Amy and Jake part II

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Jake loved the feeling of Amy’s pussy. He wanted to stay in her longer but he could feel his cum oozing out of her. Jake grabbed Amy’s right arm and dragged her to the bed. Amy staggered and sputtered a quiet plea. “Please sir, you got what you wanted, please just leave. I won’t call the cops, just leave, please.”
Jake grunted, “Shut the fuck up”, as he pushed Amy onto the bed. Jake ripped her too tight evening gown to shreds. Amy lay on the bed, exposed and vulnerable. Her panties were safely tucked away in Jakes pocket, she hadn’t worn a bra to the ball, and her dress was now torn down the front exposing her shaved pussy and her naturally large breasts. Jake bent over and licked at Amy’s nipples. Amy squirmed and tried to move away from the stranger’s mouth. Jake grabbed her left breast and yanked on her nipple as hard as he could. Amy cried out in pain and shock. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going slut?”
Amy stopped moving immediately. She knew now that her fears were about to be realized. The stranger was about to ravage her body more. Amy’s tears dripped down the side of her face and onto the bedspread. The stranger stripped his tuxedo off and hovered over Amy’s practically naked body. “I’m gonna make you beg me to stop, you probably won’t enjoy this,” he rumbled in a low voice.
Amy shuddered at the thought of the stranger putting himself inside of her again. She could feel his cum oozing, sliding down her labia toward her asshole. Jake was over her now. He was kissing her neck and making his way down to her breasts casino siteleri again. Jake was enjoying the fact that Amy was showing her disgust. He could feel her shaking, and he could feel her rapid heart rate on his fingertips. Jake reached down with his left hand and rubbed her pussy lips. His cock was getting hard again; it was pushed up against her quivering thigh. “You like that don’t you slut?” he growled.
Amy shook her head and whimpered again. She would not beg him again; she would not give him the pleasure of hearing her plead with him to stop. Jake could feel his cum on his fingertips. He rubbed her inner labia and felt her shudder again. His hand slipped lower, toward her asshole. His fingers were slick with his own cum. He continued to kiss her hard nipples, nibble on them and suck hard. The shaking was turning Jake on; he was feeling hotter and hotter. He began to moan onto her tits. Sliding his hand down, he found her asshole. Jake began rubbing around the external area. Amy’s eyes widened. Jake didn’t see it but Amy had shut her eyes tight, tears rolling out of them freely. She was shaking her head and silently pleading with her attacker to stop before he defiled her virgin hole.
Jake rimmed Amy’s asshole with his forefinger. She wasn’t squirming, not yet, but he knew she would. He rubbed his cum onto the entry of the hole and his cock grew stiffer. He stopped kissing her tits and looked up at Amy’s face. Her eyes were shut tight and her head turned to one side. She still couldn’t see him very well. She canlı casino had no idea who he was. He wanted her eyes open, wanted her to look down at his head and see it was him. Jake plunged his finger deep into Amy’s ass. She jumped involuntarily as Jake slid up to put his lips on hers. Jake’s deep kiss jarred Amy from her shocked state. She opened her eyes. There was something familiar about the stranger’s eyes, but she couldn’t see his face behind the mask. She wanted to slap at him, she wanted to punch him in the face, but she was afraid to fight him.
Suddenly her attacker jumped up, grabbed Amy by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. He pulled the tattered dress completely off Amy now. She knew what was coming, could feel his cock hardening against her thigh while he fingered her holes. The stranger grabbed her hips and pulled her onto her knees, her face firmly planted on the bed. She felt the stranger spread her ass cheeks and put his tongue directly onto her asshole. What was he doing?
Jake tongued Amy’s asshole, tasting his own dried cum on his tongue. As much as he enjoyed tongue-fucking her ass, Jake wanted his cock inside her again. He got up on his knees, spread her cheeks with his hands and spit onto her asshole. He spit in his hand and stroked his cock with it. His dampened cock poised to enter her; Jake grabbed Amy’s hair and pulled her up onto all fours. Jake slid his cock into her slowly, gently, feeling the sphincters opening slowly for him. When he passed the final sphincter, Amy had opened for him completely, kaçak casino and Jake was pleased. He began slamming into Amy harder and harder. He heard her grunting and crying. She began to gag and choke on her tears. Jake was grinding into her with so much force that Amy felt he was ripping her open. She was sure she would need a hospital when he was done.
Jake was barely able to stop himself from cumming after his initial entry. But now, her tightness was too much for Jake to take. He thrust into Amy a few more times then blew his load into her ass. The force of his cum shooting out of him caused Amy to cry out. She felt the cum enter her bowels with a sense of disgust. She doubted she would ever feel clean again.
Jake felt this was a good time to leave Amy, his cum dripping out of two holes. He stood and dressed slowly. He watched Amy fall onto her belly; she never looked back at him. When he was fully dressed, Jake slapped Amy’s ass, causing her to cry out. He climbed onto her back again and licked her left ear then whispered, “You were just as good as I thought you would be.” With that, Jake left Amy crumpled on her bed.
The next morning Amy and Jake went to the corporate headquarters for a high powered meeting. During a break in the action, Jake and Amy were alone in the conference room, Amy heard Jake sneeze. She turned to say, “God bless you”, but stopped short when she saw her black g-string in Jake’s hand, he was using it as a handkerchief. Jake looked Amy directly in the eye and smiled. “Something wrong?” he grunted.
Amy turned white as a ghost when she realized her rapist was her boss Jake, the man she had lusted after for months. Amy was shocked and suddenly had a very wet crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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