved getting his hands (and mouth) on them as they still offered a great path to exciting his wife.

Phil excused himself after a little while and raced upstairs to grab some oil, knowing that this would enhance the massage and hopefully entice his wife into an evening of passion. He returned and settled back down on the couch behind his wife. After warming the oil in his hands for a few moments, he dribbled some oil down over her back and commenced rubbing it in, eliciting pleasurable moans from her.

After what he deemed a suitable amount of time, Phil allowed his hands to move around to caress Monica’s breasts again. He allowed them to slip through his slippery hands until he was pinching at her erect nipples. Monica was trying very hard to keep her concentration on the film, but couldn’t help respond to the attention being applied to her nipples. She leant back into Phil, appreciating his efforts.

“I’m going to eat you,” Phil announced, slipping out from behind her.

“Be my guest,” Monica replied, slipping her pants off as he made his way around in front of her. Monica spread her legs and Phil sat himself on the floor between them, his hands tracing paths up her calves to her thighs, holding them apart. He ran his tongue along the slit of her pussy, pushing, probing, entering her, licking at her clitoris. Monica slid herself forwards to allow Phil better access to her pleasure zones as she watched the final few minutes of the movie.

With the credits rolling, Monica killed the sound and allowed herself to focus fully on the pleasure that was being exacted upon her pussy. Phil and started rhythmically licking at her clit and she could feel the intensity of her orgasm building deep within her being. With his fingers spreading her labia and his tongue molesting her clit, Monica pulled at her naked nipples, eliciting yet more pleasure from her body. The wave of her orgasm reached the point of no return and she came, shuddering with the crescendo of her pleasure.

“mm, thanks honey, that was wonderful,” she said to Phil.

“Anytime, Babe you know I love eating you,” he replied.

“So, what movies did you bring home?” Monica asked, noting the pile that he’d left on the side table.

“Just some typical low-brow teen comedy trash,” laughed Phil, getting up from his position on the floor.

“Oh, so we wanted to see some titties did we?” Monica asked.

“You know me too well Babe.”

“Well, why don’t you pop one in and get out of those clothes. I’m sure the movie won’t require your full attention and I might be able to add to the experience for you,” Monica said, smiling.

Phil şirinevler escort wasn’t silly and knew what was good for him, so he picked up one of the videos and slipped it into the player before removing all of his clothes and sitting back down on the couch. Monica sprawled out along the couch beside him, resting her head in his lap. She took his erect penis in her mouth and simply held it, occasionally running her tongue about the head or moving up and down slightly.

They sat that way for some time, watching the film. When Phil’s erection would start to subside, Monica would provide him with a little more stimulation, bringing him back to full attention. In this way, she kept him hard for an hour, sucking, tugging, fondling him. On top of the stimulation that he’d received earlier in the day, he was well and truly ready to explode.

The movie came to a scene where the young girls in the film were all sunbathing topless and Monica sensed the reaction in Phil’s cock.

“Oh so you like those nice young titties, do you?” she asked slyly, slipping off of the couch to kneel between his legs. “Well, I wonder if I can compete against them for your attention.” IN saying that, Monica enveloped his cock with her mouth, taking as much of the huge organ inside is as she could, before bobbing up and down on it. She used her hand to caress his balls and felt Phil respond to the stimulation, thrusting up at her mouth in time with her movements.

Phil watched the screen as the young girls moved about with their tops off. He was imagining that it was Megan and Cindy on the screen, overlaying the remembered images over the movie. Added to that, his wife was kneeling before him and bobbing up and down on his cock like someone giving head for the first time. What a combination. As the titty show ended on the movie, Phil turned his attention to his wife working his cock. He watched as her nice full lips ran up and down the length of his shaft. She looked up at him and smiled, drooling spittle and pre-cum down onto the head of his cock before licking around the head and sucking down on it, keeping her eyes fixed on his.

Phil loved the attention his wife was giving him and could feel his balls start to tense. “if you don’t stop, I’m gonna blow,” he informed his wife, knowing that she might decide to climb up and have him cum inside her pussy. In response, Monica merely pistoned her head up and down his erection, saliva coating him liberally. She fondled his balls and feeling them tense, held his cock still in her mouth as it tensed and finally released its seed, filling her mouth. She swallowed his cum and then gently licked and sucked him so that he was nice and clean.

“Mmm, now its my turn to thank you,” Phil said, smiling down at his wife.

“It was a pleasure. Want to come to bed now?” She asked, collecting her clothes and stading. Phil glanced at the clock. It read 11:47pm.

“Darn, I would, but I told the girls if they wanted to come home before 1:30 I’d pick them up in town.”

“You doofus,” Monica lauged. “Guess if you want anymore sex then, you’d better speak to Mrs Palmer ‘cause I’m tired and not prepared to have sex on the floor tonight. If there’s an advantage to being the parent and not the kid its that you have a nice bed to have sex in and you don’t have to scramble around cars and floors unless you want to.” And with a glance at his hand an a wink, she wished him goodnight and headed off to bed.

Phil watched his naked wife’s arse ascend the stairs. Damn her butt was still awesome he thought to himself. He was tempted to go up and have sex, but decided that the only way the girls would ring would be if he was on the job. Murphy’s law that. So he stayed and watched the rest of the movie, expecting to toddle off to bed later that night. He pulled on his clothes and settled in to watch the movie.

Phil awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. He looked at his watch to see that it was 1:15am. Damn, I must have drifted off he thought, as he tumbled himself towards the phone.

“Hello, he mumbled into the phone, shocked by the noise bursting through from the other end.”

“Hey Dad, its me, Megan, can you come and get us, or do you want us to grab a cab?”

“No, its ok, I’ll come in, meet me out the front in 20 mins,” he replied as he started to search for the keys. He gathered them up once he found them, made sure the house was locked up and went out to the car where he drove into town.

He arrived at the club a couple of minutes later than he had intended and the girls were standing talking to the bouncer at the door, keeping an eye on the passing traffic. He pulled over to the curb waving and they all headed to the car. He noticed that they were all obviously drunk from the way they walked to the car and from the enthusiasm of their greeting. Cindy walked over to the drivers side where Phil had his window open and leant down to look in.

“Hey Mr., you going my way?” she asked. Phil was staring down her top. It had fallen forwards when she leant over and he had a plain view of her breasts, her nipples standing attentively from the globes of her breasts. His cock was almost instantly hard.

“Sure, why don’t you hop in and we’ll see if we can find someone to take care of you,” Phil laughed back at her.

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