Irresistible Force

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I lay there between your thighs, your knees bent high and wide, the wet loveliness of you fully displayed to my view, the odour of your nectar filling my nostrils… I had this need to lightly touch, to exquisitely explore every fold, every crevice of this loving pussy so perfectly offered up to my pleasures…

With two fingers of one hand I held you wide open, softly lowering my lips I sucked you into my mouth as the index finger of my other hand slipped moistly into each and every angle of your labial folds, teasing the lips of each and every wet fold of your cunt. My fingers left nothing untouched and your quiet pleasure was evidenced in the manner by which you just lay there, eyes closed, every breath releasing the soft murmurings of your pleasure. For a few fleeting moments I leant forward, my lips lightly kissing the tip of your clit before I ran my tongue up and down this wonderful slit of love, and as I did so I experienced the feel of a slight, but exciting tremour run down your thighs, I was tempted to continue kissing and licking your pussy but my fingers had need of more exploration!

Slipping a finger to the introitus of your cunt I very slowly fucked it in and out, in and out; your wetness increasingly lubricating every stroke forward and back, your butt slowly rising and falling beneath my touch… Moving my finger now from within you, sliding it up your slit I watched as your pussy reacted to my touch as I now, oh so softly caressed the periphery of your clit with my thumb, gently stroking casino oyna back the delicate diaphanous cowl enveloping this prize of loves sensation, this clit that as I watched budded forth, reddening before me in anticipation of the pleasurable sensations yet to come, your pussy visibly becoming wetter and wetter in response to my loving attentions.

Desire whelmed within me, my lips encircling your clit; a quick suck before once again slowly slithering my tongue across its sensitive surface. Your body immediately responding to my attentions, your pussy pushing toward me as I felt your fingers comb into my hair, nails coursing across my scalp as I now I licked up and down your slit with ever increasing desire and lust! My tongue fucked in and out of your cunt, momentarily slipping back to run reflexively over that small perineal area beneath your pussy, then teasingly running back to lick around the puckered edges of your asshole. Light, flirtatious teasing flicks of my tongue, each engendering a writhing lift and push of your pelvis, before I deftly returned my attentions to the wet pleasures of lingually fucking and fucking this wondrous pussy!

My own pussy was alive, tingling with a need for attention, an attention that I needed now but I was so wanting of you, I could not consider taking my face away from the excitement I was enjoying under my tongue, but I needed you so fucking much! I could not, I would not hold off anymore! Quickly rising I turned my body, straddled across your face, lowering my cunt canlı casino upon your face in a wondrous sixty-nine, a position of giving and taking of this lust driven need in the mutual experiencing of each other’s love.

Your mouth devoured my pussy, your tongue flicking up and down, in and out, and I felt the delight of your hands on my ass cheeks. Writhing with passion your fingers were digging deep into me, your nails scratching over my lower back and then slapping my ass. I was in sensational heaven as I continued to tongue fuck and be fucked by you…

I was sure you would soon cum but suddenly my own body was alive with stunning, spasming sensations! You were simultaneously teasing my asshole with your nails whilst also pushing shallowly against my hole; this just at the moment when you sucked hard onto my clit, an experience all coming together and imposing an amazing combination of sensations which blew me away as I orgasmed intensely; my cunt involuntarily contracting, twitching and grinding against your face, my legs shaking as my cum flushed forth from within, down and over your face…

Just, as I thought I was going to collapse I felt you suddenly tense, and then writhe beneath me. Your cunt was fucking my face and I instinctively drove my tongue first deep within you before then moving to frenziedly lick over your clit. Your pelvis pushed sharply up off the bed, and in this instant I sucked and licked onto your throbbing grinding pussy as your wet cum oozed into my mouth…

Even kaçak casino with your thighs tightly closed over my ears I continued to hear your release of stifled passion filled screams. A cacophony of sound mingling with my own expressions of lust and pleasure as I devoured this succulent gift of your love. You were mine and I loved every part of you…

Finally collapsing and rolling to our sides, I turned toward you, moving to lay with you to kiss and be kissed, a kiss ardently displaying the need of one for the other. Looking deep into your eyes I told you, “Oh baby do I ever want to fuck you.” Your face illuminated into a loving, desiring smile, and after kissing me once again we moved our bodies, legs scissoring apart to greet and welcome the other as we brought our pussy’s together, manipulating ourselves, aligning our cunts clit to clit as we began to move one against the other in that amazing emotion of mutual loving and desire to fuck!

With ever increasing lust our emotions were causing us to writhe, to lift and rub against the other; two wet and oozing cunts fucking as one; our juices intermingling in a bathing of wetness that flowed across our pussys’ and our thighs. Wet and hot as we once again mutually realised the rising tide of the others imminent orgasm!

The moment came screeching forth from us both; holding each other’s hand on one side, our other hand was reaching for the body of the other, touching; drawing; pulling together as we climaxed to our peak as one! A writhing, screaming togetherness of pelvic encroaching electricity filled with the absolute release of sexually driven lust, an emotional crescendo and pouring out of pleasure in the giving and taking of this moment of magical loving force!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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