Interludes: Limited Space

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Author’s note: Nirvanadragones and I had very intense and personal interactions on a thread on the GLBT forum. It was one afternoon while I was at work; she was at home also working. We posted what was on our minds and in our hearts. And together we created this fantasy much to our delight. It goes to show that being creative can happen when we least expect it… while life is happening.

My love and thanks to Nirvana for her wonderful help in writing and editing our story.

~ ~ ~

I am bent over files, still searching for a document that seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I hear your light footsteps on the stairs, but don’t look up, as I am not sure if you would be annoyed. I don’t want to see the emotion in your face. Not today. Not right now.

I feel you, (rather than see you) stand behind me, and I begin to ramble on about not knowing where the document is and how all the documents are beginning to look the same. You don’t answer right away. Instead you move closer, pressing your hips up against me from behind.

I feel as you unzip my skirt and I hold my breath as it falls to the ground. Your hands grip my hips, pulling me closer to you. I stand up, holding my breath as I feel your palms caress my bare skin . . . your finger already slipping beneath the waistband of my panties.

“What document?” You whisper gently, your warm breath tickling my ear.

I’m getting hotter, and wetter, knowing we could get caught at any minute; personal space is at a minimum here. You stand behind me and slide your hands even further up between my thighs; two fingers and your thumb hook into my panties, determinedly.

You breathe into my neck, “I think it’s time we take those off, Baby.”

I don’t answer, but instead cover your hands with my own, and together we begin to lower the filmy garment. Freeing one of your hands, you snake it under my blouse. Your fingernails gently tease the skin of my abdomen. You scrape them over my ribs, and then cup my breasts through the fabric of my bra. I moan as your lips and teeth taste and nip the soft skin of my collarbone.

Turning casino oyna around, I press my body against yours, tilting my head, desperately needing to feel your mouth against mine; to kiss you, to taste your mouth, to feel your tongue against mine. I raise my hands to touch your face, then further, tangling my fingers in your hair. I feel both of your cool hands, electric on my waist as you draw me nearer, draw me closer to your mouth, which I have wanted to taste for so long.

As your lips touch mine, a wave of heat sears through my entire body. I’m on fire. My tongue plays inside of your mouth, exploring, tasting and savoring as I suck your lips, first the top and then the bottom. I lick your tongue slowly, before taking it into my mouth and sucking it gently.

Moaning, you walk me backward until I come into contact with the cold metal cabinet. Your leg slips between mine and you begin to massage my sex, first with your thigh and then your knee. Gyrating against you, I grind into your knee as I feel myself become increasingly aroused.

Leaning back under the pressure of your urgent hands, you murmur against my lips, “Wait!” Slowly you pull my sweater up and over my head, tossing it to the floor, leaving my black satin bra intact. “That looks so sexy against your skin, Honey,” you whisper as you kiss my collarbone again. “I love your sculptured shoulders . . .” you groan nipping my skin and slowly trail kisses up my neck and over my right shoulder.

You nuzzle my neck again, breathing in deeply, and then move your hands around my waist, your thumbs teasing my back. I sigh, as you snap my bra off skillfully. Then I arch my back as your hands caress the firm undersides of my breasts.

I moan against your mouth as your lips press more urgently against mine. This time the kiss is deeper, more passionate. My hand slides down your back, feeling lean muscles contract under the fabric of your shirt as I press you closer. Moving my hands lower, my fingertips splay across your hard, perfect ass, which I have always admired and desperately want to taste.

We stay canlı casino in this erotic position for a while as I massage your cheeks through your skirt, my fingernails playing between them. This pushes your sex firmly against my own. Slowly, we grind our pelvises together. Our bodies are melting into each others. Desperate to touch and to feel your silken skin, I slip my hand beneath your skirt, reaching towards your sex.

I pull back from you; a surprised, questioning look on my face. You laugh quietly, biting your red, well-kissed lips.

“You were up here a long time . . . I decided to take mine off before joining you.”

The way you look at me – biting your lip, desire in your eyes – takes my breath away. I run my hands up and down your side; your moaning makes me melt inside. I shiver as you push me slightly away and say, “Let me look at you . . .”

You take in every inch of my body, your tongue skimming and your lips making me glisten. My eyes close, my mouth opens slightly, and a sigh of ecstasy escapes. I watch as you remove your shirt. As you turn to undo the buttons on your skirt, I shake my head in disbelief at our boldness. But the moment you look at me, all nervousness disappears and I am drawn to you again with such urgency and hunger that it makes me shiver.

Having already removed your panties you are clad only in a bra. My hands are everywhere . . . exploring, touching, feeling. I caress your breasts, and knead your ass. Then, your hands move against my burning sex, and I gasp. Sensing my urgency, you gently spread my legs with your hands. I open further for you as your fingers slide over my mound finding my wetness.

I stop you. “No, me first – please? I need to taste you.” You nod, and I see that some of your earlier confidence has changed into – hesitation? Or arousal? I decide it is both.

I stop thinking, and launch my sensuous assault upon you; your sex is my objective. I’m on my knees in front of you, and I press forward, spreading your lips with my mouth and moving to capture your clit between my lips. I succeed, and gently nibble. I draw kaçak casino your clit in firmly, sucking hard, thrashing you with my tongue, making your hips lurch involuntarily.

I flick my tongue back and forth, deftly, firmly, massaging your sensitive flesh. You reach with your hand, pulling my face more deeply into your body, into our sex. You watch, aroused by the sight as well as the touch of my mouth and tongue working on your clit.

I slide my fingertips into you shallowly. Penetrating, wetness coats them. I slowly slide a single finger in deep. Your breath catches in your throat, and you cover your mouth with a hand to muffle a scream. Instead of a scream I hear you whisper “Goddess, please . . .” I push my finger deeper, filling you completely. Your hips move, grinding, as if to pull more of me in. You feel my finger thrust in and out of you, while my mouth still pulls on your clit.

Your thoughts are gone; you focus on your building climax. You groan deeply, tilting your hips, wanting to yell, to scream for me to fuck you . . . You groan again quietly, “Yes, Goddess, yes!” Your orgasm approaches: “God yes, so close . . .”

With my mouth still sucking hard on your clit, you tighten your legs around my head. I push my tongue more firmly onto you, thrusting with my finger, fucking you. I move my lips over your clit, licking insistently, my tongue dancing along your lips, then sliding quickly upwards. My lips grab at your clit again, and pull at it gently. I suck you in deeply.

Your back arches, your legs quiver, your hips jump and thrust repeatedly as I lick and suck, caressing you, tasting you. Suddenly you freeze, holding your breath. My tongue flicks faster now, my finger penetrates deeper, curling, moving in and out. Your body is rigid; your hands grip my hair, you pull my head against you even more firmly as your body floods my lips. Wet, shiny and glistening, my chin is covered with you. I wait, not moving, letting both of us enjoy every last drop your orgasm.

You relax, and breathe, and gently stroke my hair with your hands. I glance up and see you slowly open your eyes and smile down at me. Dare I ask? Yes, I do.

“I know I shouldn’t ask you this, but what are you doing for dinner tonight?”

Smiling brilliantly, your voice husky as you reach for me, “You?”

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