Doctor Dimitri Pt. 02

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Just a few months into my new job at the university health care center, I realized that I had few friends and was basically living on the lake like a hermit. There were only a few part time nurses at the healthcare center and Nancy the flirting nipple popping administrator. I spent my after-work hours mostly working out in the university gym or hiking and running by myself.

Nancy the administrator had mentioned that she was taking a workout class with wrestling coach and that it was as much a social class as a workout class so I decided to tag along the next evening.

I met coach Alvarez and signed into the class, and while changing in the locker room met a few others in the class. So far this was working out well. However, the best part was when the class got together. There were about 30 “students” of all ages and with mostly women in the class. Nancy was a standout.

This is the first time I had seen her in other than work clothes which was almost always a skirt and a suggestive blouse that showed her nice breasts off and displayed her nipples. But now, in a tights and a t-shirt she was a knockout! Her hair pulled back in a ponytail and makeup washed from her face she looked more like 25 than 37.

It was clear from the start that Nancy did not like bras but in this case her workout bra only emphasized her breasts. In the office she would apparently let them hang naturally under her blouse, making them appear smaller than what I would guess were actually C or maybe even D cups.

After a nice workout and shower a group of us went out for drinks. It went on like that for several weeks with mostly the same group hanging out, Coach Alvarez, Nancy, Claudia (one of our part time nurses) Ed who worked in the admissions office and Me. Others came in and out of the group but these were my key new friends on campus.

The work in the health clinic was routine – a few staff or transfer student physicals, some cuts and bruises the occasional odd case. It occurred to me that eventually all of my new friends from the university staff would eventually have their pussies, tits and balls in my hands, I began to look through their files to see when they were due for their physicals. The university takes this seriously and if a staff member is not up to date he or she must take a leave of absence until the physical is completed.

Of all my new friends the only one with an upcoming due date for a physical was coach Alvarez and while I had played around with other guys dicks in med school, doing stuff like circle jerks, I was a devoted heterosexual and not necessarily looking forward to holding my friends dick.

On the day of the coach’s physical I at least got a little surprise and had to do a physical for an Australian transfer student who would be on the swim team. A very pretty girl with a huge smile, arctic white teeth and the body – well the body of a college swimmer.

After halkalı escort the preliminaries I told her she would need to undress and without hesitation started stripping right there in front of me. I was too stunned to speak and didn’t want to embarrass her by telling her to do it behind the curtain. As she stood there totally naked, a slim body with muscular arms and shoulders, shaved pussy and small but pert breasts all I could say was, “Hop up.”

As she climbed onto the table I noticed she had an excellent tan – but no tan lines! She flashed that glorious smile and asked me about the campus while I manipulated her breasts. When I told her I would need to examine her vagina she simply pulled her knees up and spread open like a butterfly’s wings.

At this point I had completely forgotten that I usually put on gloves for this part of the exam. Since she was completely shaved the actual exam would only take about 30 seconds. I examined her outer lips and then the hood of her clitoris, pulling it back to expose her clitoris and touching it for sensitivity – she jumped. Not literally, but it was as if I was hurting her so I asked her if it hurt and she said no. I said I was going to touch it again and she looked me in the eye and said nothing. Once again I pulled back her clit hood and manipulated her clitoris and this time she bucked a little and started leaking juices from her shaved pussy to the point where the paper she was sitting on had a nice wet spot.

I realized that she was not hurting but excited which is actually more rare for the women than the men so I said, “Okay I just need to check your urethra and we will be done.” She was so wet that my fingers kept slipping when I tried to pull open her pussy lips. The more I tried the more she leaked. Finally I stuck my finger in a little to get her lips open and took a quick look inside.

“Okay we are all done here.” And as I left the exam room I was sure Nancy could see the bulge in my pants. I was headed straight to my office to relieve my hard cock when I ran into coach Alvarez. Damn.

The coach and I had become pretty good friends over the last few months and I had even met his wife a few times at faculty functions. I was hoping to get him in and out of the exam room as quickly as possible to shorten an awkward situation and possibly get back to my office to jerk off over the Australian girl.

The coach however, was in a chatty mood and naturally a bit nervous. After the basics I asked him to undress and put on the gown. He went behind the curtain and as he came out I noticed a rather large bulge in the front of the gown. The coach had an erection!

I tried to pay no attention and continued the exam. Lots of men get erections and they go down during the exam – but not the coach. By the time I was ready to examine his genitals he seemed taksim escort to be fully erect.

I said something like, “This is normal, and I just need to take a quick look.” At this the coach dropped the gown. His fully engorged 10 inch cock sprang out just inches from my face. Somewhat embarrassingly the coach confided that he got erections with men and women and that he always came to orgasm almost immediately and could not get another erection.

I wasn’t sure about what he meant by “with men and women” but tried to concentrate on his problem.

“In fact I often come at the first touch – maybe Viagra would help.” I told him that he didn’t seem to have a problem getting erect but he told me again that he usually comes at the first touch and then finds it hard to get erect again and that was not making his wife happy. I told him I was going to examine his cock and if he came that would be fine – then we would deal with his lack of erection.

I gently took hold of his cock, he did not cum but leaked a little which I wiped with a finger as I examined the opening. A little precum leaked out and once again I just wiped it on his cock. As I reached to examine his balls I still had one hand on his cock ready to redirect if he started to cum – and he did. Two or three small spurts of cum followed by three long hard blasts that covered my hands and sprayed my tie. We both went silent for a very long moment, the coach started apologizing but I was still mesmerized, holding his cock and now stroking it with his own cum.

“Let’s see if it gets hard again,” I said. Wait did I say that? Now we were once again silent. Only the sound of my hand squishing up and down his cum covered cock and balls. I worked it for about 5 minutes and even thought about sucking it – I had sucked a guy in college on a dare for one minute and he sucked me too but this was different. Very different. The coach’s 10-inch throbbing cock was now a mere noodle in my hands. His balls actually felt smaller.

After that, I would have thought that the coach and I would be awkward around each other but in fact his exam and his issue seemed to make us better friends. I had gotten him a prescription for Viagra and told him to come back for another exam when he was ready “Thanks doc, I owe you one.”

I am sure that Nancy my pointy breasted administrator could not have known what happened in that room. She was not present when the exam was over and did not see my cum covered tie and I am sure the coach said nothing, but she winked and smiled even more over the next week and brazenly displayed her cleavage in ever more revealing outfits.

Thank god she was not there when the coach came back for his follow up. I asked him how he was doing and he said, “Take a look.” With that he dropped his coach’s shorts to reveal an even bigger harder cock than I remembered “Look at that.” he said. şişli escort

Yes I said that looks fine but what about your sensitivity and ability to regain an erection. He was casually stroking his cock “Go ahead,” he said to me and turned his cock directly at me almost touching my new tie. Instinctively I reached out and held onto it and once again precum leaked out. I used it to stroke his cock. Instead of cumming in my hands he just grew harder and bigger until I couldn’t get my hand around it.

“Look at that.” he said, as I slid my hand up and down his pole with more and more cum leaking out but no orgasm and no cum shot like before. I casually reached for his balls and they seemed fuller than even before. After stroking his cock for about 5 minutes now I was beginning to wonder if he would cum at all and I asked him about it. “That’s the best part,” he said.

“Keep going.” So there I was actively jerking off a patient and a friend, trying to get him to cum but this time nothing. I considered sucking it again but thought that would be too gay and so far we hadn’t done anything that most high-school boys don’t experiment with – but as I was thinking that he just moved his cock up towards my face and I took his cock head in my mouth, but only for a moment as he grunted and the spurts of cum shot out of his cock into my mouth and then all over my face.

After a bit of gagging and choking I began wiping up my face and clothes not sure whether to be pleased with him or pissed off.

“Your turn.” he said and reached for my belt buckle. At this point I was pretty much ready for anything. He pulled my pants and boxers to my ankles and took hold of my cock which was only half hard.

“Sit here.” he said, pointing to the exam table. I sat up on it with my pants and shorts around my ankles. The coach knelt in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. I had never had a man suck my cock for real – and it had been a very long time since a woman did. But there was no denying it – I was getting hard in his mouth.

“I’ve only done this once before so let me know how I am doing.” But I could barely even speak and besides he was doing very well. I watched as he took the full length of my cock in and out of his mouth and licked all around my cock head when it came out. He stroked me for a bit and then bent to lick and suck on my balls. This always makes me cum.

After a while I felt the cum stirring inside me and was just about to say “I’m going to cum.” when I thought – what the heck he came in my mouth. I’m not a big cummer but I did shoot three or four solid ropes of cum into the coach’s mouth.

He got it all and there was not a drop of my cum to clean up anywhere – unlike his cock and balls which were still glistening with his cum. As I came down from my intense orgasm I noticed that his cock was back at full erection. “NICE!” I said and reached out to feel its hardness.

“This one is for the wife,” he said and pulled up his coach’s shorts over his cum covered cock.

I sat there cleaning up his cum and heard him talking casually to Nancy in the outside office knowing that the coach had a hard on and Nancy was surely showing him as much of her swaying titties as she could.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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