A True Hyper Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

Author’s note: first story. Be nice.

Do you know what a true hyper is?

You have the normal men, with those tiny little cocks that barely stretch your throat out, only about 6 inches, some even less, but only by an inch or two.

Then you have the average futa. A little bigger than a guy, but they still have a small dick. Only about a foot, balls the size of an egg. Their cumshot barely even fills you up.

Then you have your hypers. Now those are the only ones worth fucking. Count their cock size in feet instead of inches, those trouser-snakes reach down past their knees while soft. The globes that they call testicles easily droop as far as the dick length of the most hung normal futa. Their hyperness even goes to their tits. You won’t find a cup size on a hyper that doesn’t cover the alphabet at least once.

And then you have a true hyper. That’s me. Lexi Purt.

We’re rare, you know. Doctor’s haven’t seen one like me for a century. Which is fair, because we’d break the world if we were more common.

I used to be just a normal hyper. Bigger than average, but not huge. Just a three-foot cock. Repainting the walls of my room white with my spunk every day. I didn’t break the mould at all.

But after I met Casey, that all changed.

Sex in a woman is the only way to describe her. The blonde hair that cascaded down her back, those absolutely swollen and plump lips that could take a cock with ease, and of course, the most feminine parts of her body, were absolutely huge. She had more depth and width than she had height, due to her obscenely large tits and that tight and fuckable ass. A hyper female for sure.

We dated a bit, but since our sizes were so massive, the sex came fairly quickly.

When she dragged me by my flaming red locks into her bedroom, I knew tonight was going to be fucking wild.

Our tops were off before I could even say “fuckaduckle” and we started to make out. God, was she good izmir escort bayan at it. Those beestung dicksuckers weren’t just for show, but the place I really wanted her to give attention to was down there.

And she was nice enough to oblige. On her knees the moment she felt my cock pushing against her sopping wet pussy.

“Holy shit.” she said with a sultry smile and a bit of fear, staring at my titanic throbbing dick, the angry red head on it pumping a glob of pre into her mouth, which she swallowed without hesitation.

“Bitten off more than you can chew?” I asked, slapping her face with my dick.

“I don’t know. Guess there’s one way to find out.” she said, as another burp of pre plopped right onto her tits.

Again, those cock-pillows weren’t for show. She started to schlop all the way up and down every single foot of my wang. Destroying every bit of her throat for me. I saw the outline of my dick bulging her neck and even the top of her chest outwards before getting lost in her tits. Filling up a slut like that never gets old.

“Ohh, bitch. Those lips would make a man cum just by looking at them.”

“Oh yeah?” She asked, releasing my cock from her mouth with a wet pwah. “Hopefully they can start to get those balls going!”

My testes started to churn audibly to that, cooking up a nice hot load of spunk to shoot straight into her pretty little babymaker.

“Got a little treat for me?” She said, staring at my sack. Feeling it, weighing every drop of semen in there.

“Bitch, little is the last thing to call it.” I chuckled.

“Well, then.” She said, rolling her eyes into her head, making an ahegao.

“Make it a BIG fat load to absolutely cover my pretty little slut face.”

She asked for it, and she was gonna get it.

Instead of deepthroating me, she started to wank me off with those pillows of flesh that she called boobs. Using her spit and lube to moisten their travel up my escort izmir titanic shaft. It felt like heaven itself was coaxing the cum out of my dick.

I moaned. I never moan. That slut was so good at it that she got a moan out of me, and when I had a chance, I was going to make her pay for it.

So after removing my bitch-breaker from those massive tits, I lined it up with her pink pussy, spreading those lips wide for my entrance.

It was so wet, so ripe, so ready for me to fuck her so hard that she’d feel it every time she took a piss.

She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, letting the words roll off her lips. “Fuck me.” she said.

And I rammed it in with all of my force.

I felt that pussy cling to my dick like she’d die without it. Holding me in, milking every inch of my dick for the sweet meal that my balls were producing.

And on that, they were really going for it. The gurgles started to get so loud that i could barely hear her continued screams of “CUMMING! FUCK! SHIT! HOLY FUCK! YOUR MASSIVE SCHLONG IS STRETCHING ME OUT! GIVE ME EVERY LAST DROP OF YOUR CUM!” and the sounds of her massive tits clapping together with each of my thrusts over the sound of my testes.

They began to swell, filling up with as much semen as I could possibly produce, stretching the sack taut. My cock was fully primed and ready to go as I slapped her ass with my massive balls.

“HERE IT CUMS, YOU SLUT!” I said, and began to unload.

I felt it rumbling up from the inside. Completely ready to desecrate this beauty in front of me.

It was the best cumshot of my life. Holy fuck, I had never jizzed that much in my entire life. It burst out of her pussy and filled her stomach, lining her bedroom walls and her pussy walls with my spunk. My sausage and potatoes became completely covered in my own semen, along with my stomach and all of my tits. The floor beneath us became a dripping mess of her squirting girlcum and my izmir escort baby batter.

I kept filling her up, it just felt so fucking good. It felt like my balls could cum forever.

But nothing lasts forever, and after 10minutes of continuous cumming, I pulled out with a schlorp, as my penis fell down to my feet. Wait, didn’t it only hang a little bit past my knees? It didn’t matter, when I get going I become impossible to stop.

When I woke up the next day my cock still hadn’t shrank down to it’s normal size, and I most definitely wasn’t hard anymore, despite the cum-covered bombshell sleeping next to me. Something was very wrong. A second puberty? I wasn’t sure, so I called my doctor.

“Dr. Aletta?” I asked through the phone.

“Yes?” If I wasn’t completely spent from the night before, my cock would have shot up just from the sound of that sexy voice on the other side of that phone.

Apparently, I was not spent, because my dick started to peek up from in between my boobs. And while I could go, it would take a little while before I was ready again, but it seemed like my penis had missed the memo.

“I… have a bit of a problem. Do you care to give me a hand with it?”

And once again, that voice that would soil the pants of many just from hearing it, came out of the phone.

“Ok. Does 10:00 sound good?”

I left Casey dripping in the mess that I had left, tromping through her bedroom like you would a swamp because of the flood of cum that I left on the floor.

As for the thing that created this, it was gently nudging my face, ready for another round. It was all Rocky in Rocky V like “I didn’t hear no bell, Tommy.”

My dick was big before, but I was never able to suck my own cock. But that would have to wait, didn’t want to cause any more problems.

Along with that, the gurgle in my balls was there, cooking uo the next big load to shoot into some poor slut.

Since me and Casey had about the same sizes, I just threw on some of her clothes instead of the tarnished garments that I was already wearing.

And with that and some breakfast, trying to ignore my dick’s demands for attention, I headed to see Dr. Aletta.

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