Ashley’s Adventure Down Under Ch. 01

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Ashley woke up early today, excited at the thought of spending the day at the beach. She had flown to Gold Coast and arrived late yesterday evening. She’s here with John, her long-time lover, boyfriend and soon to be husband. They were checked into a posh resort just by a beautiful secluded stretch of beach.

Walking out of the room to breakfast, they noticed that most of the couples there were skimpily dressed. Most of them wore the tiniest of bikinis. They all had on the robes provided by the resort. The robes are sheer but not enough to show everything, thus still leaving some things to the imagination. The ambience is erotic indeed. Kinky thoughts floats through Ashley’s mind as she reaches down to grab a hold of John’s already stiff cock, rubbing it through his swim trunks. Although everyone wore the same robes, their skin tones and skimpy garments underneath gave them all a unique look.

While enjoying their breakfast, they could not help but to keep scanning around the coffee house. Each couple they see would just turn them on more and more. Some couples were already engaged in heavy petting. They began to wonder what kind of resort they checked into. There was nothing on the brochures or website which even remotely mentioned such activities although there was the fine print which mentioned that the resort is only open to guests who are twenty one or above. Pushing that thought aside, Ashley continue to scan the room and she rests her eyes on a particularly handsome black couple. The lady was wearing a white thong, topless and her partner had on a pair of white swimming trunks, very contrasting to their dark skin. Ashley found their physical features very impressive. One could describe them as perfect human specimens. She made a mental note to get in touch with them later.

Scanning the coffee house again, Ashley notices a large TV screen displaying the activities available for the day along with some pictures of various participants engaging in those activities running on a slideshow. She let out a gasp and grabs John’s hand tightly when she notices what horseback riding actually meant in this resort. For a man, it was just riding a horse. For women though, there is a rather large dildo attachment on the saddle. The picture showed a woman taking the dildo in stride as she rode the horse. Ashley felt a familiar wetness between her legs and a moment later, John’s finger found her clit and rubbed hard through her tiny thongs. She gasps even louder and closes her eyes, letting John’s fingers administer pure pleasure onto her already stiff and stimulated love nub.

Opening her eyes briefly, she notices the next picture in the slideshow which was titled “Beach Adventure.” It is of a woman, naked, on the beach surrounded by a group of horny men. She was on her hands and knees, ass invitingly up in the air. All the men around her has huge cocks. Some were stroking themselves while others were applying casino siteleri some lubrication on their tools, ready to take the woman and render her helplessly mad with pleasure and lust.

John twitches her love nub again and she closes her eyes, taking in the sensations, enjoying the expert manipulations of her clit while being so enthralled by the entire situation they are in. They were in a sex resort. The secluded beach afforded a lot of privacy. Most of the water activities required that the guests be naked. The equipment are all fitted with some sort of thrusting appendage for women or have an innovative way for couples to copulate while riding on the equipment together. Upon this realization, Ashley loses all inhibitions. She spreads her legs as wide as they would go, allowing John full access. He promptly slips two, and then three fingers up her wet, quivering snatch and immediately begins thrusting in and out quickly. Her own fingers find their way to her clit and as she is being finger-fucked so deliciously by her lover, she rubs her clit fast and brings herself over the edge.

Shaking and quivering, she opens her eyes and notices that everyone in the restaurant is now looking at her and John with appreciative looks and there were some with more kinky glances. Ashley smiles back at everyone invitingly, and continues with her breakfast while her pussy juice, still flowing from her intense orgasm, drips to the floor below. She realizes why there are no cushions on the seats or much carpeting in this resort. The shape and contours of the chairs makes them extremely comfortable to sit on even without cushions. Ashley also noticed that most of the chairs were also oversized and she understands why when she notices another couple in the restaurant eagerly going at it. Fucking in plain sight of everyone else. She fed him his breakfast and vice-versa while they fucked.

Ashley nods and John just stood up and took her hand to lead her back to their room. They almost ran back to their suite but stopped short when they heard the girl climax loudly, complete with the usual expletives so common during orgasms. John just pulls Ashley up against him and kisses her deeply on the mouth, tongues twirling and exploring. She could feel his large manhood pressed up against her. Being a petite, curvaceous girl, the large cock would seem all the bigger pressed against her like this. The thought and anticipation is just driving her wild with carnal desire and lust. She begins to envision long, sensational orgasms while he fucks her in various positions, especially from behind. She closes her eyes tight and the visions feels more real.

While still kissing Ashley, John felt a soft caress from behind. Arms wrap around his torso and slides in between him and Ashley wherever there was some space. Hands begin to explore, slowly but surely down to his crotch, freeing his hard cock and finally rubbing canlı casino and squeezing his erection to an even greater hardness. The woman behind him cooed appreciatively into his ear, gently licking his earlobe. Ashley feels a strong pair of hands touching her from behind, reaching around to gently massage her ample breasts. Expert fingers gently tug and rub at her sensitive, erect nipples through her thin, tiny bikini triangles, eliciting soft moans from her sweet lips.

Ashley let’s her hands move back to grasp at the raging hardon pressing against her back. She could hardly get a good hold of it with one hand. She needed both hands to handle the huge monster of a cock now poking out hard and dripping precum. The fingers on her nipples continue to wreak havoc while John had broken the kiss. His hand is now rubbing up and down her wet slit, sliding his finger between the folds of her labia causing her to whimper uncontrollably. John then slips two fingers into her and curls them up just right to massage her G-spot bringing Ashley to the brink of orgasm. She closes her eyes tightly and absorbs the raging sensations and pleasure now coursing through her body. She then feels two fingers invade her ass. Well lubricated and smooth, they slide easily up inside her. Both sets of fingers now pushing deliciously against the thin membrane separating her pussy and ass. Ashley squirms momentarily and throws her head back as she wails out her orgasm.

The fingers withdraw, almost together, leaving gaping holes now clasping and hungry for something long and thick to fill them up again. As if not to disappoint, the man standing closely behind Ashley lifts her up a little and places her yearning pussy on top of his large, magnificent cock. The cock head splits her vaginal lips apart, going in about half an inch.l He stops at that position and allows Ashley to adjust to the hugeness. In her wanton abandonment, she lowers herself fast and grinds furiously downwards, taking in the entire length of the long shaft into her sopping wet pussy. She bends her knees a little and leans forward slightly. John moves away from her, pulled away by the woman now caressing his hardened manhood from behind.

Ashley looks at John’s cock and was surprised to see it bigger than it usually gets, even at full erection. Now, its as thick as her wrist and the bulbous head looks like it would tear her apart should he fuck her with it. Ashley jerks involuntarily at the thought of John’s “new” cock sliding into her and fucking her. Just at that moment, the rod buried in her pussy slips almost all the way out, leaving her feeling empty, making her want it back inside her, wanting it to fulfill her most carnal and basic need. She closes her eyes in anticipation but nothing happens. The cock head remains buried only an inch in her. Desperate for pleasure and filled with lust, Ashley moves her hips back, impaling herself on the delicious kaçak casino rod. It too, seems to have grown in size and it is stretching her wide open as her pussy continues to swallow its hardness deeper and deeper.

With a final jerk, she has the entire rod firmly impaled in her yearning pussy and lets out a low moan and a slow orgasm hits her. Her body jerks and pussy quivers, squeezing and sucking on the huge rod buried in her. The man behind her grabs her hips firmly and begins fucking her in long, smooth strokes, prolonging her orgasmic bliss as his rod reaches deep into her while massaging all the right spots in her sensitive, well-stretched pussy. Her cunt juices, slowly leaking out, cascading down her thighs. She’s almost bursting as the juice build-up has filled her to the brim. With each in-stroke, a little juice will squirt out to splash against the man fucking her from behind. Her face is of a wanton slut. Eyes closed, mouth open in an “O”, completely relishing in the hard thrusts administered from behind, fucking her relentlessly, seemingly endlessly. Her body responds, her mind filled with lust and pleasure. Her pussy clasps down hard again as she experiences another mind-shattering climax.

Then, the man holds on to her a little tighter. His fingers tightening their grip on her hips. He pulls out, all the way, leaving her gaping open, and in the next moment, thrusts with all his might deep into her quivering cunt. His rod rushes into her, burying itself all the way up to his balls. Then, he reverses again, doing the same thing. Thrusting, withdrawing, fucking her faster and harder than she has ever experienced. Before she could even grunt, she is hit by another mind-numbing, body-shaking climax. She lets out a loud wail of pure pleasure, encouring the man to fuck her even harder. Then, beyond her wildest experiences, he does. The pummelling was so savage that John was concerned it may be painful but the unmistakable moans of pleasure from her lips tells him otherwise.

Her mind is lost in a bottomless pit of lust and depravity. It was all she could do to thrust her hips back to meet his every fucking stroke, impaling herself wantonly upon his massive fucking cock. He was fucking her like a machine, relentless, non-stop and not even slowing down to pace himself in order not to tire out. He just fucked and fucked, deep and satisfyingly into her open, wet pussy, pleasuring her to no end. Pleasuring her to orgasm after orgasm as she is being fucked from behind. Her knees almost buckled with her last orgasm and all of a sudden, she felt hot sperm splashing deep inside her cunt as the man pulls her against him one last time and pumps her full of his seed. His cock twitching inside her as his balls empties the hot seed into her hungry cunt.

As he pulls out, she almost lose balance but quickly opens her eyes and seeing that John had come up beside her to help her steady herself, she let herself fall into his arms. John just looked at her and smiled. A sweet but wicked smile promising more of the same will happen to her and continue to happen as long as they are in this resort. She couldn’t believe that this was only for breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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