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This is a story of incest involving a young man whose innermost feelings awaken when he discovers wonderful and exciting secrets about his mother and father. All characters are fictional even though most of the events taking place here actually occurred over the course of a few years. I am pleased to introduce George Williams, age 40, Elaine, age 38 and Dell Williams, age 18.

Many thanks to LacyCibelle for the brutal editing she did for my story and characters.


I can’t believe I’m trapped in the front seat between my dad and this total stranger, Mr. McGraw, who also happens to be a dork. I was desperately trying to keep the fact that I had a hard-on hidden beneath my hands, as the five of us traveled to Minneapolis. I should be in my own car having a ball while driving to my cousin Mary Beth’s wedding, but my car broke down earlier in the week and now I’m suffering several kinds of agony, besides having a boner. It’s hot and I’m miserable. It’s hot in the car because Mr. McGraw, the dork future father-in-law of my cousin, says it wastes too much fuel when you run your air conditioner. Well, it probably does, but it’s July, for crying out loud, and it’s hot. I am miserable.

I’d really been excited that my parents had agreed to let me follow them, in my own car, to Minneapolis. It would have been the first time since I’d turned 18, and gotten my own car, that they had agreed to let me be on my own a little, but a broken timing belt changed all that. My car is a nine-year-old Chrysler La Baron convertible, and I was going to drive with the top down, if the weather had been nice. I had a few joints stashed for the ride, and I had planned on doing what I loved doing most while driving: jack off. I don’t know why I loved doing that so much, but it’s a huge turn on for me to have my dick out and jacking off, as I cruised down the highway. Now instead of getting stoned and jerking off, I’m stuck with my parents and some people I just met today. The McGraw’s, Laverne and Florence, talked my parents into letting them drive all of us, because as Mr. McGaw had pointed out, several times already, his car was newer and roomier. It was a three-year-old Cadillac, larger than ours, but it was still a mystery to me why my dad went along with the cheap bastard. I just hoped the rest of the trip wouldn’t be as miserable as the first part.

As much as I loved the feel of my dick being hard, I was consciously trying to will it down, but it wasn’t cooperating. I certainly didn’t want Mr. McGraw knowing I had a boner going. Oddly enough, I had mixed feelings about my dad knowing. I’ve been in a state of horniness forever it seems. Heck, I’m so horny I jerk off on the way to school, and it’s only a fifteen-minute ride. If I had been driving today, I would have been dressed differently, too. I had my clothes all picked out. I had a pair of loose-legged shorts that were perfect for “car jacking” (that’s what I call it when I beat off while driving). I also had one new and very special addition to my driving stash that I’m particularly upset about not being able to have next to me for the ride. Last week I found two copies of a gay magazine called BlewBoy. I found them next to a trash bag that had ripped open and assumed they belonged to one of our neighbors. Even though I’m straight, I had, of course, grabbed both of them and hid them in my room. Any porn was worth checking out and for some perverse reason they had appealed to me.

Until the day I found those magazines in the trash, I had had absolutely no interest in guys, cock sucking or ass fucking; all things featured in the glossy magazines. Except for one little thing, I considered myself totally heterosexual. That one little exception was the fact that I had shoplifted three pair of girl’s panties. They were hot and sexy and I told myself that I wanted them to jack off with. I was going to wrap them around my cock and masturbate while I looked at fuck magazines, or thought about the two girls I had actually made out with. I had been cutting through the lingerie department in one of the department stores, and had gotten such a raging boner when I saw all the beautiful and sexy panties, that I had just stupidly stolen three of them. I tore the tags off, stuffed them in my jacket, and walked out. One was pink cotton that was really more cute than sexy; they were covered with little blue flowers. The other two were silky, one midnight blue, the other a shiny sea green; both of these were thongs. Both types really appealed to me. I liked the cotton ones because they looked so cute, and I imagined they would be worn by a younger girl, and the other ones because they were thongs and would probably be worn by some really hot girl. That little string that ran up your ass was too hot to even think about without getting a boner.

Back in the safety of my car, I pulled my stolen goodies out and pressed them to my face and enjoyed how each felt so clean and beautiful. I had never stolen anything before today, and the casino oyna fact that I had stolen girl’s panties proved to me that I was indeed a pervert. If anyone had caught me I would have died of embarrassment. But, of course, I hadn’t thought of that at the time. I started laughing as I thought about my defense. “It was my cock, your honor. It was hard and I couldn’t help myself!”

My dick was stiff as a board as I pulled into our driveway, and I was relieved to see that my parents weren’t home. Just to make sure, I walked all around the house and looked into every room, including my parent’s bedroom. I had almost gotten caught jacking off by my mom once, and I didn’t want that to happen again. I hadn’t planned on going into my parent’s bedroom, but when I stuck my head in and glanced around, my eyes stopped at my mother’s bureau. I knew the two drawers on the left held her underwear. My heart was hammering, as I somehow found myself standing in front of her lingerie drawers. I nervously looked around to make sure I was alone. My hard cock pushed out the front of my pants as I knelt and opened the top drawer, staring at my mother’s panties. They were all folded neatly into three piles, and separated into colors and types. Some of them were soft pastel cotton panties, some decorated with flowers, hearts, and other very feminine styles. One pile was nothing but silky and brightly colored. I thought they were all really pretty, but nothing special. The one thing that surprised me a little was that my own mother wore such brightly colored panties. I just mentally always saw her in plain white ones. Boy was I wrong!

I held each one up and admired them for the way they felt, as well as how sexy they looked. I really liked the ones with little bows and ribbons on the legs or at the waist, because they were so feminine. They all felt so soft and looked so pretty, and I wondered why I hadn’t ever thought about using my own mother’s underwear to jack off with. I grew more excited as I opened the second drawer. The ones in this drawer seemed more special. They certainly looked more expensive, and they were definitely sexier. My cock jumped and stiffened when I found a pair of thongs. “Holy smokes, my mother wears thongs!” I told myself. That was just incredible. My mom isn’t beautiful like a model or anything; she’s pretty in a nice way, though. I liked her long, wavy, shoulder length hair. She had pretty nice boobs, too. I always discreetly checked them out when she wore a swimsuit or some kind of low cut top. It’s not like I have obsessed about her or jacked off thinking about her boobs, I just jack off thinking about boobs and women in general. Mom has a nice butt, too. Maybe it’s a little heavy, but still, she looked pretty nice in shorts.

I held up her thongs and compared them to my stolen panties. Moms were a size 6 and the ones I had stolen were size 8. I hadn’t even thought about sizes when I stole mine, but I thought it was pretty cool that my mom wore smaller panties than the ones I had shoplifted. I began to think about my mom differently. I tried to conjure up an imagine of what she would look like in the thongs, but the only image I could come up with was of some hot girl in a fuck magazine. That definitely was not my mom. I carefully folded the thongs up and put them back and pulled out some more.

“Hot shit! Drawer number two is a winner!” I muttered, as I excitedly held up two pair of lacy panties. They were both crotch-less. One was Valentine red and the other was tarantula black. I couldn’t believe my 42 year-old mother wore crotchless panties. That was so hot and at the same time disturbing. I tried to picture what she would look like with them on. I wondered if she had a bush, or if she shaved. I had never given that much thought until now. I held the red pair up in front of me and tried to imagine what my mom’s pussy looked like when she wore them, but my imagination wasn’t experienced enough to visualize it. I still kept seeing some hot babe in a fuck magazine wearing them. No matter, just seeing them and knowing they were my mom’s kept me hard.

The more I thought about her wearing them, the hotter I got. The panties were so outrageously hot. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard-on, slipped it through the crotch, and looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw surprised and excited me. Even though it was my six-inch cock sticking out through the panties, I was somehow seeing myself as a girl and a boy all at the same time. The girl was showing off her pussy and the cock was actually trying to get at the pussy. I shook my head and looked again, and this time I imagined my mother wearing them, showing off her pussy to me. I wiggled my hips, imitating what I thought my mom would do if she were showing her pussy to me. I even heard her begging me to play with my cock as I looked at her pussy. In nothing flat I was jerking off and cumming. My hand flew over my dick and I beat myself off, as I looked at my hot pussy/cock in the mirror. canlı casino Long thick ribbons of cum flew from my dick and landed all over the floor; some even reached the top of her dresser. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think about what I was doing. My cock wanted to cum and I just helped it. I stood there blown away at what I had just done. I didn’t even recognize the person in the mirror. “Shit, that was hot,” I said, as I stepped back and enjoyed what I saw in the mirror. I wasn’t surprised to see I was still semi-hard after cumming.

My head was still swimming crazily when I finally realized what I had done. My spunk was all over the floor and on my mom’s bureau. I looked down and gasped as I saw a big drop of cum about to drip onto my mom’s panties. I panicked and grabbed my dick and wiped it off before it stained her panties. I was petrified at the thought of getting my mother’s underwear dirty. I carefully withdrew my cock from the crotch hole, telling myself I would be being electrocuted if my wet cock touched her panties. I finally started breathing again when I had them off. I carefully inspected them, making sure no cum had gotten on them. I even tried to remember how to use the washing machine, in case I had to use it. Luckily, nothing had gotten on them, and I carefully put both back in her drawer. I made sure I put them back the same way they had come out. My semi-hard cock was still sticking out the front of my pants, and I flashed back at how hot I had looked in the mirror. That was definitely a first for me. My whole body was flushed with sexual arousal as I thought about seeing myself with a pussy and not a cock.

It didn’t bother me that I had seen myself with a pussy; nor that I thought that I looked hot, since it seemed everything made me horny. I wasn’t even ashamed about wondering if my mother’s pussy was shaved or hairy. I was pretty sure she wasn’t shaved like the women in my fuck magazines; mothers didn’t do that in my simple mind. Hair or no hair, I tried again to visualize what she looked like wearing the crotch-less panties and how hot it would be if I ever got to see her wearing them. I imagined her thrusting out her hips and showing off her pussy to me. In my dirty little mind my mother had somehow miraculously crossed over that invisible line, from being my mom, to being some hot woman that wanted me to look at her. At my age, all women were sexy, to be looked at, admired, and thought about sexually. I was certainly thinking that way about my mother. To complicate my sexual degradation, I was also thinking that if I were a girl, I’d wear crotch-less panties, too. Sick!

I used my shirt to wipe up the cum I had shot before I dared open the next drawer. The bottom drawer held her nighties. Most of them I had seen her wearing around the house before, and they weren’t very sexy or exciting. I almost closed the drawer when I caught sight of a wisp of a pale yellow gossamer cloud. I almost missed it at the bottom of her drawer. I reverently picked it up and unfolded a nearly translucent baby doll top and bottom. Now this one was hot, and really sent my mind off. I held it up to the window and loved how you could see right through it. I bet my dad loved this because I sure did. “Wow, maybe my mom is hot! First, I find crotch-less panties, and now this sexy outfit.”

I dropped the outfit on their bed, ran back to my room, and nervously took off my clothes; I practically flew back to my parent’s room. I wanted to put it on and see how I looked in it. I was really disappointed when I discovered it was too small for me. I would have ripped it if I had tried to get the tiny bottoms over my hips or the top over my shoulders. I had to satisfy myself with just holding it up to my naked body and admiring myself in the mirror. The thin material hid nothing. It certainly didn’t hide my cock and I’m sure it wouldn’t have hidden my mom’s tits or pussy. I wrapped the bottom around my cock and slowly stroked myself with the yellow cloud. Women were so lucky, I thought, to be able to wear such beautiful things. I could have jacked off a second time, but decided that I’d better do it in my own room. I carefully put her nightie away and moved around the room to make sure I hadn’t left anything out of place. I was almost out the door when I stopped and looked at my father’s bureau.

It had been years since I had gone through his dresser. I had never found anything interesting before, and hadn’t bothered looking again, but something made me stop and look today. I opened the top drawer and found only socks. I went through the next three drawers, finding nothing but undershirts and dress shirts. It was when I opened the bottom drawer that my world took a sudden and exciting turn. There piled up just as neatly as in my mother’s bureau was about a dozen pair of women’s panties. Some of them were even thongs. There were all colors and styles, and other than the two crotches-less ones of my mom’s, they were a lot sexier than hers. kaçak casino Some had little sayings written across the front; “To hot to handle”; “Bad Girl” and one had the printing across the butt that read, “Bitch.” Instinctively I knew they weren’t my mom’s. They were all size 10, way too big for her. What were they doing in my dad’s dresser, I wondered?

I carefully looked at each one, wishing my three stolen ones were as sexy as these. I took the hottest pair of thongs out and tried them on. My cock fit nicely into the pouch, and when I adjusted the string going up through my crack, I was amazed at the wild sensation I got as it rubbed against my butt hole. My woody threatened to escape over the top and one of my balls hung out the side, but that only seemed to add to my horniness. I pranced around in front of the mirror and checked out my ass and smiled at what I saw. I’d never realized how sexy my butt could look in panties. I definitely could get into wearing these all the time, I thought. After a few more minutes of fantasy I carefully took them off and put them back in exactly the same place I had pulled them from. That’s when I saw the magazines hidden under the panties.

Cool, I thought, fuck magazines. There were four of them. I sat down and checked them out. The first two were recent editions of a popular fuck magazines you see on the shelves at most stores. They had great color photos of girls fucking, and really hot stories that people had sent in about wild things they had done. It was the last two magazines that really shocked me. They were both copies of “BlewBoy!”

I couldn’t believe it! My dad had copies of the same gay magazines I had found in the trash! That really shocked me. My dad is about as normal-looking a guy as you will ever meet. He certainly didn’t act or look gay. He’s about 6′ tall and maybe 180 lbs., with light brown hair, cut like men his age. He hunts and fishes and plays sports, just like me, but here was the proof that maybe he wasn’t who I thought he was. The obvious contradiction between my dad and myself momentarily escaped me. It took a few minutes before it dawned on me that maybe the two magazines that I had found in the garbage weren’t from one of our neighbors, but were my dads. I sat naked Indian style on the floor and fisted my cock as I thumbed through the magazine. It was pretty much the same as the one’s I had found, just different guys, but that didn’t make it any less exciting to look at. Seeing all those guys getting sucked off and fucking each other made me crazy. I was getting ready to cum again when something fell out of the bottom magazine. Six colored photographs lay face up between my legs.

My vision blurred and the whole room seemed to be spinning as I looked at each picture. All six of them were of my parents. In each one my mom was wearing the hot little yellow baby doll outfit. Now I knew. My mother wasn’t shaved. The baby doll bottoms hid nothing from my eyes and I gazed intently at her hairy pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot she looked. Her tits were bigger than I thought too. The few times I had gotten a look down her front had never given me an inkling as to how big and firm they actually were. I stared at her big-mushroomed colored areolas and her very excited nipples that poked through the thin yellow gauze as I stroked my cock. What really got me hot (and took away my breath) was seeing what my dad was wearing. He had panties on, the very same ones I had just been holding. The pale blue translucent panties weren’t able to contain my father’s cock; his glistening cock head hovered over the elastic top and seemed to be winking at me. I was also able to see that unlike my mother, my father shaved his pubic hair. Except for a little patch at the base of his cock, he was entirely shaved.

Mom and dad seemed to be posing for the camera, and I briefly wondered who took the pictures. Who ever it was really took great shots. In all of them my mom was holding dad’s hard cock, and he was playing with her tits and pussy, and both of them were laughing for the camera. I was kind of intimidated by the size of my dad’s cock. He was definitely longer than me, and looked thicker too. I wondered if mine would ever grow that big. It was the last three that made my head spin.

The first one showed my mom wearing some kind of fake dick and she was holding it to my father’s mouth. The second one showed my father sucking the flesh- colored cock, and he had at least six-inches of it in his mouth. “Oh wow, my dad sucks cock.” I knew it wasn’t a real cock, but still…. By now my own cock was leaking pearls of cum and it took all my will power not to spew my gizzm right there. I did after seeing the last one. My dad was on his knees, wearing a blue nighty that matched his panties, and he was looking back over his shoulder at mom as she fucked him up the ass! I stared at the picture, trying to figure out how my dad could take that huge cock up his ass. My gosh, didn’t it hurt, I wondered? The big smile on his face told me everything I needed to know. He loved it. My heart was pounding out of control as I jacked off. It only took about half a minute and I was sending a shower of cum all over my chest and stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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