Joining the Mile High Club

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This little event happened to me several years ago. I finally got to join the Mile High Club. Yes, sex in an airplane over a mile in the air. Actually it was at 35,000 feet, which is about 6.6 miles up in the air. This wasn’t a planned event, it just happened.

I worked in Atlanta for a branch office of a company headquartered in Colorado. I had been sent to Denver to that company’s corporate education center for a little advanced training. I had just finished a week and a half long class and was headed back to Atlanta and home. The last day of class ended about four in the afternoon. Normally the company would only fly us home during the day so they didn’t have to pay overtime while we traveled. Screw staying in some hotel another night, I wanted to get back to Atlanta. I suppose to the company bean-counters, it was cheaper to have me stay in Denver for another night, rather than pay the overtime for the trip home. I had talked to the travel department and told them that I was perfectly willing to fly on my own time, I just wanted to get home. They probably bent a few rules, but managed to get me on a flight out that evening.

I don’t remember the name of the airline, but they were flying a DC8 stretch for this flight. The flight left at 9:20 and it was about a two and a half hour flight. As it was a night flight in the middle of the week, there were a lot of empty seats. My assigned seat was in the rear of the plane. Most of the other passengers were in front of me, and quite a few rows in front of me at that. There were so few people on this flight I really had to wonder how the airline made a buck on this flight. There was a nice looking woman about my age on the other side of the isle in the same row of seats. We had no one else sitting near us.

I moved to the isle seat and asked her if she was going to Atlanta or on to another destination. She was going to Atlanta.

“Do you live in Denver or Atlanta?”

“Oh, I live in the suburbs of Atlanta.”

“What brought you to Denver I?” I asked her.

“Business,” she said, “I had to come out here to a meeting with a customer of the company I work for, and you?”

“It’s a business trip. I work for a company headquartered out here and I was in their school for just over a week. Uh, by the way, I’m Ron.”

“Nice to meet you Ron,” she said extending her hand, “I’m Sandra. Did you learn anything new and fascinating while you were out here?” she asked.

I shook her soft warm hand. She seemed willing to talk, which had the prospect of making this a lot more pleasant flight. We continued to talk across the isle for a few minutes and then I asked her if she would mind if I just came over there next to her. She scooted over to the window seat and told me to come on over. The conversation continued.

The flight attendants came by shortly and asked if we wanted anything to drink. We each ordered a cocktail. It probably wouldn’t be too long before they came by with the snack for this flight.

“Do you fly much?” I asked her.

“Some. I’m not too fond of it, but I do have to do some for this job.”

We continued to talk, getting a little more into our personal lives. We did have a few things in common. For beginners we were both single. That led to dates, dates from hell, and how it was dating these days. That of course leads to one of my favorite subjects, sex. We never got into that much before I brought up the subject of the Mile High Club. “Since you fly some, are you a member of the Mile High Club?” I asked her.

“The Mile High Club?…uh….Oh,…I know what you mean! For a minute there I thought you were talking about one of those airline mileage clubs. No, I can’t say that I am. Are you?” she said with a little laugh.

“No. Never had the opportunity. If I was flying with someone who was willing, it never failed that is was also on a packed plane. I always wanted to just for the fun of it, but I wasn’t willing to put on a sex demo for the whole plane either.”

“I know what you mean. I was flying with a boyfriend a number of years ago who wanted to, but we had the same problem. We felt each other up a lot and got each other pretty hot and bothered, but that’s about as far as it got.”

“Any chance that you might be interested in getting into that little club tonight?”

“I don’t know.” teen porno she said.

That wasn’t a no. There was hope here. I continued, “Look at it this way. It could be your last time ever with the way these things fall out of the sky. Better yet, think of it as a memorable time at 35,000 feet doing 550 miles an hour with a perfect stranger; a little conversation piece with your girlfriends, who more than likely aren’t members of that club and just may not have the nerve to do this, especially with someone they don’t know.”

“Thanks for reminding me that these things ‘fall out of the sky’ as you put it. You are right about most of my girlfriends not having the nerve, especially with a stranger, but I still don’t know. You have to be very careful who you have sex with these days. I don’t know you and I don’t have any protection with me.”

“How about if I did?”

She looked at me somewhat in disbelief. “What? You carry one around with you just in case?”

“Not exactly. I travel a little light on these trips. My clothes are in my carry on bag that is in the overhead and most of the other personal items, you know, toothbrush, toothpaste and what all, are in my other bag under the seat. In that bag I just happen to have a few. So, yes I have them, but I can’t say that I normally carry them either. I brought them on the trip just in case I met someone out here and went to bed with her. I wasn’t planning on it, but I would hate to pass up on the opportunity just because I didn’t have any handy. And as you pointed out you have to be careful these days. I know I sure as hell am!”

“Oh,” she said, thinking about it a little, “that puts a different slant on it. I guess I wouldn’t mind, but do you think we can get away with it here without the flight attendants knowing? I’m not exactly into exhibition sex. Screwing a complete stranger, rubber on or otherwise is one thing, but I’m not into doing it with an audience.”

“They should be serving the snack this flight comes with in just a few minutes. After that they will be more than happy to leave us alone unless we press the call button. I have noticed that they spend most of their time in the front of the cabin either talking to each other of to a few passengers up there.”

“This didn’t just pop into your head did it?”

“Not exactly, but I can’t say that I have been thinking about sex with you from the time I moved over here either.”

“Oh,” she said with a grin, “so just how long have you been thinking of getting into my pants on this flight?”

“I think the idea came up while we were talking about dating.”

“I was just wondering. Any thoughts on how we can hide what we are doing? I’m not about to have the two of us try to get it on in the lavatory if that’s what you had in mind. Those little rooms are cramped enough for one. Two people screwing in there is out of the question, and we would be caught if we did that.”

I had to laugh. “No, that’s not what I had in mind. Two people coming out of a lavatory is way too obvious and you’re right about the lack of room in there. How about after they serve the snack I got a couple of blankets out of the overhead and we snuggle under them and pretend to be catching a little sleep?”

She thought about if for a second. “I suppose that would work. At the very least they would have to wonder what was going on under the blanket, but couldn’t see it. Unless we were obvious as all hell I doubt they would have the nerve to ask.” She thought about it for another moment then said, “Okay, if you will let me out of here, I have to go to the lavatory and get a few things off if we are going to be able to do this comfortably.”

I couldn’t believe it, she was going to do it! She picked up her purse and slid out past me. While she was gone I pulled my carry on bag out from under the seat and rummaged around until I found the condom package. I slipped one into my shirt pocket, zipped the bag up and put it back under the seat. I was getting hard already.

Sandra returned a few minutes later. Her purse was now noticeably full. “I took off a few things to make this a lot easier,” she said as she sat down, “like pantyhose, bra and undies.”

The bra too? Wow, she was really going to get into this. This might be better than I thought it was going to be. “I guess they would travesti pornp tend to get in the way just a little. Somehow I thought you would just be sliding them out of the way, but I like your idea of taking them off a lot better.”

“If I’m going to have sex, I want it to at least be comfortable. Getting laid in these cramped seats without it being very obvious may be a bit of a challenge anyway.”

Now there was a good idea. About five minutes later the flight attendants started serving the snack. This time it was some sort of pretty dried out sandwich and the beverage of choice. I had to wonder if this was a leftover from some day flight that didn’t get eaten. Sandra didn’t seem much more interested in hers than I did in mine. We picked at it some and then gave up.

After the snack trays were picked up, I got up and searched the overhead compartments and rounded up a couple of blankets and two pillows. It was time to get down to the business of joining this little club and I couldn’t wait! From the grin on Sandra’s face it looked like she couldn’t either.

As I got the blankets out and unfolded them, she had unbuttoned the side button on her skirt, slipped the zipper down, and was now undoing the buttons on her blazer. It looked like all she had on under the blazer was a teddy. I spread one over her from her neck down and then pulled one over myself as I sat down. She slipped the skirt down to the floor and settled back. We looked like we were about to settle into a nice long nap for the rest of the flight. Fortunately the arm rests between the seats fold up out of the way or what was going to happen next was going to be next to impossible without the whole plane knowing about it.

After the flight attendant made what was probably her last pass down this far in the plane for some time, I leaned my seat back and undid my pants and slid them about half way down my thighs. That done I slid a hand under the blanket and over to her, touched her side and slid up her teddy to her breast. I found a nice erect nipple under the teddy. That one was a little hard to get to with the straps of the teddy still over her shoulders, so I just slid my hand on over to her other breast. My hand slid under the edge of the teddy and found a nice firm breast to caress. This breast also had a nice erect nipple. “You really have a nice body.” I whispered to her.

“Thanks.” she said. Sandra wasn’t sitting idle while I was feeling her up. I felt her hand come across and find my erect cock. I could tell that she was feeling it so see how big around it was, and then how long it was before she gripped it in her small hands and began to slowly stroke it.

“I undid the snaps at the bottom of my teddy.” she whispered.

Taking the hint, I let go of her breast and slid my hand down her sexy body over the silky teddy and found her soft fluffy bush. Her legs parted as my hand arrived. My hand slid through the soft curls and gently parted her puffy outer lips. She was very wet! I found her clit and slowly started rubbing my finger lightly over it. Her clit became noticeably firm and larger as I ran my finger over it. As she became more aroused I started moving my finger a little faster.

“That feels nice.” she said softly. Sandra let my finger stroke her clit for a few minutes, then she got the strap of her teddy off the shoulder nearest me and said “Please suck on my nipple while you do that?”

How could I resist? I looked around, saw no flight attendant anywhere near, and bent over under the blanked and sucked her erect nipple deep into my mouth, sucking hard on it. She moaned softly and arched her back, pushing that delicious breast firmly into my face. I was in heaven!

I came up for air a few minutes later and she quickly dove under the blanket. In a flash I felt her warm wet lips encircle my hard cock. She started by licking around the swollen head. After a little of that, she started running it in and out of her mouth. Slowly at first, then picking up the speed and taking more of it into her mouth. Before long she was taking most if it into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down under the blanket. She wasn’t just good at this, she was great! The way she was going it wasn’t going to be long before I exploded in her hot mouth. Apparently sensing this she popped up from under the tricky masseur blanket and said “I want you inside of me now.”

By now I wanted to be inside her rather badly. I got my little stretchy friend out of my pocket and put it on. Sandra told me to scoot over to the isle seat (there are three seats on each side of the isle in these planes). As soon as I was in that seat, she moved to the center seat, sat on the edge of the seat, took one of those small pillows, and leaned over toward the window. We hoped that it would just look like she was sleeping, but it exposed her bottom to me. The flight attendants were up in the front of the coach section, and most of the plane was pretty dark. I leaned over and got somewhat behind her and slipped my cock into her hot tight little opening. She moaned softly as I entered her. There wasn’t a lot of room to do this, but I managed to start pumping my cock in and out of her. It wasn’t as far into her as either of us would have liked, but it did work. Sandra moved around a little and tried to shift her body some so I went in a little deeper. I wrapped an arm around her and found that delightful breast I had been sucking on earlier. I started to gently pinch and pull on her nipple as I pumped in and out of her.

Her hand come up, covered mine and gave it a squeeze. “A little harder.” she said softly.

A soft moan escaped her lips as I treated her nipple a little harsher. From her soft moaning and the way she was moving, fucking me back if you will, I thought she was getting pretty close to coming. I knew I wasn’t too far from it.

Wouldn’t you know it, right about then one of the flight attendants decided to check on the passengers in the rear of the plane! I whispered to Sandra that she was coming. “Shit!” she hissed, “I was just about to myself.” We both tried to make like we were just snuggled down together and trying to sleep.

“You two doing okay?” she asked with a big smile as she got to our seats.

“Yea, just trying to get a little nap in on the way.” I said. Sandra gave my cock a good strong squeeze with her muscles when I said that. Her soft warm ass felt so good pressed up against me. I hoped it wasn’t too obvious what we were doing, but most people just lean the seats back and sleep upright.

“Looks like you are doing okay.” she said with a wicked grin. She gave me a wink and walked quickly up to the front of the coach section.

As soon as she was gone we started back to it. She really felt great. She was hot, very wet, and nice and tight. I couldn’t last too much longer. I was moving in and out of Sandra faster now and very close to coming.

She was a little closer. “You’re really hitting the spot…….I’m coming!” she moaned almost too loud. “I’m coming!”

That was all it took to set me off. As her body started to shudder with the onset of her climax, I felt the first load of come start up my shaft and spurt deep into her coming body. I hung onto her as we both came like we had never come before. I felt like I had pumped a gallon of come into her and she just kept on coming. I don’t know, it must have been the excitement of doing it in a place where you weren’t supposed to be doing it, or the excitement of doing it with a complete stranger high in the air and maybe getting caught, but it was great for both of us. Usually quickies are nice, but this was a great orgasm! We just lay there, me curled around and behind her as we calmed down from the passion of it.

“Do you think she knew what we were doing?” Sandra finally asked.

I pulled out of her and slipped a very full condom off my still hard cock. “I don’t know.” I said as I sat up. “She winked at me, but she might have just been being friendly. I guess we will never really know.”

“I hope she didn’t, but at the same time, I almost wish she did. A little kinky huh?” She pulled her skirt back up, straightened up her clothes, and then she slipped past me to go to the lavatory and put her undies back on.

The plane landed about a half hour later. As we deplaned and walked past the flight attendant who had possibly seen us, she smiled and said “I hope you two really enjoyed your flight.” She handed each of us a little set of wings. They looked at first glance to be the kind of junior pilot wings that they give little kids, but as I looked at it, the little shield between the wings didn’t have the airline’s name or logo there. All it had was 5,280. We had been seen alright, and were official members of the mile high club.

By: Quicksilver/Art (C) Copyright 1996, all rights reserved

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